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Aftr nursing one child to 9 months and three more...

Aftr nursing one child to 9 months and three more to 16 months, my breasts fulfilled their God given duties. lol
For the last 14 years I have contemplated getting a BA but between my husband being completely against it, the cost, and potential complications, it was only a fantasy.

Well, them I found a lump. :( My mother had...yes had, breast cancer. So, obviously, that was also something to consider.

I found myself in the throws of possibly needing emergency cancer surgery.

Here's the crazy part, my husband had just booked me a surprise trip to AZ to visit my best friend who had recently moved down there. She had been in contact with Dr. Mazaheri for her own tummy tuck, and because he is double board certified, he could perform the emergency surgery if needed...that next week as they were able to fit me in their schedule!! Wow huh?

I really should write a book about how everything fell together like clockwork...really, I know it Hvwas God's plan to give me the desire of my heart.

I found out, at the consultation, that the lump did not have microcalcificayions :) :)!! Which now meant...elective surgery....if wanted. Now, I had to convince my husband. Mind you, I had to size for the new breasts, just in case. I left the doctors office with him telling me that whatever I decide, surgery or not, that he was completely ok with either decision.

After an exhaustive and compelling convo with my husband in WA state, he finally says, "Alright, you can do it." !!!!! Yes!

Is this story long enough?! Haha

I am 5'4", 120 on avg, rib cage at 28. I went from a pathetic 32A/34AA, borderline needing a lift (tisosis?) to having 32DD/34full C. Wow.

I went with silicone gel, 400cc, high profile (to fill in more so I wouldn't have to have a lift) submuscular, under the fold.

I tell you, the change in my own self evaluation and esteem has not only made me more has transformed our love life (which was already amazing;). Needless to say, my husbandis just as thrilled as I am.

The story continues as the ultra reason for going for the BA was to push my breast tissue out for easier access and search for the lump. After waiting the appropriate time...and scheduling difficulties, I just had a mamogram/ultrasound last Wednesday. I am waiting for the call to tell me "All is ok."

There is so much more to say but I will leave with; Give yourself the desires of your heart, Gor For It!!! ;)

I am just now figuring out how to post pics! Lame,...

I am just now figuring out how to post pics! Lame, I know. But now I have post op, and now several months out in succession to view. I am now 10+ months out. Capsular contracture a possible issue? Please let me know your thoughts. :)

I am going to post some monthly shots. See if...

I am going to post some monthly shots. See if there are changes along the way. I will label dates. Thanks for any input. :)

I am beginning to get a little concerned about...

I am beginning to get a little concerned about capsular contracture. My breasts are quite round and firm. I have been tracking my post op and recovery thoroughly. Maybe I am being overly concerned? I had surgery on 3-29-11. I am 5'4", 116lbs, with 400cc silicon gel put under the muscle. All has gone very well with recovery.
Honestly, when I lay my arms over my breasts--as if reaching across my body, or when I lay on my chest--they feel like foreign objects. Is this normal? Shouldn't they squish nearly flat? Or is that too much to ask for 400cc implants?
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

In my case, within 7days I went from finding a lump, getting a scan, contacting Dr. Mazaheri's office, and having surgery. Paperwork done via email as I was cross country. All communications were professional. Dr. was perfectly professional alleviating any doubts and embarassments. He listened and helped me make an informed and educated decision. I couldn't be more thriiled.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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I had mine done 3 weeks ago, and I can push them together no prob.
I hope its not CC! =(
Do you do massages? You might be able to loosen some of the scar tissue even at this point, but i am not sure. I would aggressively dig in there to prevent having to have another surgery.
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I dont think they should be able to squish "flat" but together I would think so. I am only at 5 weeks so I dont know "a lot".... cant you call you PS? Mine has ALL visits included in price for 1 full year... I would at least call and ask the nurse.. Please keep us posted, I would like to know what you find out...
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Ask the amazing panel of dr's on here.
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I tried to post a question...but I guess I have to look more closely at how to do that! Thanks, I am quite concerned. Thank you for your replies!!
:) :) :) :)
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Hmmm. I am almost three months out and I can squish mine together. I agree ask the docs on here what they think.
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EasternWA02, why don't you post a question on the Q&A and see what the docs think
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"...I tell you, the change in my own self evaluation and esteem has not only made me more has transformed our love life (which was already amazing;). Needless to say, my husband is just as thrilled as I am."

EasternWA02, I loved what you said above!! That is exactly how I feel and I know many more women will be empowered mind, body and soul as well, regardless of the reasons they have. Thank you for your story--I am so excited for you! A note to all: Don't let anyone tell you that desiring different shaped breasts is "sleazy or demoralizing" Breast augmentation is a lot of things but not that. I have never been happier and I am 45 y.o. what took me so long???? Do your research everyone and you will be so pleased with the results! IMHO of course!! :-)
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I JUST found out...boy it is scary waiting 6 days!!!...that ALL IS CLEAR!!
I cannot tell you the amount of relief I feel. I actually cried for joy! :)
I just got these babies done on March 29th of this year, and if I had to lose them, it would have been tragic.
I kept thinking though, I would just go through with the treatments...and hopefully not need them removed. This is what the examiner told me anyway. It would of course be diff if I would have needed a masectomy or something.
So, all is good, I can keep on smiling and enjoying a niiiice chest!! Whoo hoo!! Oh, I should probably tell my doc!
Full of cheer ;)
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Great news! Glad you are able to keep enjoying the girls lol.
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That was quite a story with twists and turns. They didn't find a lump with me, but they said I had dense breast tissue and I had to go for a second mammo with ultrasound. My sisters had lumps removed before so I was really nervous. Luckily, everything was find and I was able to go ahead and get my implants. Love them! I hope everything works out for you. Please keel us updated.
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Wow, what a story! I love how long and detailed it is. Thank you for posting it.

It is amazing how everything fell together!

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