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Always being heavy, it started to kill me within...

Always being heavy, it started to kill me within the last 3 year's. I thank God for opening the doors for me to be healed in this way. You still have to work hard and stay true to yourself. If you don't actually the surgery will bring you together..lol ask me how I know? I feel so good and alive. I don't miss the food. I'm only three months out and have some time to go, but wouldn't trade it in at all. I thank the Lord often for this new beginning. Go get yours would be my advice. Do your homework on who provides the surgery for you. They must care, not just a dollar in the pocket.

eight month progress

Life us good right now..im very pleased on the progress..I feel awesome and can do so much of what I couldn't do before. I'm working part-time now a looking to become full-time as I continue to heal..Thank you Lord for this opportunity to regain my life.

8 month progress

Life is good right now..i'm very pleased on the progress..I feel awesome and can do so much of what I couldn't do before. I'm working part-time now and looking to become full-time as I continue to heal..Thank you Lord for this opportunity to regain my life.

10 months out

Feeling like a New girl
Washington Bariatric Surgeon

Best at what he do. These people played a major part in helping save my life.

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Congrats. .he's an awesome surgeon. Do what he says and you will get the results need and not look unhealthy. ..the start if your new life..my blessings continue to flood your life...
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Hi Kirsty Fudgie here haven't been on for a while how are you doing we had our ops around the same time I've had a lot of trouble with depression (not connected with the op) I've lost 7 and a half stone up til now but at the minute all I want to do is eat I was never like this before the op how about you. Take care everyone. Fudgie xxx
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Impressive! I am scheduled for surgery 2/18/14 and am a bit scared and really really nervous but I know this surgery will save my life.
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Hi there, welcome!

You look wonderful, congratulations on the weight loss so far! You seem to have a positive attitude, which really helps with WLS.

How was your recovery? Did you find you had much pain and downtime?

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Hey, the recovery was a bit much to handle. I didn't need the help a lot of people said i would need as far as using the rest room and bathing. You must wear the body wrap large ace band for six weeks to keep things in place. Oh boy! How that thing got on my very last nerve lol. You have to keep it on 24/7 except when bahing. Im grateful to have gotten through it. Yes, I did have pain. I stayed juiced up on Tylenol 3's for about 2weeks... It's all a process and I'm good now. I had an awesome lady that went to church with me, encourage me and helped me when I didn't know what was going on. Also, sites like this one helped as well. I'm still a babe at this. I learn new things everyday...what I found to be important, water, vitiams, meds and rest.. I received my energy level back at two months. That varies based on each individual..I hope I helped in some way..if you need more help or have questions send me messages and I'll do the best I can baseds off my experience to answer for you.
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Thanks for the extra information.

I actually had the gastric sleeve done, 8 weeks ago now. I didn't have to wear a body wrap bandage though, what was that for?

I agree that the recovery is tough, it's only been the last couple of weeks that I've started to feel like myself again. There was much more pain than I thought there would be.

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I had the roux en y procedure with the open incision. Since I've been reading, Doctors have different approaches. Lol..Because they had to cut my abdominal muscles, it holds the staples and stitches along with the guts in place till they settle..sounds gross..lol..
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Ah okay, I guess it makes sense if you had an open surgery! Mine was laparoscopic, so no binder was needed.

Hope you're feeling well today! :-)

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Hi, Kristy, - I've been posting on the Sleeve comments. What made you choose the Y vs the Sleeve. And, how soon were you able to go to work? I'm told depending on the surgery and whether open or laproscopic, could 2-4 weeks. Are these realistic figures. Besides liquid Tylenol 3 and one take solid NORCO 10/325 pill form. I also take a muscle relaxant in pill form. So many questions all the process, before call it Journey after surgery. Thanks
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Hi Schrammj,

I actually chose the sleeve over the RNY. For me it was less risk with the sleeve, for similar results. The RNY surgery takes longer and is more involved, with the re-routing of the intestines. It meant more surgery and longer under anesthesia, which for someone of my size was a concern. I decided that I could get similar dramatic results with the sleeve and so far I haven't been disappointed.

I had quite a bit of pain after surgery, because I also had my gallbladder removed, as well as having an active hernia. I was actually out of work for 3 weeks after surgery, until I felt well enough and comfortable enough to sit at a desk all day. A lot of people bounce back sooner, it depends on the individual.

I took pills after surgery. It wasn't easy to get them down, my gag reflex started kicking in, but it gets easier!

Good luck! :-)
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Thanks, Kirtsy. My surgeon kinda of recommends the Red as its more restrictive. I heard could be reversed. Also, too malnutrition besides, don't like that. First support group, they all had the RNY, as they needed that discipline. If you ate the wrong item, you'd pay the ultimate price, but, no doubt with the Sleeve too. I currently don't have gag reflex. I currently take my 10+pills in the morning all at one time, with one gulp of water. Probably won't be able to do that after surgery, hoping not an all day process. Thank you for sharing
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