Who is the best U.S. doc??

So, when I was 17 I remember specifically looking...

So, when I was 17 I remember specifically looking at my butt and wondering how anyone's butt could sag. I found out. I gained 85 lbs with my second son then lost most of it. Decided to have the rest lipo'd out and my butt really suffered from it. I have uneven spots of fat and lots of ugly ripples along with sagging. No one looking at me would ever know I was hiding this.. I'm posting a pic that will be immediately deleted from my phone (and Im hoping my memory). I had a tummy tuck a year ago, my tummy looks AMAZING! I want my butt to match.... the issue is, due to the lipo and the fact that I am pretty fit, my doc says there isnt enough fat for a good butt fat transfer. He said I have too much skin to fill. I saw another doc who thinks he can use the skin tissue he removes to actually fill in the gaps, but the price was 11,000. Theres always a BUTT, hahaha. Anyway, Im a long way away from being able to pay for this, although Im seriously considering the dominican Republic. Any advice out there??? I dont care for a big butt, just a nice looking round butt would do...

more pics

one more bit of info....

I'm 35, 5'7.5" and 145lbs. I work out at least an hour every day, primarily Bikram and kickboxing... I've done the Brazilian Butt Lift Beach body cd. Nothing works for me. Too much loose skin, not enough fat or muscle to fill it....

Dominican Republic ladies hit me up!

I keep hearing awesome things about DR! BUT I read a few negative/semi scary scary reviews. How many people are going there for your surgery and who are you planning on seeing? Why did you choose whoever you chose??

surgery overseas

Sounds so enticing. How much can I save again? And the results look amazing. The more I read the more nervous I get though... they may not have adequate blood sipplies in case of emergency? I have a rare blood type, that scares me... also, I wondrr how strict they are with testing the blood supply they do have? Plus I guess it depends on where you go whether they even have good emergency facilities. When I had my tummy tuck a girl I was talking to went to the same surgeon I did. He is AMAZING. Top rated surgeon in Dc. However, something about her, she bled out. Had to be rushed to an emergency room and get tranfusions. Luckily she was OK. If this happened overseas, could they have helped her? I don't know, the whole idea is making me nervous now! :( anyone else on here able to put my mind at ease?? Im just starting to look into this idea....


I keep reading how people are wearing their faja. I thought it was like a garment for after surgery but now I see people are wearing it before surgery?? It kinda sounds a little dirty, hahaha

My wish pics

So, while I would love some nice big yams, I understand my limitations. I am a skinny white girl body type, a big booty would look ridiculous on me. I just want a little more roundness, a little more curves and some lift. So my wish pics are a little less bootyliscious then most.. :)

Wish I could do this tomorrow!

I personally think I have enough fat for this surgery! I don't know why my doc said he didnt think I did. I see fat by my bra line, my thighs, my whole back, thos ANNOYING love handles. Who really loves those? Sure isn't me. Haha. I'm playing the lottery today. I so want this done! I am obsessed reading all of these other blogs, the results appear life changing!

My first Skype consultation!

I have a consultation set up this Thursday with Dr. Salzhauer! Hoping some of you dolls can give me the 411 on him! So far, he was really easy to get an appt on Skype with. I sent a request his way yesterday, his assistant got back to me immediately and helped me set this up. She was emailing me at 9pm yesterday!

Butt obsessed

So, only a few weeks into the thought of this and I have butt pics everywhere. My friends and co-workers will ask about my kids and want to see pics and I'm afraid to open my gallery on my phone! Haha. This latest photo is a pretty reasonable wish pic for me I think. No its not a huge booty, but I could not actually have one I think, so I'd be hapoy with this! Starting to think about a boob job too... guess its time to start downloading those pics. If my teeneage boys ever get their hands on my phone I'm not sure I'd ever get it back!

another realistic wish pic....

This is how I remember my butt, before kids and gravity. ..


Oh, forgot to put my measurements and I wanted them here in case I have to remember for phone consultations. My bust is 32, waist 29 and hips 39

putting up wish pics and deleting from my phone...

Skype with Dr. Salhazeur!

Wow, that was pretty weird! I've never skyped before and I couldn't see him. He could see me though and says he tginks I do have enough fat for a bbl! Never thought having fat would make me so happy! So, my wish pics might get more bootylicious.. haha.

Now for some humor. The doc asks me to show him where I think I have fat. Now mind you, I thought my skype was scheduled at 630. I got home and grabbed a glass of wine and waited. At 7 I realized it was at 730. I grabbed another glass of wine and moved to my bedroom since I realized the guy who is renting a room would be home soon. I finally get the call at 8, the doc asks me to show where the fat is. I disrobe, show him my lovely love handles that I HATE and sit half naked on my bed. He's very charming even without seeing him and we are chatting about expectations and my door opens. There is my husband. He looks at me and I try to wave him away. He looks kinda surprised and continues in. Thats when I realize Im half naked skyping with a charming guy. Haha he seems a little upset right now. He doesnt agree with body altering and wasn't happy with my tummy tuck of last year. Seems like he's not ecstatic about me half naked skyping with someone about this procedure either!


I had a phone convo with Dr. Salhazuer, I hear about Jimerson and Salama. I'm no where near decided even what doc I want. Looking for advice!

Back lift with bbl...

So, I know Im going to want this skin on my lower back removed, it hangs there and has stretch marks all over it. Its gross.. plus fat LOVES there and has been hanging out there my entire life. I will also want my thighs lifted some, which would come with a lower body lift. I dont mind the skin on my butt cause I know they could fill that up! Just trying to find anyone with a similar body style who had a lift and butt aug at the same time so I can get an idea of results I can expect. I love my tummy tuck (check me out under WildOrchids). Just need this booty done!!

Hope all you ladies are doing fabulous!
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Still searching for the perfect doc to give me a perfect butt....

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Hey Girl! You should look into: 1. Dr. Mendieta if you want a nicely shape butt. You should check out his videos, he really explains how to create a perfect symmetry and shape. He's not into making the butt huge though http://www.buttsbymendieta.com/videos.asp 2. Dr Salama and Dr. Ghurani: They are the closest thing I've seen from big, juicy butts as DR. On a side note, I was going to DR, but after extensive research, I decided not to go because: 1. You can't drink or shower their water. Why? Because you will most likely get an infection. From surgery, you will have open wounds, and their water has a bacteria that we don't have in the US, and this is what's causing serious infections to some of our girls. Also, if your Recovery house is not on top of things (not: providing hot water, buying bottled water, helping you get in and out of bed, having transportation on time, getting the food you like, etc, etc, etc) you will stress and not have a happy recovery. 3. If something does happens to you, once you are back in the US, no Dr. will want to touch you from liability issues. That brings to my point 4. This will make you go back to Dominican Republic for an "X" amount of time,to hopefully get your issue solved, which will become a money and time consumer. Now, that being said, these women after surgery they wake up like DOLLS. I believe their Drs. have blessed hands, because they do gorgeous work. But I don't like this kind of risk. Some people like to hustle, if you are one of them, then I think you should consider going to DR, because you will make sure everybody is on top of things. I am not that kind, and that's why I am not going. If I knew someone that lived there that could hustle for me, then yes, but because I don't, I'll stay in the US. Best of luck doll!
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Hi hun Check out FefifoBum she give a good comparison on all the main bbl doctors and also give the pros and cons on each doctor (remember different doctors work differently on different frames)
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Thanks doll! I will check that out. Since I don't naturally have a super curvey fram, its more long and lanky I am nervous about who to go to. If I wake up with a JLo booty people in my family might notice.... haha. BUT, I still want a pretty decent improvement, especially after seeing all of these gorgeous curvy ladies!
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Well hun im in the same predicament as you I don't want any1 to know im having a bbl even my mum, but no mater what if you want a decent result from any doctor there's going to be a noticeable change.... so to tackle any suspicions iv told my mum and anyone else who ask that im getting my body sculptured which isn't really a lying because we are getting are body sculpted lool but not giving out to much information lool. are you planning to do the recovery by yourself??
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Yea, I might tell a friend but I'm not sure. ... I hid a tummy tuck! My husband knew but no body else. I think I could hide it, I will start working out like crazy and make it seem like it worked really well. .. haha. How are you doing the recovery??
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I really want to do the recovery by myself as I want to be extra private about the procedure but once my mum knew I was going to do a procedure she insisted on some1 coming with me so I had to give in and tell my best friend "I was getting my body sculpture" she insisted on coming... infact she was more forceful than my mum so it was the plan to go with her, but I've change my mind because her boyfriend is asking to many question and I don't really think is any of his business to know so much of my personal life just because his girlfriend is accompanying me. Sooo it looks like I'm going by myself just need to convince my mum ill be ok by myself.
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Find a girl on RS to buddy up with!
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If I had the money I would prob go with Salama, I like all the work I've seen on RS. Since I don't I'm looking in DR which is a pain. Colombia is better but is more expensive than DR and not as easy for me bc I don't know people there.
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I don't have money either. Haha. I will probably end up in DR unless something changes. The nurse at Salahzuer's office said her mom had surgery there and that she would too if she lived over there. I think no matter what I'm flying somewhere, so...
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Who did she recommend? I'm checking out Baez, she seems pretty safe but I'm just not sure she can give me a Jlo butt which I want! lol I also want to get a quote from Luis Andres Cordero (he was a student of Ivo Pitanguy in Brazil, the "best" surgeon in the world), Ramon Morales (member of International Assoc of Plastic Surgeons) and some others friends recommended.
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She didn't give me any names. ... :(
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Too funny! He'll get use to it. My husband took all my naked pics for me to send out to the doctors that were to far for in person consults. Give him time he'll warm up. My husband did not like the idea at all until we found Dr. Azurin then he felt more comfortable 
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Yea, it was pretty funny!!
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LMAO! I'm with you! I was showing show pics yesterday and had to explain why I had ass pics on my phone lol. Not only did I have ass pics but pics of me with the PS simulator... opps!
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Excellent choice in a US doc! I've seen his work here on actual patients, and all look great!
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Ladies if you're looking for the best hospitals in Santo Domingo check out Corazones Unidos and Cedimat (plaza de la salud), I was personally treated there when my American doctors couldn't figure out what was going on and some of my family members. Many doctors at Cedimat went to school in the USA or Europe, it's the only place I trust down there all the way. Unfortunately, they don't do plastic surgery there from what I heard but if you guys run into trouble after surgery ask for one of those hospitals. Just personal experience but of course do your research.
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Awesome info!!!! I'm going to pass it along. I can only imagine the challenge of trying to navigate the terrain as a foreigner with limited insight to pertinent resources. Once again very good info!
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Good 411 to know, will check this in my list of things to printout.. Cheers..
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Thank you so much for that info!
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Hey dear, I take it that you have Type O? Please do your homework in great detail If you are considering getting your procedure done in the DR. Consult with the docs of your choice asking EVERY question. Especially, concerning blood product availability-since this could mean life or death should the need for a transfusion arises. I don't know the stats, but the possibility of needing one is becoming seemingly common. (From the patient blogs that I'veread) What about your doc's hospital privileges in the event of an emergency? A lot of factors To be taken into consideration. I'm wishing you the best and pray that all will be well regardless of who you choose and where you chouse to have it done.
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I'm O- so I definitely keep that in mind when planning something like this...
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Those are nice ideal pictures...every guy I know likes nice butts not necessarily Huge...I'll be tracking your journey, good luck
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Thank you so much!
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Hey ladies! I will be going to DR next month to visit family and will most likely be doing consultations for bbl. If any of you are planning to be down there late Nov-Dec, let me know.
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