Fraxel for Acne Scars in Both Cheeks- No Worthy As Espected - Washington, DC

I was looking for a doctor to get laser fraxel in...

I was looking for a doctor to get laser fraxel in my both cheeks, then i saw a Docto's website in Washington DC and made an appointment.

The doctor is a plastic surgeon as a read in his website, but once there, the doctor just saw me, for 10 seconds and told to a technician to do the laser.

I understand that these technicians get a training, but what kind of training?, YOU NEVER KNOW, however, i was there and i said yes.

I had the first time laser wich is good, it helps to produce collagen and no peels like laser resurfacing or pixel laser, in my opinion was very light, when i TOLD to the technician that i wanted "high settings", What she told me was "Yes no problem, you will need 5 sessions"


These persons assume you will PAY almost 5,000 for repair your face without any warranty.

Doctors Should explain in the first consultation and no pass the decision to a simple "technician".

In fact people, is a RIP OFF, too many Doctors no have Professional Ethic, just want MONEY and they expect you spend 5,000 or 20000 to fix your low self esteem.

I recommend you before get a laser with Pseudo doctors "money makers" do more research and better you pay DERMABRATION instead of waste the time with stupid lasers that just want your money.

Name not provided

For the laser i rate 4 because i know laser works in the right doctor. i rate with 1 the doctor and technician because they just want money.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Remember this guys "All is about money", the fraxel laser works, but due the cost of the Machine that is very expensive, the doctors will try to squeeze your pocket, When a 2 or 3 treatments in high settings work, they wont give you the best result with one or two treatments, they want recovery the machine cost and make money, that is why does not matter if you ask for high settings you wont get it that way, of course they will say yes, but you know you cannot see, in my experiences with these kind of treatments i am expert.

Months a go i saw another doctor for remove a fongus in my left toenail, the doctor told me about laser for remove the fongus and gave me a package of 4 sessions for $400 $100 each.

In the first treatment i didn't feel anything and the second one (next month) was very painful, this means the first one was very light and a waste of money, in total i had 8 session of laser in my toenail and the doctor told me still i need more.

Just read the discrepancies of every doctor here when the people ask about a procedure, every doctor differs in every treatment, like i said, is all about money.

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I am transsexual and i had electrolysys in my face, also, i hace some marks after all electrolysys but they gone with the peelings, and pixel laser, but i was never worried for those marks because is nothing compared to acne scars.

Good luck.
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Sorry for the spelling i am typing with my phone.
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Hi Isabel,

I really wish everything will turn out good for you. I'd like to ask about the marks you got rid which were caused by electrolysis. What kind of scars they are ?

I experienced pittings after electrolysis and searching to get rid of them. What would you suggest ?
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No noticeable scars, just when you see close in the mirror.
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Realself didn't edit my review, i didn't post the doctor's name and i am not interested in publish it, simply i recommend that people do more research before spend their money, of course, if you are financially stable go, with money who cares, but in my case, i have limited income.

I have had the follow procedures in my face:

Microdermabrasion in the mall $240 (no works for scars)

Laser Pixel $400 it peels the skin in few days (it cleans the face of blemishes but not scars)

Subsicion and bruising with hyauluronic acid filler in a dermatologist office $1,100

It works for pull out the depressed scars, i was happy 2 or 3 months, it helps but is not permanent.

fraxel laser $900 no worthy, since you need spend a lot of money to see results. i was told that i need 5 treatments, this is almost ,$5000 wow.

TCA peel from Ebay $40 works, it burns the face for 10 days and once it peels face is clear, helps to reduce scars but you need several treatments, i have 3 in total before lasers.

Now i am saving money for go direct to dermabrasion, some people here go for laser to recover faster, have in mind that is expensive, i really think this "if no hurts- no works",, who cares if you need stay one or two months with your face red, i want repair my face and i will do it.

happy holidays and sorry my spelling.
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Hi Isabel Thanks for providing us with the results of all the work you've had done. I have scarring from Electrolysis and would like to hear how you make out with dermabrasion so please kep us posted. Thank you
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Hi Isabel, 

Yes, based on the community is very important. I'm so sorry this did not turn out as you had hoped, a number of community members have mentioned the "orange peel" like skin texture after Fraxel. You might want to check out the forum post Pin Pricks/Orange Peel skin after Fraxel in the forum. Although, it did not turn out as you had hoped, the community really appreciates the review. Are you considering a different procedure to help with what happened?



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Looks like realself edited your post; taking out the doctor specific references. I've become skeptical about the impartiality of realself. Seems this site is too pro procedure and pro doctor. They edit questions and comments stripping out specifics about a doctors reputation; tending to only leave in such info when it's positive feedback. I realize this to to libel lawsuits. Also doctors have become the backbone of contributors by answering questions by 12:1 to user comments. There are obvious positives to doctor feedback. But the main negative is loss of neutrality. Not to mention the biggest problem in real self (pertaining to Fraxel) is most Fraxel patients post their review a few days after the procedure. Such feedback (positive or negative) is completely irrevalent to users researching long term efficacy. At this point we might as well just go to the doctors website for "information".
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Hi james, 

Actually James, Isabel just didn't provide the doctor name sometimes community members do not want to put their doctors names.

To address your concern about members not updating their reviews after years, we can not force members to come back years later and make sure they post. We often contact posters and ask them to update how things are doing, but we can not force anyone to update their reviews much like we do not force them to post their doctors names, but greatly appreciate it when they do. 

Thanks for your concerns, 


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Hi Britt

I have come across similar stories where comments have been omitted and conversations seems to be interrupted. My friend works for US attorney office north district here in NY and based on my preliminary conversation, these types of omissions by site manager are not only unethical but could be deemed criminal. Can you provide assurance that this site is not involved in selectively omitting the members posts?
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Hi Dan, 

We appreciate your concern, however as Isabel4250 stated below: 

       "Realself didn't edit my review, i didn't post the doctor's name and i am not interested in publish it"

We do not edit doctors out and will only step in to moderate if a post violates our community guidelines. Again, Isabell4250 simply chose not to post their doctors name, which community members are not required to do to post a review. 

Thank you for looking out for the community,


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