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I remember getting my 1st bra for my 9th birthday,...

I remember getting my 1st bra for my 9th birthday, I was a C cup by the time I was 11. I have always been the girl with the boobs, friend's moms refered to them as the girl with the boobs. I am so upset about it I have night mares about not having my bra because people would be disgusted by my boobs.

This is my second time trying to get it aproved I had tried once before with another surgeon and a different insurance and was denied for not enough medical support. I have spent the last 3 years documenting, spending tons of money on physical therapy and more.

I am currently 5'6" weighing about 210 pounds. When I went to see the PS she was wonderful, talked with me for a long time. Answered questions and encouraged me to loose weight prior to surgery.

My claim was submitted to my insurance company October 17th, there was one apeal becasue the Ins. was not happy with only 500grams each so they countered for 800grams each, the PS agreed and my surgery was approved 10-31-2011. And scheduled for December 1st 2011.

I pushed for this to go through because our insurance (1st choice health, PPO) is changing to an 80/20 plan come January. The approval shocked me!!!

Upon scheduling my surgery I asked the scheduler if she knew an estimated size I would be, she said she would call me back when the PS was back in the office. By the time she called back 2 days later I had a list of questions. But nothing could prepare me for what she was about to tell me. She said that She asked the PS and she said She would guess a large A to a small B, guestimate. Now this was like a smack in the face. Going from a JJ to an A. is like a masectomy. The more I think about it though the more I think she must be wrong! She must not be thinking of the right patient, how can 800 grams go from a JJ to an A?!?!.

Thats when I found this site. Looking searching for answers, for comfort. What I have found is a lot of people going from a G to a C with 500 grams. So I would not think that JJ to A would be 800 grams. I saw one PS commented that a general guidline is 150 -300 grams per cup size. So in that case I'll bet she takes a ton more than 800 grams. Especially since, upon examining me she stated that I had 'dense' tissue.

So here I am 17 days out, nervous about size result and nervous because I've never had surgery before. And nervous my 13month old daughter will feel unloved because mommy cant hold her.

Yet SO EXCITED, to be able to move, to be able to buy clothes, to hold my daughter on my hip, and more!


Hi :D Thank you for sharing your journey! I agree with darkandlovely though. I would make SURE to talk to the actual doctor before the surgery!! I know I would be devastated if I came out of surgery an A cup... Perhaps you had a miscommunication? Maybe the surgeon thought you wanted to go as small as possible? I know a lot of women around here do, so it wouldn't be a crazy thing for her to think! As for me, I am sick of my G/H's, but coming out less then a C would be horrible, horrible, horrible. So would coming out as more then a DD.... Make sure your surgeon knows for sure what size range you would be comfortable with BEFORE the surgery!!
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Hello, and welcome to Realsef. Congratulations on your approval for surgery. Have you gotten a chance to talk to the Plastic Surgeon to Verify the Guesstimate on your reduction size? You should definately speak to her before the actual surgery date. Best of Luck and keep us posted!
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2weeks to go! Still nervous, still scared about...

2weeks to go! Still nervous, still scared about final size and yet very excited. I'm sick with a sinus cold hopefully it goes away soon, I know stress isn't helping. I have a pre-op and question answering appointment on Wednesday so that should help. Question: is it just in my head? my boobs feel smaller in the last couple days and I am not one who has ever noticed day to day changes. I think I'm just paying too much attention.
Here we go 2 more weeks. If the anxiety doesn't kill me first. :)


Congratulations on your approval Erin. I'm glad you have a pre-op appointment with your surgeon this week. Don't hesitate to ask lots of questions and to make sure you both are on the same page. I am 3 months post-op and I had 450ish and 490ish removed. I started as a 34H and am currently 34DD-36D/DD, depending on the bra. As for me I wanted to be a definite C and actually told him I would rather be a B-cup than a D-cup. I know they can't guarantee a size, but wish I had a bit more taken off. Though have been very happy with my healing, and that is the most important thing.
Good luck with your appointment.
Please let us know how it goes!
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Wow... I'm feeling very lucky right now. I consulted Monday, was approved Wednesday. In fact the office manager was so confident that I'd be approved that we scheduled a date before I even left the consult. I'm little, 5'.05" and 123 lbs. and I'm a 34E. My insurance is only requiring 250 grams. I told my PS he can take more. He told me he will take want he needs to and re-evaluate whether or not he will remove more, planning on leaving me as a full C/ small D.
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Hi, I just found out today that my BR has been approved, but the insurance wants 650 grams taken out. I am a DD and really want to be either a very full C or a D cup. I want the lifted off of my stomach! BUT I am not willing to take out too much just to get the insurance to pay for it. Don't get me wrong.... I don't have a lot of money, but I don't want to regret it by getting them too small. Please keep me posted on your surgery and recovery. I will keep my thoughts and prayers on you! Good luck!
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8 days to go! Had my pre-op appointment and labs...

8 days to go! Had my pre-op appointment and labs today. It went great. The PA-C who is in on they surgery helped with my nerves so much. He said there is no way that 800 grams is going to take me down to an A or Even a B. He thinks a perfect fit for me is a FULL C to D. I'm like PERFECT! and my hubby SMILED! :) So we show up at 8:30AM next Thursday and We'll do this! I am so excited!!!!!

Although I am more nervous for recovery now, no lifting or using my arms for 2 weeks. Then slowly lift restraits, problem is my daughter is only 1 and my husband works nights, so I have her alone at night. How am I going to pick her up from Daycare? How am I going to Put her to bed? OR in her High chair for dinner? I cant not raise my daughter for 6 weeks.

The part that I think excited me the most, was he said, you have no idea how much they effect you until they are gone. Ladies can even breathe better after this surgery, there is a lot of weight on your chest wall. "In the 4 years I've been at this office we have never had an unhappy person."

I am also updating my amount spent, thus far its 2 $15 copays and $5 in parking.


wow, your surgery date is fast approaching! what are some of the preparations you are trying to get done beforehand...i have a list the size of a roll of toilet paper and one week left!!!
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Yes... please keep us updated. I can't wait to see your photos (after) Because my body resembles yours. I know we are all different, and all that..but I like seeing people in a similar situation!
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Just about 1 day left. I am nervous. I am excited....

Just about 1 day left. I am nervous. I am excited. I am nervous. I start to cry then I get all excited and think, I'm going shopping. I wont get short of breath running to catch the phone. I am going to work my butt off to get the rest of my body in shape to match my new boobs. New boobs for the new year :).

Please say a prayer for my nerves, my recovery and my little family as they are all affected by this.

I will try to update again tomorrow, if not, see you on the other side ladies! :)


ah i cant wait to hear how it went today
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Good luck! Blessings to u
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Good luck & God bless!
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Surgery went good they took 3.5 pounds off each,...

Surgery went good they took 3.5 pounds off each, took 5hours. I'm going back to sleep now

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Day 2. Just woke up I'm my recliner. I'm very...

Day 2. Just woke up I'm my recliner. I'm very stiff breasts are hard as rocks and I can hardly move my arms. Surgery went well. But took longer than expected, I was under anesthesia for 5 hours. I guess even open heart patients aren't under that long So it took a long time for me to come out enough to be able to come home. My biggest complaint durrimg recovery was I was hot and my arms hurt. Since it took so long for anesthesia to wear off I was admitted and told I could leave when I was ready. Only problem was the nursing staff didn't seem to know what to do with me at that point. No ice, no extra pain medication. I was miserable till one nurse finally asked bout pain. Then got discharged bout an hour later.
Now I'm home trying to move around the house, keeP icing and sleeping. My baby and I had a good cry when I couldn't pick her up. I think I'll have a relative come get her today. I'm still glad I did the surgery but the feeling that someone beat my entire upper body with A baseball bat is discouraging


My surgery is this Wednesday. It seems that I am more aware of my breasts now then I have been in months. All of a sudden they feel very sensitive. I'm off work already and even though I have lots to do I seem to be just sitting and thinking too much. On top of that a family friend died last week -- age 56 -- and I'm spending the afternoon at the funeral home. She has very little family and no one in Michigan so my sister and I are going to represent the family today. That is working on my head, too. I'm trying to stay positive for Wednesday, and know in my heart of hearts that this is a good decision for me...I just gotta get through surgery!
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Greek, I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope you and your sister have strength today, and an opportunity to be support for each other.

I also felt like I was thinking about my breasts all the time the last couple weeks before surgery. I found that I didn't want my partner to touch them, as I was just so aware of them. I think that's normal.
Hi Greek. I'm sure yesterday was a very hard day for you. I wish you peace over the loss of your friend. Tomorrow is your big day. Best of luck to you. I know I was obsessed with boobs for about a month prior to my surgery...and not just mine:-0 I would be on the internet for hours(this site especially.) One time my husband asked me what I was doing and I was just honest and said, "Looking at boobs." He just laughed at me and asked me why I got to do that when he would get in trouble for it:-)
Please know you will be in my thoughts tomorrow. Please keep us all updated on your progress!

Ok, I am 1 week post op today. I am happy with my...

Ok, I am 1 week post op today. I am happy with my breasts. I just dont think I was really prepared for how under the weather I would be this last week. The PS had me on pain meds and said they wanted me to take them to keep me from over doing it. So, I have basically been asleep for the last week. I am finally DONE with the prescribed pain meds and just taking Ibprofin and feeling much better, Ice is what makes the difference.

I had my tubes out monday the PS said they look great and I am healing nicely. Said my surgery took SO LONG much longer than expected because they didnt realize how big I truely was, he said there was just a lot of breast there. LOL. Well duh! He said they took me from a JJ to now a D, could be a full C. To me that is/will be perfect.

I dont think there has been much pain, just the uncomfortablness of swelling, and being drugged :). Ice helps a ton though. I am happy to report that my right nipple is awake and feels sensation. My left is still just there.

Cant wait to get out of this post surgery compression bra! My ribs are killing me and its hard to breath. Other than that...Can I just fastforward to the shopping part?


heeheehee, totally hear you on the wanting to fast forward to the shopping part!!! coincidentally i received an email today from one of those coupon websites (i used to try to be one of those organized moms that started to coupon, but it was soooo much work but i still get the emails) and it was for $50 off at La Vie En Rose (lingerie store)...normally i would just trash it but i still have it in my inbox cuz someday i should be able to purchase a normal sized pretty bra!!!!!!!!! woot woot to us!
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Hi Erin! I am so glad you haven't had that much pain! I can't wait to see what a difference there is in your before and after pictures :) I bet you feel so light and free, even with all the fatigue and healing.
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I added a picture today from 2 days post op.

I added a picture today from 2 days post op.


Those sound totally cool!
Wow! Seven pounds? That is more than 3000 grams!
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The actipatcjes are little electric patches that stimulate the tissue and relieve pain. Kinda cool You just put them in the most painful spots. They only told me they took 7lbs total. A lot more than 800 grams. :)
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What do the Actipatches do? I've never seen anything like that.
What a difference in size! You look great! Did your PS tell you how much weight she took off?
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I had my 2 week post op appointment today (1day...

I had my 2 week post op appointment today (1day early) I am feeling great and have been cleared to go back to work part time the first week, I will go back on monday. He said things look like they are healing fine but I do have a lot of swelling under my arms, which I told him was my concern because my incision goes all the way back under my arm pit almost to my back. But he said it is normal and to keep icing but now I can add heat. Good cause my boobs are cold! He allowed me to transition out of the surgical bra so I went tonight and bought a zipper front sports bra (so I dont have to figure out how to get into a tradional one). It is a 40 D, I am typically a 36 band but the side swelling makes me have to get a bigger band. I also bought a bra that was a 38 C because it was only a little tight, I'm sure in a week or so it will fit.

I have had a lot of trouble sleeping due to not being allowed to sleep on my side or tummy. The PS said I can try sleeping on my side now if I can get comfortable. So I will. We'll see how it goes tonight but I am excited!

** I am posting pictures. They show the new bra and how I push it to the sides and to the max on the sides. I am also show an individual picture of each breast. You can see the bruising its a darker yellow color. But things are healing nicely.

The only thing I am unhappy with, is my tummy. Oh wow did I get fat trying to hide my boobs. Next up tummy tuck ;) First its diet time and as soon as I can excersise, I'm on it!


Erin, I just met with my General Practice doctor last week and he talked to me about getting a reduction. What was the name of the doctor? I'm in Eastern Washington too.
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Oh hi mispretty! Nice to find someone local. My PS was Dr Moimoto with Rockwood Plastic surgery. I've seen others in town but didn't like them. Welcome to Real Self, this site helped a ton!
just got back from the surgery center. Surgery was cancelled due to my congestion and cough. Will have to reschedule. Thanks for all your support.
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4 month update. I would do this again. I can move...

4 month update. I would do this again. I can move and dont get as tired as fast. Still having troubles with clothes because my lower body is still fat, but i'm working on it. My scars are slowly fading although the ones under my arms are a deep red/purple color the others are a faint shiny white. My right breast is in good condition I have feeling through most of it, but the left is still asleep, no sensation in the nipple nor the whole bottom portion. Everyonce in a while I get a sharp pain but I believe its just nerves waking up. Which is a good sign. My next appointment is at 6months. We'll see how things change.

***update to cost: I'd say $150 total for me but my inurance paid well over $35,000! Praise the lord for good insurance


Erin...I'm post-op 4 months, too. I'm glad I did it even though I ended up with skin/tissue necrosis on right side which took over 8 weeks for the incisions to finally heal up. I now have a funky nipple on that side..the skin healed high up on the nipple and I really don't have an areola. My PS wants to do further surgery but I said no. I'm fine with it now. It took me awhile to accept that fact. PS really wants to fix the nipple but she, of course, cannot guarantee that I won't end up with necrosis again. I couldn't go through that again. Like you, I was shocked to learn how much the mega-boobs hid the rest of my fat below the waist. On top I can wear an XL now (that is just amazing) and on the bottom I'm still a 2X. It is still the best thing I've ever done for myself.
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Do you know if it's possible to tattoo? I know that I discussed the possibility of tissue necrosis at the nipple at length with all the surgeons I visited and most told me that the solution for areola loss was not additional surgery, but a tattoo that matches the color of the areola. I like you probably would not want to go through additional surgeries unless I lost one entirely, but a tattoo I could do.
Hi Erin, I am in Western WA.(Marysville) Thanks for the update. I had First Choice now Sound Health. I have paid $500 so far. I am having the same body issues. Nothing fits my big o belly! I hope your lefty wakes up soon!
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