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Journey after TT surgery- Texas, TX

I can honestly say the downfalls to having a tummy...

I can honestly say the downfalls to having a tummy tuck is the time it takes to heal. I don't regret getting the TT because I had so much skin after having 3 children, the youngest being 10 months old. My normal weight is between 145 and 149lbs, HOWEVER! I currently weight 158 I can't seem to get these last couple of pounds off. Anyways, I was 200lbs each time I gave birth and lost all or most of the weight. I had a very bad case of dystasis and I lost a significant amount of elasticity in my stomach area. So having the surgery for me was life changing. Im still swollen, sore and still kind of look weird but its coming along. I see the top of my stomach is not as swollen as the bottom where my incision is. .. so I guess I just have to be patient to see the full end results and be 100% satisfied.

So I am 1 day shy of exactly 2 weeks post op. I'm...

So I am 1 day shy of exactly 2 weeks post op. I'm still swollen and numb, however I am starting to see my tummy take shape slowly but surely. I am almost feeling 100% normal again. And at a 98% mobility rate. I cannot wait till I can wear a bikini. I have never been able to wear one since I have been of age and allowed to.

So I am 14 days post op today and my tummy is...

So I am 14 days post op today and my tummy is looking better by the day. The swelling is going down; although my incision hurts from time to time I guess that will go away the closer I get to a full recovery. I am still not able to wear jeans. I will say, I am loving the fact that my tummy doesn't poke out over the button of my jeans or sit on my lap anymore. The cons to the surgery is the scar of course and my ugly stretch marks that my doctor was not able to completely get rid of. Does anyone have any suggestions of some kind of products I can use to lesson the appearance of stretch marks. I believe I have tried everything known to man!
Unfortunately I do not have any before pics, I thought I did. I will continue to look.

Ok so today I am 20 days post op, I just saw my...

Ok so today I am 20 days post op, I just saw my doctor today and he told me I was good to exercise there are no more restrictions. I'm excited I get to start back doing insanity! My tummy is still swollen sometime is so. Swollen I look bloated other times not so much. I'm still not able to wear certain things because of the binder ci wear 24/7! I'm looking forward to seeing my results after I have implemented my workout regimen. Any way ladies happy recovery!

May 10 will make a month since I had my TT. I'm...

May 10 will make a month since I had my TT. I'm still healing still swollen and I find that I'm in more pain when I don't wear my binder than when I do. Wearing the binder keeps the swelling down fortunately. On a more positive note, I am able to exercise! I did zumba for the first time since my surgery. I figured it would be a good way to get myself into shape and fit to resume my insanity workout. I don't fit any jeans that I had before my surgery since my waistline is slimmer now! Guess it's time to go shopping.

I wore jeans w/o my binder for the first time...

I wore jeans w/o my binder for the first time today. I know I shouldn't have but I just wanted to see how long I could go without wearing it. I've become so use to wearing my binder that i don't feel comfortable with out it. My stomach is a little sore and swollen but I feel ok other wise. Idk just sharing my progress!
Dr. Z

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You look great. Glad you're feeling better and can workout.
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You look great! And already working out! Glad you're feeling well :)
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Aww thank you anewmesoon!
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You look great do u work out in your binder?
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Nomorejellyroll...thank you! Yes I do workout in my binder it makes my stomach sweat which is always good for trimmer results!
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I weigh 145 too. I hope I look as fantastic as you do. Glad it's going so well. Thanks for sharing.
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Ljbrand you will look better! Thank you for your positive input.
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You look great!
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Ash_tx0812 Thank you so much!
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You look amazing. You're waist is tiny! Thank you for uploading your pics. I've only scheduled two weeks off from work :( I'm hoping I recover quick after my surgery. I have no other option. Thankfully I do desk work so I won't require a lot of walking or moving around.
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Birthdaygift, You should be ready to go back to work within two weeks. Hopefully you'll get your drains out by then. In my opinion the drains caused most of the pain and discomfort. Just give yourself extra time in the morning to get ready for work as you will be moving a little slow and buy a few summer dresses or clothes that won't be too tight and reveal your binder and drain bulbs. Good luck birthdaygift I'm excited for you!
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Thanks for the advice ill make sure to purchase some summer dresses. Any excuse to shop ;) keep us posted on your healing.
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Birthdaygift, Will do and you keep us posted as well!
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Congrats to you!!! I'm 11 days PO, happy healing!!!
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Thank you anewmesoon, I'm actually 13 days post op today. Congrats on your new beginnings as well!
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I would love to see some before and after pictures.
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@ birthdaygift I'm going to try to load some now. I couldn't figure it out before. I think I got it now.
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