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I'm almost 25. I have two amazing babes that I...

I'm almost 25. I have two amazing babes that I breastfed for a total of 2 years. My breasts changed dramatically after my first and even more after the second.

I am so embarrassed by my appearance that even when my husband and I have sex, my shirt stays on constantly. I wear the Double Cup bras with a sports bra over top to keep it close to my body.
We have been saving (debt isn't in our vocabulary) and I finally booked the appointment.

It's going to be a lift plus implants. I'm tiny (about 5'4, 95lbs and currently less than an A cup that's saggy) but as a teenager, I always had big breasts for my frame. I'm thinking a larger C or a small D.

I know I want this but I feel terrible spending this much money. I'm worried of my downtime. My 5 year old will understand but my 1.5 year old will not.

Have any of you ladies swung back and forth between being excited to "what am I doing"?

Deposit Down

My husband went today and put down a 26% deposit. For whatever reason, we are receiving a discount of $1000 bringing the total to $10,000.

It's still a lot of money but I love saving a bit.

I'm still back and forth but it's just nerves and spending so much on myself. I truly want this and have for a long time.

December can't come fast enough.

Do you have any suggestions for what I should get to make healing as comfortable as possible?


When I had my first consultation, I was almost done breastfeeding. It was clear I was going to more then likely need a lift, under the muscle and we decided on silicone.

Today, I finally had another consult and got measured and got to try on some sizes.

I am very petite (5'5, 95lbs and a size 0 in pants is sometimes too large). He asked me what my expectations are, I said D and was immediately told it wasn't possible because I'm not wide enough to support such a large implant.

I measure only an 11 so the biggest I can go is 290cc and that's pushing it. He is ordering two different ones (290 and 270) and will decide in the OR. Fingers crossed for bigger.

My implants will be in the fold and for the lift, it will more then likely just be around the nipple.

Tomorrow is 2 weeks away and I cannot wait! I'm nervous even in there for consults but fidgeting with the implants helped. Hopefully they won't think that's too odd of a request on surgery day.
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I am in the same boat as you. After breastfeeding two children, my girls just lost their spunk. I wanted a 3rd baby but my hubby told me he was content (we have one of each). Hubby knew that I was dissatisfied with my breasts after our 2nd baby and that I had thrown out getting a BL multiple times but always shot it down because it is an expensive surgery. He quickly reminded me of how expensive it would be to raise a 3rd child...I believe he is a very smart man for bringing this to my attention. I literally sat down at the computer and looked up how much it is to raise a child and was astounded (approx. $1m throughout college) vs. a surgery to make myself feel better about my body (approx. $10k). My hubby is extremely supportive and told me I can do whatever I want to make me happy (such an awesome guy). Hubby had a vasectomy a year ago and I am finally ready to take the plunge. Overall, it has taken me almost 4 years but I am finally doing it. I am concerned about downtime too but have family lined up to help me out. It is amazing what people will do for you in times of need. :) You are doing the right thing, in my opinion. Don't look back and just keep going forward! I am here if you need anything! XOXO
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We have 2 boys. I considered a third and we actually cancelled my husbands first vasectomy appointment. Overall, I think there will always be a part of me that wants another but logically, 2 is the perfect number. I'm ready to be me again and get back confidence I lost in my body. I always say "they ate my boobs". It's so true. Here one day and gone the next but my babes are healthy so it was worth it. Thank you for your support.
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You are so welcome. Being Mom's, its hard to justify doing things for ourselves when our goal is to take care of our kids and hubby first and foremost. Just remind yourself that you DESERVE to treat yourself for everything that you do for your family. I have my struggles daily with it but I know that I will feel so much better about myself which will in turn make my family's life so much better :) (if that even makes any sense...LOL). Go for it!! :)
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It makes complete sense. I don't know about you, but I'm embarrassed to go to the beach. I doubt anyone is looking at me but I feel so self conscience and my bikini tops don't fit. I'm ready to feel confident and not have any hesitations about anything. By any chance, do you know how I can keep blog about this on here? I've done this entry and wanted to do another but I wasn't allowed. TIA.
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I am pretty new on this site and I am not sure about the blog. I would send them an email and ask. They are really good about responding. I heard back really quick. Oh I go to the beach but it is not a pretty sight. LOL. I wear strapless bc I hate having tan lines and my boobs just sag. It is awful! I will be so super excited to go with my new boobies!!! I don't know if you saw my review but I am sitting here currently with my fake rice test boobies on in my sports bra. I am such a dork! LOL
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You are 100 % DOING THE RIGHT THING. You shouldn't feel bad about something that is going to make you feel better about yourself. Its not about other people...its about you XO. I've always hated my boobies too....and my husband didn't think I needed the surgery (UM...hello....blinded by love is all I can imagine LMAO) was all about ME! And that's OK! Take the plunge, you won't regret it...and you won't believe how good you'll feel showing off those new babies in the bedroom :)
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Thanks. I'm looking forward to the confident boost. I can't wait to not have to wear padded bras and can actually wear what I want to. My husband is looking forward to it and is excited for what the bedroom will hold.
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