Outstanding Dr. for a Lower Bleph /eye Bag Treatment Without the Big Cost

Pros- NO visible scars. Canthopexy prevents...

Pros- NO visible scars. Canthopexy prevents ectropion. Excess skin removal get rid of wrinkles & smooth out the hollow appearance. Fat reposition filled out the deep tear troughs. Absolutely No pain during or after procedures
Cons- Temporary redness, swelling on face & eyes
Outcome- More than thrilled!

Now that I'm 17 days post-op, most of the swelling...

Now that I'm 17 days post-op, most of the swelling & bruising went away. But now there's some red hard scar tissues forming right along the incision lines. In natural light, the areas look red & hyper pigmented, but you can't really see the raises unless you inspect them w/ 10x magnifier mirror or feel them with your fingers. Dr. said it's natural healing process & will subside.

5 week post op- I have slight retractions on both...

5 week post op- I have slight retractions on both eyes. Right side more than the left. My Dr. wants to inject Kenalog to help softened the scar tissues next week

6 week post op- Left side retraction improved while the right side got worse. I'm going to follow one of the doctors advice & hold out the Kenalog as long as possible. I don't want to do anything prematurely & ends up having more wrinkles once the scar tissues softened over the months.

You can still have have lid retractions even with canthopexy

I'm so happy I got my eye bags removed. It is now...

I'm so happy I got my eye bags removed. It is now 6 months after my surgery. I finally told my sisters what I did and they were so impressed with the work. They see me almost every week and didn't know I got anything done. They told me I look fresher but couldn't figured out what until I show them my pre and post op pictures. You can't see the scars unless you use a magnifying glass. The top lid looked like my natural line and the bottom lid you can't tell it's a scar line even without makeup. Dr. Peter Lee is the best and the price is so affordable. He is just as good as any oculoplastic surgeon without the added cost. Now I'm going back to him for other work since I have found you can't beat his price & skills after going to 3 other consultations.

1 yr after lower Bleph

I have no problems at all. No dry eyes, rounding, or droopings. The scars are fine & thin. You can't see them w naked eyes. Even w 10x magnifier its still are to see. This procedure is the best investment to my face imho. I'm so happy I chose the right dr to do it.

1 yr post op Lower Bleph w canthopexy

Dr.standard lower bleph included canthopexy. He does't do one without the other. Now I know why. I didn't have any eyes complications from the beginning. Both my upper& lower eyes have no visible scars.

1 yr post pic

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

I gave Dr. Peter Lee 5 stars all around because I only care about the OUTCOME not so much about his staff or anything else. He is an expert in doing the lower bleph surgery. At first I wasn't sure since he is not an Oculoplastic surgeon, just a plastic surgeon. But I chose him because he teaches other doctors on how to do this surgery so I know he is very competent. Other reasons are because he believe in a natural & conservative approach. I love my eyes & just wanted to look younger, not different. At first I wasn't sure I wanted to have canthopexy or excess skin removed since I worried about having ectropion & visisble scars. I just wanted transconjuntival surgery because I know the scars are hidden & it is fairly safe. But he assured the scars are barely visible when we do the canthopexy & skin removal. He was absolutely right. His canthopexy incisions are within the natural fold of my upper lid. It is not over-extended above or beyond. The lower eyelid incision are very clean cut & hit right on the bottom lashes. On top of that, the cost is extremely reasonable considering it's a three surgeries in one. For the month of Sept, he even have extra 20% off. In sum, it was a very positive experience for me.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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My eyelids was done by an oculoplastic surgeon. He made pleats, ugly noticeable cuts above my eyebrow, inside my eyebrows, to the laternal sides of my eyebrows, lateral sides of my eyes. He left me with two different size and shape of eyes. I have indentation, needle marks, needle holes, divots, zig zag stitch marks all over the place. He made "11s" on my forehead and put pleats there. I have permanent frown line expression without any muscle movements. I have pleats all over my eyelids. You can see all the ugly cuts. I have two super huge stitch mark. One I used my bangs to cover. Right now my eyes look like some asian person in way past 100 years old. All done without informed consent. I asked for asian eyelids surgery and this Dr. W of Newport Beach, CA used my face for some kind of experiment. He refuses to admit to the extensive damages he caused on my face. He cannot remove my complaint against him from ripoff and complaint board because he knows I will fight him every step to let people be awared what he done to my face. I cannot find a doctor that can improve all those ugly cuts and scars he put onto my face. He removed way too much skin. Why would I want to look like an anger old lady??? That is what he done to the upper portion of my face. I told him at consultation what I want done. He didn't do what I ask him to done and mutilated my face beyong repair. So the people that out there think oculoplastic surgeon can do the work better for eyelids better than a zillion time first. Sent me a personal email if you want to see the real work of Dr. W.
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Who is Dr.W?
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I do see a big improvement on your lower eyelids and I do not see any noticeable scars. He must had cut very close to your eyelashes and have great surgical skill to conseal it so well.
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Thank you so much for posting. Please keep us inform about your lower eyelids.
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LOVELY...when you see your family weekly and they can't tell that you had anything done (just look fresher) it speaks volumes. Thanks for sharing
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Can you provide an update? I had a consultation with Dr. Lee today and I am considering booking my surgery date. I just want to know if you are happy with your results? Is there anything other concerns (even if minor) that you are willing to share?
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Hi, I'm super happy with the results. I have no problems with ectropian, dry eyes, or anything else. I just got back from a party today and everyone was so amazed with his work and the results. He has very gentle touch and showed a lot of confidence in doing this procedure. They couldn't believe it. His price is too good for the work he did imho. The only thing I like you to know is to be patient with the healing. Don't inject kenalog too prematurely if you see very slight rolling of the lids. It will go back to normal after 2-3 months.
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My eyes used to look like yours except I had an extra crease on the inner corner of each of my eyes. Now my eyes look like a caucasian person at least over 90. Asians in general still have very good eyelids (smooth) even into their 60's. I am so happy for you. Dr. Weiss Newport Beach, Ca. ruined my face at age of 27. As I age the scars and cuts got worst looking. It is very embarassing for me because people stare at my eyes. The eyes were people notice the first thing on your face. Dr. Weiss made ugly cuts on my eyelids, outside of my eyelids, on my eyebrows, on top of my eyebrows. On my left eyebrow about 1/2 inch up to the lateral side of my forehead you can see an "x" mark. I paid for asian eyelid surgery to correct asymmetry from Dr. B. Santa Ana, Ca. Dr. B. was very conservative and remember I told him that I am afraid of scars/cuts. The scar was well hidden under my natural eyelid creases. When I close my eyes, you can see just a very thin (thinner than hair) scar. It is very not noticeable, but the inner eyelids have a difference of 5mm. I Didn't like that. I had consultation with about 5 doctors. Dr. Richard weiss had a big ad on L.A. Times in 1992. He is an oculoplastic surgeons. He sold all his B.S. to me. This is why in 2009 I told my story on the interest about what happen to my upper portion of my face. People stare at me and have this look on their face. Dr. Weiss say it is not so bad, but why doesn't he take pictures of me post-surgery????? It is really bad and this is why I am making it a mission along with other victims of botched surgery and/or surgery done without informed consent known to the general public. I spoke to many online and many are blind about our justice system. I never looked at myself from my side profile, but when I did, it was to late to take Dr. Weiss to court. From side profile, you can see the divots(deep dents) he put on my eyelids and my forehead. My right side of the eyes did not suffer as bad as my left side. Doctors also have people coming on the internet to tell people it is easy to sue in court for botched comestic surgery. This is the hardest time to take to court. I would like Dr. Weiss to meet me on a talk show and explain to me why he mutilated my face???? Of course Dr. Weiss will not be able to look at me in the face after what he done to me. I was only 27. I have to wear this face for the rest of my life with a lot of scars, cuts, and dents. I have really ugly scars and this is not an exageration. Anyone want to see some of the ugliness of Dr. Weiss surgery, sent me your personal email address?????
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You look great. Kudos to your doctor. Wish I had been so lucky! Maybe I'll go in for a consult revison.
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Thanks! I hope the eyelids won't pull down as the scar tissues are forming. It's scary to know that it have happened to some people.
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Your dr did an amazing job on your lowers!  And lucky you had such short healing time.  Great results!!
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FYI, the wrinkles I saw yesterday are nothing more than plastic coating from the silicon gel. When you brush the gel on, it dried to a thin film of plastic covering...It works great! I immediately see the color got better after just 1 night! Today however, I saw my left lid droop a bit on the outer corner. I hope it will improved & not get worse. Wow..I have no idea things can change for the worse esp when I didn't have any problems in the beginning.
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how old are you ? good healing ...
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I'm 42 btw..So it has been 3 weeks since the surgery. Most of the bruises on my face went away. I didn't know you get hypertrophic scars on the bottom lids as they heal :( The hypertrophic scars are not as hard compared to last week. Today I went & bought a silicon scar gel call Scarguard at Walgreens. Not sure it's my imagination, but the scars felt a lot softer after just 5 hrs. But I'm kinda freaked out now bc I saw some wrinklings now that the scar has soften.
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Thanks for posting the update of your photos. I hope that your scarring is not too great. Please let us know how it progresses.
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According to 2 drs, fat grafting doesnt work that well since only like 20 percent retains plus they can migrate to other areas. You better off with fillers. They give instant results without the down time. Im 42 so i know what you mean when you started to see the aging signs. The eyes are the first to show ..Im sure you will be happy with the fillers!
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Does it hurt when they inject the Restylane under your eyes? Do they numb it first? I have no idea what to expect and I'm a little needle-phobic anyway...
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Filler in the tear trough does hurt- I too tried filler in that area before electing to go through surgery (uppers and lowers).  I had had Juvederm in that area-it was okay as far as results, its a delicate area so it will hurt and there seems to a common side effect of a blue-ish hue for many ppl.  When I had it injected my NP used a slight fanning motion that was pretty unpleasant.  
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Fat transfer to the under eyes still remains controversial since your body tends to absorb some of those transferred fat cells.  I found that going to specifically a facial plastic surgeon  made me confident in the procedure and am happy with the results.  You are right though, you certainly have to be careful that you don't get too much fat removed or not enough fat transferred bc it is obvious if you are lacking in that area.
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Yes I did. I had Juvederm injected in the tear troughs area last yr. It looked ok but after a year I was back to where I was plus now I have loose skin & wrinkles. I have gone to 2 oculoplastic surgeons in Beverly Hills & at the time I just needed transconjuntival lower bleph w/ fat repositioning. Both Drs told me to wait since it's better to have more fat so when they drape them at the tear troughs, they will look better & fuller. Just the transconj. alone would cost 5G . This year came along I was determined to get the surgery. I do lots of readings & research before I decided on this procedure. I was scared too when I read all these horror stories when surgeries go wrong. At first, I wanted to play safe. I wanted just the transconjuntival bleph w/ fat repositioning. Dr. Lee charge only 2k for this. But then I have loose skin too. In order to make it smoother, I need the skin cut out. To do that, I need canthopexy to prevent ectropion. Canthopexy cost extra $500 and skin removal cost extra $500. So the total is like $3000. He has a 20% off for the month of Sept so the cost is only like $2400. But it's not about the money really. Dr. Lee is very confident with this procedure. I was impressed with the work he did on other patients on the lower blephs while looking through his book. That's why I chose him. I remembered while I was half awake during surgery how smooth his touch were. I didn't even take Vicodin afterwards( this med made me nauseous), just Ibuprofen. The only thing that bothered me was on the first day, I can feel the sutures poking my eyes & the constant tears that fall down afterwards. But then I knew I was ok when I opened my eyes & see that my vision was intact & my lids didn't droop :)
Here's a few inputs:
1. If you have deep tear troughs, don't have the fat removed. The more fat the better. This way Drs. can use the fat to drape around the hollow tear troughs areas. If you have the fat removed, it will only make it worse by leaving you with wrinkling skin & even more hollowness
2. Anytime you have skin removed, it's best to have canthopexy to avoid scleral show & ectropion
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Thank you sooo much for all that good information!! I am in Nashville and there are only 1 or 2 accredited Oculoplastic surgeons here. I have had consultations with both. The first one told me that she would NEVER put filler under the eyes and recommended surgery. I had a consult with the 2nd one last week and he said filler would be fine, rather than resorting to surgery. He also quoted me on some lasering under eyes and on top lids, but I think I may not go through with that because I have read some scary stories on here about Pearl Fractional around eyes, and how invasive it seems and that a lot of people end up with demarcation scars. You are lucky to live in CA and have access to all the top plastic surgeons :-) I recently exchanged email on here with a girl who moved here from CA and she was also looking for someone to do her eyes, but said she may just go back to CA to have it done. Your doctor sounds really great, and your results look amazing!! Maybe I should just save up and come to CA to have my eyes done. I have appt for next week to get the filler, and that alone scares me to pieces, but I want to see how it looks. The dr. said even if he did surgery, he would just pull the skin up and cut off the extra to make tighter under eyes. He didn't say anything about fat grafting, but then again, I don't have any extra fat under my eyes at all.. they are just hollow and sunken. It only started looking this way in the past 3 years. I am about to turn 43, so I'm sure gravity is setting in!! I'm going to make a note of your doctor's name and what you had done. If I had the funds, I would call him today and schedule an appt and book a plane ticket!! Congrats again on how great you look!! :-)
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Your eyes look soooo much better! I'm struggling with the same issues, but I'm so scared of surgery. Did you try any fillers before deciding on surgery?
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Thanks! I must admit I was so worried about having ectropion & scleral show that I checked my eyes as soon as I got out of surgery even though I can barely open my eyes lol. It has been 12 days now. I can finally say it was the best investment I have made for myself.
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Glad to hear that all went well for you! Thank you for sharing.
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