8 months after my BBL - Washington

I really gained alot of weight and would like a...

i really gained alot of weight and would like a makeover.Im 5'2 155lbs. i figured if i get the lipo why not add a little more junk in the trunk.

Ladies, please advise me on what i need to take with me pre and post op. thanks.. will post pics soon.

Post pics when u feel better
Take iron pills weeks before the surgery. Make sure you bring a long loose dress or a robe and your own blanket. Bring clothes you don't mind getting bloody. Pants are not surgery friendly. whatever you wear the day of surgery will probably be on for two days, so just think about the pain of trying to pull down pants over your new big bootie. bring tylenol pm or something to help you sleep. Wet wipes, and maybe a laxative or enema cuz it will be hard to do #2 for a few days. Bring someone with you that you don't mind seeing you naked and bloody. Otherwise you can hire a nurse for 175 every 24 hours. Go shopping for gaterade, water, soups and microwave meals before your surgery. Hope this helps. good luck

Hi there,

Thanks for sharing your journey with. I'm sure the BBL community ladies will give you all the advice you need! I look forward to reading your updates as your journey progresses.



Didnt not get the procedure done on feb22 ;-(...

didnt not get the procedure done on feb22 ;-( rescheduled for march 20th hope all works out and i get this done soon the summer is MINE!!!!!
thanks for the advice will do oh and you look fabulous!!!!

Ok tomorrow is the big day keep me in you prayers...

Ok tomorrow is the big day keep me in you prayers please anxiety is kicking in ttyl8r

Good luck for tomorrow. Keep us posted on your progress!


2nd day post op feeling sore no complaints thank God

2nd day post op feeling sore no complaints thank God

How are you doing now?


Hey ladies 2 weeks post op feeling better booty...

Hey ladies 2 weeks post op feeling better booty has gone down thank God so I'm loving it still have stomach concerns hard waves haves devolped and my privates swollen and hard yikes I've been laying on my side hope it doesn't effect the results pics coming soon.
Perfect waist line !!!!! How many cc ? Not that its done do u think u would have toned up more before the procedure? I'm worried about still having weight to loose after surgery and if I loose it will it effect my new booty
Praying u have a speedy recovery
would like to see the results... How do you feel? How many cc's did you get? Do you have any updated pictures of the lipo?

Hey ladies things are great with me and my new...

hey ladies things are great with me and my new booty healed perfectly no concerns except for the scars they are so dark ive been using coco butter bio oil aloe vera and maderma nothing is working im lightskin and hate that these slits are under the cheeks and on the top are visible and here i was thinking id be wearing my g string bikini this summer I dont think so please help ladies..
I'm big on hydrocolloid or silicone strips! Helps scars flatten out. I've used Johnson & Johnson tough pads on small scars with good results. If it's just the pigment you're concerned about, that will definitely fade over time. There are laser treatments and fade creams that can help as well. Look for lightening creams with hydroquinone, but make sure the incisions are healed well first.

Your shape looks fantastic btw!
Nice results ... im 5'3 and 160lbs .... ur pics just made my day ... :D

Hello ladies 8 months since myy bbl i have to say...

Hello ladies 8 months since myy bbl i have to say I'm a bit disappointed i feel like the fat on my back wasnt removed properly and my butt cheeks look uneven oh and the scars have not even faded. :-( i hope by doing major squats snd glutes exercise it will help evening out the shape. Please some one give me some advice. Thanks will try to update again in a month i started my work out this month so wish me luck.
I'm sorry this happened and you aren't happy with your results. I hope things get better for you. I haven't had my surgery yet, so I don't know how much advice I can give. You may want to contact your doctor about your concerns and see if he can offer some tips or you may have to have nother surgery to even things out and get more lipo. I do thank you for posting!!!

This is just a picture update so you can see what...

this is just a picture update so you can see what i was referring to in my recent review.
Hi Hellokitty.... about the workouts, from what little I remember about muscle development, that is going to depend on genes... like fast or slow twitch muscle. Some people hit the gym hard and remain small, some barely lift at all and their muscles grow. I think if you go to the glute guy's website (gluteguy.??? I think, but if you google it you should be able to find it) you'll be able to get a better understanding and you'll be able to find out if you have the tendency to grow large muscles. I would not work the glute area more than 1 day a week and would completely stay away from cardio, other than walking, if you're trying to develope muscle.
There is a exercise that works the glutes, but I can't remember the name of it, but you'll need a sturdy chair to stand on and be able to hold a door frame. With your heels even with the edge of the chair, stand on one leg, try to keep your knees aligned over your ankles, slowly lower your body (as soon as you start to wobble, stop and don't lower yourself any further or you take the chance of injuring your knees), on the way up, push through the heels and repeat. Unfortunately squats was a 70/30 quads/glutes development exercise and that is not what I was going for.
Thanks sounds like a great work out will try it out

Hi ladies anyone get a bbl and your cheeks are not...

hi ladies anyone get a bbl and your cheeks are not same size or one looks different then the other??? need advice on what I can do its been 9 months now since my bbl and i see extra skin on one of my cheeks i dont want to go through more procedures is there an easier way to fix this such as exercise or body wraps etc..
hey have you gotten the revision yet hope all is well
Hi HK. I think you need to call the Dr. Maybe there is something he can do for you. Getabooty got revisions for $800 so maybe you can get same deal.
thanks for the info hun
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