Face Fat Transfer Too Much -- What Can I Do?

Had the full fat transfer to face two months ago....

Had the full fat transfer to face two months ago. My 50 year old face went from being slender/oval to round. Can't smile like I used to - there's simply too much fat in my face. Does not look like me at all. Very upsetting. Any help or comments from anyone who has gone through this would be very helpful.

I did a whole face fat transfer last Christmas, my doctor told me only 20%-50% fat cell will stay live and may need to have a touch up after a year, therefore he intended to overfill. 5 days post op, my face was looked like a "witch". I was so upset and thought my face was ruin; 3 weeks post op, some of the excess fat die, my face was become so beautiful. Now has been 3 months, 80% of the fat die, my face is going back to "Normal". Now what I upset about is my money go down to the drain. You should be fine, just need to be patient.
You are lucky that the fat died and did not stay. Take your "winnings" and walk away from the table!
very true. how i wish mine had.

I am now at 3 months since the fat transfer and...

I am now at 3 months since the fat transfer and there has been little change. I will have to find someone to take some fat out.
I had fat transferred to my but and it seems too high up. Does it drop or go down. It's been 4 days
Does the fat transfer drop it seems too high around ny but area?
Hi all I'm a 52 yr old latin woman people think look good for my age. Me, personally I think I or just kind to start aging specially my lower checks, when I smile I don't look as attractive as I use to look in my early forties eventhought oI still look good. I' been thinking in doing fat grafting full face instead of a minifacial lift. But I'm very concern to look worse any suggestions of me what I should do.? My face is oval now . When young it was round and I did not like it.
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Doc is not a listener. Why would a doctor think that I would want to look like someone else. I did not communicate that at all. I was told recovery was 2 weeks to get back to normal. Not true.

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