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I had this done reciently to my mid face and under...

I had this done reciently to my mid face and under my chin. I had had co-2 done and while in the doctors office the office manager showed me a picture of the doctor. He had done just one side of his face with the Thermage. The difference was dramatic. One side of his face was tighter, thinner and 'higher' than the other. Subtle but dramatic when seen on the same face. I immediated scheduled an appointment to have the Thermage.

I had previously (like many people) looked at the pictures and opinions on line and hadn't thought much of the proceedure. Upon more intense research I found the people who seem to get the best results have good skin to begin with are no more than middle age and use the highest settings. I fell into all those catagorys. I also think doing mutiple proceedures. IE co-2 and Thermage multiplies the results. The trick is to start early (say at 40). I'm older than that but have always taken great care of my skin and it shows. So yes my skin firmed up and the pre jowels i was getting went away and my jaw line is nice and tight again. I will do this next on my neck.

I get co-2 once a year and that to is a slow steady improvement. Once is not enough, but multiple treatments seem to make a dramatic change. Being a guy I want a natural look and want to seem middle age for as long as technology will allow! Not just a personal vanity but also a BUSINESS one. 55 now and I really want to put that face lift off till 60....and so far so good. most people think I'm 10 years younger than I am. The doc get most of the credit.

A note on costs. I shopped around for my doc when I started my skin proceedures and checked references but also point blank asked the office manager if i would get discounts on services if I became a regular and had yearly work. I chose the doc whos references were good and extends those discounts and is flexable.
Oh and the 'pain'....well I had just below the highest setting and yes it has short bursts of pain which could be a REAL issue for some. I clenched my teeth for the whole proceedure. But had no numbing or valum. You might want to take both. I do believe the new machines do NOT have the same burning pain effect at all. So you might want to check that out. I will do this again in about 18 months. and continue with the yearly co-2.

I'm a firm believer in these proceedures now.


Glad to hear you like the results from Thermage. What are the hours and days immediately following the treatment like for you? Do you have swelling or discoloration at all?

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No swelling like with co-2. Just a tightness. I did have what looked like brusing on one side of my face at the chin-cheek level that disapated within a week. I did have to tell people a fib about it as I don't tell anyone about these proceedures! I just said I had some grease splash when I was cooking. I am impressed so far with the tightening of my face. If it does (as they say) get better for up to 6 months. I really look forward to it!!! I have to recomend what was recomended to me and that is if your going to all the trouble and expence to do this.. feed you body the vitimans its need for collagen repair. Vita C is essentual and vita A and E very helpful. You can google collagen repair. Help your body do the repair work. It just makes sence.

Yes, I agree that a good diet and giving your body what it needs is very important. So glad to hear you are being mindful of that!!

I'm curious if you tell anyone about your treatments, like close friends or family, or do you keep it completely to yourself? Isn't it interesting how things like this are still seen as somewhat taboo although way more people get them done than seem to admit to it? I tend to be pretty open about mine, but then again everyone knows where I work, coupled with the fact that I'm female it probably makes it a little easier to discuss. Even with that I've definitely picked up on my fair share of judgement, so I can certainly understand why people are still hesitant to talk about stuff like this.

6 months later

The thermage results are less obvious now. I can pinch my skin and feel its thicker but the dramatic effect I had the first few months is gone. I did return to have my neck done as I know it absolutely produces new collegen. I am going back to have my mid face done again by or near the 1 year mark. I think this is a matienence proceedure just like the co-2 I get. I really believe sleep and how you sleep effects how long these proceedures last. I'm a very bad sleeper and often find my self sleeping on my face. Thats just a really bad thing. Its obvious. Sleep on your back only!!!

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as mentioned in my review. reasearch and calling.

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