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Had fraxel duo on face and neck about an hour ago....

Had fraxel duo on face and neck about an hour ago. I decided to try fraxel on face and neck and probably CO2 on the eyes (total fx). I was surprised, pleasantly, that it wasn't too painful and an hour or so later it doesn't feel that bad - mostly sunburnt and tight. There were definitely some "hot" spots during the treatment around the hairline and temples. The main reason for trying this is to get rid of the sun damage and pigmentation issues. Trying the neck to see if it helps with tone or crepe-iness/wrinkling...

The photos show before I left the house and 1 hour after the treatment. I am puffy and sunburnt as expected. And will post more photos as time passes...

Day 1 Skin feels tight and burnt with brown dots...

Day 1 Skin feels tight and burnt with brown dots (coffee grinds) and very brown/red. Also, pretty swollen. I am using Skin Medica and Aquaphore and ice packs for the face. My neck is not that red which is weird. I'll ask the doctor about this.

Day 2 The swelling has gone down but I still have...

Day 2 The swelling has gone down but I still have chipmunk cheeks. The redness and bronze is also diminished. I felt horrible on Day 1 but today I feel fine and back to normal as far as energy levels go. No concerns other than my neck which doesn't seem like it had much of a treatment but I'll check with my doctor. The worst part of the treatment was the shivering which I think was from the cold air but I am also pretty tiny and get cold easily. Took 1 1/2 days to get rid of the chill.

Also, skin is getting itchy today!

Also, skin is getting itchy today!

Day 3 and 4 I was miserable on day 3. I had...

Day 3 and 4 I was miserable on day 3. I had creepy crawly skin sensation and didn't get any sleep last night. Finally got up at 430 am. Nothing I put on my skin soothes the feeling. It seems to make it worse. Aquaphor is too much, skin ointments and moisturizers burn and sting. I call Dr to see if they have any suggestions and invite me to come in that day. At office, Dr. says all looks normal, checks me for cold sores (I've never had one) and notices I am breaking out in white heads on the chin. We try a few creams and everything stings. One of the nurses recommends adding water to Aquaphor to lighten the viscosity. It works a little but still heavy. Someone else mentions coconut oil. Hhhmmm. I've heard good things about this and I used to work in the natural foods industry so I pick some up on the way home. Dr. also prescribes an antibiotic for the break out to prevent infection. (Also said I may not need a second treatment except on my neck. I have no feedback on my neck as it is reacting very differently and I think it will take longer to see any results.)

I wasn't worried about the break out but agree to take the pills. I think I look normal for someone who just had Fraxel Dual. Skin is peeling with a lot of coffee grinds on my face. I tend to peel from chin first and then out to cheeks. The coconut oil immediately soothed my skin. It burned a little after the first application but then my skin seemed to relax. So I started to smear it on whenever it felt dry. It's really greasy!

Went to be early as I was exhausted. Woke up at 730am - surprised that I was lying on my side with no painful sensation on the side of my face. In fact, my face felt calm, relatively cool. I was relaxed and refreshed! Maybe it was the combo of antibiotic and coconut oil but I think the coconut oil did the trick! (No it doesn't smell like coconut in case you wondered.) (The only side effect I do have that is slightly annoying is that I've developed a sty in one eye which I think is from the aquaphor getting in my eyes. Haven't been able to wear contacts for days. Using hot compress to break it up. Oh and the grease in the hair is difficult to get out.)

No day 3 photos but I do have day 4 photos which I'll upload later. I think my skin looks great but still a bit puffy which I like as I have lost a lot of collagen and will miss the fullness. Might go out today at last now that I think I can apply sunscreen and don't look as frightening.

I am still peeling/flaking. My skin itches but...

I am still peeling/flaking. My skin itches but overall looks good. It has only been a week so I'll check after some time with final results on the skin color and texture corrections.

I did a lot of research before agreeing to this procedure including seeing several dermatologists for consultations. Thanks to all the folks that have posted reviews as they were very helpful. My procedure was done by a dermatologist (MD) and I would never have a nurse or aesthetician use a laser on my face (but that's just me). My comments reflect my experience. Your skin and your experience may be different. Do your research! Ifor now but I am pretty satisfied so far.
You may want to change your review from a positive to (not sure)because you haven't seen the long term results yet. Just a thought in case things go wrong - you don't want your review influencing someone else.

7 day update. Skin itches and is still red. It...

7 day update. Skin itches and is still red. It seems to be returning to normal. Still see sun damage where darker spots were but the lighter stains seem to be gone but we'll see.
Did you end up doing the Co2 laser for just the eye area? And what do you think of the results...have lines been erased?
Thanks for the in-depth report and the photos. This is so helpful.
Thank you for the updates!!

So, I have flipped and am now undecided. ...

So, I have flipped and am now undecided. Initially, the results looked awesome but now, my skin is more blotchy and dark. The melasma returned with a vengeance. So, I returned to the doctor and she agreed that perhaps I am of the small percentage that do not react well with Fraxel Dual. She is working with me to improve my skin. And for that I am both grateful and impressed with her integrity. She's got me on Obagi to see if that improves things. Will keep you posted.
Hi Kingslet - I would also like to know how your melasma is. I am thinking about scheduling the co2 Fraxel the 23rd of this month and have never done any of these type treatments before. I am about 50/50 with reading the positive comments on line and negatives. Tossed on weither I should do it or not:(
Hi Kingslet - I'm wondering how you are doing and if your thoughts have changed...would love an update!
HI Kinglet, Thank you for your post. I am thinking of doing the Dual for melasma and I am wondering two months later if your melasma is better, worse, or the same as before you had the Dual.

My skin is better for sure but still have coffee...

My skin is better for sure but still have coffee stained skin; albeit lighter. I had 1 treatment so likely better results if I went back in.
I had Deep FX twice. no problems the first time. that is why I went in the for the second time 2 years later. I wanted smoother skin, but the real reason was to get rid of melasma. The doctor told me to use a different post op gel to put on the raw, open skin. i ended up having an allergic reaction and the nurses were too busy preparing for a 3 day holiday weekend to bother really deal with my complaints of discomfort and extremem itching. I found out later that allergic reactions at this stage are common . i kept applying for another 48 hours causing a GIANT ALLERGIC REACTION. I finally in a pain killer induced blur figured out I was having an allergic reaction. the nurses didnt'! so unfortunately I ended up with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation ( PIH) . and after such a GIANT ALLERGIC REACTION, my skin which was NEVER sensitive before , became sensitive to use any good bleaching creams , so now I have more melasma than ever. I was most upset that my doctor ( down in La Jolla) seem to back her nurses bad behavior. bottom line, stick with the IPL and skip the Deep FX. too risky
Obagi gives GREAT results! Just keep with it and you will see HUGE improvement over time.
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I like my doctor no matter what the result...The office was very responsive to my calls and although they forgot to follow up with me; did call me back immediately after I called to check in about the skin sensitivity and had me in immediately. Love the results! But for neck probably a waste of money, time

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