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The smile on my face today is more genuine when I...

The smile on my face today is more genuine when I look at myself in the mirror. I love being able to wear the same clothes as everyone else and actually enjoy going to the gym. I have lost over 120lbs and went from a size 26-28 to my current size of 14-16. Still losing and never felt better. Best decision ever.

On May 2nd, I will be having surgery to repair my...

On May 2nd, I will be having surgery to repair my hernia as well as have a brachioplasty, tummy tuck, and thigh lift. I am super excited but the nerves haven't hit me yet. Will definitely post before and after pictures!

Please check my other review bout my body lift-...

Please check my other review bout my body lift- pictures are included!
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Hi! I'm from the DC area too! always looking for other folks around here. I'm also on facebook. I live in olney maryland, not too far away. I just submitted a story too. I guess this is a good place to meet people!lol!
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Did your insurance cover it, or is that what you paid out of pocket?
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My insurance covered it. The amount stated is what I spent on the psych consult, dr. & center fee, nutritionist, and copays for testing and specialists related to the surgery
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Congratulations Isabella. You've done awesome. My surgery is in 2 weeks and I can only hope to do as well. Thank you for sharing.
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Thanks! Congrats on your upcoming surgery. My body lift is scheduled for May 2nd so stay tuned for those updates!
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You must be so excited.....good luck and can't wait to hear....
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Hi there, welcome!

Wow, congratulations on your weight loss, you look awesome! Your definitely deserve to smile, after working this hard!

If you don't mind sharing, how was your recovery, following your surgery? Did you have any complications or pain? Did you have much downtime?

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Recovery has its ups and downs. My surgery was open, not laparoscopically so I had to make sure my incision was dry. I developed a pus bulb towards the end of my incision that had to be re-cut and drained, which took 2 weeks to heal. I had a recliner that I slept in for 1 1/2 weeks as it was very hard to get back up from lying down. I stopped taking the liquid Tylenol w/ codeine two days after coming home. I was able to return to work after two weeks however I was very faint and lightheaded after a couple of hours my first day back.
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If you don't mind me asking, why was the surgery done as an open incision? I thought (maybe wrongly) that most were done laparoscopically now.

Makes sense that recovery would be a little longer, because of the open surgery. It sucks about the incision and the extra time, but at least it all turned out well for you and you look (and probably feel) awesome!

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My surgeon, Dr, Afram,is the Clinical Director of Bariatric Surgery at the George Washington University Hospital, who also operates a Bariatric Center of Excellence. He prefers the "hands-on" approach of being able to see where he is working on. I too had asked why he preferred this approach as all I could think of was the scar. He told me the story of a patient he had that when opened up revealed something more serious. He told the patient to have the issue checked out and I believe it was cancer. Since I heard that, I was glad my surgeon was so thorough. I don't look at my incision as a bad thing anymore. I see it as my battle scar and I am proud of it.
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Thanks for sharing. I too would be thinking mostly of the scar, but I suppose the type of incision/surgery is down to the doctors preferences. As long as you're happy, and you're right, it's a war-wound! You went through a lot to get that, so be proud!

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Now, I am awaiting my body lift surgery date of May 2nd- so I'm definitely past my scar issue now and will need to be as I am having a tummy tuck, hernia repair, brachioplasty and breast lift.
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Oh awesome! Well, not that you need more surgery, but awesome that you'll get the body that you've worked so hard for!

Did you get the hernia through the quick weight loss, or did you have it before surgery?

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I believe I got the hernia by lifting too much too early. I visited my daughter at boarding school several weeks after my surgery but having to take luggage off the belt may have strained it. It could alsohave been done by lifting my dog or by exercising too hard at the gyjm once I thought I could.
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Ah yeah, it could have been any of those things. A hernia is really easy to come around, I got mine by lifting luggage at the airport!

Your Body Lift surgery will be here before you know it! Do keep us posted on your progress!

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