After a 5 Year Wait, I Finally Get to Have my Tummy Tuck!! - Webster, TX

Since I had my 9 lb son in December 2008, I've...

Since I had my 9 lb son in December 2008, I've pretty much known that having a tummy tuck would be the only option to get my stomach back into place. Now my dream is finally about to become a reality! I'm nervous, anxious, but most of all: EXCITED!!!

I have tried many different procedures to avoid having to have something so invasive. Laser lipo, pulsed light skin tightening, moderately invasive liposculpting, personal trainers, crazy diets, you name it!

I am 23, 5'7", and weigh 170 (although it may not show because I have a lot of muscle).
You will do great, the waiting for your dat is the hardest. Keep busy, eat clean, monitor what suplements/ vitamins you are using, omit alcohol.
Omg!9 lbs!!poor you!thats awesome that ur finally gonna get ur body back.u definitely dont look 170.u look very small. R u also having lipo or only a tuck?

A little info I forgot, and only 2 weeks to go!

As far as my procedure, I will also be having liposuction to my hip area, to avoid any "dog ears" from the tuck itself.

2 weeks from today is the big day! It's crazy how much I cannot get this out of my head. All I can think about is finally getting the procedure done. Kinda like having a child, the whole process is a "hurry up and wait" type of thing.
Due to the prerequisites for surgery, now all I can take are my multivitamins, which is confusing my body a bit. No preworkout, CLA, Green Tea, probiotic, or fish sucks! I know it will be well worth it in the long run though.
Dahlia, your "pre" body is gorgeous (except for that laxness in the tummy - no fault of yours). I really look forward to seeing your results. Brave girl! I hope it goes well for you :-)
Thank you so much! I've worked hard these past 2 years to get in better shape. Can't wait, only 5 days away!!
Thank you! For the most part I keep a clean diet (besides my cheat meal), and workout 3-5 times a week. Now that it's so close to my procedure time, I can only take my multi.

Only 5 days away, but it feels like forever

The past couple of weeks should have been full of excitement and happy jitters from my upcoming procedure, but unfortunately that's not the case.
My grandmother passed, so my son and I have had to drive back and forth from Houston to New Orleans a few times. Attended the funeral yesterday, but due to work I had to come back earlier thank I would've liked. Didn't get home last night until almost 1am, and got right back up at 7 for work.
Thank God for the week I will be off!! That way I can get some much needed rest, I'm physically and emotionally drained.
yes you look awesome minus the baby reminder!!! but I am so excited for you and I cannot wait to follow your recovery!!!
Thank you for your encouragement! It has been quite a journey, and I'm so thankful to finally be at this point!
Tummy tuck, lipo and breast reduction, but he would like me to lose 20 pds first.

Yesterday was the big day

Day 1 post op now and kinda out of it from the pain meds. The staff at Dr. Moliver's office were great yesterday. It feels weird not being able to do anything for myself, but I'm so thankful for the help. The tuck itself isn't too bad, similar to my c-section, but the MR is a beast! Can't seem to find a comfortable position. Hopefully I'll knock out again soon. Here are some pics of the pre-op markings.

Dressings removed!

It's day 2 post op, and things are still a little rough, but getting easier. I can walk around better, and was able to hold my baby niece.
Luckily just got home from my post op appointment. The nurse said it looks like I'm healing well and should be able to stand straight in a few more days. All bandages are now removed, and I can see my body taking shape! Can't wait to finally shower tonight :)
More pics, more pics! Can you tell I'm excited to see your journey, lol. Speedy recovery and good vibes sent your way:)
You're looking good!!! Speedy recovery!
Thank you!! I'm trying to always see the positive side and know it will get better :)

Trudging along

Yesterday was pretty good. Was getting around by myself for the most part, and found a cool trick that helps me get up alone but not stress my core. I even took another shower by my lonesome! Soooooo thankful for shower chairs, they are a godsend!!
My sister has been my primary caretaker throughout this week and she went home, so my boyfriend is here and doing an excellent job. Very grateful to have him in my life. Even in my loopy condition, he still comes home everyday and tells me I'm beautiful.
We got to go to dinner last night, which was funny because I still can't walk straight. When we got sat, the server kept asking if I was okay, so we told him about my surgery and showed pics. Needless to say, no more questions came after that lol. Was in a bit of pain when I took the pic yesterday, hence the finger.
*Sidenote: I found out that one of my lipo sutures is in the bottom of my tattoo, should that affect anything on the color?

Went to the office for a bit!

Still swollen and a little hunched over, but I got brave enough to walk to the office and visit my coworkers today (I live at the apartment complex I work at). It was nice to be sitting up in my comfy desk chair. I actually stayed for about 2 hours and answered phones lol, then my assistant manager threatened to drown me in the pool if I didn't stop getting up to pull files. It was good to be back and doing stuff rather than sitting around at home. Can't wait to get these stitches removed!! I've taken new pics to show my progress :)
Sorry for the tape residue, it's been a pain to scrub off
Love your tattoo!
Gracias! It's actually a coverup I had done a few months before my surgery, turned out awesome!
You look great!

1 week post op

Thankfully things are getting better by the day! Monday at work was pretty rough, and I got sent home early, but since then I've been able to make it the full days.
Yesterday was another post op appointment and I was able to get my lipo sutures removed, yay!! Dr. Moliver said that all my swelling (which feel like a friggin fanny pack in my belly) will be absorbed and I am healing pretty quickly. Always happy to hear good news. Can't wait til I can stand straight up, my lower back is killing me!!

I pulled my stitches out!

Yep, did it by myself. Didn't want to wait until tomorrow. I heal insanely fast and the sutures were already getting scabbed over, which made my skin pull a lot more than it should. Lots of owwws!!
Thank god they are out though, and no steri-strips needed! Now all I need is to be able to wear a compression garment and I'll be fine.
HI Dahlia, how is the healing going? Any new pics? Hope you're doing fantastic!
I meant lack
You're getting there. The more I read the more I find we all like patience!!! :)

Sorry it's been so long!!

Things have been crazily busy in my life, and I'm thankful the healing process has gone along swimmingly. Yesterday I did my first big workout post op and it was great! I'm sore as can possibly be, but sooooo glad to get back into the swing of things :) here are pics from 4 and 5 weeks post op!
Dahlia, thank you SO MUCH for keeping us updated, you look fantastic!!!! Are you still wearing the CG garment? What is your pain level at on a daily basis and are you able to walk straight now? I'm hoping to see Dr. Moliver next month for a consultation so of course I'm watching your progress with great interest! Thanks again. Happy healing!
The thanks goes to you for being such an encouragement during this time! I really appreciate your kind words. As far as my garment, yes, I do wear it about half the time, especially when I feel bloated. My pain has been almost nothing for about 2 weeks now. Prior to that I had a random Thursday morning that I woke up to get ready for work and had a horrible stabbing pain under my ribs. I was seen by my surgeon's partner Dr. Roehl, but she was not able to see anything abnormal, so it was attributed to a possible muscle spasm or tear. Thank God for muscle relaxers! Lol. I am thankful to walk straight since about week 3-4, the tension on my lower back from walking hunched over was killing me! I go in for my 6 week check up today, and am excited to see what Dr. Moliver says. He does awesome work, you'll love him!
you are looking wonderful!

7 weeks!

Wow, time flies when you're busy. Healing has gone great, and very thankful. Today is a garment day, gotta look purty for my son's preschool graduation :) sorry such a short update, at the office doing lockout notices. I'll write more soon!

12 weeks and counting!

Hard to believe it's been 3 months since my procedure. At first time wasn't going fast enough, now I can't imagine where it's gone! Things have been a rollercoaster with life. My son graduated preschool, my boyfriend bought me a new car, and my mom was diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer. Needless to say, my diet has been a bit off :/
I think I'm doing pretty well as far as healing goes. I do kinda have a little bit of a weird disconnection from my sides to my hips, but I'm guessing it's just swelling from the incision site and I'm being impatient. Today is another post op checkup, so I hope it goes well.
You look really good, how are you feeling? Your belly button is really pretty too! How did the appt go? Thanks for the updates, they really are helpful!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I have seen the work of many different doctors, but the artistry that comes from Dr Moliver's procedures is amazing! He was very thorough during the consultation, and I definitely appreciate his honesty. Not pushy at all and not doing surgery just to make money. I love how humble he is!

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