Yes please! A new (Sexy) Mama: TummyTuck w/ breast augmentation and Lift (5 months PostOp) Seattle, Washington

I became a mommy for the first time at 18. I never...

I became a mommy for the first time at 18. I never had those sexy 20's, but I wouldn't trade my boys for the the world. I have three boys now, 11, 7, and 2 years. After having 3 BIG boys, and breastfeeding body revolted. Seriously, it said...ok, I am done trying.

After my last son was born in 2009. I had , really had enough. I hit the gym, hard. I became a "gym rat" and lost 30 lbs. I was finally fitting into a size 4...wooooo! Some parts, just were NOT cooperating...not even coming close...

I started researching....heavily, to the point of obsession, maybe. ha! I have had 3 consultations, all of which giving me an idea of what needed to be done.

I am scheduled. August 10th 2011. Full tummy tuck, breast augmentation (with saline implants approx. 390 cc) and a breast lift, using the benelli method. I am excited...really excited, but nervous. I have never spent THIS much money on something, just for me. This is all about me, which is different from what it is normally. All about the kids, or the hubby...even the dog, but not mama....this is mommyhood, right ladies?

So here I go...I will keep you all updated. :]

Uploaded my video today...and YES it is sideways....

Uploaded my video today...and YES it is sideways. Oh well, lesson learned. ha!

8 days to go...and I am NESTING like a mad woman!...

8 days to go...and I am NESTING like a mad woman! Cleaning,Organizing, and making lists and charts. Am I losing it? Yesterday I cleaned window tracks (that haven't been touch since before my last son was born), and cleaned out two closets downstairs. Today I am pooped, but I am sure this is going to continue all week. ha.

ONE WEEK PRE-OP! Filled with excitement, and...

ONE WEEK PRE-OP! Filled with excitement, and nerves...and excitement. So paranoid about the massive amount of downtime. I have a hard time staying in bed with the flu for 2 days, how am I going to manage this amount of time. My 3 boys, and husband are spoiled (my fault, are THEY going to let me relax. Let along, have time to help me? I am lucky though. My dad (who has been my biggest supporter) said he will be here everyday, for the first 2 weeks. So sweet. My dad is a biker dude, with a macho man attitude, but he really cares. He said he would even take pictures afterward for me. You KNOW that makes him uncomfortable. He told me that I took care of him for a year while he battle cancer, he says it's the least he could do. Sweet man. One we go!

Less than a week to go and I get, "Colitis" um.....

Less than a week to go and I get, "Colitis" um...what the heck. My abdomen is swollen and sore. Great. Do I need to rescedule? I am feeling better and the swelling is going down. I am going to call my PS in the morning. I hope I don't have to put it off. My bff seems to think it has to do with the stress, in trying to get everything together before the big day...we shall see.

Almost Surgery day...woah. I have been planing,...

Almost Surgery day...woah. I have been planing, and cleaning, and making lists and charts like a mad women. I have 3 young boys and I want to make sure the people coming to help (My Dad, Mother-in-law, and Hubby) have an idea of when to do what. So my anesthesiologist called today, talk about a reality check.'s almost ready? Hell yea...let's do this! Say a little prayer for me 08-10-2011 @ 9:00 a.m. Thanks Ladies!

TOMORROW!!!! Can I freak out yet?

TOMORROW!!!! Can I freak out yet?

24 hours post op: I did it! I can't wait to see...

24 hours post op: I did it! I can't wait to see what my tummy looks like, right now its wrapped up tighter than fort knox...but I can see my chest, and I have BOOBS! yes! I am really sore, and a word of advise: If the pain meds say every 4 hours...take them every 4 hours. I went 6 1/2 last night without them because I didn't want to wake up my hubby. When he went to help me out of bed, I passed out for about a minute. It was either low BP, low BS, or too much pain to handle at once. I am doing well, all things considered. Going to go rest...thanks for all of your support. :)

48 HOURS POST OP: I feel ok. Sore. It's funny I...

48 HOURS POST OP: I feel ok. Sore. It's funny I was told by a nurse that this pain would resemble c-section pain. I have had 2 c-sections...and this is NOT like it at all. Maybe it will be later on, but as of now...not so much. I still haven't seen my tummy yet, I figure I won't until I go in Monday to get the drain tubes out. Thanks for all the thoughts, I am feeling well all things considered,just sleeping alot.

Ranting about to take place..WARNING: So I sit...

Ranting about to take place..WARNING: So I sit upstairs on my laptop, as the party for my now 7 year old son takes place. I can hear the kids playing, and laughing...and I am secluded up here. This stinks, I should be out there. I knew this was happening, but I thought I could handle it. I can't even help out, I can even go downstairs and watch. My husband yells at me if I try to move out of bed on my own...or go to the bathroom on my own. This is the crappy part...I know it will get better and be worth it..but right now. Pppfff... :(

Day 4 POSTop: Feeling stiff, but all around pretty...

Day 4 POSTop: Feeling stiff, but all around pretty decent today. Looking forward to the big reveal tomorrow, and looking forward to my girlfriend Kelly coming over today and washing my nasty hair...yuck. I so want to feel human again! Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to take some pictures for you guys. Talk to you tomorrow.

DAY 5 POST-OP: Well, today I went back to the PS...

DAY 5 POST-OP: Well, today I went back to the PS office to get my tubes out, and only ended up getting the 2 in the breast out. I am so jealous to those of you that say that, that doesn't hurt because for me YOWZA!! It felt like she was RIPPING off a scab, and it burnt. NO BUENO :( Needless to say on Wednesday...not looking forward to that last tube coming out. So I go to see the girls, and they look great. Didn't get to see the tummy, I will on Wednesday. I was a little disappointed, but I want it to heal completely. I can be patient. I have waited YEARS for this, so what is 2 more days.

Oh! So my throat has been sore since surgery, and my tongue has been getting more and more raw feeling. I asked my PS what he though, and he ordered me to stop my antibiotics and thinks I may have Thrush. Thrush is a yeast infection of the mouth common after lots of antibiotics. So if it doesn't clear up by Wed. (2 days) he may prescribe me meds for it. My tongue, looks SO NASTY ladies...and it hurts. It's raw. :( I might post a photo just so u can see it. Ugh. Ok, gotta get some rest I am super tired today.

ONE WEEK POST OP: Went to the PS today, and got...

ONE WEEK POST OP: Went to the PS today, and got the last drain tube out, and the stiches out of the belly button. I posted a photo (see below) keep in mind, I haven't full on showered yet, and there is tape and swelling. I think it looks quite amazing! I can't wait to up dated photo in a few weeks when I am looking more healed, less swollen...ect. BTW the drain tube that came out today (abdomen)did NOT hurt like the breast tubes did. Just so you all know. Feeling pretty good all and all....healing slow but well. :)

3 weeks (tomorrow) Post Op: I feel GREAT! I just...

3 weeks (tomorrow) Post Op: I feel GREAT! I just want to say without you lovely ladies, I would be lost. It feels great giving advice to others, and getting wonderful advice from others that went before me. I am healing up well. I should have another photo by my one month post op. My PS covered me up in paper tape to assist healing and scarring. I bought my VERY FIRST non padded, lace only bra ever! 36D I could not be a happier mommy right now. Got the green light to head back to the gym, slowly, but green light none the less :)

I want to send the biggest hug to a few of the ladies on here that have been going through some rough times healing, "Here I am", "Cottonmama", and "MarineMom". I am thinking about you all the time. I feel almost guilty that I am not going through the same setbacks as you women. I must say that you 3 inspire me to be more positive in my own life and healing process. To go through this with your heads held high, and your spirits are TRULY REMARKABLE WOMEN! :)

I got to restart my GREEN SMOOTHIE regimen. I have only been drinking them the past 3 days, but I feel so GREAT! I feel like me again! Couldn't be happier!

23 DAYS POST OP: I have been binder free for 4...

23 DAYS POST OP: I have been binder free for 4 days now. I must say, I love it! I know the majority of women on here say they love their binders, and keep them much longer. I have a difference of opinion in that department. I plan to keep my black "tube top" style one I got at Target, as an undershirt if needed. When I first started, not wearing one it was strange. I felt overly nauseated, which my PS nurse Lisa, said was a common reaction. She said I was welcome to wear it, or leave it off. I pushed through the first day of on and off nausea, and the weird "falling out" feeling. The first 2 evenings I was swollen, and at the end of the day I still swell. Not as much on my belly and my hips, and sometimes the incision site. I feel pretty darn good though. You ladies keep me grounded and positive. Best wishes to ALL of you! :)

4 weeks 1 day post op: So I feel pretty good,...

4 weeks 1 day post op: So I feel pretty good, ladies. The "girls" are healing nicely, and the gym (still in moderation) is going well. I am excited. I am not thrilled with my scar, it's a little higher than I excepted...but it's still and can lower somewhat, and I use bio oil twice daily, and use paper tap in between. We shall see how it clears... a couple days ago I found my old tummy mole! Hahaha! I thought it had been removed, but I found's right on the scar! Check out the pictures I put together to see what I mean. It makes me laugh just how much skin was removed.

6 WEEK POST OP: Wow...6 weeks already. I am...

6 WEEK POST OP: Wow...6 weeks already. I am feeling pretty good, all and all. Nothing much has changed since 5 week update. The only swelling issue I have is mainly on my "love handle" aka "muffin top" area. Which really pisses me off...I worked my butt off to get rid of that prior to my surgery, and now it's back 10 fold. Grr. It may be only temporary, but s*** it's bugging. I have to wear certain clothes to hide it...I didn't do this to hide my shape. grumble. pity party. ect. I am otherwise doing, really well. It's all a process, and I know this...but it doesn't mean I have to be patient, right!?!

7+ WEEKS Post op: Hello all you beautiful ladies...

7+ WEEKS Post op: Hello all you beautiful ladies out there. I am feeling 98% back to me. I haven't been updating as much, due to the kids back in school, music, sport, ect. Also, I have officially GAINED (ugh) 10 lbs. since my surgery. So I am back at the gym 4-5 days a week, and back on my smoothies, and will be back better than ever in no time. If that is what it takes to comfort myself during this timeframe, so be it. It sucks, but I know I can do it (again) and be even better than before.

Saw my PS yesterday. It was our last appointment for now. If I have any problems, or if this little pin-head sized raised area of the tip of my scar doesn't settle back down, then I am done. I will give it a month and see how everything settles. I am ecstatic! No more restrictions, other than keep the scars out of the sun. Seattle in the Fall/Winter = minimal sun anyhow. He says what I am using for my scars seemed to be working well, and to continue them as desired. It really feels like I am finally, turning this page. :)

I will be here for you girls, if you need anything don't hesitate to ask. I respect, admire, and enjoy ALL of you ladies! Thank you!

5 MONTHS POST OP: I am 98% back to normal. I did...

5 MONTHS POST OP: I am 98% back to normal. I did two red light therapy sessions, and the were great. It's suppose to help with scars. I have also still been using y scar gel twice daily (most days) and I absolutely LOVE my new lady parts ;) This was a great thing for me to do, and I am loving life :)
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You look beautiful!! Perfect results! What type of implants did u get? And how many cc's
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I know it's been a while, but how's it looking now? I'm 3wks PO same dr and I'm so sick of swelling. Makes me nervous that this is my final result
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wow! you look amazing! I must google that red-light therapy.. see if they have that down under!
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COLELY mama how is my gurl!!! How is the new you mama!
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Never do ANYTHING pre coffee!! I didnt notice you live in WA- I'm in Idaho just on the river next to WA.. So Hi neighbour!! the only issue I have with online is I cant try it on. Drives me nuts!!
  • Reply
No No not discouragement at all. It is encouraging to know what is going on is normal and that there is light at the end of the tunnel.. I will have to go to a bigger town. where we live the nearest big mall or anything is at least a 2 -3 hour drive.. The joys of living in Idaho :) We dont have a target or anything Just walmart Ross JCpennys and Macys K mart and Shopko.. seriously.. Even Kmart may not stay. our sears is closing so who knows
  • Reply
OMgoodness...I meant ENCOURAGEMENT! haha..oops. Never type pre-coffee ;) I take for granite that I live approximately 3 miles from the mall here in Washington. lol. Check out online too! Most of those stores have websites :)
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colely, I am at 3 weeks right now and I had an Anchor lift with the implants. I have been reading your blog and I just want to say WOW! You have been such a help to a lot of us. and look at you!! hot mama!! I was wondering what you managed to find for post op bras. I mean sports bras, once you didnt have to wear the one from surgery any more.. I only have a 34" band but need a D so sports bras are hard to find around here in that size for some reason..
  • Reply
That made me SO happy to hear. I am so glad was able to help someone, even if it was just discouragement to let you know you're not alone. I am not sure with the anchor lift, but I went to underwire bras a.s.a.p. I slept in one of two sports bras that I found at Target, also if you have a Lane Bryant they have a good selection of bigger cup bras. I hope this helps. :)
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You look fabulous!!
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Thank you :)
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You look wonderful!
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Thank you :D
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WOW your scars look soooooo good! What are you using on them?? I am three weeks out now so I want to start early! How long do you need to wait before you start putting stuff on them? look fabulous girl!
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I use BIO OIL and Scar Gel by dermaE. Thank you very much. You should receive an "OK" from your PS before applying stuff to them. I got my ok, after 4-6 weeks I think. Just remember to do it daily, whether its once or twice...just be religious. :) Thanks again.
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I am glad you are at 98% miss you.
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Miss ya too girl!
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Have a merry christmas ma!
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You look awesome. I am scheduled for a tummy tuck on Feb 6. I have 2 young boys, ages 4 and 17 months. How long before you could handle your 2 yr old?
Can you share some info on your green smoothie stuff? THanks!! :)
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It really wasn't long. The hardest part was the lifting him, he is my baby and loves to be picked up. So that was hard. I was doing pretty well after week 2 hit though.
As for the green smoothies. I usually just stuff a bunch of organic fresh spinach in the blender, stuff it down, pour in light cran-apple juice, a small handful of frozen strawberries, and a few frozen peaches and frozen dark cherries. YUM! :D Here are some other ideas...
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Sorry to bug you again on you chop up your spinach? Do you have a high end blender like a Vitamix or just a standard blender.
I really want to improve my overall nutrition and get my young boys to eat more greens so I think green smoothies are the way to go. I am going to buy a blender and wanted to know what type you were using b/c I have read a lot of reviews where the greens don't blend well and stay too chunky, that's why I wondered if you pre chopped them.
Also, I noticed in your review at one point you said you were going to RESUME your green smoothies...did you have to stop drinking them for some reason right after surgery?
Thanks for your imput and time..again, your results are AWESOME!!
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I'm a green smoothie fanatic myself... I got a vitamix last year and looove it so much.. I buy a bunch of organic greens and fruits and blend. My kids love them too!! I usually do something like: 1 banana, kale, collard greens, spinach, a little orange juice, and some berries... I add different veggies all the time. Celery, cucumber, tomatoes, carrot tops (the green), beet greens, etc... Any kind of berries, pineapple, mango, peaches, etc etc etc... They are very yummy and healthy!
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You look great! I am having mine done in 2 days! Can't wait!! My belly looks exactly like how yours used to only mine I think is a little worse. Hopefully I will look as good as you do now
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I will have to check out your profile right now! :)
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