5 Months Post Op!!

I have been considering and wanting to get breast...

I have been considering and wanting to get breast implants since I was 16 years old. I currently am now 22 years old, a month away from being 23 and those thoughts still haven't changed. I grew up with small breasts, about a 32A since I was in middle school, always hoping that they would get bigger but nothing ever came out of it for years. I had thought about breast implants for years; a lot more seriously in the past couple of years. I did hours and hours of research; from comparing costs, to type of implants, to incision, to risks and benefits, to complications... you name it, I have researched it. I am just passed the point of having small breasts. I am a confident person, I am very happy with myself and who I am, but I see nothing wrong in wanting to enhance my own appearance and boost my confidence more with breast implants. I want to do this for me. I have been getting nervous the closer the days get to my surgery. I have an idea how the healing process will be but I think it's one of those things you don't fully understand until you go through it. I have been thinking so many questions that I need to figure out like what supplies I should get for after the surgery, how the first couple days are, when I can start to resume bathing, swimming, exercising and sex, etc. I'm sure a lot of it is individual though and how much up to it you are feeling you can handle..

My doctor says that I am asymmetrical with my breasts; about a 40-50 cc difference from my left to my right. I am 120 lbs, 5'3'' and am of a more small, pear build. My doctor prefers to do the incision under the breast for it reduces the risk of hitting a nerve. We are going to do saline implants, moderate high profile. I am still unsure of the sizing. I wanted to get a medium to high C and my doctor said 250 in one and 200 in the other would be fine, but I felt that was too small for me. He said he would be willing to go up to 300 in one and 350 in the other but that would be the highest he would want to go with me. I have my pre op appointment on Thursday, will be making all my payments, and then this surgery will really be planned and happening!

I have my post op appointment tomorrow. That's...

I have my post op appointment tomorrow. That's when all the money required for the surgery is due.. Once I pay it, it will pretty much be a done deal! We are going to settle on a size.. I was thinking 300 in my left, and 350 in my right but now I'm worried I'm going too big and it won't work well in my body... Ahh so many questions! I'll definitely need to write down a list so I don't forget anything..
Interested to see what you decide as we are both small framed. I am torn on size and profile, as well. I have my pre-op on July 11th, so will get to make a final decision then!
Hi good luck with ur decision and op. I had 32 a cup all my life too. I am nearly 3 wks post op. I went with 350cc on both used silicone anatomical. You can take a look on my pics if you want to get an idea. Hope i can help :). They are still high kn my pics now they droped more and are more natural looking. We are both nearly same size and hight.
Yes I also agree that maybe the 300 would be too big for your small frame. A good boob job is one that looks natural and fitting. The 200-275 range would suit you perfectly. Good luck with the prodecure, try to keep us updated. It's an exciting change! Much love.

I just got done with my pre op today and now I'm...

I just got done with my pre op today and now I'm well on my way! I paid my fees and everything so now it really is happening!! We decided on 275 on one and 325 on the other. It should get me to around a C cup. I think I'm fine with that. I decided I don't need huge ones, just enough to be proportionate to my body. Plus I think my body would adjust to them better this way. I have surgery on Monday at 10 am. Now I just need to make it through the weekend without getting worried or nervous!
Oh wow! Good luck! Just two more sleeps away!!! Are you going with mod+profile implants?
good luck ur gonna look great :)
So excited for you! How great just a few days away. I am small framed as you and got two different sizes put in under 275. I only had so much skin to work with! I came out with a B cup which I am so excited about (from nothing a B is wonderful). You will love them, size and all!

Well the night is here! The last one I'll have...

Well the night is here! The last one I'll have before I have my surgery tomorrow! I'm getting extremely nervous. I've been having dreams about the surgery all week... Definitely can tell I'll be nervous lol. I got my prescriptions filled. I'm going to be on Hydrocodone w/ Acetaminophen as well as Oxycontin besides my pain pump. I got some over the counter stuff that I might need; Vitamin C to help with healing, Claritin to keep my allergies under control (sneezing a lot seems like it would be painful after chest surgery), sleeping aides, gas-x, senna tablets.. I have it all! I'm going in at 10 in the morning tomorrow and will be out around 2 or 3 or so. I keep thinking how it will feel to wake up afterwards and have my body feel so sore and different! Anyone able to share their first days post op? I've read some reviews but they don't give me too much information haha. Hope I can make it through this day without stressing about it!
What size did you decide on?
I'm getting 275-300 in one and 325-350 in the other. My doctor said he's going to adjust them more accurately when I'm in the operating room. Hoping that the sizing will be alright lol.
Good luck tomorrow!

Today is the day! It is currently 9 am and I have...

Today is the day! It is currently 9 am and I have to be there at 10:45! Ahhh! I couldn't really sleep last night, too excited. And it's funny because this whole experience hasn't really sunk in yet... I haven't quite grasped the gravity of this decision, how I'll feel, how things will change, etc. Just the fact that the bra I'm currently wearing I might never have to wear again is phenomenal. I hope the surgery goes smoothly and hopefully I'll be able to post my own post op experience sometime either tonight or tomorrow. I also uploaded some before pictures to better see what sad state I was in until this surgery. Here's hoping things go well!!

Hello everyone! After about 6 hours of vegging out...

Hello everyone! After about 6 hours of vegging out I am now able to write about my surgical experience! I still am in shock that I actually went through with it. Amazing! Now I shall tell you about my day. :)

I spent the three hours before arriving to the surgical center being super nervous and excited. I was hungry and couldn't eat or drink anything. I went to the store prior to pick up some easily accessible snacks and beverages for the healing process. My mom was my driver and we arrived around 11 am. The pre op process was pretty easy. I didn't mention before but I'm a LPN currently going to school to be my RN degree so I was pretty aware of the process of everything. Plus I've had surgery many times before on polyps on my vocal chords so I'm used to anesthesia and how I'll feel afterwards, etc.

The nurses, anesthesiologists and my doctor were so, so, so incredibly nice. They were unbelievable. They made me feel so at ease and they made me feel so comfortable. It was great. I didn't feel too nervous going in. They gave me Versed, or that medication in your IV that makes you relax, right as I was going into the operating room. All I remember was one of the nurses asking me what kind of nursing I was going into and that's it!

Waking up in the recovery room, however, was probably the worst part of this whole experience thus far. I was in a lot of pain. I was also incredibly tired and sleepy. I remember just thinking, "Why are they trying to wake me up so much, can't they tell I need more sleep?!" My mom was there and while the nurse was giving my post op instructions they were giving them mainly to her because I kept nodding off and falling asleep while she was talking lol. I was just like, "I'm sorry! I keep falling asleep!". It was terrible. Somehow I got into my clothes with the help of my mom and we got in the car. Man it was bad.

Once I got home I zonked out in my decked out recliner. I had previously set it up before surgery to be my own little post-surgery pad. I had a side table set up with all my meds, my computer, my books to read, etc. as well as the recliner all set up with tons of feather pillows and a light blanket. Right when I got home I took a long long nap. For some reason I think the Vicodin makes me sleep really smoothly (albeit often). I woke up in more pain; for I was due for more pain medicine at the 4 hour mark. It made me feel much better. I started off my recovery by needing help to walk around, help to go to the bathroom, help to pull up my pants (lol). Right now (about 7 hours later) I can take myself to the bathroom, I have been eating more, drinking more, typing even. I am on my patio right now, getting some fresh air and taking it easy.

I think the main thing that is helping in this recovery is the pain pump. My doctor highly recommended it and I am glad he did. I feel like the pain is incredibly controlled and all I feel is some soreness when I more my upper body and walk around. My pain pump will last 3-4 days. Once it is out, I can remove my ace bandages, take out the pump and even shower. I will need to purchase a sports bra and have to wear that for a couple weeks. What I am worried about is how I will feel once the pain pump is out/ whether or not the pain will be more intense when it is out, etc. I think though that will 3-4 days of healing I should be better able to handle it!

Overall, I am pleased I did it. I can't really see how they look now until the ace bandages are off, but I have been taking little sneak peeks and can see some cleavage and I am already so happy. I already feel better and in manageable pain. I'm sure it won't be as easy as this like when I'm sleeping or when I wake up, but it definitely is well managed. I will continue to update my post operation days and how things are healing and I will DEFINITELY post some pictures once I get my bandages off. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and wanting to listen to my story; having support on this site has definitely given me more courage to go through with this. Thanks again to everyone and I will talk to you all again soon! :)
I went from a negative A (my doctor said I had the smallest boobs he had ever seen in his 18 years doing plastic surgery) and had 350 high profile saline implants overfilled to 380. I did mine in 2006 before silicone was legalized again. I wish mine were silicone. The saline is a lot harder where the silicone looks and feels a lot more natural. I am 5' 6" and weigh 110 lbs. Mine are now a 32D.

I didn't have any pain after surgery. I was out of bed about 4 hours after (once the anesthesia) wore off. The worst part was not being able to wash my hair or drive a stick shift. Since they cut your muscles, it is hard to physically do things for a week or so after. Also, sleeping somewhat in an upright position the first few days was the worst; it gets uncomfortable. Other than that, no pain for me. It was just more annoying. You will be fine! Congrats and good luck!
Hope everything went okay :)
Going very well so far! Will definitely continue to keep everyone posted!

2nd day post op! Just woke up a little while ago.....

2nd day post op! Just woke up a little while ago... Decided to add a couple pictures of me with the bandages on.... can't take them off for a couple days yet until the pain pump is empty. :( They are looking big though! Woo!

Last night was rough, however. The pain pills/ food I ate/ anesthetia leaving my system made me sick and I vomitted twice. It wasn't too bad. I held my boobs so that they weren't in pain and it went okay. Sleeping was a bit harder. My ace bandages felt really tight and constricted and it was so sore it hurt to breathe. I took some extended release oxycontin and it helped immensely .Today seems a bit easier. I am moving around more, awake more, eating more... taking it a little at a time. I can tell I'm really sore and swollen, from what I can see my chest is red and angry looking lol. I can feel the top of the implants on top of the bandages and they feel tight.. I'm sure they will loosen up with time. I asked my post op nurse today if I could use ice and she said that they don't recommend it because I'm on the pain pump. The pain pump makes the area numb and unable to really gauge temperature. I guess I understand but goodness I wish I could use ice!

Anyways, will continue to update my progress. Going to have a lot of visitors today so I best try to feel a little better. Talk to everyone later!
Teeny145- I was on the same thing. Its's called VitaMedica and experienced very little bruising and my swelling wasnt outrageous.
A little late now, but my doctor put me on arnica and bromelain for two weeks before and two weeks after surgery. Arnica prevented me from getting any bruising and the bromelain has anti-inflammatory properties, which was supposed to reduce swelling. I think this may help explain why I didn't have any swelling and pain after surgery. I recommend this for anyone getting breast augmentation. You can buy them online or at your local wellness store.
Oh man I wish I would have tried that yesterday on my first post op day. The swelling has gone down a bit on the second day but it still is painful. Maybe if it persists I can look for that in the stores. I'm only taking the Vitamin C supplement to boost my immune system and promote healing.

Good morning everyone!! I just woke up a bit ago...

Good morning everyone!! I just woke up a bit ago and am feeling much better! I was pretty sore right when I woke up but took my pain meds and feel much much better. Yesterday I started having a bit of an allergic reaction. My chest, arms and thighs were getting blotchy and red and itchy. I was freaking out and called my doctor and he said it could be a reaction from a number of things; the ace wrap bandages, the pain meds, etc. He said just take some benedryl and see if it helps. It did. But man, it made me worried! My pain pump is still going... I wish it was almost gone so that I can take it out and finally see my new boobies! Ahhhh hopefully another day. I was thinking about maybe seeing if I can go for a walk around the neighborhood; get some circulation pumping around and get a little more social.. we will see how I feel... I don't want to overdue it!!
About that lifetime warranty - He said that was against leaking only. I am asking for a copy of a device card for warranty info on the implants to be sure how it reads at pre-op . I know it sounds good (lifetime) and maybe he considers 15 years to be a lifetime expectancy for an implant... for all I know! (right?) Maybe at my age he considers it a mute point...haha. Yeah I am 48 and in October, I will have my new Real Self to celebrate 49, getting Married in November! Do get your device card so you have it in a file if you ever need to know that info. Hope you are doing better and I did heed the advice of 'teeny145' & 'MD1979' and ordered the Vita Medica vitamins, Bromelain + Quercetin, Arnica pills and the Arnica cream! Makemeheal.com has some really good stuff and if you are a new customer they will email you a coupon for 15% off your first order. If you order there sign up first with your email. I am so glad they offered that information! ANYTHING to ease the pain! I printed off info/indications on the supplements from the VitaMedica website for the doctor for pre-op just so he is aware I am taking that stuff. I would always ask about taking things like that first as they may interfere with meds? Never know. What a beautiful day, Smile - it is good for healing, it is free... and it wont interfere with doctors orders!
Congrats !!!
hi, iam planning to have mine done too, more or less, how much would it cost and any doctor that you would recommend? thanks and goodluck

I just took off my bandages and pulled out my pain...

I just took off my bandages and pulled out my pain pump! I absolutely cannot believe how big they are. I kept looking down my shirt thinking, "I should have went bigger... these look too small.. I made a mistake" but once I took the bandages off I was like, WOW! They are perfect! I mean, they are still very tight and taut and it will take some time for them to settle in place but I can already tell that they are going to be wonderful. I took some pictures and will upload them as well. Don't mind my bloated-ness. I haven't been able to have a bowel movement still for like 5 days. :P I have a sports bra on now.. I had to buy my own because my plastic surgeon did not supply one. Is it better to have a tight sports bra or one that is more loose? The one I bought zips in the front so that it is easier to get on but it seems a little tight. I don't know if that is good or not? Maybe someone with experience can let me know, haha. Anyways, now that the bandages are off I feel so much more free. I feel like I can move more and that my pain is minimized. I just feel great! Can't wait to see what the next couple weeks will hold! I'll update again soon!
Congrats on getting your bandages off! I had a bra given to me at the clinic and they said it was important that it didn't push up the boobs at this stage. Hence the shoulder straps are pretty slack. Unfortunately I feel that the one they gave me is a little too tight around my chest. Since I had inframammary incisions the strap feels like it's rubbing the scars and I keep pulling it down for increased comfort.

I think the most important thing is definitely that the bra you bought doesn't push up the boobs at this stage! I have also been feeling very constipated today (day 3), but I had some success after breakfast! :p

What exactly is a pain pump? I've never heard of that before! It's so strange how differently the surgeons do it. I mean you were all bandaged up, whereas I woke up from my surgery with the recovery bra, and was sent home like that. They've told me to wear that same bra day and night for like 4 weeks!
Congrats on your surgery :) You look great at 4 days!! Its really crazy to see how they change daily and it just continues to get better and better. xoxoxoox
HOLY COW!!! Your results are AMAZING! You look fantastic and it sounds like you are recovering wonderfully! Thanks for sharing your journey!

I feel so sick. I am currently going on post op...

I feel so sick. I am currently going on post op day 6 and it seems my progress is stagnant. Yesterday my mom gave me some liquid stuff to encourage me to have a bowel movement and I have felt sick ever since. It's like that liquid stuff stays in your body for like 2 days and won't let your body digest anything. So not only am I uncomfortable up top but now my stomach is giving me problems. This is awfullll. Also, I've been changing in and out of sports bras all day. They are comfortable for a little bit and then get to be too much and I need to put a different one on. I am just so crabby and frustrated. I have to go back to work on Monday and just want my body to start getting back to normal. Here's hoping that things start to go up from here. :/
I'm an Esthetician and use my arms a lot for work.....Especially for waxing. I went back to work in six days and worked a ten hour shift. My first day was OK. I moved slow because any consistant movement caused tightness in my chest. I iced whenever I could and took Tylenol every six hours. Ever since every day at work has gotten better. I am 16 days post op and just vacuumed my house for the first time. I'm tired, but wasn't sore and felt very little tightness in my breast.
I'm sorry to hear that you feel so bad today! I hope it gets better tomorrow. I am experiencing some crazy water retention so any bra i try on leaves marks all over and feels tight. I decided to just stick it out with the recovery bra, but I make sure it never creeps up to rub my scars. Try not to stress about work on Monday. I'm sure the stress will just make your belly feel worse! Stay strong :)
Thank you!! I know, I am trying not to get stressed and just take deep breathes and calm down but it is so hard to when you feel so miserable. :( I hope it gets better tomorrow too. I feel like I have water retention too but in my belly! I feel so bloated and that probably doesn't help my stomach either lol. Glad the two of us are going through this recovery period at the same time.

Today was a very very busy 1 week post surgery day...

Today was a very very busy 1 week post surgery day. I had my first post op appointment and my doctor said everything looks great. He cut my stitches and gave me a band to wear on top of my breasts for a couple days to help the implants settle down lower. I can already tell that it's working and it is looking much better. I'm getting a little more sensation back around the lower part of my breasts, but with it come those nerve pains that we all love so much! I also had my first day back at work today, and I have to admit... It was very tough. I made it through okay (shockingly) which is all that matters but it was extremely busy and had me working a lot harder than my body could handle. I work the next 6 days so at least one day is over! And to whoever suggested the Genie bra from walmart... thank you!! It is so comfortable yet supportive and it works so well I can tell that it will be a great asset to my recovery these next couple weeks. Hope everyone else who is recovering is doing well and hope to chat again with everyone soon.
wow, you look great. how was the pain pump and do u have pics? i wish i wouldve used one of those. i'm two weeks out and still in a bit of pain..
I don't believe you were addicted to them yet it takes awhile longer than you took them . I think it's sinus or stress
Do not know what kind of narcotics you are taking or what was in the pain pump but sometimes people get sick after stopping meds such as the narcotic ones. The headache is a symptom associated with that withdrawl. Narcotics are highly addictive and when my ex husband was in the hospital and had a morphine pump for a day and a half he was horrible. It is not unlikely for sensitive persons to have the vomiting and headache. --- Dont know, just a thought.

It's been almost a week since my last review......

It's been almost a week since my last review... gosh it feels like forever ago when I was still in pain, nauseated and miserable but it was only last weekend! I have been working since monday and today (sunday) was my last day at work and now I'm off for a couple days. Honestly, the first day back at work was terrible. I was in so much pain and couldn't handle it, but each day got better and better and now I feel almost back to normal! It's crazy! I am only taking ibuprofen now 600 mg usually twice a day and things are going good! I can only describe my chest pain as if it were like I had sunburn.. not sure if anyone else can relate to that. Anyways, my bloating is slowly going down but is still there.. it's unfortunate because I want to look great in clothes and not feel bloated and gross in them! I know though that it will subside with time. I'm going to take some pictures tomorrow to compare from last week. Hope everyone else is doing great!
Why do they look so square?Is that normal, I do not want the squar/rectangle look! Do they drop or something, you before boobs looklike mine right now...
Yes! New updated pictures to show your changes! I am glad you are now feeling better too. How was it back to work? Do you have lifting in your work? Nursing is pretty demanding! How are you handling it?
I'm glad to hear you are doing better! So am I! :) I am off the pain meds, and have been for about a week. My nipples are still sensitive, but they are beginning to contract normally when it's cold and so on. =) I'm looking forward to seeing your new pictures!

I'm currently 3 weeks out now.. wow its crazy how...

I'm currently 3 weeks out now.. wow its crazy how this journey has been. I am back to working and it's going well. I wear my Genie bras I got from Walmart pretty much full time. They are extremely comfortable and supportive at the same time. My doctor said everything is looking good, he said that they still need to drop a bit more. My skin is starting to become not so stretched and is starting to loosen up. I still have some numbness in the bottom of my breasts and my nipples but it's slowly coming back. I think with the feeling coming back comes the sharper awareness of how tender they are. I am just taking ibuprofen or tylenol about twice a day and its working well. Overall, things are getting better and that's the main thing. Now that I am getting used to my implants I'm thinking I could have went a little bigger but still, it's better than what I had so I am happy. Plus my doctor said I could wear a swim suit and swim this weekend (1 month out)!! I am excited and am going to look at swim suits today! :) Uploaded some pictures too; some are from 2 weeks out and the rest are from today.

hiya chell! Just wanted to check in and see how you're doing? Thanks for sharing the piks -you look really pretty & perky. Find any cute swim suits? I finally fill out a bikini & threw away all the "padded" ones I had before...LOL Keep us posted on your progress:-)
Hey, you! How are you doing? And how did the swimming go? I am going on vacation in a few weeks and will get to swim for the first time with the new boobies then, hahah. I hope you are doing well, and that you are happy with them! :)
Looks great!! You have to be so happy with your results!!

Oh my goodness it has been so long since I've...

Oh my goodness it has been so long since I've updated! I've been super busy with my last semester of Nursing School and totally forgot to update this thing. Well, things are going very well; now at 5 months post op. The implants have settled really nice and feel very natural to me. I am able to wear any kind of bras now at a 36 C! It's a good fit for me. Now at this time I think I could have gone a little bigger, but I am very happy with the results nonetheless! My nipple sensation has still not fully returned. My right nipple has more sensation than my left. I think with time it may return but at 5 months I am happy that I at least have some sensation. It is unfortunate but I am more happy with the results than not. I have been starting to work out at my pre surgery levels; I started P90X, and while I can't completely do the push ups or chest exercises I find I can keep up pretty well and am not in much, if any, discomfort. I am planning on posting some 5 month post op pics later today! Hope everyone else is doing well with their results or their anticipated surgery!
What's the address of your doctor
Thank you!! I haven been on this site in a while so I apologize for the delayed response. Dr Gregory fox is part of the plastic surgery group in Wausau, Wisconsin. They just changed addresses so I am not exactly sure what street they are on now.
where did you get your surgery done? , because it seems like Gregory Fox does not have a profile on real self and I couldn't find him in a google search. I am also in wi and liked your pics and how your surgery turned out. I would like to go to a consultation where you went if you don't mind giving me that info. thanks and congrats btw, you look awesome.
Gregory Fox

My mom's friend works for this plastic surgeon. My mom is also a surgical technician in the area and is knowledgeable on many different doctors and surgeons. He was very recommended. Post op- overall, amazing experience with my doctor, the nurses and all of the staff. They are definitely an amazing team and all contributed to my positive experience thus far!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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