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Present for my 30th Birthday :)

I am in the very beginning of this journey. I...

I am in the very beginning of this journey. I didn't find a doctor yet (my very first consultation is in 2 weeks), i don't know how much it might costs or if i am a good candidate. I want my nose straight, shorter with smaller nostrils. I think a surgery to a lower half of my nose is holding the key to addressing all of my concerns and it shouldn't effect any bone structure. Am i right? I would love to hear opinions!

Post Consultation

So, i had my consultation last week. I liked the doctor, his approach was very appealing to me and i don't think i am going to look for other opinions. He pretty much addressed all my concerns about my nose, even the very minor ones i never mentioned.

To be honest with you when i saw the adjusted photos of what my nose will look like i wasn't wowed. But then i realized the reason: i ofter edit pictures of myself in Photoshop, to make my nose look nicer, and doctor's view just matched my edits very close!

He offered to have additional consultations before i commit, but i am not sure what to ask him about. It's just so much of the process is a "chance". Doctor can't guarantee that the actual result will be 100% of what's on the photo. He can't guarantee that there will be no complications or if i am going to love the result... So instead of just freaking myself out with variables i just want to get over with it. And hope for the best.

Considering scheduling an procedure for beginning of June. I wish i could have it done as soon as possible, but there's too much going on in spring. Are there any increased risks of doing it in summer? I wanna be up and running by 4th of July :) What do you think guys?
Dr Stephen B Baker

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I did mine for my 30th too. I found doing mine in summer was perfect because the cold air tends to make my nose hurt. Dunno if it's the same for everyone, but on the crispy mornings I feel my nose a whole lot more than on a warm morning/day. Good luck!
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Who is the dr? good luck to you.
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I am still trying to figure out this web site... It's Dr Baker :) Thanks
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How exciting! I think 30 is the perfect age to do this. You've had lots of years with your nose and have realized you don't like it, yet you have so many decades left to enjoy the results. You might want to check out this list of questions to ask at your consultations. Please let us know how they go.
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I am very nervous about if i am gonna pick the right doctor. So far i haven't heard anything bad about the doctor i am gonna see, but then it is only his web page and couple reviews on this site. How did you pick your doctor?
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Hi! I'm turning 30 in April (though I've been thinking of myself as 30 for the last month or so) and I too am hoping I will start this next decade of my life with a new and improved nose. From the photos your nose seems similar to mine, my first consultation is Saturday and I can't wait to find out what can be done to make my nose straighter and smaller, though I have a bump and I think the bone structure will need to be altered. Good luck!
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I am turning 30 in September, but i feel 30 since my last birthday (how sad is that :) ). I am really looking forward to read about your consultation. Mine is Friday next week.
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I agree the bridge of your nose looks fine. Good luck in your consult.
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