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Tummy Tuck... 4 weeks come Tuesday!!!

Hi all, I had my procedure 12 Mar & was so...

Hi all, I had my procedure 12 Mar & was so excited! I have waited for this for 18 years! I had my daughter young & never experienced the "bikini" life... lol... I am very fit, but no amount of exercise gets rid of stretch marks or the infamous mom pouch!

I have to say the first week was rough & I am still trying to stand up straight. Patience is the hardest thing to have right now, but I am learning to take it a day at a time & celebrate the small milestones! I hope to be fully upright by next week. I sure will be glad when the swelling goes down & I can get back into my jeans!

My concerns now are my belly button & I am a tad bit disappointed in the stretch marks I have left, but definitely better than before. I wish I knew the amount of healing time prior to surgery & I would have done it in Nov so by this time I am almost at my 6 month mark & ready for summer.

I am also a runner so I miss it & can't wait to hit the pavement! I am so glad I found this site to be able to share my experience & read about others who share the same goals, motivations, and experiences. Good luck to all the future tummy tuck survivors! :)

BTW, I also had lipo on my inner thighs and even though they are a little swollen & sore, I can see an immediate difference & I am ecstatic about that... no more thigh rub!

Almost at my 3 week mark & I wish I knew or leg...

Almost at my 3 week mark & I wish I knew or leg the following info register prior go my surgery:

1. The pain is more intense than discomfort
2. If I sneeze, cough, or throw up it will feel like I want to did & I need to brace myself & hold a pillow up to my stomach
3. I will not be able to stand straight for at least 3 weeks
4. I will swollen for up to 6 months to a year
5. I will let be able to wear anything but sweats for at least 6 weeks
6. I will have to wear the compression garment for 6 weeks
7. I have to get up & move after the drains are removed... the more I move & push through the easier it will get
8. Sitting for too long keeps me stiff... Have to move around on a routine basic
9. Patience is necessary & a must!!!!

I am sure I knew this already, but I was so excited for my new stomach I didn't really let it sink in. Week one was rough, but with each day you just get better & better!! I am so glad I can see & feel the progress during this recovery!!

Amen to that!! :)

Finally!! Come Tuesday it will be a month & I...

Finally!! Come Tuesday it will be a month & I finally feel a sense of normalcy! I am able to stand up straight & not feel so stiff when I sit for a while. I am no longer hunched over & able to move at my normal speed. I am so glad. I am still swollen, but can tell the swelling is going down. I continue to move & wear my garment religiously! I can't wait until I am comfortable in jeans... But now I will continue to wear leggings. I am also back in most of my work pants!! Bonus!! stay strong ladies!!! :) until next time!
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Who was your dr? Thanks for sharing your story!
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Hi, my dr was Dr. Paul Ruff located in Georgetown, Washington DC... Great dr!! :)
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I started running almost 2 mths ago. I am really enjoying it and that I will miss when I get my tt done.
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Yes, I miss running! :) good luck with your procedure!
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thanks for sharing your tips. you r looking good
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Thank you much!!
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I love to run and am back at it! Ck out my profile. HAng in there. It WILL get better and you WILL run again!!
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Hello lady! You look great! I can't wait to be in real people's clothes again! thanks for sharing... I can't wait to run again... My power walking begins on Monday... 1 day prior to my 3 week mark! ;)
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I'm a runner too! Will you post some before pics? Or maybe I just can't see them. I had my surgery on the so we are in this together. :-) Keep up the good work! Glad you're liking your results already.
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Hello! I don't have any before pixs but I will get some from my doctor. How is your recovery going? Thanks for the kudos!! :)
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ok so, I had my tummy tuck with no lipo but a breast lift/reduction on March 14th and I have to say that your swelling looks so much better than mine! You already show definition which is exciting, I am having to go back to work in a week for 3 days which I am not looking forward to. I too am a runner and am missing running the half marathon I ran with my office last yr and have yet to tell all my office staff that I cant run with them in 2 weeks...bummer. I am concerned I wont be ready for summer either since we live on the lake and my kiddos are water babies in the summmer but I guess we just have to hold tight and get there. By the way, how tall and what is your weight if you dont mind...am feeling a bit depressed after seeing how good your swelling looks compared to mine...you look great!
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Thanks for the kudos about the swelling! i feel so much better...I am 5'4 & 154. I carry all my weight in my butt & thighs. My waist was small except for the "mom pouch"... I wear my compression garment except when I shower. It is really needed. My dr also had me put some type of foam pads in the front & back of the garment for the first 2 weeks. I missed this years rock & roll half & hope I am able to do it next year. I can so relate to your concern about summer... I had a friend who had a tuck last year & she said around 3 months you will really see a difference. I hope so because I would hate to be swoll the entire summer! Please keep me posted on your progress!! Sending good vibes your way!!!! :)
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Hey...thanks for the reply.....deep sigh...just hoping to feel good and less swollen and bloated soon. I have yet to even drive, am so exhausted...I hope that I am not the only one but this is kicking my butt! Keep me posted with your results and pray I look as good as you soon! I have yet to do the rock and roll half but would like to one day....let me know when you start running again so that I kinda of gage myself. Just rest is all I can say!
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no worries! :) I am sure you will look great! I am super exhausted as well. This was my first week back to work & it's rough because I am still not walking straight up... I've been blaming my posture on my back! lol... All I can say is push through the discomfort! I have been to Wal-Mart, the mall, grocery store & to get my hair done! I am exhausted after these ventures, but with each day I feel better. I don't want to just sit because I don't want to gain weight during recovery. I will let you know when I am able to run. I plan on starting to power walk next week as long as I am standing up straight! The rock n roll marathon was great! Especially here because it falls on St. Patty's day weekend! I will post my progress & pixs weekly! Ttyl!
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Ok..so you have encouraged me to get out and about but just not today, LOL. I told the kiddos that we would go to the movies on Sat. afternoon and a promise is a promise. I have been doing higher protein and lower carb so I dont gain weight and actually have lost a couple of extra pounds, my surgeon has asked me to do extra protein either with shakes or chicken for healing and since I am not running I dont need all my normal carbs. Let me know how the power walking goes, surgeon wants me to start light walking tomorrow...I feel as though I will never run again! LOL I am less swollen today....yeah!
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Hello lady! I am glad you are going to get up and out the house... The moving will do you good. I too have lost some pounds but still so swollen... I just want to fit into my jeans again! lol... I am eating clean though because I didn't pay all this money & go through the pain to not keep this new belly looking good. I power walked for about 15 min today & not too bad! I hope to do more next week. I am glad you are less swollen. Let me know how your Saturday outing goes!
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Do you have any before pictures for comparison? Good luck and good healing to you. I've learned so much on this website-that full results aren't achieved until probably close to 1 yr post-op. I'm hoping with this bit of information I'll be less critical of my ups & downs along the way. I sure wish I'd been given the info about this site before my BR last October. It would of saved me from freaking about every little thing.
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I don't have any before pixs, but I hope to get a copy during my next dr visit. I will post then. This website is great! I have learned so much in the past few weeks! Thanks for well wishes & I hope all is well on your end!
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