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I am 5 days into my recovery from upper eyelid...

I am 5 days into my recovery from upper eyelid blepharoplasty. My reason for having this procedure was droopiness. I am 47 years old and felt like my appearance was tired and when I actually was tired, it was even worse. Botox wasn't getting the job done anymore so I started consulting and decided to proceed. So far so good.

Day 5 Photo?

Day 5 photo update - stitches coming out tomorrow

Day 6, Stitches Out

Stitches Out

Feeling good but not much difference visually with the stitches out..... will update later

photo update

Day 9 - Looking Good!

Looking good

Day 9 Close-Up

Loving my eyes

As of this morning, day 9, I am completely healed on my right eye. My left eye still has a little lump in the corner by my nose, but my surgeon says it will gradually go away with ice. Also still have some bruising and swelling on my left eye. This eye was severely droopy so I'm not surprised that it is slower healing due to the removal of additional stuff (for lack of a better word). I am extremely happy and have no regrets. I am upgrading my rating due to the results vs. price and recovery time. I believe my doc should get a perfect mark!!! It is truly a miracle how easy and quick and painless this process was. I highly recommend this doctor.

Day 10

Day 15

First time with makeup

Two Weeks Post Op Photo Update

6 Weeks Post Op

Bethesda Plastic Surgeon

The office staff and medical team were wonderful and I really like Dr. Jabs personally. Just off the bat, I want to admit that I did not probe too deeply into the details of the procedure itself because I am sort of a wimp about this stuff . So I can't complain or say for sure if I was adequately prepared but I take full responsibility for that part. My research was more on the recovery process and the doctor, the practice, credentials, etc. Having said that, I am very happy to say that so far my experience has been very good. My recovery, pain-wise is as expected. The worst part of the procedure was getting the numbing shots which to me felt like the equivalent of a juvaderm injections. During the procedure and since I have felt virtually no pain whatsoever. Just a little itching, some blurred vision (still) and some swelling, minimal. Visually, the second day I was a little shocked by the reddish/purplish black color of my eyelids which was somewhat alarming. It continues to improve daily so I'm not sweating it yet but I don't think I expected it to look so severe. I will post pictures of each day and will provide a weekly update.

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Your eyes are just Beautiful and those lashes....Wow!!! :)
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That's great! I noticed the cost if your procedure was pretty low, so I bet that's why, maybe? I had general for mine. I wasn't aware that you could have it under local- but hey- now I know! Lol. Glad you are doing well take care and thanks for the info.
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Just a local anesthesia, Amy so I was awake but I did not feel anything. Even when the anesthesia wore off, the pain was minimal....a little sensitive to touch but no real pain.
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Your eyes look great! Were you under general anesthesia during the operation?
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You look great! Love how your lashes "appeared"!
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Your eyes are so pretty! Good luck in the healing process.
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Thanks so much for sharing, I am 10 years older than you are and am scheduled for the 17th of this month (upper bleph). I think your eyes are beautiful! My upper lid on my right eye just drooped so I can't even put mascara on. I think you will be sooo happy!!
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Thank you for your post. I just had my consult today and scheduled for the 24th. For 5 day you look amazing! How long did you take off for work? Is the outcome so far what you expected? How would you rate the pain level after? Thank you so much and please keep us posted :)
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I am a stay at home mother of two so I didn't take time off :)..... Fortunately, the recovery did not really prevent me from going on with normal life, except for working out. Sunglasses were really all I needed, and a hat if in direct sunlight or for night time outings where i could not wear sunglasses, just pulled the brim down over my eyes and no one noticed. Really no pain whatsoever, just some itching and tightness. Soreness to touch but really no need to touch so not an issue. So far, except for when I look in the mirror, I am Feeling normal for the most part. I recoommend sleeping with head very elevated (which I did not because i cannot sleep sitting up) so i do wake withnswollen upper and lower lids. Ice brings down the swelling but it's a pain so if you can, sleep sitting up. That's all for best advice is don't look in the mirror too much and sleep head elevated and you should be good. Good luck!
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Good luck ladies (and gents). As long as you did your research and choose the right doc, you should be happy with this procedure. I have no regrets and feel like I look 10 years younger or more. VERY GOOD DECISION!!!
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I just had ptsois surgery 4 days ago on my right eye, and it is healing, but I'm wondering if what looks like a wrinkle above the stitches is swelling versus a wrinkle (lol). I hope it's swelling that will go down in the next several days. I get my stitches out in 3 days. I had some growths removed from the left eye lid at the same time and it looks like I've been in a fight or competing with Alice Cooper for makeup! ha! When will all of this look semi normal again? Any thoughts?
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Optimistic, just checking in, some how missed your post. How are you healing. I did have a few wrinkles above my sutures that are smoothing out gradually. You will probably see that as well.
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