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Hating my New Nose!!! - Washington

I wanted a nose job since I was a little girl well...

I wanted a nose job since I was a little girl well finally Feb.21,2004 I got my wish. Well I am far from happy. My nose is very upturned and I asked my doctor and as they all say give it time I dont believe no amount of time will ever make me like this nose. This experience has made me really depress but since theres nothing I can do now, I just try to make the best of it. But in a year or sooner there will be a revision.

So my doctor emailed me back today I asked him...

so my doctor emailed me back today I asked him about revision and he said "Let me tell you that it takes around 12 weeks to see the result of a nose surgery. Never can you have a revision before knowing your results, and before the healing phase ends which can take as long as a year post op."

I really hope he is right

So I was officially 8 weeks post op yesterday and...

So I was officially 8 weeks post op yesterday and my nose has improved since my last posting and I will post pics today hopefully. One thing Ive learned and Im still learning is that time is the only thing that will help honestly, I am not in love with my nose at this point but I can live with it. But a tip for any ladies going through the healing phase such as myself keep your hair and makeup done lol. It will help with your self image until your nose heal. Nobody understand what you are going thru but you and it can be very depressing to look in the mirror after spending thousands of dollars and not like whats stirring back at you black eyes, swollen tips, and up turn noses I made a decision early in my recovery to not get to depress any more. Makeup helps a lot, being an african american the healing process is even longer due my thick skin and having sites like realself is great too!

So I have finally released my doctors name as...

So I have finally released my doctors name as promise by the way I found my doctor through a company called First Impression Plastic Surgery an American based company.

So I just schedule my consultation with Dr....

So I just schedule my consultation with Dr. William Portuese for steriod injections to help with my swelling for next Wednesday Im so excited!

So I'm in tears right now I was suppose to have my...

So I'm in tears right now I was suppose to have my consultation with Dr. William Portuese today when I called before I left the house I had called to check and see how much the consultation would be that's when they had informed me my appointment had been canceled because the doctor doesn't see other doctors patient. WTF why didn't you tell me this when I made the appointment I was on my way out the door I'm so upset right now but one thing I know for sure I would not recommend anybody to this doctor the way they handled this was very unprofessional and I'm just to upset right now to even say how disgusted I'm m with this doctor.

I figured it was time for an update being that I...

I figured it was time for an update being that I am almost 6 months post op. First thing I have noticed is that the swelling on one side of my nose is going down while the other side is still swollen. I have decided to go for a revision after my year is up to have my tip lowered . I'm really am not satisfied with the company that handled my procedures because I emailed the coordinator to let her know about some of my concerns and she never emailed me back instead the doctor did.. I'm over that now but I promised myself to let anybody and everybody know not to do business with First Impression Plastic Surgery. The lady name is Beverly who handles everything and I'm not happy with her services.(http://firstimpressionplasticsurgery.com/index.php/home) so spread the word don't do business with this company. I got a nose job because I felt that my other nose was to big well my new nose isnt that much smaller and it is pissing me off, plus I told the doctor he raised my tip too much. I only have 6 months left and then hopefully I have the results I was looking for.

My nose has changed a lil since the last time I...

My nose has changed a lil since the last time I posted I put new pics up for you guys to see. In regards to a revision I will get one somewhere down the line but my nose isnt that bad were I cant bare it for a while longer lol. Im excited that my one year mark is approaching soon.

Hello guys my one year mark has pass and I was...

Hello guys my one year mark has pass and I was very excited when I look back on my first pics and how my nose started out and how it has improved so much from there but it also made me realized I couldnt of made it without the kind and honest people I met on this forum, Thank you. I'll post my one year pics up soon!!!

New pics

Omg its been 2years/Revision?

Re: update
From Fernando Guerrero
To Takia Martin, Beverly McCarter
Wed, Feb 12, 2014 12:32 PM EST
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I much appreciate your contact once again Takya.

It is my believe, that I should only have happy patients, and yes I did ask
for some time for some time improvements to happen. Normally this is in
between 6 and 12 months post op. You are 24 now, and have come to the point
were you need a re touch.

Unfortunately, no surgeon in the entire world, or a type of surgery, can
give you a surgery free of any re do's.

I wish you could manage to come back, and I will be more than happy to thin
out your nose, and make it more of your desire.

Let me know either directly or through Beverly.

My apologies for not being closer these post op months, but in fact I told
Beverly to do the follow up and see for any concerns of all our patients.
But more over I did tried it myself too, and most probably the e mail did
not go through.

Anyways, I here to help, and I look forward to hear from you soon.

Best Regards.


*Dr. Fernando Guerrerosantos*
*Cirugía Plástica Estética Certificada*


2014-02-12 3:16 GMT-06:00 Takia Martin :

> It's been 2 years since you operated on my nose and you said give it time
> as I did however 2 years later the results are the same enclose are more
> update pics were my nose tip is very raised and my nose is still big I
> might just been another patient to you but in entrusted in you to give me
> the results that I desired furthermore you never followed up with me when I
> expressed concerns and US doctors won't touch my nose because they didn't
> do the work if you happy with an unsatifed

2 years post op

My last update was from mysurgeon that I reached out to explain my concern and I copy and paste his response to my post. Now I have to make the decision on weather to go back and let him fix it or keep trying in america to find another doc which many will not work on another surgeons work. Will keep you posted I've added some more recent pics


Dr. Fernando Guerrerosantos

My doctor is located in Guadalajara, Mexico so I couldnt do my follow up in office instead we communicated through emails and pictures. I had plastic surgery done before with the same company about 4 years ago with my rhinoplasty surgeons father who did my tummy tuck, which I'm satisfy with. However his son was not very good at replying back to my emails in a timely manner and I didnt feel as though he actually cared or understood what I was going through in my recovery.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Sparkling26 U are very beautiful, I love how Ur whole look evolved. Ur definitely working it Hon, if U didn't say U weren't happy I may not have known.
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Your nose is beautiful! stay blessed :)
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My comment its real n honest, if I see something I don't like I rather say nothing. You look better now.
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Thank you
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U r so pretty before n after. Ur nose did improved for the better it looks thinner. I had a rhinoplasty here in USA n I didn't have a good outcome so I don't think it's the Dr. From Mexico. U r very pretty^_^!!!
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Melt....you are so right. She is pretty and her nose is improved.
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Dear Sparkling 26, I will be very honest with you. Doing a rhinoplasty on a black nose is NOT easy and given what Dr. Fernando had to work with, I can say with a clear conscious, you look much better. If you are striving for perfection just think of Michael Jackson. He looked great when he did "Thriller". Then he started having surgery after surgery until he looked like a zombie. I don't care if the top, #1, plastic surgeon in the United States redid your nose. It will not look any better than it does now. I think you look beautiful. Being pretty does not mean that everything on you face has to be perfect. Sometimes, it is what we think are the imperfections that make us different and prettier! Just notice some of the celebrities. They are not perfect. I have been to Dr. Fernando for surgery more times than I can remember! From my face down to my thighs! I just had surgery in the states. The surgeon charged me $35,000.00!!!! Guess what? I have to go back because the surgeon and I can barely tell anything was done! So you see. Having surgery in the states is no guarantee that you are going to look any better. Having surgery after another surgeon is extremely difficult for the new surgeon. You nose would probably look worse. And by the way. The "top notch surgeon" that did my surgery for $35,000.00....I have to pay for anesthesia and the operating room. What seems so strange to me is that my surgery was done in HIS operating room! So, I think you are giving Dr. Fernando a bad rap. My next surgery WILL be done in MEXICO by DR. FERNANDO GUERREROSANTOS. And I certainly do not mean this in a bad way as I do understand how you feel, but have you thought about seeking counseling? You posts are back and forth. To me it seems like you are not sure how you feel about your results. Now, if you are thinking of having a revision, please go back to the surgeon that did it. He knows your face, he did your first surgery, and he is familiar with you. And it will not cost NEAR as much as here. I am sure he did his best. Ethnic rhinoplasties are VERY hard to do. It is not fair to judge him until he has a chance to do a revision. Personally, I don't think you need one. Seems to me that time is working miracles!
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do NOT listen to this poster. They have no idea what they're talking about. Do NOT go back to the same doctor who didn't deliver the first time--its common sense.
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Prodigious flames......do not comment on something that you do not have the credentials to back up.
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im just shocked when i read your comment .. so what do you mean? im sorry if you're a surgeon who practice rhinoplasty on black nose do it well or dont do anything if you're not able to. and if you're not able to it means that you're not good enough to practice. i would be aware to have a rhinoplasty with a surgeon who stupid enough not to be able to practice on every type of nose. we can see that this operation has been a mistake and there are many good surgeon who re able to practice on black nose not only the michael jackson one.. its really stupid to say that !!
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i completely agree fafa
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Its sad people have to make fake post. My view of my nose is all that matters and to be honest if he did a good job the first time no need for a second chance to fuck me up again and secondly I never said anything about going to Mexico for surgery I'm actually going back to Mexico April 15 for another procudure with a qualified doctor
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Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. I learned my lesson the first time
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Amen fafa
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Dear Sparkling 26, First let me say that you look great, and I love your attitude!!!!! I know you feel beautiful and it comes through your pictures. Recently I had a nose revision, and a tip looks really weird to me kind of upturned. Reading your post is me hope that the nose will fall into place. I'm only two months post op so I know there's a lot of healing to be done. Ruz
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Wow what a journey! I understand your concerns early on in the piece, but I think your latest pictures show how much it has changed and I really quite like it! Good luck with your decision!
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I was concerned about your situation early after your surgery, but your nose has improved. You look real cute. It is up to you as to whether you want to continue your rhinoplasty journey but a lot of people would say that your nose looks fine and to stop right now.
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PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE dont go back to the same doctor if you want your nose revised. Bad bad idea. I don't care how much money it is, just take the time to save up--its worth it.
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I doubt I will but I just wanted to see what his response would be to a un satisfied patient
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I went through the same thing. At first my nose looked so weird and worse than even but it slowly started to fall into place and hopefully will end up fitting my face well like your fits yours now. I think you look great! the outcome of your surgery to me is very positive!
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I never was happy with my outcome I just learned how to live with it till I could do something about it
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Very sorry for you, although your nose improved A LOT in the last two years!
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wow it looks great! i'm trying so hard to be patient and after seeing these photos it give me more hope! if possible could you post another photo of how your nose looks now?! that would be much appreciated!!
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So sorry for the delay but I will post some new ones today
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Thank you
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