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I have had spider veins around my nose for as long...

I have had spider veins around my nose for as long as I can remember. I have tried numerous things from cream to numerous attempts at laser removal. Last time the laser was so strong I was red and bruised for 2 weeks. I came across the new Veinwave treatment but its another $400. Nothing I have ever done has worked before. I am just so tired of using cover up every time I leave the house. I really want something that gets rid of a majority of the veins. They are on the inner part of my nostrils, outside my nose and I have some on my chin as well and I seem to be getting more and more. I have had numerous attempts with the laser and I think when I was a teen the dr injected some sort of solution into the veins but nothing seems to work. As I said the last time I tried laser (about 3 years ago) the dr told me he had to turn the laser up very high and I could possibly bruise. He said that I may need to come back for more treatments but the bruising was so bad and lasted so long that I would have to take another 2 weeks off work and I couldn't do that. I just want to know what kind treatments and what results others have had in removing veins around your nose. I can handle pain....the laser hurts so bad around this area that my eyes water but I am willing to do anything to get rid of them because they bother me that much. Any suggestions, help, experiences are greatly appreciately.
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Difference between Veinwave and Veingoth??? :o))) c
I have not tried the Veinwave, so I cannot comment fairly, but from what I have learned in all my research on the various treatments, it is a type of high tech sclerotherapy. I am sure it would be at least somewhat effective, and they do give you numbing creme (or, if warranted, an injection to numb the area) . Plain sclerotherapy never helped me at all, but I had an underlying, unresolved issue, so my situation cannot be compare to anyone's. The only drawback I have read about is that some patients experienced a dark pigmentation in the treated area, resulting from the treatment.There is a chance that in the future, more spiders could occur, but that is a caveat you would hear no matter what treatment you chose. I would just protect that area afterwards with that Bruise Relief gel (I think it's called Dr. Halstrom's, and you can find it online, or else that Derma E Clear Vein Creme, also available online. For prevention, I would think applying once or twice a day would suffice.) And, keep in mind, the Veinwave is not the only option for spiders. It isn't even the kingpin. That would be the Vein Gogh, (it is definitely what I want-- after I get the big veins treated separately). Does the specialist you went to have that?
hi there , since this post is quite old, i would love to know if you did it and how did it go! I am just so bored of going through the laser option since i am in the exact same situation a month after the treatment. Thanks , C
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