Great Doc...wouldnt Go to Any Other...and I Consulted a Bunch!

No cons...pain wasnt even that bad. You shoulndt...

No cons...pain wasnt even that bad. You shoulndt have any cons...any surgery you do make sure youve done your research...if you have...and you still go ahead you wont have any regrets.

1. Yes some pain...but for me nothing like you...

1. Yes some pain...but for me nothing like you think or what people tell you. Im 1 week out and wandering around the house literally pain free...except for walking hunched over.

Downtime: yes there is and I would guess 3 weeks before Im wandering around a store.

2. Do it a heartbeat. My research told me what to be prepared for....I was reason not to do it again if I had to.

3. All I can say is research, research, research....I knew everything I could going in...I was OVER prepared with knowledge...which has left me not wondering or questionng anthing.

So I'm having my tummy tuck re-done...but I have...

So I'm having my tummy tuck re-done...but I have to say my Dr. did a fabulous job. My friend had the same done by a famous Beverly Hills, CA Doc and it doesnt come close to what a great job my Doc did.

Now my stich came undone, well I believe thats the culprit anyway, but that doesnt take away from the great work my Doc well as his great bed side manner and understanding. My scar is perfect height, he nailed it on the head with a pencil straight scar just on the pubic hair line.

So back to the cutting room floor in a few weeks...I pray it goes safe, easy and come out with the same excellent results...just a tighter tummy! :)

I should explain a the 3rd week mark I...

I should explain a the 3rd week mark I got a real itchy throat cough, and NOTHING would stop it. I had Dr. prescribed meds and event hat barely worked, this cough lasted weeks. So weeks of trying not to cough, putting strain on my new stitched belly.

I almost immediately in the weeks following the cough felt a pull on one place in my belly...almost like one area was holding all the weight. At week 8 when I should be able to do some easy moving and lifting, I was pushing a shopping cart in Target...I felt a weird "pop" and then a lopsided feeling.

We have waited almost 1 year and it looks the same as the 8 week mark...I have not gained any weight or done improper exercises.

I believe the stitch had come undone at the time of the "pop", brought on by the coughing episodes.

Now 1 year later we will fix...another surgery sucks as well as the cost associated (daycare, anesthesia) but I would rather have it redone than not. But this time maybe some double, tripple stitching :). And I am going to make sure to eat my blended greens as so to make sure my immune system stays healthy and I dont develop any colds and coughs :)

So I'm 3 weeks out from my 2nd TT...and things...

So I'm 3 weeks out from my 2nd TT...and things look great. And I am making sure to keep the immune system healthy with drinking my green shakes daily, no coughing for me. I will post more pics when things are healed and I can stand more upright.

I also had Dr. Baxter do a fat transfer under my eyes where I had lost some far it looks good, very natural...but it can take 6 to 8 weeks to see how much fat actually takes. I choose this over fillers, fillers did not work for me, my body just seemed to absorb them...and so far I cant see why anyone would spend $500 every 4 months for fillers (under eyes) if they could get a great doctor to do a fat transfer that is long term. But that being said, a Great doctor is needed, like Dr.Baxter :).

Second surgeryhas turned out great...and my scar...

Second surgeryhas turned out great...and my scar is nice and low and pretty straight...thanks Doc!

Oh, and for anyone interested I have been using...

Oh, and for anyone interested I have been using SCARAWAY strips...they can easily be found on, you get "ScarAway Long Silicone Scar Healing Sheets - Contains the full Dr. Recommended 12 Week Supply ~ $55." But because a TT is long you will use 2 sets of strips, so you are only getting 1/2 the use time, but I use the same sheets for 1.5 to 2 weeks at a time. Also I am at 11 weeks, but because Im am seeing such amazing results, daily, I will use them till I no longer see anymore changes - so Im betting I will wear them for over 6 months, but I will update in a few more to show the changes.

Here it was I have done, and my healing results are EXCELLENT:
1. The instructions say leave on a minimum of 12 hours...if you follow this you are just doubling your healing time. I leave mine on for 24 hours.

2. What you need to do is have 2 sets revolving at once. So when I have a shower in the morning I put a set of ScarAway's on my scar, I wear all day and night (check to make sure still secure against the skin every once in awhile)...the next morning I wash the one set that was on, and put on the other set that were drying from the previous mornings wash. REPEAT DAILY.

3. Don't be cheap, if you want good results, and a quicker healing time. I originally wanted to see how long I could get the sheets to last, BUT if they are not as sticky and are tending to fall off, you are not getting the proper adhesion, therefore the healing isn't happening to its fullest. I have 2 sets revolving, and each set of sheets I use I will have in place for 1.5 to 2 weeks each. So because I am revolving sets I get 4 weeks worth from when opened (hope this makes sense).
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

EXCELLENT DOC! Dr. B just preformed two surgeries on me Breast Augmentation & mini Tummy Tuck. I had 3 prior consults with highly rated docs around Seattle/Bellevue area...I just knew Dr.B was it when I met him. He's up-to date, knowledgeable, though quiet he has a great personaity and disposition. And more importantly a great surgeon with more options! Dont let any other staff personalities sway your decission, ask the doctor your questions directly ...remember nurses may not have all the answers, or the right answers. UPDATE: Excellent, personable staff & new nurse (well new to me). After over a year with Dr. Baxter as my surgeon I have given Dr. Baxter and his office staff all 5 stars. I feel comfortable and safe there, I would go to no other surgeon...even if I move I will fly back to see him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Looks fantastic! Thanks for the scaraway tip. I will be ordering some today.
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I'm doing great, things look scar looks real good so far (I've been using ScarAway silicon sheets - wow, worth purchasing and using after the incission is fully healed). I will take some pictures and add more review, but it may take me a few weeks...we just moved and I cant find anything :(.

Thanks for asking, and I will post some pictures as soon as I unpack my brain...LOL.
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I understand how it goes when you're moving! There are days when I'm not when I still feel like I have to unpack my brain.. ;) I look forward to reading more about your journey!
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Hi Happy Lady-- just wondering how you're doing after your revision TT? Would you mind posting some pics? Thanks for sharing your experience! I am considering Dr. Baxter myself, and it's nice to read such a detailed experience with him.
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Mine wasn't really a was a unique procedure where we "float" the belly button down (mine was high enough and I did not have any stretch marks)about 2 inches...In order to have this procedure you should have a high belly button, and preferable not too much loose skin above the belly button, as well as no stretch marks that need to be pulled and cut away.

The Doc goes under and tightens the muscle all the way, like a "traditional tummy tuck...and then pulls the flap of skin only about 2 inches of skin from the bottom was removed...the only cut was under the skin detaching the belly button from its "stem" and then the cut just above the pubic hair line. The belly button is then re-attached lower...but the muscle was tightened from the top down.

But this time we will do the traditional so I will now have the cut/scar around the belly button and probably a bigger scar at the pubic hair line...but it will give the Doc more room to get up in there. And knowing how nice his cut lines and stitching are I hope to have the nice straight scar as I do now.
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Hello Happy Lady, I admire the positive attitude you've carried threw your whole ordeal. With your mini Tummy Tuck how high up did you get your muscle repair? In your photo, the bulge from the undone stitch looks above your belly button. I had a mini done 2 months ago and the repair was all below belly button.
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Thank you, I'm trying...fighting this aging all the way...And its a good thing no one warned me about how much damamge a few babies could do.

I've had to have other things fixed to - rectal prolaypse...and the one surgery I think every women should know that they can get fixed easily is fixing Urinary incontinence, brought on by the laxticity from child birth....I'm so HAPPY with that surgery, I don't pee my pants when I sneeze now :)
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Sorry you have to go in for a revision, but I'd be with you, I'd want to get it taken care of. You look beautiful.

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From what I have researched I dont think stitching coming undone is a "usuall" occurance...but with my luck I dont take anything off the table. I also had silicone breast implants done in 2006, thru the armpits...One ruptured (I found that out from a mammogram, and then convinced the hubby to let me get the TT at the same time :).

Well the rupture rate for a silicone implant is like 2-3%, that is why they have a lifetime warranty. Well see with my luck I was one of those small percentages...soooo needless to say now I believe I fit into the small percentage that also has a TT stitch break (I think this is what has occured, and we'll find out soon enough.
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Oh wow yep you can see that something happened. Well you are crazy about your surgeon so you are in good hands. Hope this time you have no issues like a bad cough. Coughing/sneezing sucks!! I know Vicodin can help surpress a cough too. But like you said when it is bad it is bad and there isn't much that stops it. You do look fabulous in those professional shots! Good luck!
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yes, the photos in your swimsuit. Love that swimsuit. Sorry to read about you having to re-do the muscle repair. Is this something that often happens?
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I assume we are talking about the professional photos and not the ones with my belly pudging :)

Thank you...but I have to give credit to my best friend who is a professional photographer, and the professional make-up artitst and hairstylist...without them....Uggghhhhh!

We can all be models with the proper lighting and make-up :)
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Happy Lady--just wanted to say those are amazing pics of you!
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Happy Lady~ I read on another review that you are having your TT redone due to failure of the muscle repair. Can you post any pics of before it failed and then now? That would be helpful for people to see.

Are you nervous to do this again?
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Your welcome :)

Here is a link to a surgery of an Umbilical Float...its graphic, so hopefully you have a strong stomach:

And when it comes to pictures of Before and Afters of an Umbilical Float Tummy Tuck it was so hard to find one...but I did...the pic is not me, BUT its basically how my belly looked before:

After the surgery I needed my husband to help me in and out of bed for 4-5 days...after that I was trying to do it myself. As far as pain it wasnt that bad...maybe the first 3 days were bad, with the 2nd day being the worse. But all you have to do is rest and take your pain killers and its really easy. And when I was laying bed, I could almost forget I had a surgery and when I thought of getting something I would almost want to jump out of bed...but when you move, then you remember :)

I have a 4 year old and a 9 month old. The 4 year old was in daycare all day...and then we had to put the 9 month old in daycare...and than hubby did most things at night with the baby...since you cant pick up more than 5 lbs for 6 weeks. So if you have little ones you need to make sure you wont be needing to pick them up...or basically anything for awhile. It's 4 weeks out and I can still feel a pull when I lift a gallon of milk...we use our tummy muscles soooo much.

But like I said its 4 weeks yesterday and I was at the mall, Victorias Secrets, looking for new bras & a new cincher. Oh here is some helpful info for after your will be wearing a full, jumper like suit that cinches you up. It has a hole for bathroom breaks...but dont let it scare you cause its actually super comfy, it makes you feel secure. Doctors usually have you wear it for 3 weeks, but I feel more secure in it because I developed a cough. Well at 4 weeks I only want something around my belly, I dont need my butt and legs cinched. Victoria Secrets has this great Thong belly cincher...super comfy...and nice and tight on the belly. I tried all from JCPenny and other places, sooo uncomfortable. So in order to try and save you time and pain from exhaustion of trying tummy cinchers on just go to Victoria Secrets when its time to move out of the Surgery compression garmets...that is if you want to continue to be cinched. Both my friend in Cali, and myself still like the feeling of having the belly cinched...and a nurse told us that alot of people continue to wear after they need to. And they are so nice that even though I'm pretty fit I think I would wear them for that "smooth look" under certain dresses or outfits...the thong looks kinda sexy too.

So basically at 4 weeks I feel almost normal...but that doesnt mean I can act normal...I do not want to ruin the docs work :) Just be prepared to not be lifting anything for 6 weeks...straining yourself, especially in the begining, could possibly rip your stitches. You need to make sure that you allow the tummy scar tissue to develop and get strong.

From what I have read at 6 weeks we are about 90% healed. And once that scar tissue has developed it is apparently stronger than any stitches used. So make sure you have the time, and ability, to take it easy, rest and heal.

My scar is 10 inches, I just measured :). I wear thong underwear, but they have the thick lace and I cant see my scar with them on. I've also tried bikinis on...and I can even wear the side tie ones...Maybe an inch of my scar might be seen, but it wont be really noticeable. Oh, and this is why...Dr. baxter uses a very good technique for suturing...who ever you go to, if they dont suture this way I would takes longer but its all internal. My husband was a medic and he couldnt believe Dr. Baxter's incission line, he said it looked just like a pencil should fade real nice :)...the technique is called "progressive tension suture (PTS) method."
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It sounds wonderful! Thank you for all of the information. Trying to research umbilical floats now! How long were you down for and how long is your scar?
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I saw some top Docs...Dr. Baxter who I would HIGHLY recommend was rated #1 by Best of Western Washington in 2009:

I also saw Dr. David Stephens in Bellevue...he was rated #5 in 2010. He may do good work...but I didnt feel comfortable in the office, or with him...and I really thought I would since he's Canadian and so am I, but I didnt feel good with him.

And he was the one with the worst suggestions. Not only did he want to do a Full tummy, but I had breast implants, one was apparently ruptured...well after 2 babies my breast tissue wasnt as he wanted to do a full breast reduction...cutting under my breasts, up the middle of my breast and around my nipple just to tighten the skin. Well I soon found out, after 2 more consults that this wasnt neccesary that I could have a Benelli lift with the new implants...this entails cutting around the nipple, like a donut and then drawing the skin in from there...obviously this way leaves one scar and not scars all around my breast. I knew when he told me this he was not the one for me...I didnt have large breasts, a 36C, and I was getting implants...he would ruined my breasts.

After him I saw Dr. Richard Rand...he wanted to do a full tummy tuck, but was correct on my breasts suggesting a Benelli lift. I did like him, but his office was weird and really cold. And even though I would never cheap out, his prices were outrageous. My girlfriend in Cali had the same surgery 1 day after me...I found her doctor on Dr. Oz's show...she went to a Beverlly Hills famous, great doc and paid less that Dr. Rand was charging. But more important than price Dr. Rand's office left me feeling not so comfortable.

Then the third doc I was to see was Dr. Baxter...I had already booked my consult when we realized a old friend of my husbands worked for him. I remember her raving about him, she had actually had a tummy tuck and breasts done with him over 5 years ago, way before she began working for him. Now not only did I feel very comfortable with Dr. Baxter once I met him, but I also had the inside scope on what patients really thought of his work...and it was all good :).

One thing about Dr. Baxter...if he didnt think the result would be a good one he wouldnt do the procedure. So you couldnt go wrong if you had a consult with him. He would tell you if he could do a mini or a full on you. And he would tell you if you qualify for a umbilical float. I am 4 weeks out and very happy so far. He did a great job on the umbilical float. I read so many comments from docs saying they didnt do it and didnt like the look of it cause the belly button ends up looking flat....well mine doesnt...I have an "innie' like before and it looks great.

Ohhhh....and another GREAT thing is his price. Probably because he is in Mountlake Terrace where overhead is cheaper...or he just doesnt try and empty your pockets just because he's a "Bellevue Doc." The more work you have done the cheaper...he gives a better discount. Dr. Rand gave a lousy 5% discount for the 2 procedures...I believe Dr. Baxter was like 30%...I had Breast implants, a Benelli Lift and mini tummy with a float for around $13,000. But I would have paid more if he was more...of all the docs he is the only one I felt comfortable with...and now after seeing his work...all my husband can say is "Damn!" and I have to tell him "down boy" :) I am only 4 weeks, today, a few more weeks taking care :)

Also all those Docs I saw did not charge a consult fee...which none should. I have walked out of an office when they asked for $ thought on that was if a doc had confidence in who they were and what they could do they wouldnt try and get cash out of you in case you didnt come back.

Oh and I need to let you know Dr. Baxter does have a nurse that is a little "ruff" around the edges. I could deal with her, but I could see how some could take her the wrong way...I think she means well but comes off a little rude. She tried to push her opinion on what size implants I should get...I already did all my research...and to be honest the docs opinion meant more than hers...he agreed with my thoughts, and that the size would look good if I liked the look of a high profile...well I am VERY happy with my size, and all my results.

Oh and he also put in 3 drains, one each breast and one tummy...I only had the drains in for 4 days. My girlfriend in LA only had one drain and it took 12 days before they would take the drains out. I love that Dr. Baxter is very thorough.

Please go to Dr. Baxter first for a consult...then see a few others to confirm your thoughts. I cant see anyone going to another Doc after meeting and discussing a procedure with him.

Hope that helps :)
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I think I am in the same boat as you were. Many want to do the full deal. Who else did you go to?
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Excellent information. Thank you!

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When getting a tummy tuck the scar length was the scariest thing about the surgery,

In my research I found that very few qualify for a mini tummy tuck & alot of docs dont do need to be a great doc in order to get a good result from a mini tummy tuck.

I knew I made a good candidate for a mini tummy tuck since I didnt have alot of loose skin (after having 2 children), and I didnt have any stretch marks (not sure how I pulled that one off, thank you, body :). I basically had real loose tummy muscles that made me still look a few months pregnant.

Dr. Baxter preformed a mini tummy tuck with a Umbilical Float. I lucked out here since I had a really high belly button so it could be pulled down a few inches. So my only scar looks like a longer C-section scar,8-9 inche scar.

Once again do your research 3 previous, "highly sought after" bellevue/seattle docs, wanted to do a full tummy tuck on me...but I knew better...I knew a GREAT DOC would be able to have more than one option. Dr. Baxter looked at me, and with out me saying a word said he thought a mini tummy tuck was best for me since I didnt have to much loose skin, and no stretch marks.

I feel those previous docs just did not have the ability or confidence to preform a mini tummy tuck that would have a great result. One of the docs even said that he didnt do them because he said the result wouldnt be as good as his full...I made a note to self "dont go to a doc that doesnt feel like he can preform all his surgeries well!"

So if your belly looks like it just needs the underlying muscles tightened you may qaulify for a mini tummy. Do your research, look at pics online and you'll know what you need. If its a mini consult with a few docs, because like I said I had 3 previous docs want to cut me hip to hip just so they could do their "best" work. Find a Doc who does MANY surgeries, and ALL of them are his "best" work.
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Thanks for sharing! Why did you decide to go with a mini tummy tuck instead of a full?

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Hi Happy Lady,

Thanks for the review, but before I add you to the mini tummy tuck community page could you please provide a bit more information about your experience to fully aid our community? :)

1. Did you experience pain and downtime?
2. Would you do it again?
3. What do you wish you knew before hand?

Thanks so much,

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