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Do I REALLY Need This? UH... HELL YEAH - Wayne, NJ

I title this blog "Do I REALLY need this" for the...

I title this blog "Do I REALLY need this" for the sole purpose is that I am 145 pounds, never had kids, my stomach is there, and I have 2 rolls when I sit down like I guess most people, and the question arises, Do I need this? When one thinks of a TT we all think of getting rid of a lot of fat on the stomach. I have fat on my stomach believe me. But is it enough to warrant such a drastic surgery. I am also getting lipo of the hips and flanks. Yes I am well aware that I am being charged the highest price on this forum!!! I don't think anyone is paying more than me. Why am I doing this and not just lipo, well I had lipo done 2 other times, the last time it left my stomach looking like it needed to be ironed, gross! I look dimply. When I am standing my stomach isn't so bad, it's sitting down that I can take orders for muffins. UPDATE: I just went up in my bathroom to take some pictures for u all...HOLY CRAP why am I even questioning this???? UHHH....IT'S BAD...REALLY BAD!!!!! So my original title of this blog: "Do I REALLY need this" has been altered with an ending of HELL YEAH! Pictures are worth a thousand words, in my case, a million. I was hemming and hawing about this whole operation, well taking these pictures just sealed the deal!
wishing you all the best
Hum! If you're not having any kids than go for it, but if you want kids I would say PLEASE!! Think about it longer. Maybe just lipo? Now and tummy tuck after kids (if you want any) get at least 2-3 PS opinion.. Good luck to you, :)
Definately not having kids. The surgeon I have chosen is board certified and trained at Harvard. He was featured in many magazines as NJ Top Doctors. So I am praying that all goes well. Thank u for advice
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