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I initially had lipo dissolve in my lower tummy......

I initially had lipo dissolve in my lower tummy....I work-out and had a little bit of fat...people at the gym would think and have been told I have a nice body.....didn't need to do it...really!!!!! Well I did and had a bad result....lumpy, uneven, couple of dents...If you don't know what it is well it is an injection of mulitple vitimins etc that are suppose to dissolve the fat and you are suppose to get rid of it through waste....it was painful too I might add...After the fact I went to a doctor who told me that they shouldn't have done it on my tummy because results will come out like what happened to me (too much volume injected which means they didn't know what they were doing....silly me right?).....By the way LipoZap the name of the company who is now out of business and has screwed me and a lot of others out of a lot of money....(it was money back guarantee I might add)...they just split town....

Well after a year I looking at my lower tummy day in and day out ....yes I could have lived with it but I am in the entertainment industry and I knew I had to make it look better.... I looked into SmartLipo and I chose a doctor who specializes in just smart lipo....don't just go to someone who took some classes and now is a pro...research please...don't have it done if you are considered overweight....please...you know who you are...be leary of drs who want to do your whole body....make sure you know when you do this in certain areas, if you gain weight you will gain it in other places that you might not be happy with....and also if there is a touch-up in the fee...Doctors are not perfect and there are somtimes mistakes (God forbid) so a touch-up should be in the fee...from what I have read people have spent a lot of money on this and to hear that these drs charge for touch-ups is beyond me...(they shouldn't get any busy...its greedy)

Had smartlipo on Jan 3, 2009...I was nervous...they game me something to relax....I was awake...one little painful jab because sometimes numbing fluid needs more time especially if there isn't that much fat....also always go to doctor that suctions out fat after laser...better results....less waiting time...less scar tissue build-up...afterwards uncomfortable pain, swelling (body is protecting itself thats whey you swell), one little light bruise ( of course i didn't have much done) if you have more areas then more pain...still sore in belly button area because thats where the dr went in...scar is now so little....really can't tell you the results because its a waiting game ...you are not going to get results right away...anyone telling you that is not factual....relax...think positive....and wait....your body is healing...

You do what makes you happy.....read the facts....know the good and the bad....not everyone is the same...and good luck...I will let you know what I think in the next  2 months or  more

Hi, Can you tell me what doctor you went to and what final results you had now. The price seems great if you had good results without permanent lumpiness. Thanks!
hi! would love to know what dr you went to!
Ncp, You gave a very good account of the smartlipo process. I had it done on April 8, 2009 on upper & lower abs, side rolls and Bra rolls. The only thing I have to disagree with you on is I did see results immediately and alot. My waist was about 40-41 inches before and the next day (even with the swelling) it has gone down to about a 36 and going down some each day (I posted before and one day after photos). So immediate results can occur but I am following the instructions to the letter of the law. Today is day six out. As of yet I have not experienced any lumps, hard spots or any bruises. TenderToni
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