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I am 30 years old with 4 kids (10, 8, 6, and 2). I...

I am 30 years old with 4 kids (10, 8, 6, and 2). I am 5' 5" weighing 128lbs. I breastfed all kids for a year each, ballooning to a firm size 34DD. I was then left with what a referred to as 'deflated balloons", wearing, but not filling a 34D (boobs would fall over the top of any other size). I'm pretty sure there were 90 yr old ladies out there with nice boobs then mine.

I started my search with Dr. Harrington in Plymouth Minnesota and had to wait 2 months for a consult. Her office was VERY nice and upscale, ritzy (you registered with an ipad)...but i had to wait about an hr after my scheduled appt before I got in. The dr herself was pretty laid back, kind of rammy, agreed i needed a lift with implant. She did not touch my boobs, measure my boobs or anything. The price was $12,400 some dollars, i was like holy crap! But i scheduled anyway. They took pictures that day, but didn't have me try on any sizers or anything.

I had just recently had a friend have some procedures done by Dr. Vogt with Wayzata plastic surgery, and really thought i should get a second opinion, i mean, after all it is KIND of a big when she had a post-op appt middle of July 2013, I rode down with her and had a consult. I instantly loved the atmosphere. It was nice and relaxing, all the staff was VERY friendly. I did not have to wait very long. When Dr. Vogt came in he was VERY polite, he asks questions about your life, and sincerely cared. He also, showed me where my nipples were suppose to be and did some measuring. We talked about the procedure i would need and he asked if i needed anything to drink or anything else, i said water, and he actually brought it back to me, not the nurse (i thought that was pretty cool). Then I went into another room, was given a sports bra to try sizers on...i decided on the 500mg silicone implant. I then met to talk about pricing...i had already decided i was going to go to Dr. Vogt even before i saw the price. Soooooo...i was even more ecstatic when his price was $9690!!! So I canceled my other surgery, and scheduled for Sept 9 (a week after the kids were settled into school, so finding childcare would be easier).

The rest of the summer flew by, and before i knew it the time was here! My sister lives in the metro area so she had agreed to be my nurse for a week! Monday morning, we left at about 6am, arrived at his facility 20min early. When the nurse came to get me she gave me little socks to wear and a gown. We talked about sizes again to make sure, i filled out paperwork, she took pictures, then it was off to wait for the Dr.! He came in with a fresh handshake, and a smile, then started drawing on me, and explained to me that 500cc may not fit. I said that was fine, whatever he thinks is best. Then he went out and the anesthesiologist (who was very funny) came in and said i was extremy healthy and had a better chance dying in a car accident then getting put under. I was then brought back to the operating room, inserted an iv, last thing i remember was the anesthesiologist talking about bringing her girls to the Taylor Swift concert. Next thing you know i was in recovery with perky boobies!!.

Dr Vogt came in and said that the muscle under my left boob was very thin, so he dropped down to the 450cc implants, which i was ok with! I was contemplating going smaller anyway, but have heard so many people with implants wish they went bigger.

They wheeled me out to the car and we were off! I was a bit groggy and text and talked to people but don't remember doing it, haha. The pain was not too bad when we got home but i took Vicodin and muscle relaxers to stay on top of it. At about 5-6pm the anesthesia was wearing off, i hadn't had any muscle relaxers since 2 (can only take every 6 hrs) and my pain meds were just coming up to take (every 4 hrs) but my chest was getting really heavy and tight. And my breasts felt like my milk was coming in, the pins and needles feeling like when your breastfeeding, only it didn't only last 30 seconds, it was about an hr. So i took two more muscle relaxers and they took about an hr to kick in, then i was comfortable to take a snooze for a few hours! I go back on the 10th to get my drains taken out and bandages changed. I did not have very much bleeding at far I am super happy with my decision!

I did not realize how much a person uses their chest muscles though! Wiling your butt and using a soap dispenser was a bit tricky. So since i had my sister here i had her help me with most everything (minus the butt wiping, lol).

I will post more about my progress as the week goes on!! I hope What i have written has helped with some decisions! :-)

Pre-op Pictures

These pictures were taken the morning of surgery...

Post-op Pictures

Here are a couple post-op pictures. The first one is a little blurry...i am very pleased so far. I have been taking it really easy and keeping on top of my pain medication.
They are looking great!!!! You must be over the moon...... Can't wait to see more pics!

Pain meds are not for me!

I could never imagine being hooked on pain meds. I was trying to ween myself off today and it had been about 12 hrs since I had a muscle relaxer and 5 hrs since having pain meds. I was feeling a little discomfort and figured since it was only 48 hrs, I should probably wait another day to start weening...boy was i wrong. I was feeling really good about my decision and the way they looked, then after the meds kicked in, I swear they made me bipolar. I was on the verge of tears thinking this was the biggest mistake of my life! Lol...I can't wait to flush my body of these meds, and think clearly again!! :-) Has this ever happened to anyone else?
They look fantastic!
You look great! Your breasts looked very similar to mine (but better lol) before surgery. Yes, the pain meds can make you nuts... Not to mention severely constipated and nauseous. But take if you need to because according to everyone I've talked to, the healing process goes much better if the pain is minimized. At least that is what I was told. You are going to have a great final result since your early post-op photos already look great.
Thank you! The before pictures actually don't look that bad, but they were worse! I had lost all my upper volume and it was replaced with stretch-marked skin! I am very much looking forward to the future! (And getting rid of those pesky pain-meds, which i am staying on top of, even though they make me loopy) :-)

Pain meds are my friend!

So, even though the pain meds make me feel icky, I learned the hard way that I need them!! I did not like how they made me feel, so I figured i could just cut them out, ha...what a bad choice!! Wow...whoever said they are off there pain killers by 48-72 hours, you are my hero!!
I hope your healing well... Did you get silicone or saline?
Thank you!!
Thank you!

Day 4 post op

No new pictures today, they are still looking the same. I have dropped down to one Vicodin every 8 hrs, but am still taking 2 muscle relaxers every 6-8 hrs. I think the stretching, dull pain is the worst. I am able to take deeper breaths today with just a little pain in my sternum. I am still just wearing the padding as the only support along with a light cami (tanktop with no built in bra) over the top of the bandages. I have read that the reason the dr recommends this is so they drop into the right place?!? I will ask at my post-op on monday, that is when i get fitted for my 'bra'. I have done some standing leg lifts and slow walking up and down the stairs (light exercise is better than none rt) i did notice some discomfort once my heart rate increased, so i stopped immediately. I did not have any pain in my breasts, as i was walking very slowly and lightly up and down the stairs, more leg use. I am acting like a t-rex with my arms pinned to my side, not using them a whole lot yet. Missing my family, and anxious to see the results!! :-)
So far so good, but i am taking it VERY easy! I did 450cc Natrelle Allergen Silicone implants under the muscle. I was a very saggy, stretchmarked 34d before and am hoping for a perky 34d after. I had very little original breast tissue. The Dr said he could not fit another millimeter in the left side, so im kind of nervous thinking i should have done 425cc...only time will tell!!! But overall, very excited and happy!!

Photo with cami

I lied, figured i could post a pic in my cami ;-)
Ugh! So confused! MRIs so often is so not cool! I may be worried for nothing. As soon as I put my deposit down. I will begin my pic and posting journey. Thank you for your quick responses.. Xo
Thank you. I'm still on the silicone/saline fence. Your pics look great. Please continue to keep us posted.
My girlfriend had very small boobs when we were 20, and she got Saline, teardrop implants almost 10 years ago. She has had no problem with them, but she wants to get them bigger and get silicone. So i figured, what the heck, might as well go with silicone...they silicone feel more natural, and they are safer than years ago. But the thought of having an mri every 3 years is not very fun :-(

Received flowers from the Dr.

I thought it was really nice of my dr's office to send flowers the day after my post-op!
You look Fantastic!! I wish we can all have a great outcome like you.. Happy recovery, wish to be on the perky side soon, lol
Sounds like you are doing fantastic! I am so happy to hear that you are feeling good. How wonderful that the Dr. sent you flowers!
So exciting, congrats to you! I totally identify with you reasons for doing this. I hope you love your results!

Day 6 post op...

I am feeling pretty good. Still VERY cautious wih using my is exhausting to even put my hair in a ponytail! chest is still very heavy feeling when I walk and my boobies are still kind of numb...i walked quite a bit today and by the end, they felt completely numb. Note that I do not have a surgical bra, i am just having some surgical pads over my incisions so my cami doesn't rub, and just 'free hanging' (ha) Again, I am going to ask my PS on Monday why I don't have a surgical bra. I am only taking pain meds and muscle relaxers when I feel like I need them. Otherwise, mostly just lounging in the recliner!

Overall, very excited things are getting better, and healing is going good! (Knock on wood!) ;-)
OMG!! Your breast look soooo nice. I'm almost amazed, I know it sounds weird but honestly I have searched and searched and I am very particular and I have not seen anybody's pictures look as good as yours thus far. When I look closely at people's pictures after their post-op either one boob is slightly larger then the other or the doctor sewed the areola unevenly or slightly larger... in summary there is something always wrong but the patients always seem happy and I don't know why. But your doctor did a spectacular job. Everything is perfect. I wish he lived in Miami. Anyway girl you look great! I bet you are going to love the outcome, I'm jealous. Please keep posting your updates.
Congrats! You look fantastic! A little suggestion: Try the Fruit of the Loom front closure ( hook & eye ) bra. I got a couple from Wal Mart ( $8 I think ) & would use those when my surgical bra was in the wash. They were almost identical to the one from my PS. I can't imagine not wearing one. That free hanging feeling is very uncomfortable. I didn't like it at all. The new girls add quite a bit of weight which can put pressure on your incisions. Enjoy your new ladies!
Your results are stunning. Congrats on your new look.

10 days post op

I am still very happy with my results. I had my post op appt on the 16th of sept, and i asked my PS why he did not give me a surgical bra right away. He said that he does not want to, in any way, restrict the bloodflow to the nipple. He said the main source of circulation to the chest is the area right underneath the breasts. I was totally ok with that, I was just curious because a lot of people were either ace bandaged up or had surgical bras. He then gave me a surgical bra to wear sized at a 36D

I will return next Monday to get my stitches removed, and then at that time he wants me fitted for an underwire bra...why? Not sure, also going to ask that at my next appointment!

I have still been taking it VERY easy...I do not lift anything over 5lbs and if i do lift anything, it is very minimal. I do not want to risk ripping my incision open. I very slowly reach for things out of the cupboard and I am fortunate enough to not have to work right now, so I rest often. I also DO NOT expose my incisions to anything other than the surgical pads the PS gave me. I wear them every day, all day, except to shower. I do not want any kind of contamination or rubbing of fabric on my incisions. Call me anal, crazy, whatever, I call myself "not wanting any complications" Lol...I have added a photo that is from me sitting back, laying down today, 10 days post op! Hope this information has helped anyone looking!
Congrats! Your breast look fantastic!! It's interesting how PS differ in approach to post op procedures . No matter what, you are smart to take it easy and not over do. I'm the same way and I have no complications at all and scar is fading fast. You have beautiful results. Thanks for sharing.
You're blog's been fantastic! & a world of help! Love seeing the transformation & healing process! & you're doing the right thing & being so anal......most if us out there would! Too important, not too be! Keep up the great work & great updates..... (I must admit, seems strange to be fitted with an underwire bra? Interested to know why after your next visit)
Thank you so much! I am really happy right now too! Let's hope it stays this way!! There's still a lot of recovering to do!! ;-)

2 week post-op

I had my 2 week check up this morning and got my stitches removed! The PS said that they didn't look good, they looked FANTASTIC! As i agree! He wants me fitted for an underwire bra today and to wear for the next couple months because (each PS is different depending on their experience) he says it helps to prevent bottoming out and shifting side to side. So i'm heading to Victoria Secret to get a bra that has good under support as well as side support! He also gave me the go ahead to start doing scar treatment today. He just recommends the plain over the counter mederma. He has had patients that have used the expensive prescription kind and he sees the same results.

Like I said, each PS is different and you should listen to yours, I'm just sharing my personal experience!

Can't wait to see an update. We had surgeries close together and I love seeing good results to keep me positive.
Looking fantastic!
Hi, Your breast look AMAZING!!! I can't see any of your before pics, could you please post at least one? I'm about to go In again to fix a "semi lift" that did nothing for my shape or volume. Your after pics are great, would just like to see what you started with.

Loving life!

I am absolutely in love with my new ta ta's and can't believe that I ever thought i might regret it! I feel so much more sexy!! My scars are healing very nicely! In my picture they look HUGE but in real life they are not that big and I think I definitely would have been disappointed if I had gone smaller! They are still riding high, but the muscle is just starting to relax and I can't wait to see the final result!!

I started back, light duty, at my waitressing job a little over 4 weeks out...each day got better, and at 5 weeks I am able to do everything (except carry excessive amount of plates because of the weight). I have put on a few pounds because I have been lazy :-( I walked on the treadmill a few times, but can't wait to start running next week!! The dreaded heavy feeling is gone, I do still get a bit of morning boob, but it usually resolves once I get out of bed and it's gradually getting better!

Hope ya'll are doing well!!

The twinsies

( ) ( )

Swimsuit shot! ;-)

Wow I feel better about my lift I hop mine look this great!!!!
You look great! Did you go with HP's?
Thanks! To be completely honest I'm not even sure...I had some bad stretch marks on the tops of my breasts before, so I just trusted my surgeon to help me get volume back and make the stretch marks less noticeable, which is exactly what I got!!
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