Getting Nervous Before the Big Day...

Hello everyone! I've been considering a reduction...

Hello everyone! I've been considering a reduction for easily 15 years, and now the stars have aligned and it's going to happen in about 10 days, if all goes as planned. This site has been of great help to me leading up to the decision, so I'd like to thank everyone who has taken the time and effort to post. I will try to put up some pix as well.

I'm a 38DDD+ and would like to reduce to a C or a D, haven't decided yet. I'm wondering if a D will droop more as time goes on. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

I am so looking forward to less weight on my shoulders, more freedom of movement, being able to fit into tailored clothes and attractive bras, and overall feeling lighter.

Despite my efforts to calm my mind, I can't help but feel anxious. While I have confidence in my surgeon, I guess my biggest fear is not the surgery or the scars, but that I won't like the shape or that they will come out assymetrical or something and that that will bother me for the rest of my life. Also, I made the mistake of watching the youtube video of live BR surgery, despite advice received to the contrary. Don't do it! I've got all those images in my head now, and it really didn't serve any purpose to do it, except to satisfy morbid curiousity....

BTW, has anyone heard of the 'ultimate lift' technique? No vertical scar, but it seems there is only one surgeon in Texas who does it..

Wish me luck ladies!! All the best to all of you out there is the BR sisterhood.

Hi everyone, I just posted a picture of day 7...

Hi everyone,

I just posted a picture of day 7 post-op. They are still pretty bruised up and stiff, but I think the shape will be nice once they settle in.

Yesterday, I tried on a couple of my favorite suit coats that I had never been able to button. They fit BEAUTIFULLY! I think I'm a C. Happy, but honestly feeling kinda flat chested--for the first time in my life I have a sense of what it's like on the other side, i.e. 'not enough'. Not complaining though! Am loving it.

Looking back at the hospital experience, it was actually kind of fun, except for the part I mentioned about the 'vagal response' (basically, I fainted and my heart rate went down to 26 bpm, blood pressure dropped to something like 60/40. That was when he was putting the IV in and he messed up).

Can't believe I have to go back to the office in just a few days...

More later, M

Hi everyone, I've hit the two-week post-op mark...

Hi everyone,

I've hit the two-week post-op mark and things are going well--i feel a little bit more mobile and energetic each day. Posted a new pic, above--as you can see, incisions are almost entirely closed up and breasts are starting to look a bit less stiff and more natural.

I went back to the office Monday and while many said, 'you have lost an incredible amount of weight!', no-one seems to have made the boob connection! :-)
I am thrilled with the new fashion possibilities and feeling so much more confident, and light--what a weight off my shoulders! As soon as I can exercise again, I think I'll really be feeling good.

Doc said i could stop using dressings over incisions, but they feel a bit raw today so i may go back to using the vaseline gauze.

Hope all are feeling well and healing well--and to those getting ready for the big day: you will feel much less anxious once it has been done!
Dr. Susan Otero

Web--was specialized in BRs and took my insurance, so the decision was made!

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congratulations! they surely look much better in the new picture.!! .im very happy for you!
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Once your brain gets used to the new you, it won't seem like you are flat chested. I think you look great and are going to have a very nice shape. Congrats!!
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Met - I don't think your nipples look too forward facing at all. Your waist line looks so good, bye the way! I think your results look really good, I promise. Do you have on ster strips now? You should post more pics! I think your incisions will heal up fine. I still need to work on my butt and hips. I hope when I lose weight it doesn't affect my breasts too much! Exercising was just really hard when you have huge breasts in the way and your back and neck and aching constantly. I agree, trying on clothes feels SO SO SO good. I don't really have to buy new ones, my old ones just fit so much better and look so much more flattering. I feel like our breast shapes are sort of similar now. What do you think? I tried on a 36 D and it fit great but I'm wondering if I'll be able to fit in a C later on?
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Thanks Ann! No, I didn't get steri-strips, guess my doc doesn't use 'em. I am putting bacitracin on under the gauze however. Will post more pix soon. Am also concerned about losing cup size when i lose weight (10 lbs is goal), but i read that up to 15 lbs it shouldn't affect your boobs. I'm surprised you say you are a D! Judging from the pix, i'd say you look more like a C...
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Thanks Ann, I looked at your profile, yours look great too!! Don't know about you, but my shoulders feel better already, and trying on clothes is like a dream, isn't it?

I feel like the doc made the nipples a little too 'forward looking' (like headlights), even tho i specifically asked her to err on the side of 'outward looking'. Can I ask your opinion? based on the post-op pic i posted, would you agree? You can be honest, i won't feel bad ;-). Overall I think they are fine, just wish they were a tiny bit wider...

Best of luck with your healing too. Your incisions look really clean and straight! Mine seem more butchered up...
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Congrats on your weight loss! You post op pics look great. Sorry to hear about the mishap with the IV and your heart rate dropping so low. That had to be scary. I was the same size as you pre-op and am currently on day 6 post op. I am probably between a 38 C or D. I posted my story and pics yesterday so hopefully it will be up on the website today. Keep us updated. Best of luck with your healing! :)
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You look great at 7 days and you look so slender! I think they'll settle in beautifully and match your overall body shape and size. Looks so comfy - I can't wait! Congrats!
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M, good luck on Thursday, will be thinking of you, and will send prayers your way and look forward to your happy update! hugs, m333
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It soooo great to know that we all have the same crazy thought running wild in our heads , I told my ps I wanted to be a DD/D Australian , 2 weeks before op I start to freak out in a major way is it to big , will they droop , I don't want them to be to small , I don't want to be put under , what if I don't wake up , what if I do and I HATE them .... I can safely say to you all that are feeling these things that it's all very normal . I decided not to irritate my ps with my crazy thoughts because I trusted she know what she was doing . Don't get me wrong it was hard not to go in every day and say things like , I think I want to be bigger or smaller or will I wake up . Almost 9 weeks has passed since my op and every week they look and feel better ... Please remember that when you see yourself for the first time you will most likely think you did the wrong thing . Give yourself time to heal and understand your newness . I am great full every day that I found these amazing people to talk to , and know we are all changing our life's for the BETTER . xxxxx
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symone that was a wonderful post.i thank you!!! xoxo
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Hi, I just wanted to say that I feel the same as you with regards to size and anxieties. I too have worried that if I go to a D will they droop (I haven't had children yet) but I also worry that a C would be too small. My mind is jumping all over the place I can tell ya! I personally just keep saying to myself that having all of the symptoms which are related to big boobs will never get better on their own but instead become a progressively worse situation for me. I have also watched the surgery! Jeepers if only I do it myself, because in my head I kinda know what I want but I reckon I would find DIY operation boob shrinky a little tricky!! : )
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"Jeepers if only I do it myself, because in my head I kinda know what I want but I reckon I would find DIY operation boob shrinky a little tricky!!"   I literally busted out laughing!
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Ha ha--tricky indeed! I tell ya, this site is a Godsend. I've been driving my mom and friends nuts with my anxieties, they can't fully understand. Everyone here gets it.

I may end up a C, as the doc has to take off 500g for insurance to cover...

I can totally relate to 'my mind is jumping all over the place.' You know what my latest obsession is? That I'm not really 'that big', and that maybe this isn't necessary, who knows if my back pain is really caused by this, etc, etc. I'm sure that is fear talking, trying to back out of it. But you are right about the situation only getting progressively worse. It's all 'downhill' from here, literally..
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Please let me know the results of your surgery on September 20. I plan to have mine at least in October I hope. I'm still a bit unnerved and as I said before my pre-op is scheduled for next week. Let me know how it goes?
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Good luck. Keep us posted...***hugs****. I can't wait for mine*****
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Haah! Love your screen name! It is a worry about what they will look like afterward. I just kept reminding myself that if something doesn't heal quite right or I don't like the look of something that the PS can do a revision to correct almost anything. I would just check with your PS and see what the contingency plan is. You are going to love the freedom and comfort you have after this surgery. Good luck and keep us posted!
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Hi there , you are like most of us here . Weather We payed for it our selfs or not we all have the same feelings . Will I like them , did I do the right thing . I payed $12,000 for mine and I was worried I would not be $12,000 worth of happy ... Good luck
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