3 weeks post op and new bikini pics!

I have been wanting to have this done 13 years ago...

I have been wanting to have this done 13 years ago and I am finally getting close! I am 36 years old and I had my first child when I was 23. I was a size 0 and weighed 105 pounds before having him. The 8 1/2 pounder did a number on my tummy! I breast fed him and my two other kids for a year each. Believe me after 3 years of breastfeeding my girls aren't looking too purty!! I have three wonderful kids and do not want anymore! I am a very busy Mom with kids in muliple sports. I was orginally going to have my surgery done today, January 6th but had to put it on hold because of traveling w/my kids sports. It is always about them and now I am going to do something for me! I don't mind waiting because it will give me more time to prepare.

I am going to have a full tummy tuck, lollipop lift with augmentation, and liposuction of the flanks. I am 5 4" and 123lbs. I am currently a 34C and would like to be a full C to a D. I am looking at 375cc saline high profile. I have a great deal of breast tissue so my doc said it won't make any difference for me. He always recommends silicone but in my case it doesn't matter. I trust his opionion and also feel it is a safer choice for me.

My date is not scheduled because I am going to take a cancellation that comes up! My surgeon will take $2,000 off if you take a cancelled date. I am taking my chances but if I approach the date and no cancellations then I will have to schedule it. I am looking at March and April and keeping my fingers crossed!

I hope you're able to get in soon! You might want to check out this list of supplies of things to get for your recovery. It's a great resource! Thank you so much for starting your story with us here on RealSelf. We'll give you lots of support through your journey to a new body.


01/13/12- I had an appointment to have my hubby...

01/13/12- I had an appointment to have my hubby with me to look at implant sizes. I have seriously been obsessing about this! He came with me and we tried on different sizes. After the appointment we decided on 350cc and moderate plus vs. high profile. He said the hp will stick out too much and will look too fake.
They also offered me an additional $1000 off to book my appointment date. I have all the funding ready and I think I am going to book for the week of March 12th!!! I can't believe this is actually happening and it is becoming so real!!
Hey FitDiva! I am going to post pre-op pics soon.....kinda nervous to show the world my ugly belly and saggy boobs but at least I know there is hope!! Please let us know how your consult goes tomorrow!! I hope it goes well and you make your decision soon! When are you looking at getting your procedure done? I am going to officially schedule my appt tomorrow! I am looking at 2nd week in March. Good luck!!
Jennifer6177 wow your s is great offering those discounts gotta luv that! Are you going to pst pre-op pictures? We are pretty close to the same size. The no drains are gonna be great! I have a consult with a PS offering a no drain method on Friday. I have a ps that I selected thus far who doesn't do no drain. I am waiting to book my date and put my money down until I talk to this no drain ps on Friday. I may have to switch if it sounds good and resonates with me. I'm excited I will be getting my new tummy soon enough.
Thank you DiastasisRecti and ShellBell!! I am so nervous but very excited at the same time!!!

I am having the no drain tummy tuck and the more I...

I am having the no drain tummy tuck and the more I read the happier I am with my decision. It seems like the recovery is much faster. Today I seem to be more nervous because tomorrow is February 1st and I can officially say that I am having my Mommy Makeover NEXT MONTH!!! OMG!!

I really hope that I can get everything ready and my 3 kids set before my surgery! I think I will just cook a bunch of meals and freeze them so it's easy on my husband and my Mom. I am so glad and thankful that my Mom will stay with me for a few days after my surgery.
Thanks for the compliment! Good luck with the upcoming surgery! Never heard of the no drain method. That will be SO nice for you!
Hey FitDiva!! Wow!! Next Friday? That's awesome!! I am getting high profile under the muscle. I have read so many reviews and starting to think Silicone might be better than the Saline. My ps said it won't look different on me since I have a lot of tissue but most of the woman that used to have saline are switching out to Silicone.
Yeah I mainly am going silicone because with me being so "thin" as "they" call it that if I get saline I could show rippling and that's a chance I'm not willing to take. Saline is more natural so I wish that was an option. Also my sister has saline and she said hers feel like two water allows and one lady said she can hear hers while jogging. The silicone felt so good and natural when I squeezed them while in the office. It feels so natural so when they recommended it I didn't think twice. I did do research on the safety sO that was good. Now I just gotta decide under or subfascial? The doc is gonna have to help me on that one.

My pre-op appt. is scheduled for March 27 but...

My pre-op appt. is scheduled for March 27 but before that I have a quick appointment w/my PS to go over breast size again. I am going to bring in pics and discuss w/him what I am looking to achieve. I have been having nightmares over this! I just don't want to be too big or too small. I am really torn between high profile and moderate plus! I orginally picked saline but now I am thinking silicone! So much to think about!! It is worrying me because I have to live with them!

I have made my surgery checklist and keep adding to it. I am going to book my recliner today and slowly purchase items off my list so I can feel more comfortable!!

I have been working out like crazy!! My PS said...

I have been working out like crazy!! My PS said that Being in good shape before surgery will really help with recovery. I hope he's right because I have to get back to work after 2 weeks. I am tring to get a lot done around the house. I've been organizing the kids clothes, the kitchen cabinets, and finishing up yard work. I don't want to stress about things during my recovery. I just want to lay back and let my body heal nicely : ). I've also been keeping busy so I don't obsess over the surgery! I've been addicted to realself and find myself spending hours reading mommy makeover stories. You ladies have helped me so much! I would have never been so brave without all of you wonderful women! You have truly inspired me!
Thanks SpecialKay!! I dream about wearing a bikini this Summer! It has been 13 years!!
Yes, this site is addictive. I was the same way before surgery, very busy getting the house in order. You will find that the busier you are the faster time passes. The doc is right about working out. It is really going to help you as you recover. Good luck with your upcoming surgery.

Pre-op is tomorrow!! I am not ready for them to...

Pre-op is tomorrow!! I am not ready for them to take the before pics!! I can't believe I only have 2 weeks left!! I think it's finally sinking into hubby's head! He is asking me a lot of questions and he finally seems to show interest!he keeps telling me to go bigger with the boobies and thinks I'll regret it if I don't! Lol! He is pushing for 400's now! Oh boy!
I am so jealous you are getting the full mommy makeover, boobies and tummy tuck! Lol! I keep reading that when people get the tummy tuck everyone thinks your boobs look bigger, I def don't need mine bigger, I typically minimize them, thank God for good bras! In all seriousness though, what are you going to do about boobie size? My girlfriend got hers done in Charlotte and they are beautiful! She does wish she had gone a tad bigger! I personally would just be thrilled with not needing a bra to look good, so you can't go wrong! Either way they will be fab.
3babes-yay for April!! Looking forward to this Summer! Hopefully we aren't too swelled and can rock our bikinis!!
I am an April girl too, look forward to following your journey!!

I can NOT believe I will be having surgery next...

I can NOT believe I will be having surgery next week!! I have so much to do to get ready!!! Does anyone know of a good place to buy compression garments? Also, what style and how did you figure out the size?
Bag snob who did your girlfriends boobies in Charlotte?

Posting before pics....they look terrible but...

Posting before pics....they look terrible but things will change next week ;-))
Excited for u, girl!

I am really getting nervous! I'm really glad that...

I am really getting nervous! I'm really glad that I have gathered all the supplies I need and have picked up my meds. I am trying to be really good about what I eat and hoping to shed 2 or 3 pounds by next week. I realize that I will get bloated and my belly will swell. I get really bloated when I have an I.V. so I need to be careful of what I eat and I am really trying to stay away from salt. I have prepared my kids a little of what to expect next Tuesday when they see Mommy. I explained that for the first day or two I will be in some pain and very, very, tired. I don't want them to worry about me so I thought that the better informed they are the less they will worry. My children are very overprotective of me and worry when I am not feeling well. The last thing I would ever want to do is to stress them out. Good luck ladies!!!!
Not long now. .....so exciting. You will look amazing.
Just read your review! I'm excited for you! Almost there!
Do you think it would be pointless for me to start the gym right now. My surgery is the 17th. I was going religiously, then my gym partner moved a month and a half ago and I gradually stopped going. Do you think I should start back up?

Today I received a call from the nurse confirming...

Today I received a call from the nurse confirming the surgery time w/me and going over reminders. She said my surgery starts @ 7:30 so I will need to be there by 6:30. Wow that's early! I was told to do a Dulcalax suppository on Sunday evening after my dinner to get rid of everything. Ewww I know!! She said once I put it in I should go after 30 minutes! Monday I will be on my liquid diet which includes, pudding, applesauce, shakes, and smoothies. I am thinking I will do a lot of protein and fruit smoothies.

I have all my meds and all my supplies! Yay! I just received my little laptop table that I bought from Amazon. It is adjustable so I will have use while resting in my recliner. I bought a couple of books and junk magazines. It is going to be very hard for me to sit around for days w/out accomplishing anything! LOL! I rented a full lift recliner from Rent-a-Center for only $30.00 per week. I am thinking I will have it for 2 weeks.

It's Easter weekend and I will be spending time w/my kids decorating eggs and doing my "nesting" of getting this house in order. Tomorrow I will do my big grocery shopping so the hubby and kids will be set all of next week. I have a great husband and he is does it all, cooks, cleans, and takes really great care of the kids. My Mom will also be here for a week to help him out with caring for me and the kids.

Today.....I am feeling extremely nervous! I had a brief moment when I thought about backing out : ( I know I would be so mad at myself if I did so I am going to be strong and pray that everything goes ok. I just love my kids so much and would hate for anything to happen. There is no love like a Mommy's love!! I am starting to get very emotional as you can seel!! LOL!!

I was just reading my previous review updates and...

I was just reading my previous review updates and completely forgot to mention that I after I showed my PS breast pics he and I decided on 375cc high profile round silicon. He said it will give me the look I want and silicon will feel much better than saline. He said woman who have had saline and then go to silicon say that their breasts feel more real and not the feeling that there is an implant there. I think it would bug me to always feel the implant. My PS said the mod plus will give me too much side boob and will make me look heavier. I was like..."heavier" that is not the goal here! LOL!!!

During my pre-op the PS also showed me where my incicsion will be and it was pretty low! He also said he makes them straight which was good to know. The nurse told me that my results are going to be amazing. I hope she's right!! It is a lot to go through and a lot of money not to have great results!
Thanks LadyMacbeth, godspeed, and Malibu!! I hear the anticipation is the worst part of the whole procedure! I have been obsessing and ready to make it to the other side!
best wishes to you hun!!! your almost there! i had a full tt w/ mr n lipo of flanks on Monday4/2 and it was so worth it!! im staying ahead of my pain meds andi although im swollen I feel like a new person already!

I have lost my appetite and find myself waking up...

I have lost my appetite and find myself waking up in the middle of the night without being able to go back to sleep. Ugh! Has anyone else felt this much anxiety? This surgery is taking over my world and at this point I am just ready to get it over with! I have 3 days left! I still cat believe that I'm actually going to do this! I have to keep reminding myself to think of how great I will look and feel this Summer when I don't have to worry about hiding my belly! It's crazy but looking at cute outfits on Victorias Secret puts things into prospective for me! Lol! It motivate me and I forget about the risks, recovery, emotions, and downtime. I know it will all be worth it in the long run!!!

Feeling sick to my stomach with anxiety. IM SURE...

Feeling sick to my stomach with anxiety. IM SURE TOMORROW I WILL BE HAVING PANIC ATTACKS!! I have been eating light all day and am dreading the dulcolox suppository tonight : ( it supposed to make you go 30 mins that you put it in. I have been cleaning the house all day and definitely nesting! I cleaned out the entire fridge and organized the condiments.

My husband is sweet and told me he will be there for every step of the way. He said he is a little worried about the surgery but knows tat I will be just fine. I love him!! I know he will do a good job taking care of me. I'm so emotional today....I have been loving on my 3 year old. I constantly pick her up and hold her because I know I won't be able to lift her for a while. My older kids know about the tummy tuck...they are mature enough to understand. They see how hard I work out and still have the belly. They are so supportive and said that they will do anything to help me. Awwwww! I love my family so much!! They are my world!!
Thanks so much Bag snob!!! I am soooo nervous! I will keep you posted!! How are you feeling?
Almost your time sweetie! So excited for you! Its so worth it! I'll be checking on you!
I know just what you mean I was just the same way. I am 3 days P/O and it is so worth it! I'm sure it will be for you too. Good luck :]

Wow!! I can't believe tomorrow is the day!! I have...

Wow!! I can't believe tomorrow is the day!! I have been a nervous wreck today!!! This liquid diet has been pretty rough on me. I picked up this rotisserie chicken and this pan of "homemade" man n cheez and I wanted to so badly to have a bite!! I am praying that I do ok and not wake up with a ton of pain!
Wishing you a peaceful night of rest and healing. Thinking of you all day:)
YAY today is your day! Good luck I hope you love your results and I will say a prayer for you to have a fast and painfree recovery!

YOU are here hon....the big day!!! we are all thinking of you and will await your update after surgery. No rush but we are excited for you! See you soon!!!

I did it! I had my surgery yesterday. The pain was...

I did it! I had my surgery yesterday. The pain was pretty bad and I was really out of it. Walking really slow and it hurts so bad going pee. These meds make me really drowsy. I just got back from seeing PS and I am winded.
Cjs- thank god for drugs!!
The first 2 or 3 days seem to be the worst... you are already half way through that :0 I hope all goes well with your recovery. Good drugs and lots of rest
Hope that you are doing well.

Last night I woke up really sweaty and hot. I took...

Last night I woke up really sweaty and hot. I took my temp and it was 103. I called the after hours nurse line. They said it is normal to get a fever after surgery and they would have been concerned if the Tylenol didn't bring fever down.

My appetite is better today but i can only eat small portions. I am walking around more and find myself having to go pee every hour. My PS said it is important to take the muscle relaxer because it will help with the tightness. I am looking forward to my shower tonight!
The shower was great but yes very tiring! I never understood why so many described taking a shower as being difficult. I am just wondering when I will start to feel like normal?

YAY!!!! How was the shower???? Tiring I'm sure...It's a whole process in itself but feels soooo good. I'm glad you are on this side of it and remember it's more important now to take good care of yourself and relax. It's great that you are walking and peeing just be sure to take deep breaths when you stand before you go taking off so you don't get dizzy. Take those stool softeners kid...welcome to the afterlife!!!
Yes take your meds for as long as you need them! No point in hurting! Glad you're in recovery!

Post-op day 3 I slept better last night and woke...

Post-op day 3
I slept better last night and woke up feeling better. I didn't take any pain meds in the middle of the night so I had more discomfort. I am slowly trying to get of the pain meds because they make groggy. My Mom has been the biggest help! She has been here for me and the kids. She's leaving tonight but my hubby will be home Saturday and Sunday so I should be ok. I will be alone on Monday which will be post-op day 6. I'm wondering if I will be able to handle that?

I'm so happy to announce that I had my first bm....

I'm so happy to announce that I had my first bm. Tmi! Lol! I'm really glad I didn't have to resort to the dulcolox. The Colace did the job. I was on a liquid diet before my surgery and really have been eating very light since and that hurt! I can't imagine how painful that would have been without the Colace!!
Glad to hear you are doing really well. I am glad you have made it to Flat Side. I will be right behind you very shortly. Cant wait to see your pics.
Glad to hear that you are doing ok. You seem to be having a fairly good recovery so far so although I am no dr and would call and ask yours but I would think that 6dpo you would be ok alone for a few hours Monday. We will be in a hotel and hubby and I are hoping that after the 3rd day he can take the kids (2,4,6) out somewhere for a few hours a day so they can run @ and play and burn off energy. Wishing you an uneventful recovery. Healthy and happy healing.

Woke up and able to get out of the bed myself!...

Woke up and able to get out of the bed myself! Yay! That is an accomplishment and 2 days ago I would have not thought that by Saturday I would be able to do this! Its the little things that make me happy these days. Also, I was able to really cuddle with my 3 year old without worrying about boob and belly pain. I missed holding her so nice and tight. She's my baby! I have a teen and a pre-teen who are so busy and have a great social life.

My husband took out my pain pump this morning....that was a weird feeling because these really long wires were way down in my belly. He kept pulling and pulling. He was like, "how long are these things!?" it wasn't painful just a strange feeling. I'm glad it's gone because I no longer have a fanny pack. I am so glad I did the drain free method because I could totally see now what a big painin the a$$ they would be!!

I got a new book, "Fifty Shades of Grey" so I'm looking forward to some quiet reading time today.
How is the book? Id LOVE to get my hands on it, just dont want to wait a fortnight for it to come through the mail. I heard about it on a list of 10 books written ahead of their time.
im.offically 2 weeks PO and i have been having constant pure liquid diarrhea for 72 hrs!! im weak irritable, and in the bth rm every 10mins!! headn to im scared! back to hosp tomorrow!!
You look crazy hot in that swim suit!!!! Congrats girl you deserve that cute little tummy! I hope your very happy and continue to heal well!

1 week PO! I am feeling great today! I am walking...

1 week PO! I am feeling great today! I am walking straight and completely off the pain meds. I have my post-op appt today and they will removemy sutures. I have a few questions to ask my PS....when my breasts will fully drop and when a good time would be to get sized for bras. I also want to ask about my scar....it feels hard and raised. I want to know when this will go down. I also have some puckering by my incision line which really bothers me. I also have crazy swelling! The swelling gets really bad at night. Oh andmybellybuttonlooks kinda weird....almost like I'm an outtie! I sure hope that it starts to go back as an innie!! I will update aftermy appointment. Happy healing!!

Ok...I'm so excited about this! So I'm getting...

Ok...I'm so excited about this! So I'm getting ready to go on my appointment and decided to get on the scale just to see how much I weigh.....I was in shock! The day before my surgery I was 126 and today the scale said 119!! OMG!! I have gone down 7 pounds in one week! Wowzers!! I am psyched!! I have been this weight in a very long time!

I had my one week PO visit and everything went...

I had my one week PO visit and everything went great! My PS said that my concerns with bb, incision, all are very normal and will resolve in a few weeks. He said I look great and he's very happy with how well I'm doing.

I have been really worried about my bb...it looks like an outtie right now. I have always liked my innie bb! The nurse said that from a lot of bb's she has seen mine actually looks really good and will go back to normal in a couple of weeks. She said she sees some woman with slits and those usually stay that way. Because my implants haven't dropped she showed me how to massage my breasts and said that i shouldn't wear a bra around the house because it will help them drop faster. I was also curious about when a good time would be to get sized for new brasand she said 3 months. I was like 3 months!!?? I guess I will buy some cheap bras from target until then. She said some woman will go and buy expensive bras after 1 month and end up being a totally different size. She said a lot can happen in one month.

I am really loving my new body! The swelling is starting to go down and I just can't over how flat my belly is!!
I can't tell you how happy I am that I did a drain free tummy tuck! It has been wonderful and I think that is why I am healing so fast. I feel really good....just about 100 percent back to normal.
Jennifer wow, you are looking really good!!! I know that you are happy being in 119 a week post-op. I love that color and your girls look good. Congrats you are one hot mom, move over Jennifer Nicole Lee
Aww thanks golden girl! You are too sweet! Jennifer Nicle Lee is my Idol! I am liking my belly and boobs more and more everyday. I am so happy I did this? How are u feeling?
So awesome to hear that everyday is getting better :)

2 week post-op appt today- went well....Dr. Said...

2 week post-op appt today- went well....Dr. Said everything is healing normal with the exception of one little are of my incision where my bb used to be is a little raw. The nurse said to keep it open and moisturized. I was told that I can start walking on treadmill for 20 mins and 30 mins next week. I made a 3 week appt and at that time he will see if I can have clearance for more cardio type exercise. I miss my spin class and can't wait to get back into it. My PS said about 6 more weeks and I can do bikramyogafairfax again. It's funny because he does bikram at the same studio I go to!! I have never seen him in class but that will be interesting if I do run into him in the future!!
I went bikini shopping today! I bought a really cute one at Water Everything. I went to Nordstrom but I wasn't crazy about the selection. So I now wear a size large top....OMG! I have always worn a small this is so crazy! I wonder what size I am! They are looking mighty big!! I was excited that most of the bottoms I tried covered my scar so really glad about that!!
Everything is going great and I am soooooooo happy I did this! I am healing so nicely and loving my results!
Goldengirl- I was excited to get the clearance because I feel like I've been losing muscle. My leg muscles have always been very muscular because of doing spin 3 days a week and now they look thinner without muscle tone. Oh no! I really need to get back to my regular work-out regimen. Work has been fine but when I get home I am pretty tired. I am guessing this will last for a few more weeks. I can't wait until my energy level is back to normal because God knows I need it! Three kids and a full- time job! Hope your well!!
Jen, I think that was the most excitement I had, when my PS told me I could start on the treadmill. I didn't know you enjoyed spinning as well. I head back to work next week. How is your week back going? Continue healing well. You go girl
So glad to hear that you are happy with your results.

I just took some new pics to show the improvement...

I just took some new pics to show the improvement after 3 weeks of healing. There is still some swelling but it has really gone down,

I seriously can't believe how flat my belly is!...

I seriously can't believe how flat my belly is! You could bounce a quarter off of it! For those ladies that are considering I would like to stress the progressive suture method, also called no-drain tummy tuck. The recovery has been so good and the results are great. I say great because my swelling hasn't been too bad, my incision is very low, I haven't had to mess with disgusting drains, and overall it has been a great experience.

I am down to 118 pounds....without exercising! Unbelievable! I am so anxious to get to the beach its not even funny!!! I have already purchased 2 new bikini's because everything I try on looks fabulous!!!

Does anyone know when the belly button puffiness goes down? My PS said it takes about 2 months. Please let me know cuz I have book a Carribean vacation in August and really hope it goes down by then!!
You look very good! I bet you can bounce a quarter off that tummy lol. I hope that your vaca goes great!
Hot Mama! You look amazing!! Glad you're doing so well!

Wow 5 weeks?! Time did really fly after week 2. My...

Wow 5 weeks?! Time did really fly after week 2. My 5 week visit was today and it went very well. My PS said that I have healed vet well and so he cleared me to fully exercise. Yay! He said I can start jogging and go to spin class but just to
Is ten to my body. He said that I won't be at the high intensity level like before my surgery and it will take a little while to build it back up and not to rush things. He also cleared me to do light weights which I'm really psyched about because my arms are getting jiggely.

So PS said no more need for tape or the binder. I have gotten so used to the tape. He also said I don't need to wear compression garment anymore but he said its my call on when I want to ditch it. Right now....I'm NOT ready! It still feels weird not having it on. I will wait another week or so and see how I feel then. I am excited I won't have to wear it through the dog days of Summer, which are July and August. It gets so flippin hot here!

I will take some pics soon.....right now I am bloated like a whale with my cycle.

I hope everyone is doing great and good luck toll those who are having surgery soon. If you are still on the fence I highly encourage you to do it!!it. Is worth every penny!!!! I do recommend that you do your homework and pick a really good surgeon. I am so glad I did!!!

I forgot to mention that I went to Victorias...

I forgot to mention that I went to Victorias Secret to get sized today just so I can see what size I am. They measured me at a 32DDD!!! OMG!! Wha wha what?! I'm going to Nordstrom this week to see what they say because that just sounds way to big!

I'm back to Working out and running! I have been...

I'm back to Working out and running! I have been feeling so good now that I am back to running. I've been running about 2 miles but today I ran 3!!!! The feeling of sweating again was heavenly! I've noticed that my mood has been so much better and things are feeling very back to normal. Tomorrow I am going to do spin! It has been sooooo long and I miss my spin buddies. I am really looking forward to it!!
Hey Jen, just stopping by to see how you are healing!! so glad to hear that you are running again, up until Saturday, so was I, nasty weather here in FL. So I started doing intervals. 32DDD wow. I didn't get the implants, but my lift is at a 32D, hoping for smaller.
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