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Do I REALLY Need This? UH... HELL YEAH - Wayne, NJ

I title this blog "Do I REALLY need this" for the...

I title this blog "Do I REALLY need this" for the sole purpose is that I am 145 pounds, never had kids, my stomach is there, and I have 2 rolls when I sit down like I guess most people, and the question arises, Do I need this? When one thinks of a TT we all think of getting rid of a lot of fat on the stomach. I have fat on my stomach believe me. But is it enough to warrant such a drastic surgery. I am also getting lipo of the hips and flanks. Yes I am well aware that I am being charged the highest price on this forum!!! I don't think anyone is paying more than me. Why am I doing this and not just lipo, well I had lipo done 2 other times, the last time it left my stomach looking like it needed to be ironed, gross! I look dimply. When I am standing my stomach isn't so bad, it's sitting down that I can take orders for muffins. UPDATE: I just went up in my bathroom to take some pictures for u all...HOLY CRAP why am I even questioning this???? UHHH....IT'S BAD...REALLY BAD!!!!! So my original title of this blog: "Do I REALLY need this" has been altered with an ending of HELL YEAH! Pictures are worth a thousand words, in my case, a million. I was hemming and hawing about this whole operation, well taking these pictures just sealed the deal!


2 weeks post op and my results are beyond what I expected. I am still swollen and just got my drain out today but I love that my flanks are practically gone and my stomach doesn't take over my whole entire torso anymore! I can see my "feminine" parts again as well as my toes!!

Not as happy as I thought.

My stomach feels like a dome when you run your hand over it. And my flanks look just as horrific as before. I tried to keep telling myself to give it time but there is no difference and this is 8 months post op.
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