Waste of Money!

The Smart Lipo was not worth it for it's cost! I...

The Smart Lipo was not worth it for it's cost! I had my stomach, love handles, bra rolls, chin, arms, and thighs done. I am lumpy in my stomach and it has been 3 months. I was lied to when they said the lumps would go away, some of them did, but some of them still haven't.

I think I lost a pound or 2 and have to work 2 jobs now just to pay for the stupid procedure. The doctor's were nice and the recruiting lady was way to pushy and over excited. I wish I would have researched it.

I am in debt and my pants still don' fit even though I work out, which I would like to work out more just have to work all the time to pay for it. Don't do it!

It sounds like SonoBello. I had my first consultation there this past Tuesday and was not impressed after thinking more about it and reading reviews online. I found many similarities in my visit to others. They are very pushy to get you to book. I am having a hard time finding a good doctor who I would trust. I don't have anyone that I know personally that can recommend one for me so I am hesitant. If anyone has a strong recommendation for a doctor in the greater Puget Sound Area, please let me know. Good luck to all!
does anyone recommend a place in San diego who does this?
Yes it is called Sonobello in Bellevue. They actually sucked me into a consult, and put a down payment of $1000. Then I realize I was pregnant and asked for my money back cause my doctors advised me not to do any plastic surgery. They said they were NOT able to give me any of my money back and just do the surgery any ways. I was sooo upset! So I've been dealing with my bank and there corporation to get my money back. It's very frustrating....UGH! This place is just out to get people for there money!!!
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The sales lady/recruiter (Karen) was too pushy!

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