BIG REVEAL!!! New Pics - 2 months post-op - Wayzata, MN

I am a young looking 41 year old wife and mother....

I am a young looking 41 year old wife and mother. I have always been busty, 34D, but due to having kids, gravity, and weight loss, my breasts lost their fullness. I decided to get implants to restore them to a more youthful look. I wasn't sure if I would also need a lift, and thankfully my PS said I didn't need one.

Just a few stats about me: I am 5'1", 125 lbs. I was a 34D prior to surgery. I went with Mentor, Smooth Moderate at 475cc on both sides. I had my surgery on October 11, 2012.

My surgery went well. I am now 3 weeks and 1 day post Op. The hardest thing for me has been sleeping. It has been very uncomfortable and I wake up very stiff and sore. I am also wondering why my implants seem so firm when I am sleeping and wake up in the morning. does anyone else have this issue? They do soften up after I start to move around, so that's reassuring. My left side has been more bothersome than my right, which has been consistent from day 1. My right side has been perfect! So my left is still a little more swollen and seems to be more sore than the right if I do too much. Is this normal?

It's hard waiting for them to drop. I worry that they either won't, or that they will be uneven. My doctor didn't wrap me after surgery and does not recommend massage either. He says he has found it doesn't make a difference in the recovery process. He says it's better to leave them alone and let nature take it's course. I do worry though because it seems that most doctors are the opposite. Any thoughts?

I am going through a little depression now. I don't have any regrets, it's just hard to wait to look "normal" again. It's also hard hiding my condition because I haven't really told anyone.

I'm sorry you're going through a difficult time in your recovery! :(

Here's what some doctors say about morning soreness/stiffness after augmentation. I hope it helps!

Hi... I feel the same way you do, right down to not telling anyone. Other than my husband and daughter the only other person I told was my boss and only because I can't fit into my uniform until the swelling goes down. Starting in the evening my breasts swell, the right more so than the left but my right has been more swollen right from the get go. The swelling feels like engorged breast when my milk came in and it's not present during the day. The morning swelling is natural from what I've heard other say, they call it "morning boob". My PS didn't have me wear anything other than the bra he supplied me with and the massage technique is not like what some of the others on site site do. I am just to place hands on the outside of breasts and push together for 10 seconds, push upwards from the bottom for 10 seconds and push down from the top for 10 seconds. He said under no circumstance was I to push them outwards. He is is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Division of Plastic Surgery at the university here and serves as the Site Chief of Plastic Surgery at one of the Hospitals so I have to believe he knows what he is talking about. This site is good for moral support but it has its drawbacks as well because we also read all the horror stories and that compounds our own fears. Good luck with the healing process, I'm living it too and I know it can be emotional at times.
Thank you for your reply, CheekyChick! I am going to see my PS tomorrow so I can tell him about my concerns. I'm sure I'm just being paranoid, but I just need to see him for peace of mind. I know that it's pretty much like having to separate surgeries, so the healing process will be different on both sides. But when one side seems completely fine and the other doesn't, it just doesn't seem right. And I'm for sure need to discuss this "morning boob" thing with him! LOL! How many days are you post-op?

Okay, sorry I haven't posted an update! After...

Okay, sorry I haven't posted an update! After talking to my PS's nurse, I decided to just wait to see the doctor at my 6 week check-up like originally planned. I talked over the concerns I was having and she said as long as I didn't have any sudden swelling, redness/rashes, sudden pain, and no fever, that there wasn't anything to be alarmed about. I am exactly 4 weeks post-op today, and the nurse said that since I was displaying any of those symptoms, the doc wouldn't be able to do anything. I am still too early in my recovery and he doesn't do any corrective surgeries until after 4-6 months of recovery. I guess it takes that long for things to heal and settle. It's so hard waiting!!! But I am feeling better everyday, and I FINALLY feel like I am back to my pre-surgery self, as far as sleeping and being able to regular daily things. I'm still trying not to over-do, as I'm still healing and I don't want to "ruin" anything or cause problems. I really feel like 3 1/2 weeks was the turning point for me. I can now tell that they are starting to settle down more into place and they are starting to soften up. They also don't seen to be as high at the end of the day. I realize that at 1 month of recovery, I just need to relax and let nature takes its course. I also have noticed that being more active is helping them drop and soften up.

Today I finally found a bra that is comfortable....

Today I finally found a bra that is comfortable. My husband wasn't very thrilled because I chose comfort over looks. He understands though and is just happy that I am finally more comfortable, and now I am able to start wearing more things. I am anxious to see my PS this Friday for my 5/6 week check-up. I have MANY questions!
Any pre/post op piks to share mia??  Sorry to hear your breast is sore. At 11 months post op mine still have a "dull,achey feeling". I can relate to how you feel.  my nipples have lost some sensation too, (sigh)  Other than that I'm pretty happy with the shape/perkiness. Mine finally obtained a nice shape around the 3 month mark. waiting sucks! LOL 
UPDATE!!! I had my 6 week post-op appointment and I couldn't be happier! I was concerned that my left side still seems like it has some swelling and from the beginning has always been more sensitive. I thought that since I am right handed, that my right breast would be more sensitive and take longer to drop and soften. BOY WAS I WRONG! It turns out, as explained by my PS, that it's your non-dominate side that could have more swelling, be more sensitive, and take longer to drop. Apparently the muscles on my right side are used to being used more and can accommodate being stressed out. The muscles on my left side aren't, so the implant is going to cause the left side to take longer to heal. It makes total sense. I wish I had asked about this earlier, it would have saved me a lot of stress. Also, I asked him about "morning boob". He said it's because at night the muscles won't be as loose as they are during the day when they are getting "exercised" and "stretched" out. So that's why they seem firmer in the morning. I have found that wearing a sleep bra at night helps to eliminate this feeling and prevents me from uncomfortable when I sleep and I don't wake up sore in the morning. The good news is that my PS said I am now past the critical period where I would develop complications from the surgery. He said they are dropping nicely. He also showed me the pictures that we took before surgery, and I could not believe the difference. In fact, I couldn't believe that I had looked that bad before my BA! I told him that I wanted him to burn those pics! LOL! My next appointment is for 6 months post-op, and then he will take more pictures. I am sooooo glad I did this!!!!
I would love to see pics if you haven't burned them already!! Lol! I'm thinking I will get somewhere between 400-450 cc's. I'm scared about them ending up too big!

According to my PS, about 80% of women who have a...

According to my PS, about 80% of women who have a BA, wish they had gone bigger. I NEVER thought I would say this, but now that they have settled more and pretty much all the swelling has gone down, I wish had done 500cc. I know it's crazy! I was sorta of scared going up to 475cc from my original plan of 400-425cc. I guess it's just nerve wracking not really knowing exactly how they will turn out. It's not like a blowing up a balloon where you can easily just let the air out if it gets too big. Oh well, I am still VERY happy with my results and would rather not look like a freak. LOL!
You look great! I think we all think "maybe I should have gone bigger"... when really we forget how we looked before and that what we have is an improvement. I think you look great! Give them time to drop and fluff... I hope you will love them!
I haven't posted any pics because I am leery of pervs cruising this website. I also really don't want to put ANY nude/semi-nude photos of myself on the internet. I could post some with clothes, but it might be hard to tell what "the girls" look like.. The soreness in my left breast is very minimal now, with just some very minor swelling. Other than that, I am happy. I am wondering when the feeling will come back on the "under" sides of my breasts. I can pinch myself and not feel it at all. My mom said it could take up to a year. I do have feeling back in both my nipples now, so I'm glad about that.
Kooberry, I finally found some pics to post on my profile.

7 wks Post-Op So my update is this: I feel...

7 wks Post-Op

So my update is this: I feel like I someone is poking my nipples with a thousand needles! Not really, of course. Apparently I am at the point of recovery when the nerves in and around my nips are starting to "wake up". I have had most of the feeling back in them since about week #2, but now it seems the rest is coming back. It's not a constant pain, it comes and goes, but it definitely is not pleasant. Yesterday we were at the Mall of America and it started, so I was nonchalantly trying to "hold" my left breast as we shopped. LOL! I'm still numb on the lower part of each breast, but it doesn't bother me, just is kinda weird. I'm just happy i have feeling back in both my nips. That's more important, right!?! LOL!!! Needless to say, this boob recovery thing is very interesting. I hope everyone else is doing well! :)
What size did this put you at?
I'm wearing a 34DD right now, I don't think it will change, but who really knows! LOL!
Oh! I am starting at a 34 A and hoping to achieve a small to full D. I was thinking 450 cc's silicone but I don't know?!!

So, I know that every style of bra is different,...

So, I know that every style of bra is different, and this may change the size needed for that type of bra. I was wondering though if anyone else feels like they are getting bigger as they drop and fluff. I think this is happening to me, and I really don't want them to get much bigger! YIKES!!!!!!!

I am 7 1/2 weeks post op and the incision site...

I am 7 1/2 weeks post op and the incision site under my left implant started to itch a lot in the last 2 days. There doesn't seem to be any redness and it looks fully healed to me. I have not had any issues with it in the past. Should I be worried? What could it be?
It could possibly be scar tissue that is itching you? I am getting my BA in less than two weeks but have had three c-sections and my incision site from those did itch some in the beginning and I felt like it was from the scar tissue forming. It did get better and is totally gone now. Nothing I had to see a Dr. for. Hope it gets better!
Thank you Hawkeye, I didn't think of that! It has stopped so I'm not worried now. :)
limaboro, use the sizers to figure where you want to be. Put on sometops while you have them on. I started out a 36 and only wore t-shirts (no bras for over 10 years) I got 500cc's and I'm now a 36D.

I am now just over 2 months post-op and everyday I...

I am now just over 2 months post-op and everyday I am more happy about my decision to get implants. The uncomfortable recovery is soooo worth it. I decided to take the plunge and post a pic so everyone can really see my results so far.
Va, va, voom in that bikini! Looking great.

So, I asked my PS to send me the pictures that...

So, I asked my PS to send me the pictures that were taken right before I had my surgery. I am grossed out and embarrassed that I even looked like that before surgery! I didn't realize how bad I looked. I really don't want anyone to see, but I know that it might help someone else with their own surgery decision.

Hi! Are you still happy with your implants? After having 2 kids I am looking to get this procedure done, it is just nice to get reassurance from people that they don't regret it after a few months! I think you said you wish you would have gone a little bigger.. did the doctor recommend the size or is it what you chose? Thanks!
YES!!! I still love them! I am very happy with the size also. right after the surgery they were kinda of flat and high on my chest, but after they settled and the muscles relaxed, they became full. This is very common and probably why a lot of women think they should have gone bigger. My doctor didn't choose the size, the nurse helped me. I did tell him that he could make the ultimate decision one he had them in, based on what would be the most proportional and natural for my body type. I still love them. One of the best things I've ever done!
That's great! Your results look so natural. Are you happy with the saline implants or do you ever think you should have gone with silicone for any reason? I'm not sure if you posted it already, but what is your new bra size? Thanks!!
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