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I had fat bulges that exercise and eating healthy...

I had fat bulges that exercise and eating healthy could not remove; even cancer could not get rid of them. I am a health nut, exercise, eat right, etc., and I am a 66 year old cancer survivor, but I still want to look as good as I can for my age. Conventional lipo involves drugs and I did not want to take that chance with my health so I chose Zeltiq. Not only did I experience reduction in those bulges, I actually firmed up in those areas, and the benefits extended to adjacent areas surrounding the actual treatment area. I am very happy with my results, I saved a thousand dollars over Smart Lipo, and I did not have to risk side effects. A win win treatment plan. Love it.

Cool Sculpting worked great on me. I saw a lot of...

Cool Sculpting worked great on me. I saw a lot of improvement. The large protruding "belly bulge" on my upper abdomen had a pronounced reduction. But a mere few months after ending the treatments, it came back. Now I am doing it the right way - going to the gym and using exercise machines that have also helped my balance issues after radiation therapy on my head for cancer. So there are real benefits to exercise that cannot be obtained artificially.

My latest review (after a few months of treatment)...

My latest review (after a few months of treatment) was merged in with my previous review (immediately after treatment) so the title It's Baaaack and the thumbs down I gave it was lumped in with my previous glowing report. Read to the end for my current opinion of Cool Sculpting.
Kennewick Dermatologist

The staff is excellent, especially Donna and Raquel. The office has an interest free payment plan if you need it so anyone can have treatments. Donna went beyond the treatment I was there for and suggested I use a 70% sunscreen where radiation damage on my head and neck was being irritated by the sun. It worked; no more big red embarrassing blotch, and I had tried everything. They are very helpful there and listen to what results their clients want.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Hey Stephanie,
How did your consultation go? I am seeing results. I'm pretty happy with them. I've had 2 lower ab treatments and one on each love handle. I have a few months to wait and then I'll let you know.

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Unfortunately the dermatologizt I went to said that my skin was too lax and he didn't feel like I would have good results from Zeltiq. I am glad that he didn't just take my money but I'm very not sure about his evaluation. We never actually discussed my expectations and my understanding from reading on here is that lax skin and adipose tissue (fat) are totally different subjects. The dr told me my only solution would be a tummy tuck =(
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Not seeing anything noticeable yet. It is supposed to take 6 to 12 weeks to see the results and I am 3 weeks post procedure. I have multiple treatments scheduled and will do multiple areas. Ping me again in 3 more weeks....
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Now that it's been longer do you see much of a difference? I have been watching this for a couple months and am interested in Zeltiq - I have an appointment for a consultation in a week but I am really hoping I can loose at least an inch off my belly bulge and I don't want to waste the money if no one is getting that kind of result...Thank You!
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I am seeing results but they are not dramatic. They 20% is pretty right on. I'm unsure if the inch that you are wanting to loose will leave in one treatment. You may have to purchase multiple treatments. Also, the pain for the procedure is understated. There is a fair amount of pain. I have had 3 treatments and it takes a couple weeks for the tenderness to go away. Sorry, not clear anwser here for you but it does produce results just am unsure if it will do everything you want. I have one more treatment in 3 weeks. Then it will be a waiting game. Keep me posted on what you decide.
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Thanks for teh reply when they say a 20% reduction, that is 20% of what? I have a pretty significant piece of flubber...I'm 5'6", 150 lbs - I have a 30" waist, but 40" hips - most of my belly sags low. I don't mind going in for multiple treatments as long as there is a noticable difference - heck, I'll go every 3 months forever if they promise it will get rid of this! If you don't mind, I will check back in with you before I go ahead - my consultation is on the 28th, no procedure till around the 30th...
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i was wondering if you have seen a reduction in waist or hip size as a result of treatment? I am hoping to loose an inch or two that are a result of the lower belly pouch and I can't find anyone who has said if they lost inches...
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Hi Christine, I see you posted in Nov. How do you like your results now? Are you seeing the full results now? How many treatments did you get? I just got my first treatment last week at Dr Hopp with Donna and I agree with your assessment....she was awesome.
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Hi Christine -- Thanks for sharing your experience. You mentioned that regular lipo uses drugs; what does Zeltiq use for pain management?

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On a pain index of 1 to 10, the Zelteq treatment for me was a 2 and that was only in the first few minutes when the applicator was attached. It literally sucks the fat in like a vacuum cleaner so it is more discomfort than pain and once the area is numb after a couple of minutes, there is no discomfort at all. So no pain prevention is really necessary. You will be sore for a few days afterward, and you may or may not have bruising. Some areas I did, and some areas I didn't.

I was told when I researched conventional lipo that I would have to have a blood test to determine if my kidneys were healthy enough to clear my body of the injected drugs/medications to help remove the fat. I don't understand all the ramifications of the conventional procedure; I just knew I wanted the least side effects and with Zelteq there are none at all.
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