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Hi all, I can't tell you what a relief it is...

Hi all,
I can't tell you what a relief it is to find this site! I'm scheduled for surgery on June 1 and I'm so nervous about it. It's so reassuring to read all your stories and see that my feelings are shared by so many of you.

I'm 46, 5'1", 120 lbs and I've been a 30G for the last 15 years. I get by with a 32DDD bra, but my right breast is always leaking out of the cup. People are always shocked to find out how big my breasts are - I guess I hide it well. But I've been thinking about having this surgery since I was 21. My breasts have been large ever since they developed and I was super self-conscious about it as a younger woman. I'm glad I waited until I got past that to have this surgery. Now, I really love and appreciate my breasts and all the fun I've had with them! (visualize all my past lovers raising a glass - here's to N's awesome rack!) But my back, neck and shoulders really take a hit from all the extra weight and I want to have plenty of time in my life to enjoy a lighter load.

I'm very lucky to have the surgery completely covered by my insurance. I've seen three PS's about this over the years, and each one has looked at my chest and said "Oh yeah, you'll be covered."

I'm still really nervous. I've never had major surgery and I'm scared of the pain! I'm also scared my breasts won't be pretty afterward. I'm single, and I'm scared that any new man in my life will be scared off by my scars - I know that's kind of silly, but I'm just puttin' it out there. Oh yeah, and I'm scared of what all those pain meds will do to my digestive system. Let's just say it slows down really easily. Anyone else out there had trouble with that? I already take Miralax every day, so I'm wondering what else you've found worked after surgery.

Mostly, I just am glad to have found this community. Thanks to all of you who took the time to write about your experience and post pics. You gave me the courage to take pics of myself.

I have my pre-op app't with the PS on Wednesday. Any suggestions on things I should ask her that day?

Welcome, Se1f 1ove! I have a tricky digestive system as well. I have found that docusate sodium really helps as well as eating a banana every day. I would start taking the docusate as soon as you get home from the hospital because if you take any narcotics you more than likely will have trouble and I would continue to take it daily until after you are going to the bathroom regularly. The pain really isn't horrible and after a couple of days Tylenol was plenty. I'm sure you will love the results! Keep us posted on your progress!
Don't be scared, it was my first major surgery as well. It went great and you will be so relieved! My breasts are still swollen since I'm only 6 days out but feel sure they will look great! You will be fine as long as you have a good doctor. As for the digestive tract, I would recommend that yogurt that's on tv. I didn't take pain meds but for a couple of days because they made me itch but have been fine without them. I was scared of the pain but the pain is not nearly what I thought it would be, although I know everyone is different. I feel great and am so glad I did it. You will be too! Saying a prayer for you!
You're going to love it. Don't worry about them being pretty - they will be. Our 'before' breasts are very similar in shape and size (I had my surgery 2 weeks ago) and I couldn't be happier with my new little boobies. It will turn out great. Don't worry!

I had my final pre-op app't with the PS today. I...

I had my final pre-op app't with the PS today. I like her - she's very no-nonsense but also encouraging. She predicts I'm going to have a great result. She didn't have before and after pics of her own, which seems odd to me. I had hoped we could look at some together and get my expectations aligned with reality. But we talked about how my breasts have gotten sort of flat at the top and she grinned and said, "we're gonna fix that." She's also the Director of Plastic Surgery at a big hospital here in DC and takes insurance, which I really appreciate.

I asked her about taking ibuprofen (my go-to drug for cramps and I'll get my period about a week before the surgery). She said to stop using it the Monday before the surgery (5 days), which seems do-able. We talked about bras, meds for constipation (dulcolax), and the schedule of the day. My dear friend, R, is not only getting up in the middle of the night to bring me to the hospital at 5:30am but planning to stay for the day, which makes me cry it's so lovely.

So here's a question for all you fabulous women: I have one more app't for pre-op tests. What happens there? What do they test for?

thanks and sending warm thoughts to all of you having surgery soon or recovering now.
Good luck with your surgery. The pain wasn't bad at all. you'll do great. I'm also 46, 5 ft tall and went from 34DD to a 34B. I'm 7 wks post op and feeling great. Clothes look so much better and everyone thinks I lost a ton of weight. Optical illussion :).
I have some pics on my review.
Hi Iowa,

I am the same cup size as you and also scheduled for June 1st. I am alittle taller 5'4 and 145lbs...I am bigger than you and alittle worried about looking fatter, and also afraid of the pain, scars....but I am sooooo excited to look normal in close I can hardly wait..I will have my husband take pictures tomorrow and will post....what size do you hope to go to? I really appreciate everyone's comments, it is helping me have a positive outlook...

I was worried about looking fat too Lizzy, but trust me...everyone will think you have lost weight. I couldn't believe it. Even after I put ON some weight over the winter, the doctor that I work for asked how much weight I was down...crazy!

I am a 34DD now. I had hoped to be a C cup, but my surgeon said he removed as much tissue as he felt he could without compromising my circulation. I have to say that I had an ideal recovery and I have full sensation. So while I would like to be smaller, I wouldn't want that at the cost of losing a nipple or anything. The pain isn't horrible at all. If you have ever had another surgery you will do fine. They don't cut through any muscle layer so there is no pain associated with just trying to move. You will be a bit uncomfortable for a few days but take your pain medication and you will do fine. Remember that the best thing you can do for yourself is rest, rest, rest! You don't have to prove you are Wonder Woman during this recovery. Do as little as you possibly can so that in no time you will be enjoying the best breasts of you life!

Hi everybody, Well, two weeks from tomorrow is...

Hi everybody,
Well, two weeks from tomorrow is the big day! Holy cow - I'm nervous and excited. I'm having all sorts of panic about whether I've chosen a good enough PS, have I done enough to prepare (some of you brought PICTURES to your PS! that never occurred to me. DO I need to do that?!). Did any of you freak out along these lines before surgery? She's board certified and does tons of these surgeries, but had no pics to show me at the pre-op :-(

I also just found a super-sweet apartment I'd like to move into but it's available mid-June and I know my PS would say absolutely NO moving house in June. I may be able to figure it all out.

Hey, for all of you who've had the surgery, how long was it before you could switch from shirts that button up the front to ones you could pull over your head? I don't have many button up shirts, so trying to figure out how many to buy. I bought one surgical bra but am wondering if I should also buy some sports bras now or wait til later?

On a more philosophical note, I'm also thinking how I will miss my girls. They've been such a huge (ha ha) part of my identity for so long. And that I might feel disappointed if people don't notice, even though I know they will not.

So glad I have this place to come to for encouragement and support and stories. Can't imagine going through this surgery without all of you!

I worried if I was going to miss my big girls too. I was afraid that if I wasn't the chick with the huge breasts who would I be. But guess what I discovered? I'm the same person I was, but I can move more easily, I have less pain, and it is easier to do all of the things I love to do and I can now do many things I had never been able to do before.

I was able to do a bit of shopping a week after surgery...and I was ready to get out of the house for awhile too. I certainly didn't have the stamina for an all day mall adventure and I ran out of steam pretty early on but if you have someone who wants to go with you and hang out in the lengerie department for about an hour you may find that is a nice diversion.

As far as your PS, are you comfortable in your decision with her? Do you feel that you can trust her and her skills? I think it is a personal decision with the PS. I did take pictures with me to my consult but not because I thought I was suppose to (actually I figured I would irritate my PS by doing it) but because I am a control freak and wanted to feel as if I had some say in this whole thing. I think you have to trust your gut.

But you will not be ready to move! Unless you have someone who will do all of the packing and moving and unpacking for you, it would be a couple of months before you are even close to ready and even then you may find you tire pretty easily.

Good luck! Keep thinking those positive thoughts! And just imagine how great summer will be when you are strutting your stuff in tank tops and sundresses!
SO exciting. I wore pullover shirts a week out that were stretchy enough that I could kind of keep my elbows at my sides while pulling them on.
Unless you can get someone to do all the packing and moving for you, I can guarantee you that you will NOT have the energy and will not want to risk your recovery...i would wait 3 months- that is, unless you have someone who can help in a serious way.
do i miss my girls? NO! not for a second :) i still have my girls- they just don't weigh me down (on many levels!)
Thanks, Maggie - I need some sensible talk. I have LOTs of stretchy shirts (LOL) - should be fine! Will think this moving thing through some more.

Hi everbody! Just 9 more days to go. Last night, I...

Hi everbody! Just 9 more days to go. Last night, I had dinner with my friend R who had this surgery herself 12 years ago. We were talking about what it would be like when I woke up from the anesthesia, and all of a sudden, I had this image of looking down at my chest and seeing bandages and tubes and I thought I was going to pass out. I just go this rush of fear about letting someone cut up my breasts. It IS scary. I'm so glad I have this website, because I think if I didn't get this recurring message that it's worth it to have this surgery, that I'm going to feel so much better and life is going to get so much easier, I would chicken out and regret it. So keep the encouragement coming!

That apartment I was looking at is already rented so I don't have to make a hard decision - thanks to all of you who pointed out to me what a crazy idea that was.

And thanks for all the reviews you have written. Reading your stories is so reassuring.
I had similar worries- and I think that there would something wrong if we didn't. This is major surgery, and for those of use who have been living with this weight on our chests for decades, literally, there are a boatload of mixed feelings.

I am so happy I did this. It was worth every bit of worry and every bit of discomfort. I know you will feel the same. Keep us updated!
Maggie, just went back and re-read your whole post, which was much reassurance - thank you so much. It's so true what you say; I've had these boobs for over 30 years and even though I'm ready to let them go, at some level it's incredibly scary and emotional to have this big a change to my body! But I'm sitting here at 9am and already my shoulders ache from my bra straps. Time for a change, even though it's frightening.

It really is kindda scarey. I think these anxieties are completely normal. But you are is time for a change. You don't have to live with this pain for the rest of your life. And my 80 year old grandma says that she wishes she would have done it when she was my age because she thinks she would be able to walk better and not have so much back and shoulder pain. Keep in mind that you aren't just doing this for yourself now, but for the rest of your life. And it will impact the rest of your life!

I had my physical today - went really well. The PA...

I had my physical today - went really well. The PA was lovely, and she told me that my surgeon does great work. I guess she does a lot of reconstructive surgery for women who've had mastectomies and also for people who've had traumatic accidents. The PA said, "she doesn't just care that you look good in your clothes - she cares that you like what you see when you look in the mirror." That made me feel so much better. I think what I'm coming to understand is that how a PS runs their practice might depend on whether they mostly treat private patients or people with insurance. I'm thinking that maybe if most of your patients are private, then you make a bigger effort to have before and after pics, and a nice website. But if most of your patients are having surgeries covered by insurance, you might be a little more "just the facts, ma'am" and minimalist. I think my surgeon is the latter, and now I feel good with that.

On a lighter note - I've noticed that I'm obsessed with other women's racks like I'm a 16 year old boy. I just find myself staring at boobs all the time, wondering "will mine look like those? or maybe more like those?" It's pretty funny - I just hope I'm not offending all those women ;-)

HaaH!  You described it perfectly!  I'm sure there were women out there who thought I was a completely nut-job!
LMAO!!! it's true- i also am staring at cleavage. dang.

Holy cow, gals. I am having the grumpiest damn day...

Holy cow, gals. I am having the grumpiest damn day. I'm cleaning the apartment, which I am not enjoying, partly because I slept funny last night and now my shoulder and neck hurts even more than usual. I'm waiting for my period and wishing it would hurry up because I can't take ibuprofen after Monday night, with surgery on Friday morning. I think I need to get the hell out of the house. I'm posting a couple of before pictures. Maybe I'll go to the department store and look at bras and try to get a handle on what a 32C vs a 32B looks like.
Wowza! You are tiny! "Cept the boobs, I mean. You are going to look incredible when this is all said and done. With your figure, even B's would look fabulous - I am so excited to see your final result. Sorry you had a bad day, by the way. Hope tomorrow's better. :-)
Today was better, Kate! I woke up full of energy, did all the cleaning I didn't want to do yesterday and now my folks are here and I feel so pleased with myself. I've been doing Weight Watchers for about 7 weeks and lost about 10 lbs, partly because of the surgery and wanting to feel in good shape. My belly is still pretty flabby, but that's just the way I am :-). Thanks for all the encouragment!

I'm sure the anxiety isn't helping the grumpies either :-(   Was window shopping any help?

Fresh from the lingerie section at Macy's trying...

Fresh from the lingerie section at Macy's trying to figure what cup size I wanna be. I looked at 32 B, C, and D. Definitely not bigger than a C, I think. Even the B looked kinda nice! Part of what makes this tricky is that I'm really a 30inch band size, maybe even a 28. So I think I really want to be a C cup, but if I end up only finding bras with a 32 Inch band, the C might be too big. Ha ha - all this work and recovery and I may still end paying big bucks to find my size. Still worth it!
So loved reading your story so far. I can totally relate. Sometimes I feel like a bit of a perv, checking out other women's boobs at the gym, etc. I'm trying to decide whether to push for a B or a C??? Either would be a great improvement I suppose. Anyway... you're nearly there. I hope it all goes super-smoothly and you love your new look. Look forward to reading your updates in the weeks to come. Thanks for sharing.
Almost there :). I turned out to be a 34C. The lady at victorias secret explained to me that if you go down to a 32 that you need to increas the cup size. She said the cup size is more narrow. So a 34c woould turn into a 32d. Does that make sense? I personally am very happy being a C cup. Good luck!

Tomorrow is the big day! I'm definitely feeling...

Tomorrow is the big day! I'm definitely feeling more nerves, but friends are really stepping up to the plate to offer support and love. One came over last night to do a "glamour photo shoot." We took pics of me in all my prettiest bras in lots of poses, some nudes, too. It was a really great way to celebrate these breasts; I've had wonderful times with them and while I'm ready to be smaller and lighter, I want to also remember all that was good about having big, voluptuous breasts.

My period (or lack of one) has been driving me crazy! It's finally started, almost a week late. I was really concerned I might be pregnant, which would definitely have thrown a wrench in things. I think it was just nerves and stress. Anyone else had BR while menstruating? Did you wear a pad or a tampon?

Also, did anyone else ask their PS or anesthesiologist to say anything particular to them during surgery? I'm using this book called "Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster" and they recommend having the surgeon or anesth say healing statements while you're going under and as you're coming out of surgery. I like the idea, but wonder if the doctors will...
I got my period THE MORNING OF surgery. Ha. I was so nervous I didn't even care at that point. I did use a tampon, and made sure to change it immediately before surgery so that I'd have a good 6 hours before I'd have to get out of bed and change it again. Haha, gross, sorry. It turned out to be no biggie, really.

Hmm, interesting about the anesthesiologist saying things. I know many of them from work, and there's maybe one or two out of 10 or so who'd comply. Couldn't hurt to ask!
I'm soooo excited for you! I have a feeling you're going to look INCREDIBLE!! Can't wait to hear your update!
So I called the PS's office this morning and they said:
1) wear a pad (which is fine with me - I usually prefer that)
2) my PS will NOT be interested in the whole "positive healing statements" thing. This is actually really good to know, because the last thing I want to do is irritate her right before she operates on me.
3) I can't wear my iPod during surgery - a bummer, but I can live with that.

House is clean (at least by my standards), fridge is stocked, I think it's time to sign off and go to bed.

Thanks for all the encouragement and support!!
Good vibes and payers headed your way!! May your recovery be nice and smooth as possible!! Cant wait to read all the updates!!!

Hi all! All is well. I'm in my room and feeling...

Hi all! All is well. I'm in my room and feeling pretty good. I'll write more tomorrow.

Thinking of you. Hope all went well!
Good luck today. Happy boob day! Off to a speedy recovery.

Hi everybody! I made it. And it was just fine....

Hi everybody! I made it. And it was just fine. Thank the universe for that relaxation CD - I listened to it Thursday night before bed and again when I woke up in the wee hours a little early. It really helped calm me down and keep my anxiety at bay. I was better able to communicate what I wanted at the hospital, too. When the doctor was marking me up before surgery, and we were talking about what size I wanted her to be, I actually stopped her and asked her to look at me and I said "I picked ya because I know you're really good at this and I trust your judgement." I said, give me the healthiest, prettiest, most proportionate boobs you can. She was down with that. And I asked her and the anesthetist to say good things to me while I was under, which I think they did because when I came to in the recovery unit, I was smiling.

Probably the most pain I had was right when I came to, and that wasn't so bad. They gave me dilaudid, and then I was pain-free and somewhat loopy. Everyone in the hospital was really lovely and nice to me, but the organization there was bad - I waited over 4 hours to get into my room. But I was comfy in the recovery unit, so that was ok.

When I got into my room, they switched me over to percocet. I was drinking a lot, but not hungry - I think I ended up eating a few grapes and crackers yesterday, nothing more. I was able to pee. Did anyone else notice their pee smelling really weird? (sorry - that's a bit graphic, but I really noticed that). The biggest challenge last night was nausea, so I'm glad I was in the hospital, since they were able to give me Zofran and some other stuff which made that go away. Thanks drugs!

This morning the PS was supposed to come around 6:30 but she forgot! We ended up paging her around 10am and she came and was super-apologetic. She took off the big gauze pads and said my breasts were "perfect." I guess there had been lots of discussion of my cup size in the OR, with the other staff insisting that I could not have been a G cup, and her saying "yeah, but her rib cage is so tiny, she needed that big cup." Wish I could have been awake for that!

We got home (thanks for the pillow tip - big help!) and I got settled on the couch. It was so great to eat some good food and be in my own space. I did have some bleeding from my nipples, especially on the right. I paged the doc and she said it was normal - I could apply some pressure and should really take it easy. I can tell that's going to be hard, but the bleeding was scary, so I'm committed.

I wanna take a pic, but I don't want to take off my bra just yet. I'm allowed to shower tomorrow (ain't it funny how different the instructions are from different doctors?). I'll get my friend to take a pic of me then, after I'm all clean.
Yay! I'm so glad you did well! I just know you look amazing... can't wait to see pics! But for now, happy healing and hope you rest comfortably!
Yeah sel1f, you did it, you are on the other side now! Rest well.
Glad to hear all went well. Good luck with that first shower! Can't wait to see your pics :).

Just had that first shower. I almost passed out,...

Just had that first shower. I almost passed out, too! It was a big shock to see my chest, and I wasn't expecting it to be. I think it just didn't hit home completely until that moment that I had actually had a big part of my breasts removed. Funny how the brain works. Now I'm all cleaned up and rebandaged, and feeling better posted a pic. I'm lying down, so the angle is a little odd. My friend assures me that the lopsided look in the picture is because of the angle, not that my boobs are that way. I'm not actually worried about it though - it makes sense to me that there would be different levels of swelling on each side.
Your breasts look amazing! Take care of yourself
You look fabulous, especially so soon! Healthy and a good healer! Yahoo! And as for men who are "put off" by the appearance of your smaller, pain free, cuter boobs...I think that might be a good thing. It will save a lot of time you might have otherwise wasted on an exceptionally shallow guy. If the appearance of a body part that spends most of the time wrapped up in a couple layers of clothing is that important to a guy, best to know early on anyway. :-)
Too true!! Thanks, PNW

Well, I'm having some day 3 blues. Feeling...

Well, I'm having some day 3 blues. Feeling queasier and more shaky than yesterday. I think it's the antibiotics, which I wish I had questioned more when she prescribed them. Now that I've started, I don't think I should stop since I could incur resistance. Oh well. I think I also probably did a little too much yesterday, but today is much quieter, and I'm mostly dozing.

I also have a rash just below my bra band and on my shoulders. I think it's a reaction either to the antibiotics or the pain meds or something else. It's a little itchy, not bad. I talked to a nurse at the PS's office; she said I could take benadryl for the itchiness, but that it wouldn't help the rash. As long as I don't have open sores or bleeding, she's not concerned. I lay down on my bed and unhooked the bra for a few minutes - that felt GREAT. I think the girls could use a little more air. I'll do that again this afternoon when a friend is here.

That's all for now - back to the couch and more sleeps.
Thanks Top, Ana and Fancyface. I'm liking them more every day. Resting is my big focus and a bit of a challenge, but I'm heading back to the couch now after a wash and a sandwich. Thanks so much for the support.

Ana, I saw your post AFTER this last shower. I'll look into getting something soap-free and maybe changing my detergent. The rash seems better today, too - maybe it was partly a heat rash from sleeping in the bra?
You look wonderful!!! great result and am happy ur doin well, just make sure u get enough still weeks away from my surgery and seeing you ladies own gives me more and more hope....
Hi there. About the rash. I switched to a soap free wash. Like j&j Purpose gentle cleansing wash. Also wash your clothes with baby detergent and no fabric softener. For topical cream I use Walgreens hydrocortisone cream. I would take an anihistamine pill before bed if i was itchy. All these things helped me so much. I'm still using them. Good luck!! Feel better!!

Hey all, quick question: what have you found works...

Hey all, quick question: what have you found works to reduce swelling - anything? I'm drinking a lemon tea every day. I haven't tried ice yet, since my PS didn't think it would help much. Any other ideas?
Yes, you do look amazing. Happy healing. Hope I look that good next month :-)

You look amazing, Self! So happy for you! Congratulations :-)

Just got back from the PS - I think I have the...

Just got back from the PS - I think I have the most minimalist PS in this community! She looked at my breasts and said "they're perfect, keep doing what you're doing." Basically, I can shower every day, use soap and water directly on my breasts, and then I just put this yellow gauze on my incisions. The yellow gauze is called Xeroform, it's impregnated with vaseline and clings to my boobs. Then I put gauze or sanitary pads over that and put the bra on. She likes the Marena I'm wearing a lot and doesn't want me in anything less supportive. She mostly used adhesive to close my incisions, but I have sutures at the T joints where the vertical scars meet the horizontal ones, and in the corners where my drains were. Those come out a week from today if all is well.

I am developing a rash where the band of the bra sits against my skin. She said I could use hydrocortisone cream for that, so I picked some up and a little bottle of spray-on benadryl to give myself two options. I think my skin is just sensitive and I'm getting a little sweaty there. I'm currently wearing the Marena with a two-inch band, so I'm gonna order the one with the one-inch band and see if that is better. I have to wear a bra 24/7 for three weeks and then I can go without at night. I think I might go without just half the night, since I want to ensure I end up with a nice shape, but I also think my skin needs some air!

I'm having some puckering and bulging right in the middle of my chest, right where the two horizontal scars end. She said she didn't want the scar to extend right across my chest, and so left that area uncut. But if the bulge doesn't go down, she can take care of it right in the office (gulp). I'm gonna work at the whole massage thing once my incisions are closed and see if I can get it down myself. I'm also developing some dog-ears right where the drains came out. I almost went back to her office to ask about that, but based on what all of you have said, I knew her answer would be the same - see how the incisions heal and she can address it later if they don't disappear.

Kate, I asked her about using tape on the incisions and she said it wasn't necessary. Once she sees how the scars are healing, she'll recommend microderm or another product if I need it. I may decide to try it, since it won't hurt anything.

One last thing. I asked her about moving my arms over my head and she said don't do it. I told her I woke up this morning and found myself stretching and her eyebrows went right up! Gosh that stretch felt so good, but I have to be careful to keep my arms down now.

I'll take some more pics tomorrow after I shower and take all the bandages off.
Looking good!
Hi there,Just wanted to say you look awesome!, You're PS did a great job.
Thanks, Sammysmomma. I think she put a lot of extra effort into it, which I really appreciate. I just checked out your pics again - you are looking fabulous! Hope you're feeling pleased as punch.

Just had a moment. I'm enjoying my self-appointed...

Just had a moment. I'm enjoying my self-appointed 30 mins a day without the surgical bra and went to look in the mirror. It suddenly hit me: holy sh%&, I look AWESOME! Wow.

Added pics from today :-) With the yellow...

Added pics from today :-)

With the yellow gauze off, I look a bit rougher, since you can see the incisions and the bruising. I think some of the yellow is actually from the goop on the gauze, and some is bruises.
They are so pretty ! You are healing well and so fast.

Hey Self...guess what?  You had a waist under those huge boobs!

Love the new pix...thanks for sharing!
Right?! LOL. And a ribcage. Who knew?

It's been a tricky couple of days. I think the...

It's been a tricky couple of days. I think the antibiotics have been messing up my stomach, but I just took the last one at noon so hoping I'll be feeling better - I look kinda gray. Other than that, healing seems to be coming along nicely. Today, I feel like my breasts are too small and I want to cry. I was just at the supermarket and I saw a picture of Selma Hayek bursting out of a pink dress and I almost burst into tears. I'll never do that again! Now I'm just another flat-chested woman, walking down the street - all my specialness is gone. I know this is completely irrational, but I'm letting it rip. My mom will be here in a few hours, and that's comforting in some ways and not in others. She also has big breasts, and was never bothered by them so was always against me having this surgery. She totally came around when she understood how much pain they were causing me. I think she'll be really good about me being sad, I just need to let her in.

Anyway, thanks for being my community of breast reducers! It's a big help to share all these wacky experiences with people who get it.
You look GREAT and far from " flat chested' I think most of us feel this way at one point. For me, I just said, you can't have it both ways, pain free or big boobs. and Iowa hit the nail on the head with the wonder bra. Your confidence will get you the attention your boobs used to get... hang in there it is a process:)
Aw, I'm sorry you're having a hard time. I must say though, you LOOK BEAUTIFUL. It's a mental adjustment, for sure, but that just takes time - but the truth is, your breasts couldn't look better! They're really quite gorgeous. And you still look big-busted to me, just not overly so. You're still special and beautiful, but now you're just a tad more proportionate (and brave for having done this!). You're better, not worse. Hang in there girl, you'll feel differently soon, I'm sure of it! XOXO
You look great! I read some where that you will go through a morning for your breast!! They were a part of you for so long its natural. You are by far not flat chested!! Give your some time to get used to it and once you are a 100% you will feel better about it all!! Praying for some peace for you!!

Just a quick check-in. I'm feeling better today,...

Just a quick check-in. I'm feeling better today, ate a big dinner and was able to go out some with my mom. My breasts are getting softer as the swelling goes down. I'll shower tomorrow and take some pics if they look different enough to make it worthwhile.
Thanks for the words of encouragement. It will be fine. I feel pretty good but then all of a sudden I get tired. I was standing a lot again today and it feels like my swelling increases. So I'm sitting with a heating pad. I have my first dress up event this Friday. Have to try a few things on tomorrow. Trying to figure out the bra thing. Even though I'm wearing an old dress it should fit n look better.


So I finally told my mom and she has been punishing me with silence....She will come around in time...I am not at all surprised by her reaction, instead of understanding she is feeling left out and not needed, instead of understanding that this was a difficult decision and I told her that the decision was a tough one to make and I made it with my husband and family....she has not even taken
She has not even taken the time to call and see how I'm feeling or come to see me...Oh Brother....I'm 54...not 14....

When I first told her, her reaction was "Thats the last time I tell you anything?" Acting like she tells me all that goes on in her world...

I called yesterday and invited them (my parents) for Fathers Day...will see if she shows...she has a history of making excuses. Time will tell..

Hope you are well today...I am good, probably doing more than I should. Take care

Oh, Lizzy, that's so hard. I'm really sorry about that. It's so disappointing when our parents aren't grown-ups, isn't it? After all, if she'd been someone worth confiding in about this decision, you would have. It sounds like you're reaching out though, which is a grown-up thing to do. And like your husband is really supporting you. And there's always all of us! Hang in there.

I'm exhausted. I think those antibiotics really messed me up. It's frustrating because I want to be out and about, but I just don't have the energy. I'm trying to take the attitude that this is why I took two weeks off, and to just rest but I really want to be feeling better.

Ugh, ladies, I am having a rough time. Not with my...

Ugh, ladies, I am having a rough time. Not with my boobs - incisions are healing well, I think. They are a little more sore, but I chalk that up to being completely off the Percocet and using only ibuprofen or tylenol. Last night I even slept in my own bed and was able to sleep on my side with a pillow tucked under my boob. THAT was lovely.

But my stomach is still really queasy, I'm having diarrhea (sorry if that's gross), and my energy level is in the toilet. I read about others who had surgery more recently than me going out to lunch or working half a day and feel despair. I had much more energy last week, but now I just feel exhausted all the time. I'm not sure what's wrong. I know the antibiotics could be the culprit - if they took out too much of my good bacteria that could be affecting my digestion and causing the low energy. I'm eating yogurt and taking probiotics, not sure what else I can do. Thoughts? I see the PS tomorrow.
Hi se1f. I have suffered with low bp for a long time. My doctor had instructed me to drink lots of Gatorade. You need salt and water to increase your blood volume. Gatorade makes that happen pretty quickly. Mine gets low like right now im feeling a little dizzy. It's 83/55. Time to drink something.
Sorry you're feeling so lackluster. But, it really is normal. Those narcotics give you a false sense of energy. It's great that you're off of them so quickly, though. They tend to make you think you can do more than you should. My advice would be to just relax - do something simple that makes you happy - read, nap, try some new recipes if you're up to it - the more you rest the quicker you'll feel back to your old self. I know - easier said than done. Hang in there! You'll be 100% before you know it and embarking on your new, more comfortable life. Good times are ahead. :-)
Kate, so helpful to read that about the narcotics - that explains a lot! I just couldn't understand why I'm feeling so much more tired now, but now it makes sense. Thanks!

Ladies, a very big day. I had my stitches out and...

Ladies, a very big day. I had my stitches out and the PS said I look great. She kept thinking I was further post op than I actually am. Nice. And my energy totally returned today, I felt great. I probably did too much, though - it looks like two spots on my incisions may have opened :( I just sent the pics posted here to the PS and am fervently hoping she writes back and says not to worry. Anyone on here have experience with this?

Went sports bra shopping today and the one I could find that you don't have to pull on over your head (that still feels like more than I'm ready for) is a 32D. Bigger cup size than I expected, but boobs were spilling over the sides in the C cup. So that may or may not be where I end up, but I am feeling so friggin' delighted with this new rack I couldn't care less what letter is attached to them! I did a little clothes shopping, nothing too racy until I can wear a normal bra, but still!!! EVERYTHING fit better. It was just so amazing not to battle with these huge boobs that distort how everything looks and force me to wear clothes that either are too big everywhere else or make me look like a walking ad for "Big Tits" magazine. I am SO glad I did this.

Uhhh, where did that tiny little waist come from?  Oh yeah, that's right, you were hiding it under those huge boobs you use to have! You look amazing!! Pretty sure, you're not going to have a problem looking sexy or attracting got IT, sugar!
Oh my gosh! I want to give you a big ol' congratulations hug! You' are stunning, my lady. You seriously, from the bottom of my heart, have the perfect figure. Healthy hips, delicate waist, and perky, youthful boobs. My sincerest congrats. **SO** happy for you.
"scary spot number 2" doesn't look bad to me, "scary spot number 1" looks a little angry, you may be over-doing it, try to take it easy tomorrow and drink lots of water, you look great by the way, ENJOY!

Back to the couch today. Talked to the nurse about...

Back to the couch today. Talked to the nurse about the open spots, she was supremely unconcerned. Said they will heal, call her in a week. I'm wiped out though, from all of yesterday's fun, so lay low today. Finally realized that staying home, depressing thought it is, is what I need for now.

Has anyone else noticed any impact on their memory from the anesthesia. I forgot both the password to my blackberry (which I only use for work and turned off the night before surgery) and for my computer at work. Finally decided it was time to log in today and couldn't! Maybe two weeks away would have caused me to forget anyway. Wish I'd had the common sense to write them down!
The scary spots don't look too bad. I agree with Sammysmomma, take it easy for a few days :)
Lovin' the new pics! even the upside down one .lol and no i don't know how to fix it.ha

As far as the angry spots, I wouldn't think they are anything to worry about but take it super easy for a couple of days...but you know this, you're a big girl. :)

Don't you find you have a great day and are then wiped out for 2? today I went to costco with mom, literally no more than 90 minutes out & came home so tired I slept from 3-730 pm. Poor dogs didn't get to the park today or anything. But I feel a lot better. We really need the rest, even when mentally we don't realize we do.

I wish I had some post op antibiotics, if thats what diarrhea does for your waistline. I must have some old ones hanging around here somewhere.....
Ooooh, be careful what you wish for, sister! But, yes, this totally feels like a "one step forward, two steps back" kind of process. Even though I really tried to be ready for this surgery, work was super stressful for the 3 months preceding, and I think I came in kinda tired and worn out. That may be while I'm finding the come back a little slow. But the PS was really delighted with the condition of my incisions, so I'm happy to give up some activity right now (even though I get so damn depressed hangin' around the house).

16 days post-op. Sorry I haven't checked in a few...

16 days post-op. Sorry I haven't checked in a few days - I've been mostly hanging out on the couch and sleeping a lot. I'm in the "discouraged" phase of recovery. Wanting to have more energy and be able to do more, worried about my incisions healing properly, worried that my PS didn't use Steri-tape and my scars won't heal as well, etc. Last night I did my healing guided meditation again and realized that all this worry and fretfulness is not where I want my head to be. So my resolve is to do the meditation twice a day and focus on more positive thoughts.

My open spots continue to be open, but don't seem to be getting worse. Like Sammysmomma, I'm still having quite a bit of soreness and pain in my incisions, but I figure that's partly because I'm taking less medication (I've been off the Percocet for a week, and just use ibuprofen or acetaminophen when I remember) and partly because my nerves are healing. At my last visit, the PS said I don't need to wear bandages anymore, but that was before the open spots. So I'm putting bacitracin on the incisions and covering them with telfa pads under the bra, both to keep the bacitracin on and to keep the bra from rubbing the incisions. They are still VERY tender in spots, so massage for me yet.

Oh, that's one more resolve - I'm resisting the temptation to compare my healing progress with you guys! I think it makes me worry more. Eating lots of lean protein and green vegetables, also yogurt, kefir and kim chee to help my gut recover from the antibiotics. I'm still feeling nauseous some of the time, but it's better today.

Hugs to all my cyber-BR buddies! I'll post pics later this week.
P.s. I'm ready not high, but I AM typing on my phone -lol!

oerbsin = pea brain. Oy.

I'm REALLY not high. Sheesh
Ha ha - I mentally switched it to "opinion." Your brain has many amazing quality, Piggles, but pea size is not one of them! Thanks for the info, I find that super-reassuring, too. And it makes sense that I'm feeling more pain in the incisions and around the nipples - probably lots of nerve healing happening.

Just posted a pic of me in that same t-shirt. I...

Just posted a pic of me in that same t-shirt. I was waiting until I could wear a more flattering bra, and then realized my boobs are so swollen still, I don't really need a bra! So this pic is kind of cheating, not a true "after" but maybe a fun stop on the way.
We had all the information and all the disclosure. Do nothing for 2 weeks. Recovery takes 6. We were out and about in 3 or 4 days. Of course we thought we could beat the odds!!!! :-) (and I knew better...)

Remember what your granny used to say? Time heals all wounds. I do need to look a little alone gives me a good excuse to look in the mirror and say red streaks. I can see where I've busted sutures, but nothing infected and nothing the PS will do. My body will absorb the abuse I have more time.

The trouble with healing is it's totally connected to how fit you were going into this. If you were conscious of your body and working on taking care of it, it will heal ahead of the projected rate. If not, it won't. Other than infection (which you will feel and know about in short order), nothing the PS can do to hurry things. As I recall, you had mandatory preemptive antibiotics? So, you shouldn't have any problems. As for the suture remnants...a good tweezer works great! Of course...I think that staying away from white man's medicine keeps a person healthier than they would be otherwise! :-)
Hey Se1f...I'm in the same place... sleeping more than I did on day 4, but sort of figured I'd hit the "plateau". So nice to have Piggles confirm! 3 weeks is half-way through the 6 weeks my PS promised for recovery. Going into it conscious of the pitfalls, I still pushed it and got sucked in by the false courage of pain pills. I have opened sutures and am now trying to decide whether to go in early or just wait and get a holler at next week. No infection, no pain. Can't use the "cowboy" one-liner about being a long ways from my heart (that's for bruised arms & legs), but no red streaks.

Hard surgery for active people. I think I should have asked for lithium.

Got up at 11:30...did paperwork until 3:00 when I went to the garden. Back inside by 7:00 after 4 hours of "bonsai" pruning (elbows at sides). Will be in bed by 10:00 pm. Total "upright time" defined as being out of bed: 10 1/2 hours. Hope that makes you feel better! :-)

This surgery has a stated 6 week recovery period. We all think we're special, fit, and should get cut a little slack for taking "care" of ourselves...but healing takes the time it takes. I pushed too hard when the endorphens were in control... and I KNEW they were going to try and suck me in...
Ahh, PNW, your misery does make good company, but I wish it weren't so! Oddly, what I feel like I'm missing more than anything, is for things to LOOK better. Instead I have this big ugly bruise on my left breast, and my incisions still looking positively Frankensteinian. I could have gone in today, but I don't think anything is really wrong, I'm just wanting to be further ahead than I am. I think I'm going to try to go in next week though. PS wanted to see me in three weeks when I went in last Wednesday, but that put me in the week of the 4th and that would not have worked. So I went for the following week, and now I think that's too far away. If for no other reason that to see if she can remove some of these dissolvable suture remnants poking out of me, I want to go in sooner.

Either the work or the weird sleep is catching up...

Either the work or the weird sleep is catching up with me - I'm exhausted! Wasn't remotely tired until 1am, now I'm hoping to stay awake until 9. Hoping this will put me back on a more normal sleep schedule.

Hey, anyone out there used bromelain for scar reduction or minimization?

Forgot to add that today also marks the...

Forgot to add that today also marks the full-fledged return of my appetite, which was really suppressed by the pain killers and antibiotics. It's kind of fun to be hungry again, but I'm little worried that with the almost no exercise I'm getting, I'm going to gain weight. Meh - who cares! I can lose it again. I figure better to listen to my body and eat when I'm hungry and make sure I'm getting good nutrition while I heal than worry about putting on a few extra pounds. Once I'm past that 6 week mark, I can work on getting the rest of myself in shape.

I say that sleep in whatever position is comfortable for you and helps you get the best sleep. The bruising is part of the healing and it will continue to happen for a couple of weeks, so don't let it freak you out too much. Be more concerned with redness, pain, heat...those are signs of infection.

As far as covering the wound or not, remember that bacteria needs four things to grow: warmth, darkness, moisture, and a food source. The incisions do need time to air out, so if you can use some gauze pads along the incision line under your bra that gives them a chance to breathe, and remember oozing isn't always bad. As long as its not pus-y(tried spelling that a couple of times and it seemed vulgar) it is just fluid that needs to come out of your body and the gauze will absorb it.

Good luck...and I'm a true believer in that antibacterial soap!
Hey everyone, thanks for all the lovely comments and insights. I've decided to go with the eating thing, and just try to keep it (mostly) high quality. I was just telling a friend how much I live to eat, and how weird it was to lose my appetite - a refreshing change, but it's nice to enjoy food again.

My boobs are really sore this evening! Much more so than they have been lately. I didn't do much but sit on the couch today, but then I went out for a bit this evening. Not sure what's going on. I also have a really dark bruise on my left breast, next to my nipple, that just appeared out of nowhere a few days ago. I'm deciding not to be worried about it, because I figure it's just stuff working itself out in the healing process. I do worry a tiny bit that sleeping on my side has somehow caused it - I worked out this elaborate system of pillows that makes it comfortable (enough) to sleep on my side which is heaven. My PS never gave me any instructions about sleeping, so I've been going with what feels ok. Any thoughts?

I was gonna take pics today, but they look so gnarly with that bruise and a few scabs, I thought I'd give it until Friday which is officially 3 weeks for me and Lizzy. Also, I notice some folks start massaging at two weeks and I gave it a try today with some lotion, but I feel anxious massaging with open spots and my breasts so tender. Gonna wait to put anything on but bacitracin and bandages until I next see PS.

This is such a process, this healing! So good to have you all to go through it with me.
I tried sleeping on my side, pillows or no pillows it was impossible. I felt like my breasts were going to split open or my nips would fly off, either way it was not nice. I've gotten accustomed to sleeping on my back, I have 3 pillows under my head so i'm sort of proped up a bit.

As far as the massaging thing, I have no idea how that could be done so early, i don't even want to touch my breasts especially the incisions, it just feels weird to me, unstable sort of, and with a couple of open spots i'm taking any chances.

I did a lot of googling today regarding my little open spot at the t-junction, and after a lot of reading i've decided the best thing for me will be to wash the area a couple of times a day with antibaterial soap and cover it with gauze. I used polysporin twice & it actually looked a bit worse. when I looked into that & spoke to a nurse friend of mine she said that its not always the best choice and acts as a barrier that can trap infection inside. That scared me. So just soap & water for me. for a couple of days anyway.

I was very sore a couple of days ago, its much better today, I think it was related to my cycle. could you be pmsing? might explain the eating as well?? although I've been eating like the world could end tomorrow as well.

Here's a long overdue update. Today is day 23...

Here's a long overdue update. Today is day 23 post-op for me. Yesterday, I woke up NOT in any pain for the first time! Yippee! Held again today. It wasn't like I was waking up in terrible pain before that, but I would always wake up a little sore and achey. I went all day today with only one dose of advil. I, too, decided to try the Bali Comfort Revolution (hilarious story - I poked around so much today that I only got to Macy's as it was closing - forgot about early closing hours on Sundays. Doh!). The small fits, but probably not for long once the band stretches out. That's ok, though. It's a relief to have a comfortable AND supportive bra that doesn't rub so much on my incisions.

I'm posting some pics and you can see my incisions are coming along. Still a few dissolvable sutures working their way out, but not too many. Overall, I think progress is good! I see the PS on Wednesday. Here are my questions for her:
1. Any concerns about the junctions? It looks like there are some open spots still - do I need to worry about those?
2. There seems to be more breast tissue under my arms than before surgery - is this swelling or did you need to rearrange a bit to accommodate the nipple pedicle?
3. Do I need to worry about dissolvable sutures where there are also scabs?
4. Can I start scar treatment? What do you recommend?

Those of you who already had your 4 week follow up, can you think of other questions I should ask? I always feel like I forget the obvious ones when I'm in there.

Hugs to all.
Just home on my lunch break (ugh 2am lunch) and checking your update. LOVE the dress!!! so adorable!!

I have a ton of questions too. we're in the same boat. I have a bunch of stitches sticking out now, and I'm really swollen still under my arms from the lipo. And I still have a couple of little open spots, just tiny but still concerning. I rubbed a little Bio Oil on my breasts today, mainly due to dry skin from the antibaterial soap, I stayed away from any open areas. I'm calling my ps office in the morning to see if i can get help with the stitches & also a worrisome spot that runs along the vertical incision from my right areola to the bottom incision. it looked like a swollen, puffy area that looked a little yellowish & now it feels hard and the skin feels really thin & delicate there.

If i find out any answers I'll let ya know.

You really look great though!
You look great! Love the pic with the dress on!!
Looking good Se1f! I got a size small in the Comfort Revolution too. Aren't they super comfy?? I love them so far. They have a green and purple one online for $8 too. Same bra, just less expensive because of the odd colors.

Oh, insomnia, why do you torture me so? I even...

Oh, insomnia, why do you torture me so? I even took a percocet (also b/c boobs really hurting after full day at work and too much hanging out in the shoe store afterwards). 1:11am, still no sleeps. Sigh. Will ask PS for some sleeping pills tomorrow.
Oh crap Selfie....let us know if you get some sleep meds and if they work. That is a bummer at the BEST of times...all the more so right now. Hope tonight is better :)
Hey Se1f! Since you posted back before we were in Recliner Land worried about still being attractive to men, simply had to post this. Not only did I successfully drive the hour to the deposition and back, the dep went very well (other side was deposing him as a possible witness against us), and this is the honest truth, the guy (cute and funny) FLIRTED with me through the whole thing. That has never happened, ever, in my entire career. Depositions are usually one step up from funerals as "serious stuff". Sooooooo...quite sure it'll be a non issue with you. :-) Must admit, it was a hoot and left a grin on my face.

Whole trip was tiring, but would have been pretty painless except for the stop at Costco when I inadvertently put a two-gallon pack of milk in the cart not thinking. Ouch. Separated it at the checkstand, so only had to load gallons in the car. It's the little things that trip me up. Got home about 2:00 and was in bed for a nap in 10 minutes!
PNW! A gallon of milk weighs 8 lbs. Holy cats, I'm glad you separated the milk pack and not your boobs!

But, hey, nuthin' like a little flirting to cheer a girl up when she's back in the recliner recovering, eh? And in her 'frumpy' clothes, at that.

Post op day 28. TGIF!! Holy cats, I am so glad to...

Post op day 28. TGIF!! Holy cats, I am so glad to be home and done with this first week of work. I overcame insomnia (go Ambien!), saw the PS (more later), and managed to stay upright for close to 40 hours. I read so much about what recovering from surgery would be like, but none of it really prepared me for what it would be like.

I'm definitely feeling better every day. My incisions are healing and my breasts are continuing to "drop and fluff." I'll try to post pics tomorrow.

The PS was really pleased with my progress and I don't have to go back for 4 more weeks. She said I could use scar treatment if I wanted to, but that my incisions are healing well and she's not sure it would make a difference. I bought both Mederma and some Palmer's Cocoa Butter formula with vitamin E. The Mederma made my incisions feel tight and maybe even a little more irritated, but the Palmer's lotion feels wonderful, really soothing and nice. So I'm going to stick with that until the incisions are more healed.

I got my first comment from someone who didn't know about the BR. A colleague saw me today at a meeting and exclaimed "Are you ok? You've lost so much weight!" I blamed it on my surgery and reassured her that my appetite is back in full force. It's interesting to realize that I look different to other people, too.
This is good place :). I like it here too. Boobs got a workout this weekend. Painting rooms and building furniture. College move ins are exhausting. We'll see how I feel tomorrow. :)
Morning se1f :). First wk done! That's awful about the insomnia. I went through weeks after surgery of waking at 3:00 am and was up for 2-3 hours. It was exhausting. I hear ambien is good. I was taking lunesta for a year and that helped me so much. I may try ambien next if my sleep gets bad again. Hope you get some rest this weekend. Are you off for the 4th?
Hey Ana. The Ambien really helped. I'm gonna try to go without tonight and use melatonin instead. It's still reassuring to know it's there, though. And I AM off for the 4th, which is also really nice, because I know I get a mid-week break if the sleep is still off.

But really, I am feeling better every day. I was just reading over this review, and realizing how far I have come. Just about 10 days ago, I was feeling down and discouraged. Today I can see that I am healing by the day. There's still a ways to go, but I know I'm gonna get there and I'm excited about my new body!

What is so clear is that the support I receive on this forum has played a huge role in getting me here. Just the caring and - dare I say it - love I feel from this community has meant the difference between feeling like I was doing this "alone" and feeling like I'm doing it with friends. Thanks to all of you. Thanks Universe.

New pics, 4.5 weeks post-op.

New pics, 4.5 weeks post-op.

Just saw the bews photis. Another pair of PERFECT boobs that went to someone else. It's official; they'll ALL be picked over by July 20th and I'm going to get stuck will some mismatched remainders.

So, ya, THANKS A LOT SELF(ish)!

Man, they really are PERFECT. You gave GOT to be over the moon!!
"bews photis": Latin for "new photos".

You're welcome.
Just to pile it on, add mine to the absolutely perfect category. :-) Since I now have 22 year old tits (not even boobs) on a 62 year old body, they are spurring me into a fitness routine better and faster than anything has in a long time. Have let myself get a little thick this past year ( physical and these girls are a lifetime governor to make sure I never let my belly stick out further than they do. It's too close for comfort right now!

PERFECT, I tell you, perfect... :-) Your turn's coming soon!

Just whining. Tomorrow it's 5 weeks, and my...

Just whining. Tomorrow it's 5 weeks, and my breasts are still SORE. Maybe I'm wearing the wrong bra (Bali Comfort Revolution)? I'm ready for less pain. OK, whining over.
Hey there, how are you? Still sore? Are you just over all sore or is it just near your incisions? The reason I ask is because I realized that you had said your had a lot of redness on your last pictures & thats what I had when I went to see the PS & he put me on antibiotics because of an infection & ever since I took them all my pain is gone & I was quite uncomfortable as well. Keep an eye on the redness, if it gets worse talk to your PS, could be the cause of your soreness. Hope you're feeling better. xx
Hey there, thanks for checking. My scars are red, but not much else so I don't think I'm infected. I took antibiotics after surgery and I sure don't want to take them again! My pain is diminishing even though I'm still complaining. :)

Sounds like its time for me to start that Palmers! Can you tell me exactly which one you got! When I google there are so many varieties and I'm never sure which is the right one.
I still get sore from time to time and it's been three months. Nothing even Tylenol worthy, but definitely surgery related. I think I expected such horrible pain that the little pain I experienced didn't even blip on my radar, but it was and is definitely there (our boobs were sliced and diced, y'know?) - I guess what I'm saying is, I can relate, and it gets better. At three months, all I feel is a slight ache now and again. Once a week, maybe.

Just shy of 6 weeks post op. I'm loving how I look...

Just shy of 6 weeks post op. I'm loving how I look - ain't those new girls cute???!!!! But, wow, I'm still experiencing a lot of soreness. I just woke up with the bottom T-junction on my right boob (which has NOT been an issue for several weeks), feeling really sore and irritated. Looks fine, though. Other spots have also been feeling sore and irritated, especially inside my breasts. A dissolvable suture that was creating a small bump at the inside corner of the horizontal incision under my left breast finally dissolved about a week ago. That was great because the bump went away, but the incision opened a little bit and is having a hard time closing. Every few days, some blood and pus oozes out. Yuck. I think it's time to email the doc.

Posting new pics, sorry for the blurry. Also bought a bathing suit this weekend - wheee! Not quite ready for a bikini, but I got a super cute tankini with teensy shorts for bottoms (because I HATE shaving my bikini line), and a halter top. Are you reading this, Piggles? A HALTER TOP.
Just wondering what size you are now, yours have turned out great gives me hope for my final outcome. Although I'm going crazy wondering what size I'll eventually be. I've always wanted to be able to buy cute bras!

You look like a million bucks!
Yes, smart ass, as a mater of fact, I WAS reading - lol! A halter would do no less that actually snap my neck in two, so I have no frame of reference, you lucky little %$##(!!!! Photos please.

How much massaging are you doing? Any point in stepping that up in an attempt to help some of the (what sounds like) stitches make their way to the surface?

I cannot believe how perfectly symmetrical your boobs are. The perfect size too! Can you believe, when you look at your before shots, that you were EVER carrying those boat anchors around? Even I have trouble reconciling your before and afters; must be a real head trip to be on the inside looking out!

Adding pics of the new tankini, as per request ;-)

Adding pics of the new tankini, as per request ;-)
One final thought on being short... a girl friend who is shorter than me taught me a fabulous trick many years ago. When you're walking up to a podium ( or anywhere else you feel particularly short), "think tall and stately". You will automatically throw your shoulders back and walk like a runway model. That's my mantra when I'm feeling particularly dumpy. "Think tall and stately."

Now that I'm proportionate again for the first time in 40 years, I'm finally okay being "little". That means losing the belly and getting less thick.

Which reminds me of another local story I heard here. Another schoolmate w/ big boobs had breast cancer and ended up with a double mastectomy. She had to wait a while before the re-build, and was, like us, semi--shocked at the size of the lurking belly. She asked her hubby (also a schoolmate) if he'd noticed it before. "Oh yeah. That's been there forever." He lived, but she has shared the story far and wide. Can't wait to bust him!
Funny! My first reaction was "awww that's sweet! All those years she had that belly but he didn't care." And I'll bet after seeing her live through that surgery, he REALLY didn't care. A double mastectomy'll sort your priorities in a heartbeat, eh?
He's a GREAT guy. My "little brother's age" (now 60), so it's always fun to bust his chops. "Nice one, Scott." They've been married forever, and this wasn't their first hurdle. Their beautiful daughter, only child, was in a horrific car crash that broke her neck, etc. etc. Years to recover. They pulled through that, so cancer was a non-issue. Kiddo is back to better than perfect, too!

7 weeks post op. Healing happens! I now can go...

7 weeks post op. Healing happens! I now can go several hours at a time without thinking about my boobs - what a pleasure. Some days I still have soreness, and most nights I wake up at least once with my incisions sore (probably from sleeping some funky way). I'm definitely not HEALED, but I'm progressing. Near as I can tell, all dissolvable sutures are dissolved or worked their way out. The inner corner of one of my horizontal incisions (leftie) is still closing up - there was a funky stitch there that created a bump. It finally dissolved and then the bump went away but the incision opened up a bit.

I've started massaging with the Palmers Skin Therapy Oil basically because of peer pressure from this site (you know who you are). It does feel nice. I'll post pics in the next few days - incisions are still red on the sides, but the vertical lines from NAC to crease are fading nicely.

All in all, I think I've been incredibly lucky in my feeling and I deeply appreciate that. Thanks to all of you for your great advice. Eat your greens! Drink your lemon drink!
Ana: I cannot imagine what it must have felt like looking or better yet ASKING for a push- up. Some 17 year old smugly thinking to herself, "another under -boobed" customer and you thinking to yourself "oh, the irony...the irony!!!"
You nailed it! She did look 17 and said push ups is all I wear. She looked very under boobed :).
Morning :). Palmer's yay! That stuff is awesome. Hope your little spots get all better soon. This new boob thing is amazing isn't it? I bought my first push up bra yesterday. Victoria's secret has really soft ones now. It's really comfy. I got this new dress that needed a little help on top. Never thought I would ever say that!

8.5 weeks post op. Saw the PS today. Of course, as...

8.5 weeks post op. Saw the PS today. Of course, as soon as I made the app't last week, that last spot closed up. She was shaking my hand and saying "you're all done with me, goodbye forever." I had to call her back into the room to ask about my dog ear. She said if it's bothering me at 6 months, to come back and she'll do the revision in the office. But she did say my incisions are still healing: "anything that's red is still healing." She thinks the scars look great and will substantially fade.

Here's a wee tip from a book I read: ask your PS for a copy of your surgical report. It's handy to have down the line if you ever need another surgery on your breasts for whatever reason, and it makes for interesting reading if you're into that kind of thing.

All in all, things are continuing to improve. I still have soreness, both a kind of hot irritation on the incisions - often in the middle of the night or when I wake up - and inside my boobs when there's a lot of bouncing (running down the escalator in the metro). I notice that sleeping on my back leads to less of that first one, so I think I'm going back to that for a while. What an amazing thing that I was able to learn how to do that! Proof that you can teach an old(er) dog new tricks. I'm massaging twice a day with either lotion or the Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil. Can't tell if one is better than the other - both feel good. It's time for pics - I'll try to get help with that so the pics are better quality.

Sending a shout-out to all of you who are waiting or recovering. It gets better! And to all my RealSelf best buds - Piggles, Kate, Iowa, Sammysmomma, PNW - you know who you are. Thanks for being that.
Hello :). I'll be doing the dog ear fix on the 14th. I'll let you know how it goes. I definitely want it gone. I have to remember to ask him for the pics of the markings he did. I hope he can give them to me. I'll also ask about the report. That does sound like interesting reading.
Back at ya, Se1fie! Was wondering how you were doing! Lol at running down the Metro. Last year when I was back there testifying, I was so demented getting from one place to another that a Metro guy put his hands on my shoulders and said "Pump the brakes! Pump the brakes! There'll be another train shortly!" :-)

I need to update my post, but started swimming yesterday and had some twinges, but think I'm limiting my bad girl stuff to fluid build-up. Looking forward to being "drained again" next week. Doc said my tissue was like butter, and clearly it doesn't drain.

BUT...isn't it all grand???

Haven't had to have the farewell scene with the rock stars...because I keep flunking my check rides. I will miss them, though! They were such a huge part of a life transforming event...don't you want to keep them as friends??? :-)

It was a little disheartening to me when my PS told me he didn't need to see me anymore. He said I could call if I needed him, but he no longer needed me. It almost felt as if he was just tossing me aside. I mean how can he no longer care about my breasts, I'm still completely pre-occupied with them, doesn't he care at all? However, I got myself together and realized that no, at this point he probably doesn't. He has moved on to some other harlot with big tits, and has practically forgotten all about our special bond! Thank goodness I can still rely on you girls!

See new pics!

See new pics!

Pretty sure those are one of the finest pairs of breasts I have seen!
Thanks, Iowa!

Got fitted for a bra today! (Drum roll, please)......

Got fitted for a bra today! (Drum roll, please)....34D.

It's a shock. I was thinking 32C. Maybe even 32B!. Imagine my horror when the 32DD was too small. I felt downright depressed. But she brought back a 34D and it fit like a charm.

I think what happened is that I've ended up with lots of breast tissue under my arms - it's like the PS built me a minimizer bra out of my skin. So even though when they measure my rib cage, I'm still a 32, when I try on bras, the 34 fits better. And once I can wear underwires, I think I will have some nice choices.

I'll admit it, I'm disappointed. I was hoping for that C cup, I really was. I'd like to be able to walk into VS like all my other Real Self friends and buy a bra off the rack. Tried that last week and it was an epic fail. But
a) my boobs look great
b) my back feels great
c) I can go BRALESS now, so being able to buy the right-sized bra is much less important.

It's so typical - I've been the one on here saying for months that size is just a number and it doesn't matter. Now that I'm the one with boobs bigger than I had hoped for, it feels like it matters! OK, ladies, remind me what is truly important here.
Thank you for your review of Dr. Otero! I was referred to her by a colleague who's 80 year-old mother received a breast reduction, and spoke very highly of her. As I scoured the internet in search of reviews, I was happy to see that she was reviewed on Real Self (where I too have a profile), and it's great to see her work. I'm now very interested in setting up a consult with her, as I also suffer from very large breasts (I'm a 38K in Panache and Fantasie bras), and i've had physical therapy + medication, as I suffer from back, neck and shoulder pain, so I'm hoping I can get the surgery covered by insurance. **fingers crossed**
Hello ladyBlu, you look amazing. I much say you made the right decision on you Doctor and your life. God bless you with his hands. Stay healthy and keep posting photos pic. you are so inspiring to others.
Thank you so much! I'm very happy with the overall results and i'm glad I made the decision to have the tummy tuck. Now I'd like a breast reduction, and later, lipo. Good luck on your journey!
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

I would very highly recommend Dr. Otero, especially if your surgery will be covered by insurance. Where I rate her lower, it's basically because she is running a super-busy practice that is focused a lot on patients who need reconstructive surgery and are on insurance. So not the kind of personalized attention you will get from a private practice. You can expect to wait if your app't is in the afternoon and she is all business. That being said, she is friendly, direct and very supportive. She worked really hard to give me a fabulous outcome and so far I'm really pleased with the results.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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