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I have always been told I look young for my age. I...

I have always been told I look young for my age. I inherited some good genes, tall, thin, and some bad genes, thin skin that gets lax over time and a turkey wattle neck! I would stand in front of a mirror and pull my neck skin back and I would look ten years younger! I researched possibilities such as ultherapy and after consulting with three surgeons I was told the same thing, my skin was lax and was not going to pull up enough with non surgical treatment to get any noticeable result. I finally decided to take the plunge and go for a neck lift. What I didn't know is that you don't per se get a neck lift without doing more to your face. I had what is called a MACS lift which included my neck and addressed the lower half of my face particularly early jowling (which I never noticed because I was so focused on my neck). Right now a few days after surgery I believe I did the right thing for me. Even though I'm swollen and bruised my neck looks like it did in my 20's! It is incredibly painful and I have a high threshold for pain. I'm still taking painkillers. It feels good to know that everyday my face and neck look a little better instead of looking in the mirror and thinking everyday my neck my neck looks worse! I will post some day of pics and day after pics tomorrow.


I'm glad you're feeling that this was worth it already. That's saying something! As time goes on I hope you continue to like your results more and more. Thank you immensely for sharing on RealSelf.
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Good for you in jumping right ahead to surgery & not wasting your $$$ the Drs didn't think would work for you. Good for them in not wasting your $$$, either! How long ago was your surgery? My 1st 2 days were very painful too & I also have a very high pain threshold. 1/3 of my body is covered in tattoos.
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I am now 5 days post op. I had all four of my kids without an epidural but this pain topped it! I hate to say that because I don't want to discourage anyone. I do however, want people to know the things that I didn't know ahead of time. First, the pain pills were so big and chalky I couldn't swallow them and was without pain medication for two days. I had to have the Dr. call in a lesser pain med, hydrocodone, instead of the oxy because it came in a smooth caplet form. It didn't wipe out the pain just took the edge off but that was a relief. Another thing I didn't know was how trapped I would feel inside the bandages. I got so swollen that the edge of the wrap around the front of my neck cut into my skin pretty deeply. I also have not had a BM since before the surgery; probably because I haven't eaten much in the way of solid food due to how difficult it is to chew.

Photos before surgery

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More befores

I don't have many before shots as I have avoided having my picture taken for the past year or so as I've become more self conscious of my neck.

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Some After's

Day after surgery through week 1.


You look so beautiful and refreshed. Bless your doctor for having wonderful skills. Did he cut out your chin fat and tighten your chin muscle?
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He went in under the chin to 'lace up' the neck muscles and then pulled the lower jowls up. Everyday it looks better. You can't even see where in cut under my chin anymore! I was fortunate to get a surgeon that is an expert at doing the incisions behind the ears, many still do them in front. I like to wear my hair in a pony tail and I didn't want the scars to show.
Hang in there! I think I miss sleeping on my side more than anything...it just feels so weird to lay on my ear though. The ears still feel a little alien to me.

day 10...swelling down a lot.


That's amazing you absolutely look fantastic, I am 5days post opp not including surgery day. I haven't felt pain till now I also had a rhinoplasty at the same time I was more concerned about rhinoplasty than my neck lift now I can even feel the pain and the stitches. Did you feel the same? When did you get back to your normal activities ( going out for dinner/public places)? Sorry about all these questions
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No problem, that's the great thing about this site...being able to asked things that others have already gone through! First, I still feel some pain. It's not back to normal when it comes to sleeping. I still can't comfortable sleep on either of my ears so the side is out for now. During the day my swelling seems to increase with a lot of activity. I went back to my doc yesterday as a matter of fact because my neck and sides of my face seems hard and puffy. It seems as I begin to increase my activity (going back to work) the circulation to my face increases and it becomes painful. We have to keep in mind, that no matter how common these procedures have become, it is still pretty major surgery. It will take time for the muscles to acclimate to their new positioning and skin and nerves to 'wake' back up from anesthesia and pain killers. I have been out in public only as far as the grocery store and my office. I actually got the comment that I looked "great and so rested" from a co-worker who just thought I'd been out of the office for vacation. I think we will have the most success if we keep our expectations realistic and allow our bodies to take the time to heal. It didn't take overnight to begin dropping and sagging, it is going to take time for the surgery to give us it's maximum results. Hang in there and don't rush yourself back into anything!
AMAZING results!! You look absolutely fantastic.
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2 week before and after front and side views


You look amazing. Dropped 15 plus yrs off in his lil tub of skin that day lol. Good to know there are a few good surgeons East Coast! Thanks for the review.
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You look as if you are in your 30's! Great work. I bet it feels great! Mine does now.
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Thank you so much! I feel so much more confident; I didn't realize how much effort I put into covering my neck and just how self conscious I was. I feel younger inside and out! I'm so glad that you are doing so well.
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