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I have read and enjoyed the posts. I am very...

I have read and enjoyed the posts. I am very excited. I am having lipo with a tuck. I am 5'5'' and weigh 170. I have been in really good shape most of my life, running 1/2 marathons until about 3 years ago. Husband died, menopause kicked in, and my coping skill is eating. I changed things around, work-out almost everyday and eat healthy. Lost about 20 pounds and have been stuck for the last year. Got remarried and new hubby said to go for it! Excited. Not really scared at all. (yet!) Would love to hear any suggestions from those who have been through it. Any tips for getting into the miracle suit with the drains? Will appreciate any advise. Thx. XO

Well, I am almost ready! Bought a recliner,...

Well, I am almost ready! Bought a recliner, washing sheets and comforters today, took off all nail polish, stocked all my comfort (healthy) foods. Bought a couple of really cute aprons with big pockets. Hoping this will cover my breasts and hold my drains while around the house. Also got 3 terry cloth bathing suit cover ups that zip all the way and have pockets. I am worried about all the steps in my house and how to carry things up and down. They should be easy to get off and on and I should still be able to hold onto the hand rail. I have pre-tied a comple of long summer scarves that my husband can just slip over my head. I have also have taken everything I think I may need for the 1st week down for the higher shelves and placed them on the counters so I won't have to reach. I want to get some photos today, but as a girl closer to 60 than to 50, I am unsure how that works. Any suggestions are welcome. XO

Well, Friday is the big day. I am still not...

Well, Friday is the big day. I am still not nervous. I am trying to look at the recovery period as forced spa time. I intend to treat the age spots on my face with the cream I bought months ago and never take the time to use, grow my eyebows back, (overplucked in the 70s), treat the fungus on my big toe and read the trilogy of 50 Shads of Grey, which I have also had for months. I am still worried arout the stairs and considering going down on my butt like a kid. May practice that today. More later. XO

Well, I freaked out this afternoon and ran out and...

Well, I freaked out this afternoon and ran out and bought a delux toilet riser and a shower chair. I am a retired Registered Nurse and Registered Respiratory Therapist, so you would think I should know how to channel this. Going to take a bubble bath and relax. Love my surgeon and his staff, feel very secure with them. The lady that called me from OPS kind of blew my mind. She said not to shave the area. I thought I was supposed to...to shave or not to shave...that is the ? More later. XO

Well, tomorrow at this time I will be having a...

Well, tomorrow at this time I will be having a life changing event. I cannot wait! Had 2 hours off anxiety between 3 and 5 this morning, but was able to go back to sleep and feel fine now. Going to start on some more nesting to make the time go faster. XO

Only a matter of hours before my dream comes true....

Only a matter of hours before my dream comes true. Turning off all phones and computer and going to bed very early. 4 AM wake-up. I am still excited, not really nervous. Pray for my PS and me. XO

OK, today is the day. We have to be at the...

OK, today is the day. We have to be at the hospital at 6 AM and the surgery is at 8. Here are my morning stats: height 5'5'', weight 168.0 lbs, right across the nipples 39.5 in, just under the breast 35.0 in, belly button 39.0 in, hips 41.0 in. Slept well from 9-11:30, woke up just in time to slug some water. Could not get back to sleep so got up and did some yoga to get me loose for the surgery. Here we go! Please send me your loving, healing, don't let her throw-up thoughts! XO

Sorry that I have not gotten back to you sooner. ...

Sorry that I have not gotten back to you sooner. Everything has been wonderful! I decided to set-up my recovery nest downstairs and the comuter is all the way to the top. Things have been going sooo well that I did not want to risk the steps. I have now had 3 showers and 4 poos. Had so little pain that I did not want to take the pain meds, but husband and doc wanted me to. I will tell you that my recovery has been so much easier due to the shower chair and the toilet riser. It can be done without them, but I am a bit older than most of you, so it really helps (acually thinking about keeping the toilet riser on!) Doc sent me home with great photos that I must figure out how to get on this site. Also my wonerful PS just came to my house so that I did not have to go in and see him on the office the day after surgery. And it was a Saturday! Hope to get the drains out Thursday. Down to approx. 25 ml/day. My belly is flat! I know this will change several times before healing is complete, but right now it feel wonderful to not have that belly resting on my legs while I type! I am so thankful for this entire experience. More later. XO

Things have been going very well. Still cannot...

Things have been going very well. Still cannot believe it has been 10 days! Got the drains out Thursday. Very quick and easy. Have been sleeping in the bed since then. Have been able to take a shower and wash my hair every day. I could not be happier with the way everything has gone! Here are some of the things that I wish I would not have concerned myself with: I thought I would not be able to reach my arms up. Happened with my TAH but not this surgery. I thought it would hurt a lot to get the drains out. Not at all and he pulled them both at the same time! (I even took a pain pill, but did not need it.) Pooing is not a problem with a stool softener. The drains are not as inconvenient as I thought they would be. Sleeping on my back is not uncomfortable. Pain is minimal, the worst part is walking bent over and the mircle suit! My husband is a slightly better nurse than I thought he would be! Hang in there. It really does go so quickly once it starts. XO
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Welcome & congrats on a successful surgery.
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Nice update!!  I am so happy to hear how well everything is going!  Keep us all up to date as often as you can.  And how wonderful that your doctor came to your house!!!

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Welcome to RealSelf.  You are going to do wonderful and I look forward to following your journey.  

I am sure the ladies will all give you advice on getting into the miracle suit.  From what I hear it's not an easy ordeal..LOL


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