I am in the very beginning of this journey. I...

I am in the very beginning of this journey. I didn't find a doctor yet (my very first consultation is in 2 weeks), i don't know how much it might costs or if i am a good candidate. I want my nose straight, shorter with smaller nostrils. I think a surgery to a lower half of my nose is holding the key to addressing all of my concerns and it shouldn't effect any bone structure. Am i right? I would love to hear opinions!

Post Consultation

So, i had my consultation last week. I liked the doctor, his approach was very appealing to me and i don't think i am going to look for other opinions. He pretty much addressed all my concerns about my nose, even the very minor ones i never mentioned.

To be honest with you when i saw the adjusted photos of what my nose will look like i wasn't wowed. But then i realized the reason: i ofter edit pictures of myself in Photoshop, to make my nose look nicer, and doctor's view just matched my edits very close!

He offered to have additional consultations before i commit, but i am not sure what to ask him about. It's just so much of the process is a "chance". Doctor can't guarantee that the actual result will be 100% of what's on the photo. He can't guarantee that there will be no complications or if i am going to love the result... So instead of just freaking myself out with variables i just want to get over with it. And hope for the best.

Considering scheduling an procedure for beginning of June. I wish i could have it done as soon as possible, but there's too much going on in spring. Are there any increased risks of doing it in summer? I wanna be up and running by 4th of July :) What do you think guys?

Less than a month is left till my big day

Trying not to think too much about how fast time is flying by. Lately i noticed, i am more optimistic and my mood was up because i feel like the sourse of my lifelong insecurities is gonna be gone soon:) I felt the same way while wearing braces - i got them late in life, in my early 20s and took them off 3 months before my wedding :)) So i guess it's all good so far. My pre-op consultation is scheaduled for May 16th, and i need to pay for the surgery by May 6th... After that there's no way back (not like i want to :) ). Here's another awful angle of my nose from the Easter celebration photoshoot. Enjoy :)

Less than a week till my big day

Well... My surgery is less than a week away. I can't believe it's that close! Last week i was super nervous and even researched some life insurance :) Yesterday i bought some med supplies, a full coverage face foundation, and a gel eye mask (that was under $4 in HomeGoods) :). I already had a wedge pillow and two neck pillows. So hopefully i'll be alright.
The question that is bothering me is: should i take my cell phone with me to the hospital (do they have a secure locker or something like that), so i can call my husband after the surgery, or should i just leave all valuables with him and just hope he will guess the time to pick me up right? We don't have anybody to leave our kid with, so staying at the hospital while i'm in surgery is not an option. I will be in George Washington Hospital if that matters. Thanks!


Thanks everybody for your comments!! I got a call today from the hospital... sooooo first of all i lied:) about the name of the hospital it's actually Georgetown University Hospital where i'll be at. The nurse asked some generic questions, and informed to bring with me only ID and insurance card. And nothing in my mouth from midnight before the surgery - dunno how i will survive without my water sips :(
It's all getting soo real. Thanks God my best friend is flying over tonight to entertain me till Monday :)))


Just posting couple pics. I will write my review, once my headache will go down. Enjoy ;)

My surgery day

Originaly i was scheduled for the surgery at 10am, but on Monday i got a phone call that my surgery have been moved to 7:30am. So on Tuesday i arrived to a hospital at 5:30am, but nobody was aware about a time schange :( To be honest with you i was very nervios about the procedure to begin with, but when everything started to fall apart right from the begining i got really upsat. I was sitting in the waiting room crying, whitch i am sure didn't add any comfort to the staff. I got finally admitted around 7:15am. I was really happy with the hospital (Georgetown University Hospital) and their stuff. Everybody was so caring and nice. Ofcourse because of my nerves my blood pressure was thru the roof (something like 140/110), but i am happy they didn't pospone the surgery because of that. Dr Baker stopped by just to comfirm what we are going and mentioned that he might have to cut inside my upper lip to bring my nose back (he ended up not doing it). Anesthesiologist spent a lot of time with me and his intern (a guy is graduating in a month) was really funny, so it helped me to relax a bit. Once they took me into operation room and mentioned something about a gas... i don't remember anything after that. I woke up feeling better that i thought i will. They didn't put packing inside my nose, since i barely bled, so i am breathing thru my nose just fine. My husband saw the doctor right after the surgery around 11am, but when i woke up it was after 1pm. Once i could stay awake i got some snacks and juice and my husband took me home.
At home i ate some pineapples, a yogurt and some pills:) I was prescribed painkillers, nausea, steroids, and antibiotics. I never got nauseated, but i took one pill right after a car ride home just to be safe. And today i didn't take any painkillers, since they are making me super sleepy. Yesterday i got to change only one dripping pad, today i don't need it already.
Today i am getting more bruses under eyes and swelling between eyebrows and nose. My nosetip and nostrils seem uneven today, but i think it's due to swelling. Here are some pics;)

2nd day after

Seems like the bruising got a bit better this morning (or maybe i just wish it would :)). My husband made me laugh last night and a bled a little from one nostril :(
Also last night i slept on my side - yeeeei! I ended up not using neck pillows, instead i put my big euro pillow on top of a foam wedge and it's so comfy!

3rd Day

Today has been a little rough for me: i have a headache and i def feel my nose being more swollen. I feel more pressure under the tape and my nose leaked some clear sticky stuff. I felt today that my nose turned out to be a bit longer that what i anticipated, but then i am trying to tell myself that it might be just the swelling... They say the 3rd day is the worse - hoping i will feel better tomorrow.
PS: i washed my hair today :)))

5th day

This morning i took my last dose of antibiotics and steroids. Yeei to that. No more pills for me. Last night i picked out of my right nostril a dried out piece of blood and that improved my breathing. I don't notice any improvements in brusing today, so i start suspecting that these could be my natural dark circles earned with lack of rest, poor diet and absents of freash air. Getting more and more worried that my tip is still too bulbous and my nose is too long. The leight bothers me the most. Can't wait to put some makeup on! Does anybody know when it's ok to apply makeup on stickes?

Day 6

Finally got outside today. With my big hat on and hyper active kid by my side:) Here are couple pics from today. Some tape started to peel off the nostrils and stitches under my nose are really bothering me. Now it's time for evening icing :)

Tape is off

So, i have to apologize to all, who were expecting an update from me yesterday, as my tape was finally taken off. I just could not do it :( . My new nose reveal was pretty disappointing and you can see why. I know i know it's only been a little over a week, but all the girls that i am following had such a great appearances as a cast was taken off! My nose doesn't look significantly shorter, and the unevenness of it and an absents of definition is just driving me insane :S My greatest fear: the nose will stay asymmetrical forever :'(

Oh, forgot to mention "something good"

I don't wanna be a total Negative Nancy and here are the things i like about my new nose so far:
- the "slopes" are gone;
- the dent in my tip is gone;
- the nostrils are smaller.

2 weeks post

So, today's exactly 2 weeks since my Big Day. I posted a pic taken today, so you can see that one side is swollen more than the other still, and i can def feel the pressure in my nose tip. BTW my nose tip looks waaaaay better in the mirror than on photos.
I still have some dissolvable stitches inside my nose that just wouldn't go away , but my nostrils are back to normal (i think). My Dr told me to protect the scar from uv, so i discovered a sunscreen oil 50, that doesn't leave white spots.
And on the positive note, yesterday on the way to yoga i discovered a wonderful lighting by my entry way... I snapped some photos as a reminder to myself that things will get better and that my nose already looks so much better - at least i think so :))

Swelling comes and goes

Today was a tough day for me: after seeing little impovements everyday, the swelling suddenly came back. I am not sure if it's the heat or too much bending over (was picking some berries and digging in the garden), but i even noticed slight bruising under my eyes and on the side of my nose along with swelling :( Hopefully, it will all improve for my pictures of "3 week" mark :).

A month post

I can't belive it's been a month since my surgery! I am gonna see my dr for a follow up visit only on July 11th.
I am still having some good and some bad days when i love or terrified of the results (i blame that on extra swelling that comes sometimes).
The swelling on one side of the nose is more visible than another, so my nostrills still look uneven (upclose selfies show that the worst). My scar is still numb, red and swollen and (as i think) very noticeable. Nosetip is hard and doesn't look any smaller from my pre tip.
Tomorrow i have an orthodontist appointment, hope i will be able to open my mouth wide enough :))

Was it worth it?

This is the end of my week 5 and i begin to doubt if my rhinoplasty was a good idea... Never in a million years could i imagine, that i will be in this position :( I don't look horrible, but i though 8K would bring more change, but when looking in the mirror my nose tip doesn't look much different. And i start worrying that uneven nostrils could be due to the way my nose healed vs just the swelling, which means it's permanent. The swelling is all in my tip now and it's the only part that is hard, and it looks like "slopes" are/might coming back. The money payed were not my last savings, but i don't feel comfortable investing even more and going thru the surgery once again. My husband says, i just have OCD (LoL) and he doesn't see what i am seeing (but then he can miss a gallon of milk in the fridge). I admit, i am very particular about things, and can get obsessive over the smaller details, but i don't wanna mess up my face over chasing something i was never meant to have.
Feeling very sad, and feel like i need to grief over my dream and move on...

My dream nose would look like this...

Dr Stephen B Baker

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Hi! How are you doing? Are you liking it any more a month later?
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Honestly I think now you have a very beautiful nose! Once all the swelling goes down it will look even better. I'm not saying this to just make you feel happy but I'm offering my sincere opinion.
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I agree the swelling will go down and its cute anyway!
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Thank you for your support! I sure hope that the tip will deflate a little. And i know it needs time, it just gets emotional at times
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Healing will definitely continue to be an emotional roller coaster, but know that you made the best decision you could at the time with the information given. Looking at your before and afters, I think your nose looks like a really major, positive change! And looks very close to the doctor's projections. Be grateful that you still look like you! That sounds silly, but there are so many people who don't recognize themselves and realize they no longer look like the person they grew to know and love over 20, 30, 40+ years. And realistically, an individual's nose cannot be made to look like any nose as it depends on your underlying bone structure, cartilages, soft tissue and many other factors!
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Thank you so much for this post! It really gave me the perspective i needed on the fact that i can still see myself in the mirror! I keep coming back to this thought and it brings comfort. Thank you!
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Great, I'm so glad it was helpful! For me, when I'm struggling or really anxious, changing my perspective to be grateful for the positive things really helps!
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When I look at your before/afters, I see a beautiful change and improvement, you now have a nice elegant bridge and a normal-looking tip, in my opinion. I think your tip changed a lot. I am no expert and I know you have to be happy with it, but it looks so natural and not over-done. Have you talked to your doctor about whether or not this all could be just some residual swelling that is being stubborn about going down?
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I agree that the tip is def less "freaky" looking now, but it's not really less bulbous or triangular. I haven't seen my Dr yet, but not much he can do about it at this point i think... THANK YOU for your support! I really need it, since only two people in my life knew about the surgery: my friend, who lives in Florida and my husband, who didn't think i needed the rhinoplasty in the first place... I hope it's the swelling, but preparing myself for the worse...
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Also you have to ask yourself, would Salma Hayak's nose look right on my face? If my anatomy could be altered to match Salma Hayek's, would I be able to breathe out of that nose? Perhaps your doctor was conservative in order to preserve the function and character of your individual nose, which suits your features. With that said, I also think if you pay $8K for something, you deserve to be over the moon elated with your results. If you discussed a dramatic tip change with your doctor that he simply did not perform, he should fix it after the year of healing time is up, free of charge. My surgeon's revision policy is it's free except for the hospital and anesthesia fee. Also I wonder if there are any non surgical techniques for refining the tip or if it would just be a surgical revision? Definitely worth talking to him about it. I think most surgeons want to 'make it right' and please the patient, within the realm of what is possible for their nasal structures. I didn't tell any friends either except my oldest childhood friend who also lives in Florida. I didn't tell my best friend because I knew she'd tell me not to do it. Even in high school, she was defending my big nose: "Hey i got a big nose too, big noses are sexy!" I love her to death, I just knew she wouldn't understand, so I'm just going to wait until we see each other again and see if she notices. She also lives in another state so it will be a few months. It's hard going at this alone without the support/understanding of others so this site is a great resource.
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My Dr's revision policy is the same, but i just hate the idea of going thu the whole thing over again. It was TERRIFING for me :(
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I totally understand, I would never be able to do this again. Well, at the end of the day, you got a really nice result and look beautiful, so maybe over time you'll fall in love with it!
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I love your 1 month pics. It is so cute and natural looking! Again, I am also very thankful for your 18day/19 day comp. I am experiencing that right now! One day I love my nose and the next I hardly recognize it... what an adventure this is.
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Indeed. To be honest, yesterday i was very close to sending my dr an angry email with the pics regarding my nose tip. However today it looks better and i am happy i didn't send anything :) Healing for me is def a roller-coaster
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Same thing with me. I have that live hate relationship with my nose. I am 3 months post amd also I gave more swelling on the right side of the nose and of course the tip is still hard and swollen. Your nose looks great one month post. Hang in there.
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Meant love hate relationship.
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It's really enlightening to see the swelling go up and down especially from days 18-19. I'm glad to prepare myself mentally for this. but fact is i hate the front of mine so much that an improved nose with swelling is preferrable to this! but i'm happy for you, you look very nice!! very pretty now.
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I am with you! Pre-op i had a dent on the tip of my nose and i hated it, so right now i hope that it's not gonna come back after the swelling is gone :)
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Your nose looks so good! I wish we didn't have to be patient and could just have the cast off and it would be done swelling already! Im about to have mine off and I'm nervous for that part of it!
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Honestly, when my tape was taken off i was terrified! I could not recognize myself in the mirror because of the swelling... I was almost crying in a cab on my way back home and texting my husband asking him not to divorce me after he sees me :))) I thought the surgery was the hardest part, but apperantly the hardest part is waiting for swelling to resolve itself! Good luck!
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Looks great! I hit my two week mark on Monday and my nose is still swollen, tender and congested. I can see differences from last week easily. I'm sure you will continue to see changes in your nose as well. :) You really look great though. :)))
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Congrats! Mine was also a 30th bday gift (to myself). It has been fun to see the changes in your photos each day. I am looking forward to seeing my new nose take shape, and seeing someone else's day by day comparison has really helped me to see how patient I will need to be :) Thanks for sharing!!
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Looks great, and will only get better!
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Try to give yourself time to adjust, I think it looks like a HUGE improvement and it just takes time to accept and recognize yourself with the changes!
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Thank you for your imput! I think my greatest change has more to do with a "side view", and i didn't mind my nose too much when looking straight in the mirror. And now it's ALL swollen and it freaks me out. But i notice on some recent pics of me, my nose from the side still looks like me only improved. And i like it.
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