Mommy Makeover Journey: 36 Y/o ... 3 Kids ... 5'2"; 143 LBS - Washington, DC

I lost over 50 lbs a few years ago and was left...

I lost over 50 lbs a few years ago and was left with sagging breasts and a chitterling stomach. No amount of muscle toning will help rectify those problem areas. So, I've decided to take the plunge ... revised breast lift with an augmentation and tummy tuck! I'm equal parts excited and nervous :o)

Pulled the TRIGGER, Baby .... YES!

As of Friday, August 22nd, I consulted with three doctors regarding my MM. One physician was immediately axed as an option upon exiting the exam room. Yesterday, I finally decided on which of the 2 remaining surgeons would be preforming the procedures. And the winner is **insert drum roll** .... Dr. Chiaramonte!! **twirls and throws confetti** The deposit is PAID and my MM is officially scheduled for December 22nd!! YAAAAAY ME!

Getting fit ... shedding some pounds

I weigh 143 lbs, but I'm usually holding steady at 132. Two vacations this summer totally pissed on my clean eating habits. With that being said, I plan to lose 11 (possibly 15) lbs and work on improving muscle tone before surgery. That gives me a little less than 4 months to reach my goals. As motivation, I will post progress pics on the first of each month (beginning Oct. 1st) that note my current body weight. The final pics and stats will be posted the night before the procedures. Please send positive vibes my way ... I'm going to need them all, LOL!

Life ... it got in the way!

I just realized that it's less than 30 days until my MM! In preparation for my extended leave from work, I've been totally entrenched in the task of having "everything done" before surgery. That ... on top of school and home life kept me from updating my post on RS. I'm sure everyone missed me and we're bursting with excitement for my return, LOL! At any rate ... I did manage to lose 5 pounds and train myself to drink 1 gallon of water per day with ease! "Ease" as in running to the bathroom incessantly ... LLS! My preop appt is in exactly two weeks and I've begun the process of prepping my recuperation area. I'm extremely excited! ????

Pre-op Appointment 12/8/14

Hey, Ladies ... Today I had the 2 week pre-op appointment with Dr. Chiaramonte's nurse. I'm all paid up! Even though my Credit Union made the process more difficult than it had to be. I had to fax a letter requesting they temporarily raise my daily credit/debit transaction limit in order to make the final payment. Anyway ... all paperwork was completed and signed, pre-op pictures were taken, Nurse Kim answered all my questions and gave me the prescriptions needed for post-op comfort. My surgery time is tentatively set for 8 AM on the 22nd, but they'll call 2 days prior in order to confirm. Lastly ... but surely not least, I decided on 450 cc High Profile Round Silicone implants *TWIRLS AND THROWS GLITTER*!!! Nurse Kim's expert opinion was instrumental in my decision. I'm so damn excited! I keep chanting "450 HP" ... LOL!

Prepping for the big day ...

My prescriptions are filled and everything on my supply list has been purchased. Special thanks to everyone who shared your experiences on this site ... without you I wouldn't have known where to begin. Next up ... setting up my bedroom as the the recovery area.

One Week To Go ...

I'm trying so hard to keep myself distracted. I'll catch my daydreaming about what I will be doing our feeling 1 week from now. Someone posted a tummy tuck surgery video on YouTube ... I've watched it at least 6 times today ... LLS! One of my coworkers caught me chanting "450 HP!" today and I had to play it off like I was referring to a printer ... LOL! She probably thinks I'm nuts! No one at work knows exactly what type of surgery is being performed next Monday and that's by design. They don't need to know details, but I'm sure they'll figure it out upon my return ... :o)
Dr. Michael Chiaramonte

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