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I am looking to hear from people that have had...

I am looking to hear from people that have had Artefill in the Wa state area injected by their Dr. who was following direction by a supposedly qualified consultant. Over 3 weeks ago I went for botox and only a Artefill skin test and information.Consultant was a excellent seller and I bought it, given a 10 minute wait skin test and then 8 immediate injections into temples and upper cheek area to supposedly help with droopy lip line and chin.Had a bad reaction within hours and looked very distorted. After checking FDA site discovered that a skin test should be 4 week wait and I fit into all the categories of who should not use it. I have severe allergies and hypersensitive to many things, Asthmatic and severe latex allergic too. My Dr. is very aware of all my allergies and sat through the whole sales pitch and never said a word. Just by chance met another woman with same horrible reaction(she was only scheduled for botox also) and ended up buying 8 injections to upper face and same reaction and lo and behold same consultant. Only difference in our stories were that she was another City. Still have bruising and droopiness in one eyes and small bumps. Had to go on prednisone and Patenol eyedrops for reaction. Take daily allergy pills anyway and that seemed to help too.Trying to find out information on her has been difficult and the Dr's office was hesitant to give it to me. Her site is all about how she can convince you that you need, want and will finance anyway you can to have it. Has absolutely no qualification's listed her site and has not answered my email. Will try again. Did find out that she has an expired Barber/Cosmetology licence in California. At no time was I told anything but slight bruising was a side effect and would have immediate results. Have documented all visits and emails between Dr, office. I can't even get a straight answer if the consultant is licensed to administer a skin test let alone be qualified to determine your good after a 10 minute wait. Concerned for other women out there!!!! One of the worst things my Dr. asked when I went back scared and mad with this horrible reaction the next day (instead of their recommended two weeks) was " if the money was the problem". So much more but I will end by saying that I was very comfortable in that office and felt safe and secure because of my past experience with that office where I had taken and referred others.

Wow, I am really sorry to hear what you have been dealing with. Thank you so much for stepping forward to share your experience.

Do you mind me asking what kind of doctor you were seeing? For example, was he general practitioner, a dermatologist, etc? 

She is a MD. Trying to figure out how to best approach all of this. Feel like I was treated without respect or care, was purposely mislead and lied to and who knows who the consultant is and with what qualifications as no one is willing to answer those questions. Asked for my money back and was sent a letter saying she had dropped me as a patient. Not done with this yet and looking at legal action and formal complaints. There is more to this story than there is room on this page. MAD!!!!!

I'm sorry to hear you feel you were mislead. I can understand why you would be upset over that. Let us know what you find out and how you are doing as this continues to progress for you.


My face is still not even,slightly discolored...

My face is still not even,slightly discolored under one eye, bumps still evident especially by one eyebrow, Wrote a long letter to Dr, about my concerns and results asking for my money back. Received a letter in return telling me she no longer wants me as a patient. I will respond again informing her that I will seek a refund through legal action and file a formal complaint with whatever department that is necessary. I am devastated that my face looks worse than before and read that this is permanent. Be warned I just read that the consultant is back in the office again on the 21st of Feb, she is not qualified to tell the doctor where to put the Artefill. The consultant will talk alot, fast, shooting off compliments left and right, to you, the Dr. and who ever else is in room. Leaves you no time to think, just like her website says, she can make the client feel they NEED it, have to HAVE it and will find a way to finance anyway they can. Just saying.......
Do fight this! I've been lurking a bit, as one consult said Artefill was the only way to go. Obviously I'll be getting more opinions. While in his office he asked if he could swab my skin and test it, in case I decided to go that route. I said "sure".. and was out of there for another business appt. Best of luck.. don't let down. I've seen these things happen in cosmetic dentistry and it should be pursued. These people shouldn't be injecting... ANYTHING!
Dr. John Decorato MD, NYC and Staten Island. It would be best not to use this so called physician for any plastic surgery procedures at all whatsoever. He shouldn't be practicing as a physician of any kind. He's useless and inept. There's no need to elaborate beyond this comment which most assuredly speaks for itself.
Moreover I am wondering just why docs are so insistent upon doing this stuff. I was never given such a major sales talk in all my life. Kind of mad I fell for it, like a dupe. I had gone in for Radiesse which he had done before and he kept saying not to do it, to do Artefill, that he loved this stuff and it lasted and he had it in his own face.

My journey with Artefill

If you have followed my experience you will understand why I persisted in working at getting my $5,000 refunded. The Dr. refused to pay but I researched hours and kept a file and documented from day 1. I can happily say that my Doctor's insurance paid after just hearing my story starting with hard sell consultant who injected me with a 5 minute skin test and then terrible scary reaction afterwards plus permanent damage.I am still not done, besides expecting compensation for damage I want a complete change in how this product is sold as if it were a time share in that office. I did not use a lawyer. Also this is not a permanent filler as it is being sold, even the company that makes it told me that they really can't say beyond 7 years so........
I signed up to get comments on ArteFill. I had ArteFill injected 3 1/2 years ago in my left chin and I still have a lump. It is the size of a dime. Last night I went out to a function and when I went to the bathroom I could see the lump in the mirror. Kind of put a damper on my whole night. This is been such a nightmare and I really don't think it will ever go away. If anyone lives in Colorado PLEASE PLEASE do not go to Dr. Ben Lee's office. Carrie Ireland is the one who injected me and overfilled the area. She should not be injecting anyone - and I am sure I am not the only one she has done this to. I also asked for my money back and one of the nurses there told me that Dr. Lee said it wasn't that bad. What a joke! They are supposed to make people fee good about themselves, not worse. I worked very hard on getting my skin to look good and she (CARRIE IRELAND) ruined it in just one day. Wish I never heard of ArteFill - was doing find with Juvederm.
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Went for Botox and Artefill information, skin test and only intended just that.

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