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Cheek Lift Reality Check - Washington, DC

I am writing this to share with anyone considering...

I am writing this to share with anyone considering mid face lift/cheek lift. One has to be absolutely clear about the downtime after this surgery. While most of the websites and consultation would tell you that 2 weeks downtime is enough, that is absolutely not true. For 4 weeks I looked like old version of Mae West with huge bumps on my upper cheek.

Right now I am 6th week post-op and still cannot socialize with someone I don't want to discuss the surgery with.The swelling goes down at a glacial pace. My case got worse since I had laser under my eyes and that area got infected. While I am yet to see the final results, I was definitely not prepared for the downtime and anxiety I had to endure.

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I have send my doctor's information.The staff is very helpful and the doctor seems like a nice person.8th week after my surgery he did tell me that my healing is delayed because of laser infection.My beef was about what I was told about recovery time.After the procedure, I was going through some posts on realself and the doctors did mention that you need 6 weeks to make social appearance.I hope you are light skinned as the laser caused pigmentation in my case.
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I did not get any fat grafting.Be absolutely clear about your recovery time.
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My doctor was completely unrealistic in his description of the aftermath too.
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Who was your doctor? I'm also considering this procedure.
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Hi, do you mind sharing who your doctor was? I am having a cheek lift next week in Washington, DC. Different doctors use different techniques and I am concerned that the technique my doctor uses will cause prolonged swelling and a very long recovery time, I'm wondering if it is the same Dr as he also is doing laser under my eyes. Did you have any fat grafting as well?
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