The Best Decision I've Ever Made For Myself - Washington, DC

I had been overweight/obese for most (if not all)...

I had been overweight/obese for most (if not all) of my life. After getting out of a relationship that lasted almost a decade, I took a look in the mirror and literally didn't recognize myself. I started on a journey to get healthy (got a personal trainer, changed my eating--you know, the usual story; b/c that works) and the end result was me losing 80+ lbs in under a year).

Having had so much weight on my body for so long, my skin didn't have hardly any elasticity left. I had/have stretch marks everywhere, and although I'd lost a great deal of weight, you couldn't see my shape below the tons of extra, lose skin. So I made the decision to get a tummy tuck and breast reduction/lift. It literally changed my life. For the first time ever, I can see my shape and it really showed off all the hard work I'd put into getting my body back on track.

I had a few issues with my belly button and the scars and the easiest to deal with, but I'd do it all again in a heartbeat. It was definately worth it.

You look really wonderful. Congratulations on your weight loss, your hard work paid off!
You look unbelievable! I want to see the end results of your boobs! Mine are as sagged out and I'd love to have a lift. :)

There was no way for me to combine procedures, but...

There was no way for me to combine procedures, but I had both a tummy tuck and breast reduction together. the total cost for each procedure was $7,500, so the total cost was $15,000.
WOW! You look amazing! Congratulations!
:D thanks so much.
HOLY MOLY!!! You look great!
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