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Hello everyone! I'm so happy I found this site...

Hello everyone! I'm so happy I found this site because my surgery is two days away and I'm so nervous! I've always had small chest but after the birth of my daughter and breast feeding they are now an A cup. I'm going for a small C large B because my PS thinks it will be best for my frame.

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Hello everyone! I'm sorry I left so much...

Hello everyone! I'm sorry I left so much information out but I was on a plane when I first found this site! Anyway, my pre op was two weeks ago and I went through the paperwork, what foods to avoid, and what to expect overall. I can say that I was shocked to see all of the things that I had to avoid, being that I had surgery before and don't ever remember being told to avoid so many things. Honestly my PS didn't make the surgery seem as invasive as I thought it would be. I am getting my incision under the breast and I am going with saline by Allegra round. I'm not sure of the profile yet but, I will ask. I was prescribed an antibiotic, nausea meds, and Vicodin. It's two days before and I am starting to get really nervous. I just want everything to go okay. I have been reading so many reviews on here and I want to thank all of you for being so forth coming, it's really helpful to women who's surgeries are coming up! I just purchased my straws, front close sports bras, and I'm going to get some button up shirts just in case. I really hope that I am a really fast healer and that I won't have any issues. Can anyone describe what the pain was like? Does anyone know of anything I might be forgetting?

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It's the night before the day before and I am so...

It's the night before the day before and I am so nervous to the point of contemplating canceling! I've wanted this for so long and now that its here I'm scared. Has anyone else felt this way? Please let me know because everyone else just seemed to be so excited before their surgery and not scared or nervous. I just keep thinking about how I will be after all of the initial things are ver and honestly how uncomfortable I am about the way I look right now. It's just very hard to deal with right now.


Being nervous is completely normal, I couldn't sleep the night before my surgery which was Friday. Recovery wasn't as bad as I expected, just be sure to keep track of what meds you took and when. My mom made a chart for me so I knew which ones I needed to take on an empty stomach or so far apart from another pill which was helpful because all I did was sleep and take meds so I was pretty confused. Also be careful about food, just because you feel ok doesn't mean you should eat like normal...crackers, toast, and soup are good meals.
For sleeping I found placing 2 pillows behind my head and one on each side to prop up my arms helped. I stopped all meds except antibiotics yesterday (day 3) and today I feel pretty much back to normal and will go to work tomorrow for at least half a day. The pain mostly feels achy, like you overdid it on the weights and can't use those muscles. Good luck, I hope you get the results you are looking for!!!
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Thanks so much! I guess I just read all of the negative stuff and started to get nervous that i was making a huge mistake.

I'm so glad you found us, too! Thanks for starting your story here with us! What sort of implants are you going with?

You might want to check out this article about what to set up and buy before your breast aug surgery.

Good luck! Please come back and let us know how it goes.

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It's the day before and I'm so nervous I actually...

It's the day before and I'm so nervous I actually called to cancel! Reading all the bad possibilities really got to me. I'm going to see my doc on my lunch break to talk things over with him. I am excited to finally be happy with how I look but I am still nervous about all of the possibilities. I need to stop doing research on bad things.

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So I just came from meeting with my doctor and I...

So I just came from meeting with my doctor and I feel much better. A lot of the people around me actually made me feel so bad because I'm a mom and wife making the decision to do this. However, I do believe I will be fine and I am excited for what I will look like. Countdown begins!

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So tonight is the night before the surgery and I...

So tonight is the night before the surgery and I finally feel at ease and excited. I am still nervous but, I don't feel as bad as I did last night or today, and that was definitely brought on by reading a lot of negative information. I have to take some nausea medication two hours before my surgery (at 1030) and then surgery is at 12:30pm. Let you know whats going on if I'm up to posting tomorrow!

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So yesterday was the big day and I feel great! I...

So yesterday was the big day and I feel great! I have not had to take any of the Vicodin prescribed. I received some in my IV at the time of the surgery but when I got home I just took my antibiotics, some aleeve, and nausea meds just in case. I also took a multi vitamin. I slept off and on yesterday but I was able to sit up in a comfy chair and watch television for a while. I also slept sitting up with pillows and a neck pillow but I slept elevated last night. I slept through the night, only getting up to use the bathroom on my own twice. I woke up early this morning, did my normal morning routine (without the shower) and had some applesauce, oatmeal, my antibiotics, vitamin, and aleeve. The aleeve was for the stiffness in my back and neck from the way be been sleeping but breast just feel like I worked out really hard. He has me do these arm exercises where I lift them up to the sides where they were on the operating table and where I lift them in front like superman. I've also had to cross them in front and that just helps me feel less sore and loosens everything up. I still haven't felt any pain at all. My breast were really tight and stiff this morning but nothing too bad. The size is 360 cc on the right and 345 cc on the left. I didn't want to go too big nor did I want to be too small. I knew that smaller implants would look more natural and last longer so that's what I was going for. I'm so excited to see what happens at my pre op today and I know he mentioned teaching me how to do the massages for them. I will keep you posted and post pictures as soon as I can!

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Today is 3 days post op and I feel great! My PS...

Today is 3 days post op and I feel great! My PS had given me a three day anesthetic that was locally on my breasts to help with the pain over the three worst days and it lasted three days. I still feel the numbness and I'm not sure if that's just numbness from the surgery or the medicine. Yesterday I went shopping which required lots of walking but I took it slow. I was a little tight once I got home but I felt good. I also purchased a bra and I am a 30 D right now so I bought a 32 D for the comfort. It doesn't have any underwire since he said that I would have to wait 6 weeks to do that. I have been doing my massages 3 times a day which. Believe has been helping and overall just massaging them a little to get used to them. I do not look like a D at all. I have no swelling so I'm not sure if I'm going to settle into a C or if D is my final size. I am excited to find out though! They have been softening up everyday and feeling better.

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Today I went to lunch and walking and I am still...

Today I went to lunch and walking and I am still feeling great. I did begin to get some tightness in my right breast and I went into a bathroom and did my massages and felt much better. I just need to make sure that I am taking it easy even though I am feeling good. I posted some pictures and as soon as I can find my before picture I will post!


Glad to hear everything went well and you are feeling good!!! What kind of bras did you buy? Do you have to wear sports/compression bras or just avoiding underwire? The pic looks great, seems like they are a good size for your frame.
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Thanks! I bought an non underwire bra from Calvin Klein (they were on sale!) They are so comfortable and feels as if I'm wearing nothing at all. I am a 30 D and since they don't sell those everywhere I just buy 32 D. They told me to avoid underwire for 6 weeks. I can resume all exercise in two weeks. Thank you for the compliment!
I'm jealous!! I'm in a compression bra for 3 months then a sports bra or no bra for 3 months and can't work out for another 3-4 weeks so make sure you update us on how your workouts go so I can know what to expect :)

So today was my first day back to work and it went...

So today was my first day back to work and it went prety well. I have a desk job so they would get a little tight throughout the day. I compare it to feeling like I need to pump for the women who have breast fed. I got two more bras from Calvin Klein, one just like the photo and two others that have no underwire or padding. I will post pics of those tonight. I hope all is well with everyone rose and thanks to all the women who have shared their stories and helped me. I will continue to keep you posted.


330 cc saline unders with crease incision. I'm impressed you are back at work already, today was my first day back and my surgery was before yours it was rough for me....side pain was awful and I have a desk job too but tomorrow I will be prepared with stronger meds. Glad it went well!!!
Thanks! I hope tomorrow goes well for you! My PS does less invasive BA's so most of his patients are back to work in less than a week. Most do need some type of pain med though, I used Aleve to help with the discomfort. Good luck tomorrow!

Yesterday I realized I hadn't made a bowel...

Yesterday I realized I hadn't made a bowel movement yet do I took a laxative. It was too late. I ended up having to use a glycerin suppository which wasn't terrible but wasn't necessary. Make sur.e you start your fiber the day of surgery so that you don't have to deal with this.

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Today I realized that my left breast has dropped...

Today I realized that my left breast has dropped and my right breast is still very tight. Tomorrow will make 1 week post surgery so I am not nervous but I really understand now how annoying this can be. It feels engorged. I do my massages 3 times a day so I hope that they will help my right breast to drop eventually. I still have numbness underneath my breast (where the incision was made) but I can feel both nipples so that is good to know. I am hoping that my right breast wont be too far behind but will be patient as I have seen that the breast that is either smaller and was filled more or the breast on the side of the dominant hand can be a pain and I happen to have both on one breast! Does anyone know any tips on getting a breast to soften besides the massages?


Hi! Thanks for your posts! I am contemplating 325 cc's or 350 cc's. Dr suggested the 350's, but he has to do a 380 in one of them since they are off in size (Not sure what the other size would be if I did 325's since he and I didn't really discuss the 325). The 380 freaks me out, lol.

I know there is only a 25 cc difference between the 325/350 sizes, but I am worried about the 25 cc's making a difference in how tops fit me, and looking too "over the top" in size. From your photos you look amazing!! Are you happy with the size?

Also, what brands are the bras you are wearing and where did you buy them? Love them!

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Things have still been going really good! This...

Things have still been going really good! This Thursday will be my second week and I am so excited because I get to workout again! Over this weekend I have been shopping, on three hour rides, to the beach, knocked over by waves. I have been doing so well and I really just think its because my PS is awesome at doing breast augmentation. I really have had such a speedy recovery so far and it's been great especially reading some of the stories on here. Both of my breasts have dropped and although the right is still a little tighter, i rarely have the morning boob sensation nor do I have any other tightness. I've been sleeping on oth of my sides and still doing my massages three times a day. My tape fell off of my incision (I was never wrapped, I have liquid stitches, and I basically just had really strong bandaids on my incisions). I've started to apply cocoa butter to them everyday. They basically just look like slits/with scabs. Nothing of what I was expecting. I will continue to keep you posted.


Hey girl you look great!!!!!. Im going on surgery next monday 350cc anatomical implants. Thank you and hope i will look as grreat as you :)
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Thank you and good luck!
Tks i will update my review next week :)

It's officially two weeks this past Thursday since...

It's officially two weeks this past Thursday since my BA and I'm still doing ok. These last couple of days, I've been starting to get the feeling back in the lower half of my breasts and it is a little irritated. My skin overall has felt a little irritated and dry and I've been applying cocoa butter to help. My nipples are extremely sore to the touch and I can't wait till this phase is over. I've continued my massages though. Last night I accidentally slept on my stomach and that was a huge mistake. I will make sure to sleep on my back or side until I no longer feel uncomfortable doing it.


Hey girl congrats on your BA, you look great! Where did you get your pink and white bra? Too cute love it :)
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Hey, thank you! From Victoria secret.
I'm worried my surgeon isn't going to go big enough? Any thoughts.. I'm a small girl and don't want to be all boobs but I also want to make sure they're big enough!
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It has officially been three weeks since my...

It has officially been three weeks since my surgery and I have been doing well. I did end up having a little bit of uncomfortableness as the feeling in my breast began to come back but, really that has been it. I no longer wake up with a "morning boob" sensation. I continute to wear a bra to sleep as I slept without one and I woke up with very sore breasts. I still haven't worked out even though I was cleared to workout at week two but, I am starting again this week. My left breast is still dropping faster than my right but my right is starting to catch up. I can't wait until they both are the same so that my breast don't look uneven. It isn't very noticable but I can tell. They still look symmetricial and the same size but, it's just that one looks a little lower. I posted a new picture and the bra is from victoria secret. It is from the pink line and it's called a yoga bra. It is very comfortable. It's like a sports bra but it gives shape instead of compressing. It has no underwire as my doctor advised against it until I am at 6 months post op. Hope everyone is doing well!


Hi! do you have an update??:D
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Hiya pink~you look amazing! I really like that black and white zebra print bra. Super Cute!! I just bought a few new bras from Victorias Secret, it's actually fun shopping for lingerie since my BA...Lol! Do you have any before piks? Would be nice to see what you looked like as an A cup to compare differences.
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Washington Plastic Surgeon

I honestly felt as if Dr. Ruff assigned one of his staff members to me from the moment I met Michelle. Any question I had (no matter the time because I had her cell phone number) was answered fully and completely. Even when I thought i wanted to cancel because of nervousness she was not pushy or anything. She got me right in to see Dr. Ruff again and he answered all of my questions again. The BIGGEST plus is that they do 3D imaging which shows what your body will look like with breasts not finding other pictures and that helped tremendously. Dr. Ruff was there when I got out of surgery to ensure I was okay and he called me that night to make sure that I was still doing good. Awesome customer service, awesome in everything. I am very pleased and would recommend him to anyone!

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