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I just had my 1st treatment on the lower...

I just had my 1st treatment on the lower buttock/upper thigh and knees (inner and around the top). I am 43, 5'4 and 116-118lbs. I exercise regularly (not a hard body but fit). When I was in my early 20s I had lipo on my outer thighs/buttocks. The thigh results were awesome but I was left with a droopy, saggy bum. I had a wedge revision done which helped things about 20%...which was what was expected. So 20 years have passed and gravity continues to play havoc back there. Even in top shape (think buns of steel), the sag could hold a pencil...not sexy. I have done endermologie, Velashape, and Accent. Of those, Accent provided best results in terms of reducing some of the cellulite (I have some but not a horrible amount by any stretch) and providing some lifting ( I can actually see some on my wedge scar without lifting the shelf). I had 6 sessions of the Accent at $1800. So folks, this ain't my first rodeo. I'll keep you posted as I proceed...5 more sessions to go.

Had 1/2 of round 2 yesterday...traffic cluster...

Had 1/2 of round 2 yesterday...traffic cluster made me late so focus was on the lower buttock/thigh area. I don't know why but I was super sensitive yesterday and must of said "hot" 50 times as opposed to the 20 from the first visit. When the technician is applying the tool, the goal is to get the area with a certain heat range. Sometimes things get hot in a spot quickly so you need to tell them so they can adjust settings to avoid burning. DO NOT be the tough guy in this situation. Anyway, after 2 sessions I can see a minor improvement in one butt cheek as I can't pinch quite as much, the other remains the same (but has always had more sag).

To date I have 4 treatments on my lower...

To date I have 4 treatments on my lower buttock/upper thighs and 3 on my knees. Sadly I have not seen much improvement and there has been no change in measurements. Treatment 5 is next week. Will keep you posted.

I was suppose to have my last treatment on my...

I was suppose to have my last treatment on my buttock and 5th treatment on my knees 2 weeks ago. I got through the knees but couldn't handle the buttock. Let me tell ya, this is NOT a pain free procedure. Each session was more difficult to get through. The individual performing the procedure would immediately adjust the settings everytime I wimpered but the area being treated would get so hot we'd have to wait about a minute to start again. Now please note I was NEVER burned. I would be red when I left but no burn marks. Anyway, I will say I had another procedure that day and was toting some emotional baggge which made me more sensitive. So, can I see any difference. Honestly after looking at my pics and taking measurements, no. Now I realize it can take a few months for final results but I am doubtful and can't recommend. So my only option now is a butt lift.
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@ Nina43 - YOU are RIGHT!!! It is "NOT a pain free procedure." I had pain during the treatment and severe pain after the treatment. Please read my story:

In spite of all the doctors and spa owners claiming there are NO side effects and claiming how safe it is, I am a patient who has actually done the Exilis procedure and I am having MANY side effects! By the evening of my first appointment, I was in severe pain. I had as much pain as I did after having surgery. My lower abdomen was so swollen, I looked as if I was six months pregnant. A few days later, I found a knot in my lower abdomen. It is currently 21 days after my treatment and my stomach is still swollen and I still look pregnant. The knot has increased in size. To my knowledge, Exilis is FDA approved for WRINKLES, but not for fat removal. It was only approved for wrinkles in late 2009. There is not enough research to truly KNOW all the side effects, in my opinion. I believe there will eventually be a lot of people who will come forward with many different side effects. Most spas and doctors who are making a large amount of MONEY with the Exilis will NOT advertise anything but GOOD results. They have a very biased opinion. I personally, would NEVER recommend Exilis. My health means way more to me than that!
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Nina43 - I have posted on the exilis just a week or so ago. Working on the jowl/neck area. I have had 4 treatments in those areas and 2 treatments under my eyes. Can see that my neck isn't as stringy so it's working already. So far very happy with the results. Thinking about doing my upper and inner thighs and also tummy. Keep us posted. You are absolutely right - DO NOT BE A TOUGH GUY. Tell the person doing the treatment when it's getting too hot. Wishing you great results!!!
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