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I am extremely pleased with my lip lift. I had...

I am extremely pleased with my lip lift. I had been thinking of a lip lift for a year because I was becoming increasingly insecure about my appearance, especially the space between my nose and mouth. I turned 50 and, through my researcher, read that this space gets longer as we age.
I also have a weak chin and was looking to have a chin augmentation as well. My chin reasearch led me to maxilofacial/ plastic surgeon Stephen Baker. Dr. Baker specializes in reconstructive surgery and is quite renowned for his work on cleft pallets. Although I didn't see any lip lifts in his photo gallery, I none the less felt confident that he can perform a desirable lift lift. Boy was my instinct correct! My scare is virtually unnoticeable. In fact, had I not had simultaneous procedures, I feel that I could go out in public. As much as I hated my mouth, the thought of a noticeable scar was equally daunting. If you are considering a lip lift, I gladly recommend Dr. Stephen Baker.

Day 4 of lip lift and chin augmentation

Elated with results of both procedures

new photo

Here is my progress

8 days post op

I hate the way I look. I'm glad that I had my lips done but my chin augmentation makes me look like a horse. I hope it's just swelling and not a permanent look.

8 days after lip lift and sliding geneoplasty

I am still in love with my new upturn lips but my chin is giving me the blues. Here are some new photos.

8days post op

I hate my chin.

12 days and I'm depressed about how I look

I am so down about my chin. I feel really self conscious about it. I hope iit's just swelling. It seems to be getting worse rather than better.

20 -days post surgery

I am very happy with LL but still hate my chin. I am extremely scared that my chin will look this way forever. I hate it more than before surgery. : (

27 days

My stitches have not completely disolved and I have those bumbs that I read about. Does anyone know how long it takes for the stitches to completely disolve? My chin is stil giving me the blues but it appears to look a little less bulbous. I am still praying that I will like the results once swelling is gone.
Mclean Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Stephen Baker is a genius! I'm so happy with my lip lift.

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Was your lip lift $1000?? That's a good price
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How is ur scar now?! Waiting ur update sis
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My scar has keloid a little. I don't think the dissolving stiches were good for me. There are little bumbs caused by the stiches.
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Iporil63, I know it must be frustrating waiting for the swelling to resolve so that you will have a better idea of your results. Try to stay positive. Rooting for you, and wishing you many blessings. Thanks for sharing.
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If you are talking about my lip lift incision, yes I kept it lubricated with Aquaphor I didn't have a genioplasty.
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Thank you!
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Those bumps along the incision line will go away soon. I had them too. One the Dr's nurse took off on a post op visit. How does your chin profile look ? What did Dr. Baker say about the crease? Did he say the swelling is making the crease worse? I think that if the crease doesn't dissipate, that a chin implant can be added that would cover it. I am not a Dr. but I don't see how that wouldn't help. What do you think?
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I had a post op follow up appointment with Dr. Baker a week after surgery and my chin was really swollen at the time; so, he told me to give it time for the bone to heal and the swelling to go down before we discuss other options. I opted for an osteotomy because I researched and Dr. Baker agree that an implant will make the crease worse. I'm hoping and praying that, even if the crease doesn't completely go away, the osteotomy has not made it more severe. Dr. Baker did warn me that the osteotomy may not get rid of the crease but felt that it was a better choice over an implant. I have an appointment with him on the 22nd and plan to discuss fillers to lessen the crease because I really feel self conscious and can't wait 6 mos for all the swelling to go down. I am beginning to regret having the chin augmented because while I hated my chin before, I hate it more now. My profile is better than before but, unfortunately, It's the frontal view that I have to look at in the mirror every morning. As far as my lips are concerned, I'm happy with the work but the incision is taking longer to heal than I expected. I can see a few of the stitches. How long does it take for them to go away? Do you think that I should go in to have them removed?
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If you see the stitches you can probably pull them out yourself. You are not quite a month post op, I would say about 6 weeks. Once I had a stitch that came out years later. It was so weird. I saw something black & thought it was a zit or something. Went to the Dr. & showed him & it was a stitch from a real long time ago. He pulled it out. Is a osteoomy the same thing as a genioplasty?
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Yes. An osteotomy is a geneoplasty. The bone is cut and moved forward. A stitch on one side is peering out of the insicsion and keeping it from closing. Did you keep your insicion lubricated?
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My heart just goes out to you, you have no idea. I suspect there is still lots of swelling, but please know that if for some reason what you are seeing does not resolve, there are expert plastic surgeons out there who specialize in surgery to the chin, so I know that you will not have to live with this forever, but I am still praying that it is swelling.
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Thank you for your prayers.
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Iporil68, I agree with the other Ladies when they say wait til swelling subsides to get a better idea of your outcome. Try not to stress to much about it just yet (I know it is easier said than done!) Many Blessings to you.
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Thanks for your concern VILLE33. I will dig deep and be patient. Happy Holiday!
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I know this must be very upsetting for you. But I suspect like ZIZI, that there is alot of swelling especially since the swelling is getting worse. It tends to settle in our lower faces. LIke ZIZI, I will be praying for you. Have you contacted Dr. Baker about it?
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Thanks you for your prayers. I am in California hiding out until the 31st. I am going to make an appointment with Dr Baker when I return. I'm freaking out because I had the chin surgery to fix the crease and not only is it not fixed, it looks worse.
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Sarah36 I just read your profile so I know you know how upset I am. I hope that you're in a better space sure sounds like you are. Like ZIZI said, your beautiful spirig is felt via your message. Thanks again for sharing and caring!:-)
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Thanks for your kindness. I do know what you are going through, and what I said above is so true. You will not have to live with this forever. Either it is swelling, or you will have a beautiful revision one day if needed. In my case, I had nerve and muscle damage from my liplift because the doctor operated on the muscle. That damage is permanent.
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Wow. You sound really beautiful and strong. I know you're beautiful inside and out. I appreciate all your encouragement and prayers. I pray that it's swelling because I can't afford to continue to have revisionss. I have working on my chin for two years now.
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Oh, don't hate your chin. I am sure you have still a lot of swelling. Make sure you limit your salt intake. Wow I didn't know he pushed 10 mm the bone. Please take your concern to the Q/A and let those wonderful doctors to answer and put you at ease. It is easy for me to give advice but if I was you probably I will be in the mirror every second. From my surgeries I've learned to give time. I am praying for you to get soon the result you was aiming. Be blessed.
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Thank you ZIZI. I am in the mirrors and taking photos every second. I think he moved it 10 mm. I feel so stupid: I didn't ask. I'm assuming bcuz he took computer images 6-10 and I chose 10. I thank you for your prayers bcuz there is no worse feeling than feeling unattractive.
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Yeah, swelling distorts everything so much. You should have seen me after my lip lift surgery. My upper lip was actually touching the tip of my nose!!! 3 months later it looks great. This is really the hard part, the waiting!
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Yeah, I see what you are talking about. What did your Dr. say. Is there a way of augmenting the crease with filler. If you like what it look like you can get maybe silicone that is permanent.
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We talked and he recommended waiting until swelling goes down and then doing fillers and botox. I didn't expect that the crease would completely disapear because it is really deep but I was hoping that it appeared more shallow. I am just hoping and praying that I like the results post swelling.
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Yes, after the swelling went down I really liked it. I had this surgery about 20 years ago. What size & shape did your Dr. use? I would like a different shape chin now but my husband would flip out if I have any more surgery.
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