I wanted a nose job since I was a little girl well...

I wanted a nose job since I was a little girl well finally Feb.21,2004 I got my wish. Well I am far from happy. My nose is very upturned and I asked my doctor and as they all say give it time I dont believe no amount of time will ever make me like this nose. This experience has made me really depress but since theres nothing I can do now, I just try to make the best of it. But in a year or sooner there will be a revision.

So my doctor emailed me back today I asked him...

so my doctor emailed me back today I asked him about revision and he said "Let me tell you that it takes around 12 weeks to see the result of a nose surgery. Never can you have a revision before knowing your results, and before the healing phase ends which can take as long as a year post op."

I really hope he is right

So I was officially 8 weeks post op yesterday and...

So I was officially 8 weeks post op yesterday and my nose has improved since my last posting and I will post pics today hopefully. One thing Ive learned and Im still learning is that time is the only thing that will help honestly, I am not in love with my nose at this point but I can live with it. But a tip for any ladies going through the healing phase such as myself keep your hair and makeup done lol. It will help with your self image until your nose heal. Nobody understand what you are going thru but you and it can be very depressing to look in the mirror after spending thousands of dollars and not like whats stirring back at you black eyes, swollen tips, and up turn noses I made a decision early in my recovery to not get to depress any more. Makeup helps a lot, being an african american the healing process is even longer due my thick skin and having sites like realself is great too!

So I have finally released my doctors name as...

So I have finally released my doctors name as promise by the way I found my doctor through a company called First Impression Plastic Surgery an American based company.

So I just schedule my consultation with Dr....

So I just schedule my consultation with Dr. William Portuese for steriod injections to help with my swelling for next Wednesday Im so excited!

So I'm in tears right now I was suppose to have my...

So I'm in tears right now I was suppose to have my consultation with Dr. William Portuese today when I called before I left the house I had called to check and see how much the consultation would be that's when they had informed me my appointment had been canceled because the doctor doesn't see other doctors patient. WTF why didn't you tell me this when I made the appointment I was on my way out the door I'm so upset right now but one thing I know for sure I would not recommend anybody to this doctor the way they handled this was very unprofessional and I'm just to upset right now to even say how disgusted I'm m with this doctor.

I figured it was time for an update being that I...

I figured it was time for an update being that I am almost 6 months post op. First thing I have noticed is that the swelling on one side of my nose is going down while the other side is still swollen. I have decided to go for a revision after my year is up to have my tip lowered . I'm really am not satisfied with the company that handled my procedures because I emailed the coordinator to let her know about some of my concerns and she never emailed me back instead the doctor did.. I'm over that now but I promised myself to let anybody and everybody know not to do business with First Impression Plastic Surgery. The lady name is Beverly who handles everything and I'm not happy with her services.(http://firstimpressionplasticsurgery.com/index.php/home) so spread the word don't do business with this company. I got a nose job because I felt that my other nose was to big well my new nose isnt that much smaller and it is pissing me off, plus I told the doctor he raised my tip too much. I only have 6 months left and then hopefully I have the results I was looking for.

My nose has changed a lil since the last time I...

My nose has changed a lil since the last time I posted I put new pics up for you guys to see. In regards to a revision I will get one somewhere down the line but my nose isnt that bad were I cant bare it for a while longer lol. Im excited that my one year mark is approaching soon.

Hello guys my one year mark has pass and I was...

Hello guys my one year mark has pass and I was very excited when I look back on my first pics and how my nose started out and how it has improved so much from there but it also made me realized I couldnt of made it without the kind and honest people I met on this forum, Thank you. I'll post my one year pics up soon!!!

New pics

Omg its been 2years/Revision?

Re: update
From Fernando Guerrero
To Takia Martin, Beverly McCarter
Wed, Feb 12, 2014 12:32 PM EST
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I much appreciate your contact once again Takya.

It is my believe, that I should only have happy patients, and yes I did ask
for some time for some time improvements to happen. Normally this is in
between 6 and 12 months post op. You are 24 now, and have come to the point
were you need a re touch.

Unfortunately, no surgeon in the entire world, or a type of surgery, can
give you a surgery free of any re do's.

I wish you could manage to come back, and I will be more than happy to thin
out your nose, and make it more of your desire.

Let me know either directly or through Beverly.

My apologies for not being closer these post op months, but in fact I told
Beverly to do the follow up and see for any concerns of all our patients.
But more over I did tried it myself too, and most probably the e mail did
not go through.

Anyways, I here to help, and I look forward to hear from you soon.

Best Regards.


*Dr. Fernando Guerrerosantos*
*Cirugía Plástica Estética Certificada*


2014-02-12 3:16 GMT-06:00 Takia Martin :

> It's been 2 years since you operated on my nose and you said give it time
> as I did however 2 years later the results are the same enclose are more
> update pics were my nose tip is very raised and my nose is still big I
> might just been another patient to you but in entrusted in you to give me
> the results that I desired furthermore you never followed up with me when I
> expressed concerns and US doctors won't touch my nose because they didn't
> do the work if you happy with an unsatifed

2 years post op

My last update was from mysurgeon that I reached out to explain my concern and I copy and paste his response to my post. Now I have to make the decision on weather to go back and let him fix it or keep trying in america to find another doc which many will not work on another surgeons work. Will keep you posted I've added some more recent pics


I Finally did it!!!

Good day ladies I know its been a while since I updated but I bring good news.
I officially got my revision yesterday ????????????

3 days post op

Cast off Day

I started a review for my revision under 2nd Time Around but I also update this one as well. So my cast came off today and I wasn't nervous because it couldn't get any worse lol. There was a Lil bit of blood on my bridge that the doc had to drain so he asked me to keep it taped for 7 days. Kinda sucks cause you have the cast for seven now another 7 for taping but doctor orders. Yes I am happy so far with the results but its still early in the game. From previous experience I know the nose change a lot over course of time. The doctor said that there was a lot of scar tissue in my nose when he opened me up which was going to be a major concern for this time around also. Most doctors treated it by putting steroid shot to help the swelling well if you read my previous post No American doctors will touch your nose if you go outside the country I really really really I'm so grateful for my doctor on what he did for me was he actually gave me the steroids in the syringes so when my nose do swell I can administrate my own steroid shot so you know that meant the world to me

without the tape

12 days post

Too a lot of makeup to conceal my black eyes

More views

I know Im still early in my recovery but I kinda have a love hate relationship with my doctor, he did improve my nose but not much most people who knew me before and after the surgery say that cant really see a difference now that could be a good thing and a bad thing. Good because it looks natural bad because I didnt pay for a lil change. Im not worried about it yet because I know that it takes a while to see the finish look. Aslo one of the things that irk me about my doc is I had 3 procedures done and I had to call his office last week to ask about one of my wounds. just think out of courtesy to someone who just dropped 10 grand in cash that I would at least get a how are you coming along call. I hate to feel like they take your money than cant call to do a follow-up, you gota call them. My doc is very soft spoken and he is good at getting his patients calm and at ease but at my 1 week follow up he was just a lil to busy for me he stop in the middle of taking my stitches out to take a phone call and than had another call right after that while he cont. and then had to rush out to surgery. So when it comes to after care he def needs to improve. He is Board Certified and overall think he is a good surgeon but we just have to wait and see when my body finally heals to see the final result and I judge him on that

Front and side to side


Dressing my nose up

So yesterday I decided to get cute and used makeup to contour my nose they way I like it. If someone ask would I recommend my doc I would probably say no. Unless you want a slight change.

Sidenote:Nothing to do with my nose, so I have mentioned that I had bra fat removed at the same time as my rhinoplasty I think I am disgust with my doctor because my wound still isnt heal it looks horrible and I had to go to the hospital because I was scared I had an infection, I didnt. I express my concern when I was in Mexico because one side was neatly stitch up and the other looked like a rush job. Last week I reaally let him have it because I was so depress he offered a revision from day one but there shouldnt be any need for one if you did it right the first time of course he gave me all the excuses in the world. So its so hard to say anything nice about him right when he left me disfigured

Dr Called

So I finally got a call back from him today to tell me how to treat my wounds, which was nice even though it took a week but I think anybody who spent 15000 in cash to get a desire look and dont really look that that much different would be upset also.
Dr. Fernando Guerrerosantos

My doctor is located in Guadalajara, Mexico so I couldnt do my follow up in office instead we communicated through emails and pictures. I had plastic surgery done before with the same company about 4 years ago with my rhinoplasty surgeons father who did my tummy tuck, which I'm satisfy with. However his son was not very good at replying back to my emails in a timely manner and I didnt feel as though he actually cared or understood what I was going through in my recovery.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Boo you look great.. I wanted to go to him as well bc of the other girls nose he did was fantastic but I decided to do more research and I'm so picky bc It my face, but just be patient ur nose changes daily. everyday will get easier. muah GOD BLESS YOU HUN.!
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Aww thank you sunshine I know with time everything changes Im asking god for patients
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does anyone know who did Jessica whites nose. I really want my nose to look like hers!
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I honestly admire strong-minded woman like who know what they want and go after it.i've learnt a lot from you story and pray hard for divine mercy upon my nose.i had a bad nose job in india last may and my reversion is scheduled in December. Even though am worried about the time of the reversion but my new surgeon reassured me it was okay because they nose will not change with time.Am a west- African and my reversion will be done by Dr ķofi boahene in Ghana. I need you type of courage! Goodluck in your recovery.
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Get luck on your revision and know that you arent alone but you have someone you can talk to anytime and is rooting for you to have a successful surgery
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erhm... do Dr Boahene works in Ghana? I mean has offices in Ghana?
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Not sure if he works or has offices there, but I know he's from Ghana
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I'm still confused as to why you will only go to Mexico. i thought you went because it's cheaper--but it's not so...the US is still better in terms of quality and safety standards--was there really no doctor in the whole country that you were interested in?
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I have been doing research on Rhinoplasty Doctors on African American nose in US .All of the them have bad reviews and don't have consistent result.The only one in my opinion who have great consistent results are Dr Sam Rizk . He has very good eye what kind of nose would look on a face and it looks very natural.The only downside is that he is very expensive but amazing results!!!!If I will get my nose done I think this the only Doctor I would trust.
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Ah or maybe boahene?
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US isnt always better have you heard of lil kim and Michael Jackson
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I think the best thing is the find a surgeon who only does rhinoplasty and not other procedures . Rhinoplasty is one of the most complex surgery
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Exactly Michael Jackson first rhinoplasty came out very good .That was in his thriller time.He already had rhinoplasty.
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Thank You for sharing your experience. I think you look Beautiful! Hermosa :)
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i think you are very pretty...move on with your life. :)
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Thank you
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I have made a video of my before and after Rhinoplasty on youtube (lol i call it video lightly haha my editing is not the best lol) Anyway feel free to check out my youtube video of my nosejob journey its called 'Ethnic Nose Job - Part 1 Reveal'
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Nice I will but no need to because I know you are happy with your results
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It looks like there is a minor collapse of the mid portion of the septum and it may need a spreader graft, although he does good work with primary i don't think you should go back to him for revision. You may also need to get a caudal septal extension graft to strengthen the inside. Is your breathing okay? I think you can still get a near perfect result if you see a good revision specialist. You can also get a good result from permanent filler but that won't fix the underlying weakened structure. Post on the Q&A and see what the surgeons say about it. I lived with a collapsed nose for 7 years (worse than yours) and it did get worse during 2 years post op. My tip was also collapsed as well. If you go back to the same surgeon and he tries to fix it with reduction or augmentation methods, you will be traumatised. God bless realself for helping us to help each other.
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I have read your reviews and I know you are an expert when it comes to rhino but I refuse to go for a round 3 I just can't emotionally I'm only 3 weeks and have a long road to recovery and when the final results are said and done whatever I don't like makeup will just have to fix it. And as far as breathing I have no problems
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The mid portion of your nose is definitely collapsed due to weakened structure, the surgeon did not contour the nose irregularly, it just happens that your septal cartilage is too weak in the area and there is a risk that it will get worse over time. You can try using a plastic nose splint for as long as possible to help keep it straight while it heals and gets stronger, like whenever you are inside the house asleep etc. I don't want to write this to upset you, just offering a solution that may help in your road to recovery.
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I really appreciate your opinion but my nose isnt collapsed It might have been the wrong angle or something but trust me I wouldnt of left mexico with a collapsed nose trust me. and honestly because you have so much knowledge why dont you become a rhinoplasty doctor to save everyone from the horror you have experienced
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looool girl you are loooooooooooool
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Thank you Sparkling for so your pictures it's been very helpful and your are very Brave lady
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