How Much Swelling Should I Have After 2 Weeks of Upper Bleph?

Had an upper bleph done two weeks ago, and...

Had an upper bleph done two weeks ago, and although the recovery was rapid, I still feel as though there is some extra puffy skin where fat/tissue may have been removed. How much of this puffiness should I expect to go away over the next few months? It looks almost as if there should have been a little more skin removed, but it could just be minor swelling. Any input is appreciated.

Sorry you are having some bumps show up on the eyes. Did you use antibiotic drops or cream several time a day? I did and didn't get any bumps. maybe before picking it you could try medicine? it fightens me to think of picking things around the eyes. Also , I wear soft contact lens but stayed off wearing them for a week and no makeup at all, could introduce germs?
where did you go to get the upper lids done for only $1250?
Anyone have the problem of having those hard styes/milla forming around the eye? I have one & it wont go away.
Any creams or such to suggest? thanks
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