Help! Can't Decide on a Size - Washington, DC

I am finally posting pictures. As embarrassing as...

I am finally posting pictures. As embarrassing as it is to be reminded of my gross boobs. My surgery is scheduled for April 23 and I still don't know what size I want. I didn't think the 350s were big enough (silicone unders). I liked the way the 375 looked. Does that mean I should go with 400? Everyone's reviews about not going big enough make me nervous. I am 5'6 and 130 lbs. any help would be appreciated! I love reading everyone's stories!

Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf! I'm happy to see the community is so supportive and providing great feedback. Your boobs aren't gross...they're just small like we all were/are.  :)  Have you tried the rice test at home?  Many women say this really helps them decide on their final size.Try it for fun and let us know which size you felt most comfortable with!

Hi Beth...Thank you! Yes, I did try the rice test. I liked the 375. It was kinda hard to for me to figure out if the rice was supposed to be squished down or not. I think it give me a good idea though.

Great! Now are you set up for recovery? You're almost there!

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