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I have been so self conscious about my nose for...

I have been so self conscious about my nose for more than 10 years now. There is a small hump and its too wide and bulbous in the front. I know that I have read so many reviews on here and they really helped me. So, I paid the down payment and its I will be getting the surgery in roughly 3 weeks!

So, I have a fear of throwing up and that is what I am most nervous about- feeling nauseous after the surgery. I also am worried about the front looking ok. I know that is the hardest part for the doctor to work on so Im hoping and praying it turns out looking good.

Very nervous and excited all at the same time!!!


Good luck! I have nothing to add as for as experience, I've been researching rhinoplasty forever though and I just saw your post haha but I wish you luck!
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haha thank you! I appreciate it:)

more before photos


whose your doctor?
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Dr. Bitar
i cant wait to read about the rest of your journey! im sure you will be so happy.
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Got the surgery 5 days ago :-/

So, as I had posted before... I hated my nose and was SO excited to get this done because I had been so self conscious about it for so long. I have to keep my splint, casts, tape, everything on for 7 days so I can't really get a good look yet but from what I see i get very upset. I feel really depressed and anxious and I'm very worried it won't turn out right. I cry about it everyday at least once (and I'm not one to usually cry either... ). I just wish i would have maybe waited or been convinced not to do it. I really hope and pray that it turns out to be alright.

The operation itself went smoothly. I don't really recall anything. I threw up a few times the first day I came home. And, the next 4 days were mostly sleep, cry, have soup, and go back to bed. My eyes were so swollen the first day that i couldn't even open them. Then they just got really red and thats about it. Pain is not terrible but comes and goes.


You can't even see your nose yet, so don't let yourself think of the worst thing! The cast is covering it!! Don't get upset yet. I'm sure it will turn out just fine :) Just remember that it will be swollen and it will take a while to see the final result. All the best to you!! xo
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Thank you :( Yes, I am about to post pictures of the outer cast off (but still taped up). Im trying to look to the bright side its just difficult.
I had a fraxel repair treatment for my acne scars couple days ago. I looked like hell first few days..i was sooo swollen. I looked like a chipmunk lol. Now im starting to see results and im loving it. I did have moments of doubt before too but had to avoid mirrors and just really try to be patient and know that that was not the final result. Im still healing trying to stay strong and im hopeful. Sorry to go on about my story but was trying to say that im in the same boat as you. We can get through this! Remember even after cast is removed, youre still healing. Btw if you dont mind me asking how old are you? Get well soon =)
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Outer cast off- met with doctor today- stressed and upset

So, I met with my doctor today and he said everything looks wonderful and that everything was still very swollen of course. It was painful while he was squeezing, removing, and cleaning the inside too. Finally when he was just looking at my bare nose from the outside he said I could look in the mirror if i wanted to. I decided not to. But, after he left the office for a few minutes to grab something my mom insisted it was so beautiful already and that i had nothing to worry about and i would be so happy to see it.... until she grabbed a hand held mirror and put it in front of me.. convinced i would be blown away with joy once i looked into it... In fact i saw a quick glance and broke down crying hysterically in the doctors office. I know it seems as though I'm being OVER emotional about all of this but i get stressed and anxious easily. And, the day after my surgery we found out my boyfriends cousin had died of alcohol :( and so it has been a VERY emotional week. Not as heavy, but also i was told i should be able to go back to work after 1 week.... and thats not happening obviously.

Well, anyways, so I saw my nose and it was 2x the size of the original nose prior to any surgery... he then taped it back up and said i can finally take a shower (AFTER 7 DAYS!!!! You don't realize how much the little things mean to you until they are taken away from you... ). And, i return on Thursday to get the inner splints out and have it cleaned all up.

The bruising has gone down significantly. Now, it just looks like i have dark purple eye liner across my eyes. And, my face is breaking out EVERYWHERE. Its awful and very stressful.


Your cast isn't even off, yet, so at what result are you getting upset over? You can't see anything. :) I know it's hard, but wait until it's off...and even then, you will have to wait a few days or a couple weeks to make your first impression. Hang in there.
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I'm sorry that it's been difficult for you. I know everyone has different experiences with this. After reading your last post, you should try to take some deep breaths and realize that of course your nose looks bigger now because of the swelling! I know what it feels like seeing yourself in a mirror and looking completely different. I was in a car accident where the air bag hit the left side of my face so hard that it was so huge and swollen, I was also bleeding from a laceration across my face and my eye was swollen shut. My nose also looked completely crooked! Even though it was so hard to see myself like that, I took some deep breaths, prayed, and knew it wouldn't be like this forever. I took a week to relax, and heal and before I knew it I was back to myself. I know it's hard, but just try to remember that this stage in recovery will not last forever. It is a process. Keep taking arnica tablets and/or bromelain to help with swelling :) It really matters what you think too! If you are stress free, and just relax you will heal MUCH faster than if you are anxious and stressed. You're putting more strain on your body than necessary, especially while it's trying to heal!
Yes, thank you for the support. I am trying! I guess there are a few things i forget to mention in the post to explain fully why my stressing had been so bad. I am sorry to hear about the car accident you were involved in but I'm glad to hear your doing ok. And, my doctor did not tell me anything about arnica or bromelain!?

Swelling problems...?

Well, I realize I didn't fully explain why my stress and anxiety had been so high. Of course, the surgery has got be doubting everything and really feeling down in the dump. But also, the day after surgery there was a family death which had me crying all day and added a lot of stress and pressure to everything. My doctor also told me that I would need 1 good week off work but I realize that I am going to need a lot more then 1 week. I work 2 jobs and both of them were counting on me to be back with 1 of them being a very serious job that isn't too understanding about needing more than 1 week. Lastly, I have had my inner splints inside my nose for more than a week now. And, they are staying for 9 days... At first they were fine... until 2 days ago when the doctor cleaned out my nose and i could somewhat breath through them... I woke up in the middle of the night feeling so sick because i had this strong smell in my nose. After freaking out, i realize the smell was coming from way inside my nose from those splints and it smelled of rubbing alcohol and vomit ( sorry its descriptive) and theres no way to get away from it!!! I couldn't smell anything else from the "outside world" only the splint smell was going through.

But, I recall one of the doctors i had met with before deciding on mine had mentioned arnica to me to help with swelling but i have not been instructed to take anything? Has anyone tried it and has it helped???



I'm so sorry to hear about the death in your family! You have a lot going on. Be good to yourself.

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Sounds like you are going through a lot right now. Hopefully you are able to take 2 weeks off work. Do you get the splints out soon? Once mine were out it was such a relief. Take care of yourself! Things will get better.
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Yes, I got them out today! So happy about that. And, thankfully I was able to take off 2 weeks. Thanks for the support! :)

FINALLY- splints out and new nose!!

So, I went to the Dr. today to get everything inside taken out (except for all the dissolvable stitches of course) and taking out the splints which had been in there for 9 days with all that blood dried around them and stitches stuck to them was SO PAINFUL! I knew it was going to be bad.. but not THAT BAD. It was so bad it really knocks the wind out of you for a couple seconds and a pain shoots all in your face. Luckily its quick pain and doesn't last long. Very similar to getting a wax.

As for the nose, I like that the hump is gone from the side view.. but the front is still very scary... I know i need to be patient and that its way bigger than its normal size. Also, my cheeks are still very swollen (I can't even fully smile.. thats how swollen they are) and my eyes and forehead too. It makes my eyes look very far apart too because the bridge of the nose is so wide and swollen. Now its time to wait for improvements.


Hi and congrats, I am in the washington dc area and looking to have a revision rhinoplasty. Have been to a few ps but haven't decided on which one yet. After my primary surgery 13 yrs ago and hump removal my nose got wide and the tip is bolbous and uneven. Very unhsppy about my nose and been scared to have a second one but lately I decided I want to fix it. So can you tell me who is you surgeon? Thanks
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Yes, it was Dr. George Bitar. He's great.
if it helps, my nose is also double the width of my original nose. AND i had a closed rhinoplasty so i dont even know how it could have gotten so big. my surgery was june18th as well!
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New nose finally taking shape

So, I still have things I don't exactly love about it but its only been about 3 weeks so I know there is still a lot of healing that needs to be done. I feel as though it is slightly uneven at the moment (I know that bruising and swelling doesn't go away symmetrically so hopefully time will heal that), the side profile is a bit too curvy (like a ski slope) but hopefully once the swelling goes down more it will straighten out. And, I can't breathe as well out of my right nostril as I can in my left. Its not perfect but its getting better with each day that passes.


Marylina any updates? Pics?
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Your nose is definitely narrower, even with the swelling. (Hard to tell your overall look.) Hope all is well!
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There is still a lot of swelling. The front looks better after surgery. Once swelling subsides it will look even better. Also don't forget that you have been crying a lot and that probably makes things worse. Just give it more time I am sure your nose will look better.
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