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Booked a consultation with Dr Parham Ganchi in...

booked a consultation with Dr Parham Ganchi in Wayne NJ sept 23. Excited to hear his advice on size type and placement. Im 29 years old 5'8 170 pounds. Curvy on the bottom and FLAT on top. Hoping to even out the hourglass figure. Most of the reviews im reading are such tiny women, i can imagine the amount of cc's its going to take to make me look proportioned after hearing what everyone else is getting hahah but im so excited. Hopefully he is not booked out too far for the procedure and i can have my new boobs for christmas lol. Can't wait to share news from my consultation... stay tuned :)


             sounds A great xmas present to yourself! 
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I live in Bedminster nj and my ps was in NYC because I work there but a really good acquaintance who has given me facials for 2 years is going for a breast lift and sees all kinds of results in her practice is going to glatt, for what it is worth!
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thanks, he def seems top notch. If my consultation with ganchi doesn't leave me ready to roll, im def going to schedule a visit to glatt.

so much for xmas boobs...

He is booked until January UGH!!!!! I didn't want to wait this long but I know I will be in good hands, who wants a surgeon who is free next week anyway lol. Had my consultation, went very well. Since I have been reading these boards for months, there was nothing new he had to say. He covered all the bases for implant selection, procedure, placement and recovery. Very thorough doctor, you can tell you are speaking to a highly educated experienced surgeon. I asked a few questions about Cap-contracture, spacing and rippling and other probs associated with the procedure and he gave me the peace of mind that I needed to follow through knowing he does everything possible during and after the procedure to prevent those issues from occurring. I tried on a bunch of sizers and totally loved the 375cc's but realized i'm going to lose a little under the muscle so i'm leaning towards 400-425, I think that will fit me just fine. His assistants had work done by him and were all extremely nice and even showed me their breasts that he had done for them over the past few years. They look AMAZING it was like icing on the cake (great salespeople hahah) They offered for me to come back on the days he has surgery and go in and try on sizers with friends or anyone I want advice from on size etc... really welcoming friendly office i'm really glad I decided to go with Ganchi. Just have to wait the 105 days patiently!!!! Did everyone else have to wait so long?


Hey great review were simailer in shape I'll follow your story!!!:)
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Both sizes look amazing on you! I don't think think the 425 looks too big and I don't think the 375 looks to small. Both will be bigger than before! Did you try them with a Tshirt on? I made rice sizers to wear around my house so I could see what it would feel like. They are heavier than implants but gives you an idea of how you will feel with the sizes after wearing them for awhile.
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i made 400cc rice sizers so i could balance out the 375 and 425 i have been toggling with. thanks for the tip :)

more sizer pics. help! :)

here are two pics with 450cc implants. one has a sizer bra from docs office, one has a sports bra i bought for after surgery. I'm afraid they will be too big. I dont want big boobs i want nice boobs lol.

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i think the mobile uploads arent coming up correctly. ill repost later


I originally told my PS that I wanted 380cc for my breasts and during surgery he went to 450cc in each and I'm so happy he did I'm only in day ten so still have swelling but I think the amount he picked will portion my body just right I'm 5'4" and 140 with a curvy bottom half and the size I will end up with I think will fit just right 380cc I think would left me feeling "I wish I went bigger" feeling. Also went with high profile! Good luck at your consult
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so funny that u just wrote this because i had a moment where i thought i picked implants that were too big. i chose 457 sizers but they told me they would have to go up to 492 to give me the look of the 457 sizer because its going under the muscle. the number shock scared the shit out of me and i felt like asking for a smaller size but i trust them to make me look nice without being obnoxiously large. my biggest fear is being bigger than a D cup lol surgery is set for jan 8th the countdown begins :) thanks for your advice

pre op complete

19 days feels like an eternity when your waiting for boobs. How exciting was it to get my Rx's filled lmao... the simple things that make me happy these days.


Just checking in with you. How did everything go? I wish you a speedy recovery!
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It's here! It's finally here! Good luck darling! Can't wait to see your results! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
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My mom went with 425cc, high profile and her boobs are big. A full D. She's 5'3, 100 pounds so of course they're big on such a small frame. My sister-in-law went for 545cc, moderate profile, and they look natural. I love big boobs so that's why I went for implants that are close to 600cc even though I'm 5'3. It all depends on your frame and what you think looks the best on you. But my best advice, and this is coming from my sister-in-law: go a little bigger than what you think looks best. She regrets she didn't go bigger and kept telling me, "Go bigger!" Oh, and I was excited when I got to pick up my Rx's too! They've been sitting on my nightstand for three weeks, counting the days down! :) Good luck on Wednesday!!!
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492cc silicone=happy girl

i never thought this would go so smooth. the staff at my PS office must be on happy pills because they are so darn sweet!!! I am so happy with the way everything flowed from when i walked in to when they wheeled me to the car. the ride home was uncomfy for sure but now that im in my lovely bed im comfy. getting up to go to the bathroom is like HOLY GRAVITY what the f--- lol
just taking 1/2 a vicodin every 4 hrs so i can rest. chest is super tight but im channeling all the patience i have to keep calm! so glad i did it. will post pics soon


How's the healing going? Hope you're feeling well! :)
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How are u feeling I hope your healing up nicely
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omg im still in disbelief when i look down. but im starting to realize the more i look at them the more they hurt lol, im going to igmore them till tomorrow hahaha i saw ur update, glad you are well, hope we get through night 1 smoothly :)

post op day 4

chest is so freaking tight


Welcome boobies!! Congrats and happy healing. xx
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every day gets a lil easier. washed my hair myself today (milestone) lol!!! this is the first day i dont need tylenol. still extremely tight feeling but less pain

im sure u all can relate to this feeling


Hi! I was just wondering how everything is going and would love to see some pics. Are you happy with your implants and the size you chose?
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Hey there darling! Just checking in to see how you're doing! Hope all is well! :)
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Looking great so far!
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