44 Years Old, Seven Kids ,umbilical Hernia Want to Look and Feel Strong, Trim. - Waterford, CT

Since the birth of my last son in 2010, I went...

Since the birth of my last son in 2010, I went from 255 to 200 lbs, but could not lose the round puffy fat look to my abdomen. I always looked 4 months pregnant, and at times, 5 months. Pregnant. I had a hernia as well that was painful. I really wanted to be able to see my toes looking down. I have been told by three surgeons that I had a distasis of 5 inches which is a seperation in the abdominal wall. Unless I repaired it, I would always look pregnant.

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Just had a tummy tuck and already glad i did.

On feb 7 I went ahead with a full abdominoplasty, hernia repair and liposuction of my hips and upper abdomen. As I am laying here in bed I thought I would give a little background. I used to have an athletic type physique, size 9/10, and five foot nine. I am now in my mid forties, and after having many children, I developed a large distasis, mainly after having a c section for twins in 2004. Despite losing 60 pounds, I could never lose weight or inches in the belly area, n fact with age and more children, it seemed to get worse. I debated doing this now because I am still nursing my three year old boy, but it hasn't been an issue, even post surgery. I am already happy I did the surgery ! I can see that in this belly wrap is a flatter stomach. Not only was my hernia causing me discomfort, but I couldn't wear regular sized pants ever. I hated looking 5 months pregnant , and I would avoid bathing suits . I am going to post my last 6 days of recovery including the day of surgery.

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Day of surgery feb 7 2014

I had surgery very early in the morning. My husband went into hospital with me. We checked into same day surgery, and after a bunch of medical questions , a nurse put in an I v drip.. Dr sena came in and talked to me a little and drew lines all over my bdomen and belly button. I was a little anxious but the staff was professional and made me comfortable. I went into or, and was given oxygen to put me to sleep. Last thing I remember was breathing in the oxygen.when I woke up I was in recovery with a waist band on and a dry throat. Even groggy I could feel slimmer. I made the mistake of eating a dry croaker and it irritated my throught which made me cough. That brought me to tears for a minute, it hurts to cough with stitches! The rest of that recovery time I fell back asleep. Until it was time to go home.


hola chica;glad your on day six! it goes by fast i hear.and congrats. be sure to add your before n after pix,so we can see the new you,and how well dr. sena has constructed,the new u.adios god bless.heal well
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Congrats! Hope you have a speedy recovery. Would love to see pics if you feel up to it.
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Feeling better day 9 after surgery

Hi everyone, I'm finally not sleeping all day anymore, and feel like eating a little better now. I went to see my ps on Friday and he decided I should keep my drain in until Tuesday. I was looking forward to a shower, but lucky for me, my husband washed my hair. I was able to kneel over and he put a pan of warm water on my head...ahhh after 9 days felt good. I got out of bed a little more today but still feel best with my knees over 3 pillows and my back propped up against three memory foam pillows. I also am down to one Percocet every 6 hours instead of two every hours. Onl thing 5 o the kids making me crazy bing home on snow days.. I still have my binder on and emotions have been up and down every day. I wasn't totally prepared how much it will take to recover, but I'm going to stay positive, just knowing I'm going to have a cute tight belly with curves and no more looking 6 months pregnant! I'm going to feel like other slim woman at the beach, and never again will my kids say you belly is fat mommy. :)


Ah yes, getting the hair washed is WONDERFUL. And when your drains come out, that first full shower will be AMAZING. It's the little things that really make ya feel great and "normal". Take care and hope you can get some rest ;-)
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2 mpnths plus

I am still having some tingling and nbness but im going to start abdominal crunches at 3 months. I tend to feel flabby right over the belly button but I think crunches will help. Having the hernia slowed my recovery. But it it still way better than I looked with the huge gut , now my bust sticks out, before I had a larger round belly than breasts. Now I feel much better. I was very out of shape so crunches and exercise are in order. Still worth doing although I think I will take ,9 months to be where I feel great

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dr thomas sena

Professional, thorough, considerate.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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