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Botox Has Ruined my Life - Washington, DC

1/15/2011 - Botox injected in frown lines - doctor...

1/15/2011 - Botox injected in frown lines - doctor still does not have record of how much.

1/30/2011 - Went to ER 3 times starting on this date for paralyzing back and neck pain. Eyes could not open, red swollen and oozing puss. Intense headaches, fatigue, nausea.

2/2011 - Multiple MRIs and other scans taken. On pain meds and muscle relaxers starting on this date.

2/2011 - Severe heart palpitations, hallucinations, anxiety, depression, dread/fear, suicidal ideation starting on this date and continuing to present.

2/2011 - Severe Hollowing of under eyes, Indentations formed around eyes, above lip, on cheeks, wretched sagging face all around.

To this date, I am 5 months off now and the mental symptoms are just now starting to get slightly better yet I still have crushing depression fear everyday, panic attacks and heart palps. The deformations in my face are the same.

Had to take the mirrors down in my house. I no longer go out anywhere, cannot talk to people, cannot work (am on disability). I cry every single day from the pain of this and no longer have hope that I will return to normal.

PS denies everything.

I stopped seeing docs and specialists a month ago.....they thought I had Lupus, Fibromyalgia, MS, Lymes Disease, Bipolar Disorder, Shizophrenia, ad nauseum.

I honestly do not know how I will go on like this.

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See above.

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The doctor I went to see said 'What do you have to lose? I can undo the hylauronic acid if it doesn't work'. That goodness I only had botox at the first appointment. The results and side effects are truly horrible. DON'T EVER HAVE BOTOX. There are hollows under my eyes and black circles under my eyes which I've never had before. Depression came and sat on me like a black dog. My neck muscles are so tense I can't believe it. I'm not sleeping. I have anxiety. I am so angry about this. I know that I have several months of this suffering to go before it starts to dissipate. Screw people who inject this poison into people and say it's fine.
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Hi KaylaB,
I am sorry you had this reaction. Please let us know how you are feeling now. Did all of your symptoms resolve? I had botox in November 2010 and I am still having health problems that I believe were caused by it. I also feel it ruined my life. Unlike you it made my face look b u t ful and wrinkle free! But within hours of the injections I felt like I was getting the flu, tired achy. And even worse had crushing chest pain and difficulty breathing. I ended up in an ER and had many irregular. Heart beats and severe gas and heartburn, which i never had before at the age of 39. The difficulty breathing and chest pain woke me up for months. Weeks later i heard wheezing in my lungs and was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 40! I also had headaches through all of this which was the least of my worries. I started coughing up phlegm about 20 times a day chest xrays showed no infection. But i was put on antibiotcs several times, used a steroid inhaler 4 times a day, took antianxiety meds during breathing problems because it freaked me out, took/take a pill for asthma and a pill to sleep. I had to take a weeks worth of steroid pills a month after the toxin. It is a year and a half later, and i still take asthma meds and i cough up goo daily. I was a healthy active 39 year old, now i am afraid to work out because i get winded. I see a cardiologist, asthma specialist, and GI doctor. Thousands of dollars later and the crappy changes in my health caused by one thing. I would do anything to take back that day.
I do feel for you and hope you are better! And i believe that this toxin can cause a multiple health problems and bring on new illnesses.
Take care.
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God some people love to trawl through posts and be blatantly unpleasant and provacative to inflict further misery.

So ill informed and yet so willing to share that ignorance with others.

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this posting sounds like a hoax. Botox is a purified protein that can not migrate like described or cause joint pain, heart issues or any of the laundry list of symptoms described. Also Botox is TEMPORARY and lasts on 3-4 months at it's longest.
If these symptoms are real, then they are definitely NOT related to the Botox injections and are another disease process that this person has mistakenly linked to Botox.
I am sorry for their health issues but it irresponsible and flagrantly slanderous to accuse her injector of this

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oh you are so misinformed - all of these symptoms have been well documented and Allergen have paid out a HUGE settlement in the US precisely because of a case brought by a woman with similar symptoms. Because she herself was a lawyer she was able to bring a successful action, unfortunately few of us who have had bad experiences have the finances or expertise to sue.

Please do your research before commenting on a subject in such an authoritave manner. Most practictioners admit it migrates up to half an inch and the longevitiy of the substance depends on the physiology of the individual.

Unless of course your intention was to further victimise the victim, which fits the profile of a sociopath.

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obxyogini: RUBBISH. I was so healthy and happy and looking good before I had botox and as soon as I had it I had massive problems and I look shocking. It is a toxic poison not a purified protein. Go root a boot idiot. I have read many, many posts at different sites where people have had exactly the same reaction as this. It is HORRIBLE and I would not advise ANYONE to have it.
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Good on you Meltyface. I totally agree.
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Hi Kayla! I am so sorry this happened to you!! Who was your PS?
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Can you let us know if you're any better now that a few more months have passed. Don't have anything else done, not even fillers. I've had a bad reaction to both, systemic ones like joint pain as you did. I have read that bad allergic reactions can include joint pain as well.
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kayla... i had the eyes filled with pus, it was a sinus infection that backed up. starting two weeks after the jabs and took two two week courses of antibiotics to shift.

the lymph normally clears all impurities through the sinus, but if the muscles can't work .. the lymph doesn't flow.

botulism is a toxin, even in minute amounts one has to allow for the possibilty that it will affect some patients worse than others, due to their individual physiology / diet / lifestyle?

my face melted too, is looking a lot better but as i have had treatments over several years and areas my recovery is very slow.

wishing you a speedy and full recovery, hang in there

x melty x
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It may be fruitless, but I would try to see another plastic surgeon/dermatologist to discuss any reasons as to why this happened. At the very least you might discuss how you can go forward with a plain dermal filler like restylane which is basically sugar molecules.

You know I actually had flank pain which took 3 years to diagnose, but it was my gallbladder. No stones,nothing... it just stopped working. I had adhesions stuck to my liver from some unknown inflammation or infection.

Since you had back and neck pain, could it be that your body overcompensated somehow from the lack of muscle/nerve use due to the botox? Now you are all out of whack? Or that you were ultra sensitive? Either way, I wish you the best.
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Actually you know what? I had a horrible reaction to botox. I'm still having it - only had them two weeks ago. I can't believe it and I'm so angry. I went to this plastic surgeon to fix up a botched surgery from another plastic surgeon. I've had a couple of things done and the years since then have been trying to fix up problems from nerve damage etc from the ops. I would honestly never now encourage people to have plastic surgery or enhancements of any kind. After much surgery I am still not back to looking as good as I did BEFORE the surgery. Just don't go there seriously. There are very, very, very few really skilled surgeons and complications can arise in any event.
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HI Ellington,

Yes the eye thing is ok now and the other severe physical symptoms are better but I still have crushing fatigue, joint pain and a near crippling pain in my side that feels like a knife inside me.

There is so so much that went wrong and I do not really even know how to describe much of it. It's overwhelming. I feel like my face is going to look like this forever and it just makes me sick.

How are you doing?

Thank you so much for posting.

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I am so sorry for your problem. It is indeed very strange that you had pus which usually means infection. The back and neck pain, either muscle imbalance (compensation?) or neurological. How are your physical symptoms? Better also?

I only experienced headache for a week.
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Thank you so much Britt.
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Hi Kayla,

I'm so sorry this has happened to you, but glad you have posted a review it will help a number of other community members. You should also check out the ladies in this Botox forum post, How Long Did Your Botox Headaches Last? those ladies are full of info and support. Please keep us updated and hopefully since you are at 5 months, the Botox will hopefully start leaving your body.

Thanks so much for the review, things will get better.


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I pray that I will get some comments here from people who have gone through this. I need to know if people actually heal from this and I cannot find anyone.
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