47 Y/o Female Upper Lid Blepharoplasty & Lower Lid CO2 Laser Touch Up - Webster, TX

I'm a returning patient of Dr. Clariday, now 72...

I'm a returning patient of Dr. Clariday, now 72 hours post Upper Blepharoplasty with Lower Lid CO2 touch up. Yick, sharp stinging, weeping and greasy after care for laser, however, I'm happy so far with being able to see my eyelids again! Wonderful nice staff, conscious sedation, and so far so good.

4 days post op

Ahhh, the swelling has improved, but oh that nasty laser touch up under my eyes is driving me batty. The vinegar soaks do WONDERS for the redness. My sutures still feel tight, and I've got some bruising showing up on the rims of upper lids. Key words-upper lids! So glad to have them back! Taking photos each morning to show daily progress.

PS on Cost of Upper Blepharoplasty

My cost was 1650.00 because I requested conscious sedation. The cost of the Blepharoplasty was only 1400.00. The reason I chose the sedation was for the touch up laser resurfacing under my eyes. However, by the time we got to that part, I was awake, alert and talking about the stock market with staff and Dr. Clariday. The zaps of the laser mostly just felt like short pin pricks.
Thanks for starting a review on RealSelf.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE your frequent pictures, those are so helpful!  Please continue to update so we can follow your healing, so far you look like you are healing great!

Day 5 Post op Blepharoplasty w/CO2 Laser under eyes

Wow! Didn't expect to have this much improvement so soon. I'm still quite swollen in the upper lid area, and my sutures are feeling tight causing a little discomfort. At my check up yesterday, they let me know I was looking good, on track, and done peeling. I didn't peel much at all. I'm so ready to be done with the greasy stuff! I did get the ok to put the balm over my sutures. Hoping this will help with the tightness a bit. Still only Tylenol for pain. Back to work tomorrow. Shouldn't be an issue except for "filmy" vision due to the greast balm.
Thank you! I will post daily until sutures are removed, and then post a pic with first time back in make up. After that, ill do weekly pics/updates with and without make up. I think it's important to understand that the complete results aren't fully appreciated until at least 6 months. I hope to include close ups of scars, and anything else that might be helpful to others trying to decide, or concerned with their own healing process. Besides all of that, I'm a nurse, and insist on details haha!

Daily Pictures

I noticed my pictures weren't cropped into same frame, so I have reloaded them for better comparison day by day. I hope this is more helpful.
So excited for you! Your eyes look fantastic already! I am going in on Monday, so it was awesome to see another TX gal on the boards! Happy healing, you look marvelous!
Oh! Good luck to you! I've been waiting 3 years to do this so I'm really excited about it. I did take off work for 6 days. If I hadn't had the resurfacing, I would have been fine going back in about 3 days (past the ice pack routine). Comment when you have a post up so we can share!!
*jots down more great advice* Ice Ice Ice!! I am waiting for the community to approve my review, I made one yesterday and added before pics. So I will for sure share my journey with y'all! (and probably ask you a million more questions!) You look so lovely, I hope my results are as wonderful!

6 Days Post Op

My first day back at work, sutures and all. Thank goodness I'm at a desk surrounded by other nurses lol. I slept in my bed for the first time last night, and only got about 4 hours sleep. So, I attribute the swelling this morning to those two factors. I iced my eyes for about 5 minutes, and then cleaned them up. As its 10:00 now, most of the morning swelling you see has subsided. Side note-I bought a bar of Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing soap, took my shower last night, and after shampooing and rinsing VERY well, I cleansed my entire eye area (sutures included) and then let the water run down my forehead for a long time as I gently massaged the soap off. My eyes felt GREAT! That filmy, greasy feeling was gone. ***I did not ask doc if this was ok so check with your doc****. I'm beginning to think that cleaning the sutures twice a day with peroxide is now excoriating my healthy skin, so I'm putting in a call to Dr. Clariday's office today. Overall, the only painful areas now are the sutures at the outer corners, but only during cleaning. I've now started putting the greasy stuff over the sutures.
Question: what did you use for ice bags on your eyes?
Frozen pea bags :) I bought two, and put wet gauze over my eyes, then put the frozen pea bag over them :)
Ah yes, frozen peas are easy..and I always have some! Thanks JNations! :)

6 days post op comparison

Yes, I'm a serial updated right now :)
I wanted to see the difference between this morning (swelling) and after being at work. Noticeable difference in swelling. Sorry about the lighting changes. It's dark when I get up. One thing I'll note too is that I think my nerves are waking up a bit. I tend to get these random little tingling sensations in different areas around my eyes/cheeks/temples. And then today, my right eye suddenly felt heavy and as if it was trying to get a "headache" behind the lid (if that makes sense) It has only eased up a bit, but nothing I need medicine for. Soon comes my favorite thing...my Cetaphil shower!! Ahhhh, just to be "greaseless" for 5 minutes is heavenly!! (I still haven't told my doc, Ooops)
The tingling and pulling is normal per my PS so don't worry. It's your muscles and nerves and tendons and ligaments in your very muscly face, waking up and testing themselves after the shock of surgery. You look great even after a days work.
Ahhh, that was my big debate. But I finally compared my brow height to a very old picture. I just happen to have a low sitting brow. So I did the lids :)

Well phooey

I almost didn't update today, because last night I had a teary night over the recent loss of my little sister. Sure miss her. So needless to say, I was very puffy eyed this morning. So puffy in fact, that I could barely open my eyes. I did a quick ice down -5 min- and hoped once I was upright and at work it would resolve. Ended up not feeling so well at work, all of this medicine-steroids, antivirals, antibiotics, etc has finally caught up with me. My stomach doesn't like medication. BUT, I still wanted a daily pic up. Not that it will help anyone but I want to stay on track and keep up with what works and what doesn't. This morning, within 2 hours of getting to work, I iced again but for 15 minutes. Seemed to help a bit. Now it's about 4pm. Also want to note that I developed a little whitehead/milia/cyst on my suture line right beneath a suture. I know this is quite common but I felt so ick earlier, I called the doc office anyway. They offered to look at it but weren't too concerned, said they usually resolve on their own, so I decided to just wait it out until sutures come out Monday. Low and behold, I got home, got the peroxide out to clean sutures, and it was gone. Good riddance. One less thing to fuss over! So here's my puffy eyes after short icing twice today after tears last night. Overall, my eyes are feeling better since day 1, but I still have a nagging bruised sensation behind my right eyeball.
You look really good for 7 days honestly. See my May 22 pic when I had the allergy.....7 WEEKS post. There will be bad days. It's sure you late sister is in heaven smiling at your antics! Relax if you can ...are you off for weekend???
Thank you Cassandra :) and you are right about my Lil sis, point on! I saw your pics, and read about your allergy troubles. I still look about the same as earlier picture. Wish I knew what was causing this sudden pain behind/above my right eye. Like a deep bruise feeling. Tender to touch, or if I open my eye too much. Meanwhile lefty seems to be moving along just fine, so far :)
If your surgeon is like mine he will tell you (and I hope its true) that we have severely and voluntarily traumatized our faces; and the skin, nerves, muscles and all the connective tissue is in shock and this bruising and hardness is all normal and will soften and go away. We measure in daily and weekly successes....my PS is really not concerned until the 3 MONTH stage. And then 6 ! I am 8 weeks out and still feel like my eyeballs are swollen ...I think our laser adds to the trauma and that we are a little different to the regular bleph patients ......I'm listening to my PS and my husband who listened to him!!! Time patience etc. so keep an eye on my reports. I am so glad to have a correspondent who had laser as well. There aren't many current. Also my left is a prince compared to my right. It's doing everything right and has healed 3 times as fast .....but my right was way worse and saggy.

Later that night.....

Still a day 7 post op photo. I iced one more time, showered and cleansed with Cetaphil Bar, and reapplied greasy stuff. Eyes are still puffy (tough day) but suddenly my left eye (right side in pic-pics reverse on camera) has decided to swell up more than the right side. And the right side pain has subsided considerably. Just goes to show, healing is relatively unpredictable, and perhaps in the morning I"ll wake up to a new surprise lol. Anyway, just keeping my progress notes and photos.
It might be time to do some warm compresses. Check other blogs. It seems a lot of people are told Ice for 3 days then switch to warm. They may offer comfort for the early morning eyes sticking together.
Lol, you must have been reading my mind. I was initially told ice for 3 days, then warm packs. However, since I found out that warm packs were mostly for comfort, I opted out. (Hey, I was comfy, right?) So, as we all know, ice is best to any injury at first, then switch to heat. I guess my thinking after my cry swelling was that it would be now considered "new" injury again, which was why I chose ice. It's a nurse thing lol. So, last night, I decided I would try warm packs today, to get blood flowing and perhaps allow fluid accumulation to release. Ill post a pic at some point today. I was still barely able to hold my lefty open this morning!! Oh, I'm posting the most recent pic I had of "before" my surgery, wearing make up. It's not a nice clear view, but the sags are there.

Before Picture Wearing Make Up

Just wanted to post a couple of before pictures with make up on. Wish I had some that would better demonstrate the droopers, but I became a camera avoider a few years back!

Day 8 Post Op

Oh well, so much for 30 minutes of warm compresses. Didn't do much to relieve the swelling. I'm going back to recliner sleeping tonight, and continuing warm compresses through the day. Increasing my fluid intake today too. Right eye pain is much more finished , so that's positive. But to hold my eyes open feels like I'm trying to bench press 200 pounds with my upper lids!
I didn't use warm ....you are absolutely correct about ice. But it helped some. Weird. I went to accupuncture ....it works great for inflammation. I think you need rest and an audio book! Signed nurse Cass!


This will be my next endeavor. I have static "11's" between my brows and they are ugly. This procedure is totally innovative. Instant results too once upper tissue is released from the muscle that is pulling it in. Currently looking for a PS that does this procedure. Better than trying needling on your own (which I'm very tempted to do)
Girl you look awesome and its only been a week! Have you taken an allergy pill to see if that helps the itching? Are you resting and using cool compresses? Warm does feel better but warm stimulates blood vessels where cold turns them off. If you are stimulating the blood flow, you will get more swelling. That is why we use ice for a sprain, so we don't swell up. Try using cold for a few days and DON"T DO TOO MUCH because you are still very early on your healing process!! xoxoxo
You are right :) Im notorious for moving around and getting little stuff done. I'm about to hit the recliner and perhaps eat some bon bons LOL!! Hate feeling like I wasted my day though. Lots of exciting things happening here!

....and still swollen

Been sitting upright most of day, very little activity in the house, have iced about 5 times, and other than a few new milia/whitehead/cysts popping up, I'm still very swollen on one side. It's very difficult to keeps eye open. After each icing, I would have about 5 minutes of decreased swelling, a little watering, and the it would inflate again. In other news, my under eye resurfacing is tolerating being switched from the greasy stuff to Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. It's very soothing, but I am having to reapply after each icing. I'm only using the grease for the inner and outer corners of my eyes. I hope sleeping upright in recliner tonight will make a difference.
For me, when I have something as simple as a laser zapping to take care of broken blood vessels under my eye, it takes a week for the swelling to go down .. I'm talking about a procedure that takes less than 10 seconds Some people just swell and I'm one of those. But at about 2 weeks everything resolves. I suspect, if I had a bleph, I would be really swollen for 3 or 4 weeks.
Yes I stayed still today and kept icing. However, I'm at the conclusion that there is fluid trapped and I need to dilate the vessels and tissues to release it. It needs to circulate.

Well? Hmmmm

So I slept in the recliner. When I woke up, I didn't feel as much weight on opening that fat eye. However, it is still markedly swollen, despite ice packs many times yesterday. This wouldn't really bother me except that I was seeing daily improvement, had a hard cry on Thursday night, and that eye just starting going bonkers on me. Do I expect to look perfect 6-9 days out? Certainly not. But to go remarkably backward overnight and stay that way for (now) 2 whole days confounds me. Meanwhile, I'm staying comfortably moisturized with the Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. Yea, yea, I know I'm supposed to keep using the Skin Ceuticals grease but its just too suffocating if I don't need it. I am still applying it to the corners of my eyes as they are still dry. I'm going to be still again today, drink water, avoid salt, and try not to sneeze again! No real pain anywhere, just increased tightness at suture line. I don't really agree with sutures being in place for 10 days. 7 is good in my opinion. I've taken care of a lot of incisions, and that really is a good median time with insions of this nature. Heck, we even remove staples from C-sections after 3 days! So, I'm trying to decide on heat vs ice today. My gut instinct is telling me I need circulation to the eye, so I'm really leaning towards warm packs. Oh! forgot to mention that the little white bumps are still present on the suture line. Sutures come out tomorrow morning then off to work I go. I can't wait to rub my eyelids. Ill post a pic later tonight to see if any swelling resolves today. I look like an MMA fighter right now.
I am sure once those sutures come out everything will be fine! Keep me updated!!

....and a morning/evening comparison

I have been SO still today. Warm packs x 3. Sutures out tomorrow morning so ill see what doc says.

Perhaps, the culprit

Ok, so since the swelling was a bit improved, I think I found the problem causing the swelling. I have a suture that the skin has grown around and it is making a bump. Gee, can't wait for that one to be pulled out in the morning!! Suture rejection. Doesn't surprise me.
What kind of laser zapping to you do?
They use a couple of different types, depending on what they're hitting. Usually just broken blood vessels or some small sun damaged spot. Feels like a rubber band popped me. Wish I could remember which type is was... :-( Like magic, they disappear!
Here comes your last sleep!! Bet you feel like its Christmas Eve! I will be thinking of you and watching for any updates you are able to do!! Cheers to NO MORE FLAPPY UPPERS and going out to splurge on beautiful eyelid shadows!!

10 Days Post Op-Sutures Coming Out!

Finally!! Sutures are coming out this morning!! I think I found the culprit of the random fat eye. Once a tad of the swelling went down with use of warm packs, I could see that a suture had an ingrown hair appearance. If you look at the swollen eye, it's towards the inner corner (little bump). I can no longer see the tip of suture so it might be closed up in there. Hope it gets yanked out today. Little boogar!!

Sutures Out!! Abscess drained

So apparently I had a little localized infection, so they had to drain it today when they took my sutures out. Now I'm back at home with orders for warm packs every hour and back on antibiotics. Also bacitracin ointment on bad eye, Cortisone 10 on good eye. They gave me Jane Iredale gentle cleanser and said resurfacing was awesome. SO, now to miss work ANOTHER unplanned absence, but I'm going to go after this infection with full on nurse mode.
Glory day, you must feel so relieved to have the sutures out and have the abscess drained! I just saw the before and afters side by side, your left eye looks way better already! Keep the faith.. you will be just fine in a few more days and you already look amazing! Sending you more healing hugs!! xxoxo
I'm sorry to hear that you are upset. I am glad you had the sleep. That is clearly what you need. It might be the tail end of a suture. I had that and ( naughty girl) plucked it out with a tweezers. I don't recommend that for you as you have an infection. It's awful that you might be missing work ...after all that pays the bills BUT this is only for a few days more and you have to look after you. The only good thing about dragging yourself in to work maybe tomorrow it that it will occupy your mind. Call the nurse again if you really think there is a suture they missed.
Sorry. Auto correct on ipad is a pain..... I'm glad sutures are out!

11 days post op-back at work

Well, I made it back to work. Haven't had time to put the warm sock ony eye but about to try now. Gotta keep that abscess draining. Being very compliant with new antibiotics. Everything is looking good so far. I'm still VERY happy with being able to see my eyelids again! Now for that boogar of an infection. Just really still hoping its not a retained suture!!

12 days out

Infection still apparent, and that's about all I have to say about it today. Oh, now there is a new lump on infected lid on outer portion.
It does not look bad but who cares it's how you feel. I'm sorry you feel bad and that it's still there. Take heart. See my photo May 16 with allergy ....this too shall pass.
Ugh! I know how frustrating this has been for you. Sending you an extra large 50 pound bag of healing hugs and support!!

Somethin Ugly

Well, here's a nice disgusting shot if the infected eye. Back to doc on Friday. Thx for the sweet comments and encouragement. I'm about to go all out 22 year veteran nurse on this thing tonight. Warm compresses and ANTISEPTICS. Back on antibiotics.
OMG you poor thing. It looks horrible. Is it very sore? This is awful.....I'm glad you are going to doc. Try to relax today. Do you have to work? Sympathy hugs on their way.
Thank you :) Hanging in there.
I appreciate that :) You're recovery looks like its going super so far!!

13 days out

13 days later, I'm still battling infection, but last night I opted to use my OcuSoft wipes on my lids and forego the bacitracin. I happened to have the wipes because I used to do routine lid scrubs. DUH moment. They kill a lot of germs and some fungus stuff too. So I washed with my Cetaphil bar, massaged after lubricating with drops (ooo feels good to scratch those eyeballs) ran some H202 over the suture lines, saw minimal bubblies. Patted dry, and then used the OcuSoft Scrubs and left the residual on. ANTISEPTIC. I'm so intolerant of all of this grease and moisturizer crap. I applied a thin film of Cetaphil Moisture scream under eyes and went to bed. Got up today, warm compress for about 8 minutes, same cleaning routine and out the door to work.
I'm just going to throw my two cents end having some medical background. The warm compresses are critical, ... that should be a priority with an infection. Excuse me if I'm overstepping here but couldn't help myself :-)
You are correct ! I've been back at work since Tuesday, and although I have a rice sock and access to a microwave, it's very hard to get away from my desk right now. So that leaves short period in morning, and then short period before bed. And Lil twister, I have no ointment on my eyes today at all. Those abt ointments can be bad for healthy tissue, and due to the location, just help create a breeding ground for bugs, thugs, grody stuff. So, I'm just doing time. Hesitant to even put Cetaphil moisturizer on my uppers just to keep from trapping something vicious in the crease. Personally, I think it looks better today. This is day 3 1/2 on oral abt again. Ill be seeing the doc tomorrow. As long as its stable through the night, I'm good :) Ill be warm packing like crazy after my daughters grad ceremony tonight. Off tomorrow too so I can warm moist compress all day after doc!
I am allergic to bacitracin/polymyxin B (also known as polysporin)... I wonder if that is what is causing your eye issues?

2 weeks Post Op

Ahhhh, after that little fiasco, I finally got sent to the doc by the follow up nurse. I just love Dr. Clariday! He looked at me and waved his hand at me LOL. Apparently not an infection, but suture inflammation and "get me out of there" reaction. So I suggested he start doing 7 day post op suture removals haha!! Anyway, he pushe on the one that popped up Wednesday, but I think it was only to make me feel more confident. What a guy! He was totally not concerned, said its not uncommon at all and I'm doing all the right things :) Supposed to see back in 3 months unless some other thing goes bonkers. Meanwhile, I've had more progress in last two days with my decision to use gentle cleansers, and OcuSoft than I saw in the 5 days preceding. Sticking with it through weekend. He said I can wear full on make up now but ehhh, think ill wait til Monday at least. Planning to catch up on everyone else's progress this evening. I've been selfish!!

The Blob.....3 days later

Clean it, and use antiseptic. Don't complicate it!
Wow you are looking so much better! Glad things are settling in! xoxoxox
So happy for you...phew. You doc sounds great. Do what he says and you will be fine. Dying to see you with make up next week. Be sure to get sensitive eye make up remover . Lol

....a-a-annnnnd 15 days out :)

I'm feeling more confident today over my little inflammation/infection/whatever the heck thing. I have some swelling today that was all but gone yesterday I think? And guess what? I don't care!! Fluid shifts and sleeping in my bed are what is causing it. Ill do a couple of warm compresses this eve and see what happens. Meanwhile, I'm still on my own regimen. Cetaphil soap cleanse, pat dry, put a tiny bit of pressure on lowers and move back and forth to scratch my EYEBALLS. Crazy to have an eyeball itch. I feel like thumping my foot like a dog when I get to do it!! So after Cetaphil and warm water cleanse, drying, scratching, I flush my eyes out with lubricant drops, dab them dry, then rub a peroxide q-tip quickly and lightly over suture line (I'm assessing where I'm still oozing from by doing this-normal tissue won't make bubbles) The oozing has decreased. Then I pat that off and do a gentle but moderate pressure lid scrub with the OcuSoft. I like that it leaves a bit of film over area to protect, and it dries pretty quickly. Then I apply my Skin Ceuticals sunscreen under eyes (love it, its liquid, not cream!) and then top that off with a very light layer of Cetaphil moisturizer applied with q-tip under my eyes where resurfacing is. So far, so good. I saw y'all talking about how weird it feels to look up. I had to go look at myself trying to look up to see if it looked as weird as it felt lol. But I couldn't see myself looking up haha!! They said it would feel tight, and well, makes sense since they removed an inch of skin!!

Looking Up (literally)

Haha!! Just had to see! Shot a photo while looking up. Glad to know it doesn't LOOK as strange as it FEELS!!
Yes, that is a very good idea!! Thx for reminding me. Hmmm trying to think of a good one. Maybe ill wait a bit longer for make up!

16 days out

Well, I'd say not too bad for all I went through last week with BLOB eye. Still on my own regimen and doing fine. I just got through warm compressing so I'm a bit red. Cleaning comes next. My eyes still feel "bleary" but I think it's just because I'm tired most of the time right now. Ready to get back to an exercise regimen and make some other changes in my life. I think once the swelling is completely resolved in next few months, I will still have the crepe skin on upper lids. So, I might not get to wear the shines eyeshadows. Fine by me, I'm just glad the ones I wear will show! Oh! And if anyone has suggestions for a gentle eye make up remover, could you let me know? I usually wear waterproof mascara but have decided to get the regular kind for at least a month for less irritation when removing it.
Almay and Clinique for remover. If you live near Sephora or a large department store ask for samples. I'm glad you are over the nasties. It can only get better. As for exercise ...it cures a multitude...get out walking if you can.
Yes, I'm close to a sephora and thanks for those others too. Walking--coming up!! Going to hit it everyday after work this week, see how things are going, then maybe go back to strength training. I had to quit my aspirin regimen 3 wks before surgery so my primary doc said no strenuous activity until I'm back on them at least two weeks. Walking will be fine :) Powerwalking lol

Ok, something fun for those in recovery

There is a free app called Cymera. You can put make up on with it. Let's go for some funny faces!!
I will be thinking of you as I do my power walk! Sunscreen!

17 days post op

That blob eye just keeps trying to act stupid. Hoping it improves throughout day, but it's looking like its trying to get red on me again. I tried some cortisone on it this morning. We shall see.

Day 16 after work

Definitely see a difference in swelling by afternoon. Duh. But just had to check!!

Ooops that last post was supposed to say Day 17


18 days post op morning

Slow progress, but not going backwards at the time. Ok by me!
Hi J. I think I am the only one of our chat group who had upper, lower and laser just like you. I think the laser complicates everything. I'm 9 weeks out ( and two bouts of allergies) and I still have a little swelling. That said....I am going forwards all the time so expect the swelling , breathe through it. It will go away I promise. Are you experiencing any throbbing ? I am under right where I got the most laser. It's ticklish. And a sign of healing. I can see how you will look and it's great!

18 days post op eve

Scratch scratch scratch (ever so gently with a q-tip. Funky eye has begun to itch where the blobs of unknown were. They quit draining about 2-3 days ago. I think NOW I can start with the hydrocortisone cream (8 days later). Is anyone here using products like Mederma for scar massage and healing?
Kelocote is what they say is good for scars. I'm using a vitamin e to massage. See my posts. There are different kinds. I think you should wait a bit. Till the blob etc is gone. I'm still bleary in one eye after nine weeks. Again I blame/ credit the laser.
You look marvelous! I know this has been tough on you with the laser healing process but your results are amazing. One of these days (or months) all of us will be healed and this process of waiting will be a distant memory! You are almost there!! xoxoxox

Sorry ladies

I am posting from my phone 99% of the time. I get the comments and your updates messed up. Haven't figured it out yet. You are all doing so well! I'm still scratching (gently) my bum eye. Glad the cortisone with aloe helps. Woke myself up many times last night scratching. Benadryl is not an option for me as it makes my heart race. But I'm not miserable. I can't believe I'm coming up on close to 3 weeks out!! Cassandra, thanks for the tips for massage. I gently massage when applying cortisone..ahhhh. But I want to find a quality scar product to massage with once the goofy eye catches up with the other :) anyway, sweet dreams girls! We've all been on an exciting adventure together!!

19 days post op

Well, about to hit three weeks and I still have more swelling in funky eye than the other. Slight but it's there. Much less itching today, still using hydrocortisone with aloe. Haven't tried make up yet, too chicken. Maybe Sunday? Just wanna be WELL past the blob eye. Don't need anymore trouble!

Officially 3 weeks out :)

I didn't update yesterday but did take pics for my own reference. No changes significant enough to post. My itchies on my uppers has resolved. I'm still using my same regimen minus the OcuSoft for the last 4 ish days because the incision finally stopped draining in those little places. Now just cleansing and applying cortisone to uppers. I massage my uppers when I apply it. I know the sooner you start doing this, the better as it helps breakdown and more evenly distribute scar formation. I'm most bumpy at the outer edges, which I fear might be more pronounced by eyeshadows, eyeliners, etc. although I've gotten the ok to wear it, I'm too chicken now. The blob changed my perspective LOL. My eyes do fell less tight as I blink and make facial expressions so that's a good thing. The laser underneath is fading very well in my opinion. I'm still more swollen on the blob side but just a tad. I've still got a couple of months for it to resolve. So I took a pic early morning today, right out of bed. I'm much more round eyed now than my youth almond shape, but I've witnessed this resolve on many others. My xMIL is Asian, and had it done this past year with same doc (she's 70). She didn't do the westernization bleph, just the one suitable for Asian folks, and when I first saw her, she was very round eyed which was weird! But after about 6 months, that roundness was gone, she looked Asian again, only very refreshed!!

Some side views

My upper lids by my lash line still puffy and purple. Worse on blob side. But these are my outer eye suture lines.
I had laser under my eyes too
I had my uppers and lowers done nearly 7 weeks ago, and still having swelling in my right eye, this morning it was a blob eye again!
Grrrrrrr!! I guess we will just be blobs together. Nice to have a team mate!

Here's Today!

Nothing interesting to say, but I consider that a good thing in my case. Got a haircut yesterday, it has almost been a year. There was a huge messed on the floor afterwards. My hair was easily 2 1/2 feet long. Scheduled to redo my blonde high lots July 3rd. Chickened out on make up last night. Waiting about two more weeks and going to start single needling my "11's" on my own. Poke poke poke! I don't want to look so mad anymore!!

Make Up!!!

I took the plunge!! Today I finally applied the mineral make up, including over my uppers and put on mascara (not an easy feat as my rims are numb and I couldn't feel the mascara going on). I brought tons of "get it off fast" products as well as repair/mend/sanitize products with me to work just in case I go all 911. So, here's my somewhat Frankenstein look a little over 3 weeks out!!
Your eyes just keep looking more stunning!! I see no 11's but I DO see a beautiful woman with gorgeous eyes!
This looks really good. If u don't mention the 11s no one would notice cos your eyes are so lovely.

A quick pic update

No crazy noticeable changes. Just posting for reference for others. Today ill be searching for good massage oils/creams for scars around the eyes. Don't want the cookie cutter stuff. Unsure if these bumps in the scars, especially outer corners, will flatten. I saw my xMIL who is at least 8 months out and her induction looks great. However, she does have one bump on the outer edge of one eye on the suture line. I'm unsure how bumpy her incision lines were earlier after surgery. I don't want bumps and scar tissue starts generating quickly. I'm thinking I personally would advise gentle massage to begin within 72 hours of sutures being removed. But that's just my two cents.

Some side views of incision lines

Had to brighten these photos so the scars are more visible. Putting make up over bumps just seems to make them show more.

Swelling..What difference 8 days makes

Ok, so ill be massaging scars, but wow, new perspective on swelling. This is 8 days difference. June 14 & now June 22. Not too shabby!
WOW WOW WOW!! Goodbye swelling hello amazing eyes!!! You must be so stoked!! Beautiful!!!
Thank you so much :) Life (non surgery related) has been getting to me in last few days. I appreciate the nice words. I'm going to go see your profile :)
Those little buggers!! Watch me make them disappear!! Thank you :)

Kelo Cote in route!

Great price too! Free shipping even better :)
J......I have been traveling and so distracted and busy I have nearly forgotten my eyes. We tend to look at them every half hour. No wonder we are half demented. A the weekly comparison pis are a great way of seeing the change. My bumps looked like yours. They are nearly gone. Yours will go too but there is no harm massaging gently etc. my PS says it's not necessary but do it for comfort!!!
Crazy, huh? And I have the pics to PROVE it!! Impatiently waiting on my Kelo Cote Cass recommended. Practically STOLED it for 18.99 with no shipping!! I'm gonna be massaging gently away. Also going to use it when I start needling my "11"'s. Going to use it as an after treatment after each poking party!

Just a pic update for reference

Not much notable changes, but eyes feeling a bit less tight when I open them wide. Mostly just keeping a journal at this point for those who have same procedure

Using my cell phone

I have to update, view and look at other profiles by cell phone. It makes it hard to find the right comment or place to comment. Just wanted to say to those of you who've commented to me, Thx!! I'm technically challenged with navigating the site with my cell phone!!
You are beautiful!

Mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow, oh my!

Well this was a hilarious day. Only the second time I've put make up on since surgery. First time was just mineral powder and mascara. Today I went for the gold. Eye shadow and eye liner too! Problem. Still cannot feel my eyelashes, so I had this wonderful new mascara (waterproof) get all over my lid!! (And finger nails, etc..) I looked in the mirror and thought, "Who cares"?! I went to work. My coworkers just laughed with me. They are pretty used to my hijinks. Anyway, here's my assessment.
My under eyes are still pink and shiny from laser, even without moisturizer (like, right after shower). This is Texas, and the humidity doesn't help the shiney look either. So, my eyeliner moved down lol, my mascara was all over the place, but WHOLLA! I can clearly see my CONTOUR color eyeshadow!! I was used to it getting lost or having to put it way up on my brow to fake it. I have a naturally low brow so I never had much room to work with. So forgive my crossed eye (I swear I'm not) and the wreck of make up after a 10 hour day! Ready to get it off of me!! Didn't bother me much at all today. Eyes still feel tight and I'm using kelocote x 3 days now? Lots of bumpies in inner and outer corners.
J. You look great. And your daughter has PERSONALITY! Hope she is on a career path. Now to less important matters. Your eyes look great. I still feel weird when I put on liner and mascara. Like I'm combing out wet hair. But it's such fun to be able to use eye liner pen .... I have bought every brand and am doing a private survey of the best. Right now.....Nars eyeliner stylo and make up for ever aqua liner from sephora are the winners. Great for slightly unsteady inexperienced hands!!!

I'm still Kicking!

My goodness I haven't updated. Thank you Cassandra for checking on me!! Actually, I've been dealing with some health issues unrelated so I've been a bit preoccupied. In regards to my upper blepharoplasty, all that seems to be left are scar bumps. I've used several things to massage with and I'm pretty sure they aren't going to flatten anymore. I have only worn make up twice since surgery, because for some reason, my skin is no longer absorbing moisturizers, rather they sit on top of my skin. And in Texas, add a whole lot of humidity to that and I look like I've been running a race at any given time. So basically, it's not worth it yet to just have it slide off or smudge everywhere. I'm just now about 2 months out, so I'm really really hoping its true that the bumps go down. They feel so weird when I wash my face. Like little twisted knots. My uppers feel a little tight, but it's more like a tacky, sticky sensation. I catch myself raising my eyebrows a lot I guess in a effort to "unstick" them. They are still sensitive to rubbing (found that out the hard way) so maybe all will be better in a few more weeks. Hope everyone else is healing up nicely! I'm so sorry for not checking on you all! PS. I started a new review on needling and dermarolling the "11"'s. my coworkers have pretty much decided I've lost my mind. I'm not going to disagree!
Try Clinique All about eyes serum. It's a roll on. Garnier do similar (cheaper) but I'm not sure it's hypo allergenic like Clinique. The steel roller ball is cool and the serum is non greasy and really soothing. My bumps went down all of a sudden at about 10 weeks. I gave up massaging. As for your other issue...hope you are on the mend. Remember your immune system might be shot after bleph .... I got a cold and a cough that lasted 4 weeks ( I'm never sick) and a wart grew on my arm!! Weakened immune system.

Make up, and the challenges

Overall, I guess I'm superficially healed. My bumps are still just as prominent on my suture line. Make up (eye shadow) seems to make it a bit more noticeable IMO. Last night I decided to do a full make up test (4th time) and I still can't feel my lids when I touch them with applicators, nor my eyelashes. However, I didn't make such a mess this time. I do have a "dog ear" scar on one side, but at this point, I'm not sure I really care. Just glad the worst of it is over, and it's a crapshoot on the bumps. I'm not having a procedure to soften them. In a year, I'll re-evaluate. Sorry again for the cross-eyed look. Phone selfies aren't my speciality LOL. Hope you all are doing well!
I'm at 4 months now. No changes to the scars. Still bumpy and noticeable no matter what I use on them. My eyelids always feel like they have something sticky in my creases when I blink. Ive given up on make up because it amplifies the bumps. Makes me a little bit batty. Haven't seen the doc since the "all clear" from the abscess. Don't want to be told "use this or that" and spend anymore out of pocket on products that don't work. Hope everyone else is well :)
They look really nice! I Need to do a detailed post for my 4 month update .....at 4 months my bumps are going and they are softening. I'm sure yours will be the same.
Thank you for words of hope :) I'll watch for your update. Have a great Monday!!
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