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I have lost approximately 75 lbs over ten months...

I have lost approximately 75 lbs over ten months from 230-165 and remained steady the only thing standing in my way is approximately 15 lbs of stomach fat that goes down below my pubic area. I'm 5"6 and after two children I literally haven't seen my waist line in about 10 years. I'm covered under Medicaid which will pay for my PANNICULECTOMY but I have no idea where to start please help me, any direction is appreciated thanks .


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Hi there, welcome!

Congratulations on loosing the weight, that's a huge achievement! Have you consulted with any doctors yet? You need to look for a board certified plastic surgeon and make sure you research and feel comfortable with them.

If you let us know which area(s) (city/state) that you're looking in for doctors, I can help you use our "find a doctor" tool and give you a list of the board certified surgeons we have on RealSelf.

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Great advice!
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