TCA Peel 30%: So Far So Good - Washington, DC

I just had a TCA peel/30 percent performed today...

I just had a TCA peel/30 percent performed today by a physician, and I'd like to share my experience so far since so many accounts I read beforehand on this site and others almost discouraged me from going through with it. First off, yes - there is burning - and depending on your pain threshhold, it can be severe. In my experience, it was quite uncomfortable, but bearable for the 3-5 mins. the acid was first applied to my face. Three hours later I look simply as though I've had a bad sunburn. No qualms about going out in public. Will continue posting as I go through this experience.

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I'm now on day 3 - two days post peel application....

I'm now on day 3 - two days post peel application. The redness has greatly subsided and there's just a small amount of flakiness near my mouth.

There are definitely dark spots/area (those started appearing very visibly day 2/yesterday) showing the areas of greatest sun damage - and those same areas have begun to feel a litte rough. There are also dark-reddish lines along my jawline.

I went for my pre-scheduled check-up with my physician today, and he was pleased with the progress and said I should start peeling significantly by Wednesday/day 5 (finally - can't wait!).

Per my doctor's instructions, I apply a mixture of hydroquinone 4%; aloe vera gel; cortisone; and neosporin 4x/day. As explained by my doc, this keeps my skin from getting overly dry and scarring. I'm adhering to this regimen despite my inner desire to just let everything dry up and come off already!

So far there's been no pain, just a bit of tightness - truly no big deal. I've read on some sites (I've done a LOT of reading!) that people who undergo this peel take pain and/or anti-anxiety meds, but I've taken neither - IMHO, if you can bear with the initial burning when the peel is first applied (high pain threshold is helpful!) then there's really no need for either (my doc agrees).

Stay tuned - will update as changes occur!
Thanks for reading and I hope this is helpful to those who are considering undergoing this procedure.


Glad to read you are following your doctors advice to keep everything moisturized while you heal. I always want to fast forward the results too, so I can understand your desire not to use the stuff, but I'm sure you will have better results by following their directions.

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Thanks for starting your review right after having your peel done. It is always so helpful for people to be able to read what has been experienced at each stage in the game.

Glad you were able to tolerate the pain ok, and look forward to hearing how things are looking as you heal. :)

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3rd day post-peel - Still not much happening -...

3rd day post-peel -
Still not much happening - some flaking, a tiny bit of skin peeling...a bit frustrating.
And proof that this is a different experience for everyone. Hopefully tomorrow will bring some substantial peeling action!


How deep of a peel was this? I have never paid 800 dollars for a peel before. That seems like an awful lot.
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How does your skin look now?
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Sorry to hear you are feeling frustrated. :-/

I'll be interested to hear what day 4 & 5 bring.

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