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I am 39yr old female weighs 148lbs. I have always...

I am 39yr old female weighs 148lbs. I have always had a big stomach/waist line. Plastic Surgeon says that I am a candidate for Tummy tuck, but not going that route. Decided on traditional lipo of upper/lower abs, and flanks (love handles) I am scared as heck. I have done a ton of research and have seen where women have died for this procedure. My fiancée and family do not agree with me doing this, however, it’s something I always wanted to do for myself. Also, I lost over 60 lbs years ago.

Ok, Surgery is scheduled for Monday April 16, 2012. I told the doctor I do not want twilight sedation. I want to take Percocet or Valium. Twilight has greater risk, per research. Also, I am going to request that he not use as much Lidocaine with the tumescent process. I read where most of the death was from over dose of Lidocaine. Maybe I’m over reacting, but I want to live after this procedure so I need to do what makes me feel more comfortable. I have been undecided for about 3 years and now I finally got the heart to do it. I will post before pictures on tomorrow and after photos next week. I had visited several lipo med spa and decided not to go that route either.

Taneshaastin, hi i hope the best for ur result if you smoke dont do it againg, im doing a research paper 4 college and to get lipo done as well. This is what i found:
smoke could be a particular issue of risk to optimal wound healing.
I'm going take after picture on Friday

I still swollen. Will post them
Enjoy your day
can't wait to see the after pics. did you take a day 1 pic?

I am now at the 2 weeks Post OP and I do not think...

I am now at the 2 weeks Post OP and I do not think I will be happy with the final result. I know I still have swelling but my stomach still looks too big. I asked the doctor to take out the max which is 10-12lbs. He said I would look like a shark took a bite out of me. I did my research on the doctor and met someone that had the procedure done with using him. He is a certified plastic surgeon. I can see a drastic change in the love handles but my tummy I think could have used more liposuction.

I would not recommend him because his office staff SUCKS. His name is Jamal Youselfi in Vienna, VA. He showed up 1 hour and 15 minutes late for my procedure. He was nice before the surgery, once he found out that I was unhappy, I saw another side to him. I had to call the office 4 times for a doctor’s note to return back to work. The nursing assistant put the wrong size garment on me. This was not uncovered until 1 week after my surgery.

He allows his office staff to conduct the follow up visits? Now why in the world would I want a nursing assistant conducting a follow up to plastic surgery? She’s not trained in plastic surgery and cannot tell me how I’m going to look or if in fact something looked wrong. Also, I was told that you heal faster from laser lipo, and then you would from traditional lipo.
Well, I had laser on the lower ab and traditional on the top ab, and love handles
I healed faster in the area with traditional lipo. The lower ab is very swollen. The top has gone down significantly. I am not happy with my 2 week mark. I seen photo of others at 1 week and they looked better than me. I am not sure if I am willing to have a touch up done. Waste of 4,300 as of today. If my some miracle my tummy gets flatter, I post and update the review. As of today, NOT WORTH IT with JAMAL Youselfi!!!
Hi honey drop thanks for the kind words. I can now see more of a difference now that I'm almost 3weeks post op. I guess I could see the results due to swelling. I'm starting to see my stomach shrink. I hope and pray it law. Good luck with yours please make sure you tell the doctor to take as much fat as possible. Please buy plenty of bed covers. I call them bed pads. I brought them at a medical supply store. There was so much drainage. You will leak for 3 days
Hi, I really like your results.... I understand that you may no be happy but I can see a massive difference in your pics. I am having lipo on the 23rd of this month, its my stomach area that I want work in and if my stomach looks like yours after I will be trilled with the results :)
Ok thank you.
Vienna Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Jamal Youselfi was 1 hour and 15 minutes late for the surgery. I asked before the procedure to take atleast 8lbs, he didn’t, he only took 5lbs. He rushed on me. Also, doctor’s office is very unprofessional, I had to call 3 times for a return to work note. Also, he allows untrained staff to conduct the 1st post op visit. I couldn’t believe his home health aide Shannon was conducting my post op appointment. I asked to see the doctor, the plastic surgeon I spent my money with. Not your home health aide. She told me that she was a trained home health aide. Shannon is extremely nice, but when I’m spending my money, I want the best of care always and I think it’s a disfavor to the customer to have them see an untrained person after plastic surgery. I think the doctor should monitor your progress. His office manager Nancy is unprofessional. very unorganized!!! I would not recommend this doctor.

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